October 23, 2021

The Central Shrine Of The Whole

The  Central  Shrine  Of  The  Whole

Anne Blaney  and  David Barnes

October 17, 2021   Salmon Arm, B.C.

Temple  of  Light  Service

Anne Blaney — It is really good to hear your check-in from all over the world. It’s amazing how we can communicate these days. This is a great blessing to have, especially in these days of modified communication shall we say, by virtue of the virus that keeps us at home. We are able to communicate with this technology and I’m very thankful for it.

This is, as Steve mentioned, the eighth of the Temple of Light service series. We’re cognizant of that number eight—it’s a fire cycle, the second fire cycle. We’re culminating something and at the cusp of a new cycle to begin. To do justice to that which is culminating, I thought it would be useful to refer to our last service offered by Yujin and Marsha. I feel there are some essences that came forth through their presentations that we should review and expand, and meditate on together. I’m going to read portions of both their sections, and then will move along with that. Marsha spoke first:

“How did Martin consistently live in heaven, in the pressures and challenges that he experienced? He consistently maintained true polarity and also a rich reservoir of pneumaplasm. Today I’m drawn to focus on pneumaplasm, and particularly the unique factors in generating and sustaining pneumaplasm now in this intensifying world cycle. I want to speak a little about generating capstone pneumaplasm as individuals, especially in this intensifying world cycle. The Lord needs leaders who can bring Heaven’s direction and control into these crises. One way to do that is to sustain the experience of well-being amidst crises. Recently three ways have proven helpful to me that I want to share.

“The first is deep surrender and letting go in absolute trust of the Lord. Challenges may bring fear of losing what is really precious to us, or distrust when we can’t see any way through, etc. So I’ve found there’s a continual renewing and expanding of trust required. There’s so much that stirs us to follow impulses of the mind and not Heaven. Archetypal patterns may focus through the circumstances: patterns of injustice, betrayal, waves of fear or loss. The second way is a very deliberate practice of expressing only the truth of love and following Heaven’s impulse. The third way to sustain well-being amidst crises is to tune in to the ascending cycle, what Heaven is bringing to be born through what is descending, falling apart. Because that’s what shows up in form at the material level; what’s falling apart dominates the scene. But whenever there is a descending cycle, there is also the ascending cycle.

What is the leadership that is needed now? The leadership needed now relates to the regeneration of capstone pneumaplasm. This is done collectively and individually. Those who generate capstone pneumaplasm provide the essential link for Heaven to guide us into the ascending cycle. Higher perspective brings us greater wisdom, so that our actions are in attunement with the ascending cycle, even when handling what is descending. Marsha says: “What is really happening through this is that WE are ascending, and that carries more causative weight than all that’s swirling in the descending cycle. It is a significant transformative influence because we are providing an updraft and an essential link for the restoration of Man to our true state. We are tuned in to the ascending cycle. We are bringing the ascending cycle. We are part of the ascending cycle, because we are ascending.

“One way to describe this is a scene from a novel by Doris Lessing called Shikasta. In her novel there’s a scene where giants—those in true stature—gather in a generating chamber to establish their cosmic lock with a star that is their centering point. Once that contact is made, they transmit cosmic influences that nourish and guide their whole planet. So when we gather in our different groupings, Temple of Light, Tone of Life, etc., I think of this. We are giants gathering in our generating chamber to make the cosmic lock that guides and nourishes all the other levels of consciousness. Spiritual government! It’s not telling others what to do. But it’s providing a capstone of vision, of pneumaplasm and perspective that invites the whole pyramid of human consciousness to come together in Heaven’s design.”

And here I’d like to interject a quote from John chapter 12 verse 32: “And if I be lifted up from the earth Will draw all men unto me.”  We’re not talking about the generation of life substance which many on the earth are generating in their living, but talking about a specific quality of capstone pneumaplasm. Here’s a visual, a lovely little jade pyramid. And we know, if this represents the entire body of mankind, there’s lots of generation going on throughout the whole pyramid. But we also know that as we ascend, as we let go— often of opinions, thoughts that we have about the way things are going, when we release these, that we rise and we have an experience closer to the apex of the pyramid, where there is an intensified experience happening, in which we have the opportunity of participating. When I was thinking of us gathering this morning, I thought of the absolute joy of knowing that I was going to be spending time with people who have an internal experience similar to mine, and similar to those gathered here. It’s a very intimate experience that we know, because of our relationship with the Lord. and what it is we know with one another. It’s a privilege to be in the company of a people who are actually having, internally, a precious experience with the Lord, with what sacred, with what’s holy, and that it is continuing throughout their living, and all of this is now brought together where we are. 

Moving on to Yujin, and he quoted Martin briefly: “We haven’t, of course, come to the point where the shattering in the worldwide sense is complete. In one sense it has only just begun. Of course, there is an ultimate point where the shattering occurs very rapidly, even in our eyes. Let us be found centered where we belong by then!”

Yujin then continued:  “I believe such are the times that we are in. An ultimate point of more rapid shattering, an ultimate harvest time, a time when what has been sown through all the ages is reaped, a time of balancing the books, where the accounts are finally closed. A harvest time which on the other hand is a birth time, a new cycle is able to be born. ‘…as the ancient clock strikes twelve in the hour, all is remembered, all is seen.’ The ancient clock striking twelve in the hour is describing a point where all that is sown is reaped. This is speaking of a point toward which we are accelerating right now, a point at which what has been sown is reaped, but reaped increasingly in maximum velocity. I don’t think we’re at the point of maximum velocity yet, but I think we are increasingly entering such a time. I want to speak about our function and leadership in such times of harvest, which is also of birth.

“I think as we approach the shattering point that Martin was speaking about, that the intensity will continue to build even more than has been present. There will be a surfacing of all the things in the subconscious of mankind that have not been cleansed, surfacing in order to be cleansed. Could a new heaven and a new earth come without all of the old being cleansed? At the bottom of the ocean of human memory is the memory of the loss of Home, of our Home, of the Motherland, plus all the events of that loss: of such grief and shattering and fear. These memories and energies of loss will surface too, and are in the process of surfacing. But more importantly is what is surfacing from beneath the memories of loss, which is the memory of Home—and not only the memory of Home, but the reality of Home and the return of Home. And that’s what we are really looking at. While we may be looking at cleansing and harvesting of all sowing, we are really looking at the return of Home and of Light.

“Marsha spoke of this being a time of choosing, choosing under increasing pressure and at times choosing under maximum pressure. Who will we be? What will we love? Shall we choose God or shall we choose what we fear we might lose if we chose God? We are being called to let all go—fears, preferences, attachments, habits—and come increasingly into the present moment of complete alertness, to choose what we have always known to be the one true thing: the Spirit of God.

“Marsha spoke about giants in the generating chamber coming into the place of attunement together, and together making a cosmic lock with the star which was the vibrational source for their planet. They made that cosmic lock. In this time of harvest and new birth under maximum pressure, the most important thing will be that cosmic lock, not only as individuals but us together. This is the capstone leadership that Marsha was speaking of: Those who are most conscious on earth being able together to make that cosmic lock and thus tune into the moment-by-moment navigation that comes through that lock. That brings both the guidance and the pulsations of energies to be released into this planet together, which will guide others too, who in their own way will tune in as the pressures increase.

“If we are present together, able to provide this Cosmic Lock to Source, through that lock will come both the guidance as well as the energies needed for those who tune in. There’s another word for that energy and that is the Word. The Word needed in this time of harvest and birth, accurate exactly in the pulsations of this time. May we assist in the provision of guidance because we are tuned in and locked in place together. A lot of people will not make it. But may there be a few, some who make it and provide the beginning of the new. May we truly establish this cosmic lock with the LORD of Lords together.”

Here is a line from Yujin’s poem that moved me: “For created We the laws of the wind, and by these laws shall we live…”

The value of capstone pneumaplasm present on the earth right now cannot be minimized. We have experienced an opportunity that was given to us by the demonstration of an expression from heaven. We came into contact with and participated in this gift; we were among those who discovered what capstone pneumaplasm is and we participated in generating it, time and time again, in services with Martin, and with in gatherings over the years.

We can see on a world scale that people love to gather. In fact, now that restrictions from the Covid threat are being lifted the first thing people want to do is gather—they want to gather in large venues, baseball stadiums, football stadiums, concerts etc., even in restaurants so that they can eat with other people. We do understand the necessity of a collective experience—many, many people are drawn to it. But those who are drawn to participate in the generating chamber where the pneumaplasm is of capstone quality, this is special. Now you might think, “Oh, does that mean it’s exclusive, are those on the top better than those below?” Well, no. We are providing a particular function at this time. In an ideal situation the entire body of mankind would be the capstone. There’s plenty below the body of mankind to steward and to bring forth.

But right now we’re focusing on what it is we to come together to do, and recognize the specialness of that opportunity. I’m so glad that we here gathered understand that, because we have that experience ourselves as individuals. We know, within ourselves, a relationship with the Divine, and we can share that with one another. It’s not talking about something in theory, the mechanics etc. That’s very tempting— o talk about the mechanics. But that’s not actually participating in what is happening, which I feel is the call right now. That in our collective gatherings, we are performing the function of that that generating chamber.

As that cosmic lock with the LORD of Lords is held in place there’s a particular stability that is offered into the whole planet—like a grounding wire, it’s present. And at the same time it performs as a magnet, drawing substance, drawing people, attracting. When we ourselves have that experience together, the very earth of our worlds is being drawn into this sacred space that we know. And what is that is happening here? To me, that is when we begin to understand what home is. That is what the Home is. It’s what is emerging and being drawn to us, as we invite it, as we provide that magnet. And this, on a larger scale, is what is being offered—the Home, and the memory of home that exists, is being drawn up into man’s reality, through us.

Recently we considered that one day with the Lord is as a thousand years. We can understand that the memory of home, although it might feel very far away from us in our smaller identities at times, in our incarnations now, it’s actually some thing that is within our awareness. Not only do we have the opportunity to generate capstone pneumaplasm, we also know the Story. We know the story that Man is living through. And that is very special knowledge now, and needs to be treated as something worth preserving.

So I appreciate what Yujin and Marsha introduced last service, I thought it was worth returning to it. For one, we do often have to send a reminders to ourselves, as Marsha was indicating in her three points. It does get kind of chaotic sometimes and it really is necessary, in the moment, to remind ourselves about trust, about spiritual expression. We need to be capable in this way and do what is our job here, in the capstone function—it’s a function, it’s required, it’s cosmic, and it has a lot more to do than just with just planet. We participate together in remembering Home.  I’d like to know turn it over to my partner David who’s going to carry on with us.

David Barnes — It is so good to be among friends, to have a very deep sense of being at home together, here. If we were together physically, sharing this hour and a half, I’m sure that we would quite palpably have that feeling of being together with friends. If we spent a day or two together, or three or four in a council of some sort, in a generating chamber designed and drawn together to let an intensification of the currents of spirit be focused and released, we would know, as we have experienced in the past, such a powerful sense of intimate angelic friendship that all the history that we may have shared together, and all the history of predicaments and challenges, and the pressures in our own lives would evaporate in the richness of the heaven of that generating chamber. Not that they couldn’t be called to mind, but they would not be the governing influence. They would be seen as something drawn to consciousness specifically, through which the radiation that is known in that generating chamber could be released through this particular contact point, and offered the opportunity for release and transformation in the wider world for which we are responsible, and for which we gather.

One might ask, “Well what is this generating chamber?” We know it. We’re in it right now. In fact, I suspect for most of us, if not all of us, that we actually never leave it. It’s a constant, conscious place and space. Having learned something of the language and the atmosphere, the experience of the reality of heaven, we know that we have given it certain terms, certain words that are used to describe this indescribable wonder. At one point in our lives we couldn’t hardly describe it at all; but we were irresistibly drawn to that focus at the capstone, drawn into the generating chamber to participate in what is required to let something happen, that we ourselves did not originate as human beings, but to let something happen that we became aware of, and agreed was the most important thing in this intensifying world cycle that we’re in. We’ve called that generating chamber the Vibrational Ark. At previous stages of our lives, perhaps we felt that we could enter into the Ark and leave at will—but no more, there is no leaving the Ark.

It has also been called the Secret Place of the Most High. Uranda, in a very beautiful meditation which is hardly remembered in these days, but which I suggest we should share at some point, called it the Central Shrine of the Whole—connected with the Whole through this Cosmic Lock with the LORD of Lords, This of course doesn’t establish us in communion with just one Being, although it does that, but it establishes us in connection with all of Divine Being, all the Lords, all the God Beings who are responsible for this seven dimensional world, and all who above and around that.

We say that this particular gathering is in the Temple of Light, and we could ask, “What is that?” Here is another term for this generating chamber, where we gather to let a quality of generation of new refined substance occur that is necessary for this moment, connected with all that has already been accumulated and gathered into this Central Shrine. We are here to meet the needs of the moment in this world, in the earth, providing the pneumaplasm within this particular shrine gathering, connected to the Central Shine through the highest ranges of pneumaplasm at the highest point of connection that is truly available to us in our current state of consciousness, all of us together—at that highest connecting point between heaven and earth. That highest point for us as individuals, and together here now, could be said to be the most high that is possible in this moment as we gather—but we recognize that it’s not the Most High yet, not as high as what it will be in days and generations to come. But this is what we bring, this is what we have, and it is so beautiful and wonderful to acknowledge that we gather to let something fine be generated.

We’re at a point in these cycles of regeneration on earth, some of us, where we can let something occur that is greater than movement through the cycles of remembering, that were described as radiation, response, and attraction. Last night in a service from Korea, Yujin Pak used the terms: hear me, respect me, love me—radiation, response, attraction. Hear Me, Respect Me, Love Me—and then moving into union, which is, he said: Be Me. Be Me. Be one with me.  We are in a place in our movement together that is emphasizing Be Me, and if we’re “be-ers” in that sense, there is always something to be done, that only those who Be Me know how to do. And the very first step that I’ve experienced is that we know how to let something happen. What is that something? It’s happening now. Maybe we really can’t describe it all that well, but we do have some terms, that are heavenly terms, and we call that letting of something happen, spiritual expression.  Do you, as I do, feel that this is happening now; that it’s not something to come in the future, but it’s happening now; that spirit is in expression, and it is immediately having results, effects in the world of form, the form of flesh, the form of consciousness, the form of feeling currents, the form of communion with all life everywhere on this planet?

You may have experienced, as I did, dramatically, through August and September leading up to this point now—an annual cycle that begins in water and culminates in fire, leading to a new beginning in water—a particular focus of the spirit of truth leading into an intensified experience of the fire of love; and in that annual movement a particular contraction happening, correlated with birth pressures gathering. And for us, I suggest there is absolutely no stopping it, and no desire to stop it. In fact it suggests: let go of resistance, let go to the pressure pattern, let go to the contraction cycle that is bringing things to focus in the generating chamber, in a contracted way, for a reason. And that letting go has been called repentance: I let go of this, and I let go of that, and I let go to this greater intensity of current that is calling for something to be born. And it’s natural then, as angels living in these human facilities, feeling and experiencing this movement of the creative process, to sanctify the sons and daughters, the seven sons and the three daughters. Our whole Body Temple being a generating chamber, with the seven seals, and the central nervous system, and the formations in the brain, the eyes, through the hands, the heart, the whole circulatory system, the breath, all of it very specifically designed to be a generating chamber in which the pneumaplasm that is needed for the particular cycle that we may be in, as we are incarnate here in human flesh, the Ark made flesh—to generate the required pneumaplasm for each phase of the cycle we are in.

We might imagine the day where the restoration to wholeness has been completed and the oneness of heaven and earth, the oneness of God and man, of the LORD and His angels incarnate on earth, has been established—and at that point there will still be the need for a generating chamber that is absolutely available to the LORD, and to the Lord of the Body Temple; but available to the LORD of the Temple of Light, the LORD of Lords, in order to generate the required pneumaplasm. That’s what we call it now. Maybe by that time we will have another word for it, a vibrational word that is applicable to that state of being. But we have wonderful words now, that we can use together in this work of generation. And when such a time comes, when the restoration of the oneness of heaven and earth, the oneness of God and man and woman has occurred, there will still be the need to generate the kinds and qualities of pneumaplasm that are necessary for the ongoing creation of what is required in and on the earth, and as it relates to the earth’s right relationship with the other planets, and the sun, and the movement of that Whole, that Central Shrine, through the cosmic cycles.

So, experience that contraction and the need for repentance, there comes the awareness of the need for sanctification and purification. I experienced those processes through an intensification of them through August, September, and through this month as well—what was originally felt as pressure through the contraction phase, when it was first beginning to become noticeable in this annual cycle with its pressures at this point. And particularly after Yujin and Marsha spoke and brought something to focus, and us with them in that Cosmic Lock in the focus point for all of it, but after that last gathering we had—and many other kinds of gatherings before and after it, which all are aspects of this one generating chamber—the patterns of pressure that were felt became translated in my consciousness as the wonder of the intensification of the movement of the spirit that was now able to be released, to give birth to something that had been in the womb through the whole of this annual cycle. We were all carrying it in the womb, and these phases naturally have to be moved with if there is going to be a birth. And so there came that awareness of the intensification that was present, and the glory of it—as is always present when a child is coming forth at any level. And it is released into the world, into a new womb for growth and development, that it too might be useful in the generating chamber, allowing for greater release.

That release is a much more vivid consciousness of the radiation moving out in every direction multidimensionally. I experience that, which is why I am speaking about it. I think it’s significant and important for us. And here we are in this phase now, that we can feel is just beginning to move out again into that expansion aspect of the creative cycle, where, by reason of the expansion, different kinds and qualities of generation occur that are contained within the Vibrational Ark. And you can feel it, in the movement of these cycles as it comes again to a point where something once more is conceived in the spiritual womb, and carried to its full term in another cycle, back into that phase of the movement that we once again experience as contraction. And perhaps there is a certain kind of discomfort that may be present in that phase—particularly with the purification, the transformation, of everything that has to occur in the consciousness of mankind, there may be some unnatural pressures that come along in the cycle. But they have to be met with assurance and understanding of what’s really going on. And we know that there’s always, in the birthing, that tissue, that flesh which returns to the earth; it’s no longer needed in the body.

So as these rhythms of the creative process proceed in individual lives, and in what we share together in an increasingly unified sense as the various parts of the One Body come together, as a working operational whole—we are not there yet, but we do have this much, which indicates that there is a functioning conscious mind, an operational heart, a feeling realm, a living generating mechanism for finer essential substance. And I don’t, and I assume you don’t, identify myself with that generating chamber as though I am that. I am the One who knows what it is that needs to be generated, and how it needs to be handled, and how the creative cycle moves. And so increasingly through this process that we go through, from contraction to purification, to expansion, to greater generation, there is an ease with what’s going on, and an understanding, and we don’t identify, I don’t identify with the processes that are working out in the Body Temple, but with the Lord of the Body Temple.

One might ask why do we do this, why do we go through this, why do we pay attention to it, what’s the purpose? Anne touched on that. I think we will probably, in days to come, together in our various gatherings, touch on it more—but more than that, experience it, enter into it, expand it. Anne described it as Home. Let there be a Home for the LORD of Lords on earth.

You may remember that in the story of Noah‘s Ark, it was described as having three particular levels—which could be described as the Ark of preservation, that first level; the Ark of restoration, that second level; the Ark of radiation: let love radiate, spiritual expression, that third level. What is the fourth? It was described in that Great Ark as a window finished above. This is the open window, this is the fourth level, this is the pure heart, this is where the sea of glass, the transparency, appears. What was shadowed and opaque, painted over, is now becoming transparent and in that state we in this generating chamber have a very clear consciousness of the LORD of Lords, and of our fellow angels who are incarnate with us in expression in human form, in action with us, the act of generating refined substance. And also we are aware of those beings in the invisible—what has been invisible—but now, because of transparency, we begin to see the many beings with whom we co-create. And the real purpose for this work at this time is to remember through each of these steps. 

a window finished above

And so this morning, together we are remembering something, and in our remembering we’re inviting all those who have open hearts in this direction to remember our Home, our Home among the stars, that Home which was separated about 21,000 years ago. Heaven and earth separated to such an extent that the reality of the LORD of Lords and those Lords over whom He is the Lord—and all the Heavenly Host of which we are a part on earth, that we now remember together—was almost completely forgotten. Just a little bit of memory remained. And here we are now having been led through the first, the second and the third, all together now beginning to be unified, and we have present with us an awareness of the window finished above, the transparent veil we could call it—not totally transparent for me or you but something’s coming through that wasn’t before. Here are few words about these things, spoken by Grace Van Duzen in 1999—she said, “The veil, in my estimation, has become very thin. We are working with masters on all planes. They have been on earth all the way through history, or the Master could not have come.” He could not have come to initiate what He initiated, which was a very specific movement through these days of creation, leading us from the first to the second to the third, and now we could say, at the borderland of the fourth—the transparency occurring. The window not quite finished above, for us, but we at least know there is a window and we see something of what’s coming through.

At this point today, I will close with what I feel is what’s coming through the thinning veil. More particularly for us, and thus the remembering that we would allow to be released into the consciousness of mankind. We remind our own human consciousness and the consciousness of mankind that this Whole Holy Earth belongs to the LORD, and the wholeness of it is the heaven and the earth reunited. The man and the woman reunited. The invisible and the visible reunited, so that this Home is a Whole and Holy Home that belongs to Him and His angels, and does not belong to the rebellious patterns of fallen men. And I want to finish by paraphrasing a few words from Uranda. The Spirit of our KING must manifest on earth, so that He will be at Home, and we will feel at Home with Him. Are you aware of His Presence now, or at the very least of the Spirit of His Presence, because it is your spirit? How vividly aware are you of His Presence here in this generating chamber, in this secret place, in this Vibrational Ark, in this representation of the Temple of Light, which is the gathering place of angels, the capstone that we refer to—which is actually the Body of His Priesthood on earth. Uranda asks: “How vividly aware are you of the privilege and responsibility of helping to prepare this part of His Home for Him so that He in coming here feels at Home here, and also with you and you with him. If He were to come and stand among us tonight, in a manner that you might see Him as He is, do you think you would be ready to say, ‘LORD, Your Home is prepared; we welcome You, and find joy and complete peace in Your coming’? Let us be ready, so that whenever He deems it time that He should come, we are here to welcome Him.”

These things, of course we don’t share openly and speak about them in our daily life within the fields of our responsibility that we have in the world—which are all very important means for the generation of pneumaplasm, because we carry our generating chamber everywhere we go—but here in this Holy Place we can speak of these things. And I think more importantly in the days to come, not just speak about them but to be in that place—because of the window finished above where those two words are in action, Be Me. And those who be Me let something happen that is necessary and specific to this moment—just as we’ve been doing this morning. So what a wonderful thing to be together exploring more deeply some of these things. But more, in letting it be. What a joy to be amongst friends. And so friends, this chamber is open and you’re free to come up and stand before the altar and say something that is essential to the generation of the fine substance that confirms this connecting link between heaven and earth—in a way that’s natural for you, even as I’ve presented it in a way that is natural for me. It will be different. So welcome.

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Deborah Starrs — The words, and He shall send his angels, lest they trip or stub a toe, or whatever may come in the path—we are those angels, no longer acted upon, but the ones sent to minister; and that is clear in my own consciousness in these times. I find that there are needs that I can assist with to ease the way for those in my world. I very much appreciate these considerations and feel the coming forth of new perspective, new form in thinking. And with  transformation, there is the excitement of new forms of which we have maybe a vague sensing, but really no imagination to encompass until we let them manifest. So, what a precious time, altogether, always.

Alan Guisinger — Anne and David, I can’t express enough the appreciation for the reminders that you provided this morning. There’s been times in the past—and I may not be the only one who felt this, but I wondered that the knowledge and consciousness that was so preciously given to me, what my role was; what did I do with that? Was I going to properly use that knowledge to make a difference that needed to happen in the restoration? And for a time I couldn’t find an easy answer to that. But you’ve helped provide the answer in a very clear way.  It’s futile to speculate on what may happen in this transition out of the human nature world into the new heaven. Certain things seem fairly obvious. One is the dissolution of the human nature world, and the patterns that have been created. But what emerges from that is more difficult to imagine. What does seem clear to me, seems rational in a way, is that if humanity is going to participate in that new heaven, it’s not going to be just those of us on this call. If that’s the case it’s going to be a fairly short-lived participation in the new heaven. That’s speaks to the role Anne, that you’re speaking of, of the generation of the capstone pneumaplasm and the impact through its generation in the current world. And I’m very aware of a positive thing—I’m sure many of you have seen this too—through my relatively long lifetime: the general attitude of the human nature was to consider that everything’s OK. Everything’s getting better, we’re evolving upward, technology’s getting better, and everything‘s fine. And I think that Martin mentioned in the past it’s more difficult for people who have a comfort in that material world to awaken. I’m not sure that you’ve all seen this, but I bet you have: there’s an incredible amount of openness and recognition that the human nature world isn’t working, and you see it in these jobs that have changed, where people are abandoning careers and questioning what they’re doing in their lives., and they see that things are disintegrating. How could you not see it? Well in a positive sense that seeing provides—you mentioned it David—there’s an opening, there are more hearts open to the impact of the pneumaplasm that we may create. So that’s what I would express, an appreciation for the reminder. And who knows what the impact of that will be or the form it will take? But what else is there to do but to generate this in our living, share it as we can, but understand that the impact of it could be very invisible to us and the methodology at work, but the power is unimaginable. So thank you so much.

Bill Bahan — That’s so true, that we feel the power of heaven as we spend this time together. And I wanted to thank you both, Anne and David, for this beautiful time; and for your emphasis on the generation of the finer levels of spiritual substance, because this is the only way that there is an experience of resurrection in the body of mankind. It’s clear, it’s the only way! There is the saying that “a rising tide lifts all boats.” It is the rising of this finer substance of heaven that extends an invitation to the world to rise up, to come up hither. And it’s nothing airy fairy, it’s very tangible, it’s simply the awareness of our own consciousness of being in heaven, our heavenly identity: I Am.  And then knowing this, we extend an invitation to our world, to come home. That’s the invitation, “Welcome Home”, because I’m having this experience of being home. And so I can extend this to others. So I appreciate this wonderful time that we spent, seeing what we are doing together; we’re each extending an invitation to our world to come home. But how much more meaningful it is when there’s a collective body of individuals that are doing this together. And how long has it been since a collective body of individuals were in the position to do this? So thank you again for this lovely time together.

Barbara Delano — Anne, I really appreciated you bringing up the service that Marsha gave last week. I actually put a reminder in my phone that says, “Capstone Leadership”. It goes off twice a day, because I need a reminder. Last week was a very intense week for me. I feel that I poked the dragon. And I was a little surprised that that had happened. So I spent last weekend doing a lot of meditation, looking at what this is teaching me: What do I own—let’s ground this. Why am I chosen to be in the capstone? I was blessed to go back to a previous service that John gave about casting out the accuser. So I melted, not placing blame, not being disappointed in myself, because I know I am bringing the pressure. I am literally in a tornado and I had to stay still in the tornado. I appreciate that I have such a community where we can have these types of conversations, to be in the world but not of it, and it’s very specific, it’s very deliberate. Like you said David, we can have these conscious conversations and know that we’re living it—this is not theory. There is no boundary because we are meeting it in a very sacred place. Grateful, grateful, grateful.

Arno van Haght — It’s been a huge Invitation that has been extended to the LORD by you, in the presence of His fellow ministers in the Temple of Light. The LORD has a home because we are here. And the LORD of the Temple of Light joyously says: “Beloved Fellow Ministers in the Temple of Light: Joyously I salute you in the Temple of Light, which is Heaven on Earth, even the Temple of the Lord of the Three Planes Who stands before the LORD of Lords as the High Priest of the whole earth. This Reality of Being is likewise revealed within each one of you; for your Heaven within you is your Temple of Light wherein your Spiritual Consciousness is the Priest of your Temple before your Lord Who is your Father within you.” These are words spoken by the Spirit of Truth incarnate in Uranda  1937. It is so good to share that with all of you here, who are the fellow ministers in the Temple of Light; and in the remembrance of who it is that we are. And in the letting go of what no longer needs to hold sway, we have the opportunity to be that light, that clear window, that settles the underside of the sea of glass that we no longer project into, letting it return through us, and through the intercession that you have provided, both you and Anne, as a heightened opportunity for us to be in attunement with that. And so it is fitting that the LORD would greet us as ministers in the Temple of Light, as priests before the LORD of Lords, because this is the reality of being, which we are saying yes to—yes, this is the reality we are choosing to express, the Ark being made real in consciousness, the Ark being made real and embodied. The Lord of the Sacred Three, The LORD of the Sacred Seven, and the full Council that is available for that wisdom, for that radiance, for that tranquility, for the patience that we need to exercise, as we let the Lord—so that we experience the love and we let it clear the fog of consciousness. It is a pleasure to share the time with all of you, and to receive the opportunity to take His Commission forward. Thank you David, thank you Anne, thank you all of you, for what you provide to allow that space to be vibrantly real and alive, knowing that the LORD has a place to rest His head, but not only to rest His head but to have His way, as has been the desire of His heart for us and through us. It’s good to be with all of you.

Stewart Berger — Yes, I would love speak, to reply to the wonderful expression, and the words, and time that you and Anne have shared with us.  It’s just been wonderful—it’s always wonderful to be able to spend time with you in this way. It has been a time of intensification, and I believe you said intensification or pressure is needed for something to be born—but I think the pressure is beside the point. The point is for something to be born. So it’s such a wonderful experience to be part of this group with these wonderful friends, some of whom I have known with many years, and many others I don’t know. But it is something new that is happening, which I love being part of, and I find it requires a little of humility, even as experienced as we may be, and knowledgeable about spiritual things. This is a new moment, which requires a little humility to be present in the moment, to receive what coming is forth from heaven, and to allow that to be experienced by us, and to move through us into the world—the invitation, so there can be this new birth. So I’m excited to be with you as always, and thank you very much.

Gary Courtland Miles — Thank you David and Anne; thank you everyone. One senses that this pressure that you spoke of David is the LORD’s desire to be on earth. There’s no separation. The lock is eternal, and let’s just see what happens. Bless you all!

David Barnes — I recall that I mentioned that in the beginning when the contractions happen, what is occurring is often translated as pressures; but as we move along in the cycle we recognize there is also a joyful, ecstatic birthing process taking place. It’s coming through me, and this intensification is actually what I’ve gone through this whole cycle for, and isn’t it glorious! Isn’t it wonderful! What appears to be abnormal—there may be some abnormal pressures in the birthing process now, given the state of the whole body of mankind now, of which we are a part—that is OK. But as we give ourselves into the cycle that is initiated, in a conception or inception and carried through to full-term, and then released into birth and completion, and wonder—and then tended with great care after that, caring for what has been brought forth. I think this is important right now, to acknowledge that there’s something to attend with care and understanding. This is the LORD’s doing. This is the babe, the angel, that has come forth in human form. Tend it, care for it, let it grow, let it develop. It’s part of the coming forth of the Body of the LORD on earth, that this reunion between heaven and earth—that which was separate from the consciousness of man that has kept the LORD of Lords separate from His earthly home, and has kept us out of the heaven, which is our heavenly home; so He has been without that which He needs, and we have been without that which we need, and they’re coming together again. And these are sacred things, and this is a prayerful generation that we have moved with together. And so we tend these delicate, holy things with care, in the generating chamber, and let the cycles move in their perfection. So, now I’ll give it to you Steve, with great thanks, to complete our time in whatever way you feel is needed.

Steve Ventola — David thank you. Thank you Anne. I can feel everyone’s participation here. We’re all in this together, and it’s good to acknowledge that altogether, and to be at home in that. I heard you mention pressures. There’s pressure to let go of what doesn’t belong and to yield, actually relax into the pressure for the purification to take place. I think we’ve all experienced some of that today. Let’s continue in that way enfolding what we have shared, letting our unified radiation continue to go out,and let the changes occur in the greater earth, as our capstone has provided.  Our next Temple of Light service will be on November 28th with Stewart Berger leading our time. We look forward to that. And Robert do you have some music for us?

transcribed by Anne Blaney

music provided by Robert Kauffman


October 20, 2021

While Any Are Bound None Are Free

While  Any  Are  Bound  None  Are  Free

Uranda  June 1, 1947

We have been, and are, passing through a period of orientation in relationship to the New Cycle that is before us. From time to time we have considered Services that have been held in the past, and we find there the expression of the Word which makes clear the Path along which we are moving. Wherever we turn in the Bible we find that we have considered the passages together that relate to our present time in the outworking of Cosmic events. I am not saying there is nothing new, nothing more for us to find in the Bible, but I am pointing out that that which is sufficient unto us for this day, according to the Word that has been, and now is, has been revealed and considered, and these things are intellectually recognized. When they are uttered they are perceived to a degree in Spirit, realized to some extent as Truth, and gradually the Life Pattern begins to conform with the fundamental Realities, so that we may not simply walk upon a meaningless round in this outer world, considering intellectual preachments as a salve to the spirit that we may be content with our lot under the conditions of the fallen world.

If that which we do is to mean more than that which others have done, we can not walk in that broad way that has been trodden by the millions, nor yet can we be content with the levels of Spirituality that have been attained by those who have served nobly and truly in the Harvest Field of God in time past. In my travels about the land, I have been deeply impressed by the fact that wherever one goes there are good people and fine, there are those who are expressing a high degree of nobility in their daily round of life. And yet, seen from the outer round of expression, these things tend to appear as ineffectual, futile, and sometimes the serpent tries to whisper that, just as there is the vanity of human pride and the vanity of possessions and the vanity of position in the world, according to the ideas of fame or power, just so is there a vanity of the spirit which, having found a certain degree of communion with things that are recognized as being Divine, becomes more or less content therewith, and finally, becoming to some degree smug and self-righteous, brings forth a vanity of nothingness which appears to the dimmed eye of outer-world-seeing as nothing more than that which all the mass of human beings experience.

With what shall we be content? Rising to what level do we find that which satisfies our appetite, our longing, our hungering and thirsting, so that, at that level we become surfeited, satisfied, and undertake to dwell there as if in some such place we might find an Eternal habitation? We climb to the top of a mountain in the experience of life, and attain to such and such a level. The human tendency is to pause there to admire the view and then, being satisfied that it is lovely, to build a house, as it were, to dwell in, thinking therewith to be content. It is lovely, and there is a beautiful view, from such a mountain height, and there is much to commend the progress of the one who so attains, but if we have the boldness to suggest that such attainment is not enough, if we suggest to such an one that pausing too long at that level of consciousness is failing to utilize the blessings of God that have been provided, he is inclined, in self-righteousness and a certain smugness of attainment, to take the attitude that we are seeking to deny the blessings of God by which he has attained to such and such a place. Actually, we seek only to awaken him to a realization that, no matter how good and no matter how wonderful, no matter how commendable the attainment, no matter how beautiful the view, no matter how Truth has been recognized and realized—it is not enough. [greatcosmicstory.blogspot.com/2021/10/unbound-loosed-on-earth.html]

If, at any given level, we become content at that level, we accept disintegration, decay, retrogression and finally, obliteration. The human tendency—and it is very human, because human beings have bodies which are so inclined to inertia—is for the individual to forget that he is supposed to be a Temple of the Living God, and to be inclined to settle down at some level. Those who never rise above the dregs of humanity are looked down upon by those who have attained to some scale of life expression above them; but those, in turn, are looked down upon by those above them, and those who have attained to some point higher, actually or in imagination, look down upon them in turn. Yet the same end comes to all, the same turmoils and failures and the same futility, in the final reckoning. It is not enough. When the human being remembers that this human body, which tends so toward inertia, is actually the Temple of the Living God, which was so designed originally that it might express the fullness of Deity on earth and must of needs be rejuvenated, reborn and transformed, until that original potentiality shall have been made manifest in fact in this present time, we find that there is no specific level of attainment recognizable from an outer standpoint to which one may come, and say, “Here I have achieved, here is the goal, now I may build my house and abide. I need go no further.” When there is the true vision, when there is the true realization, there is a recognition that every tendency to settle down and be content at any level of consciousness at any time, is a snare of the serpent which, if one enters into it, leads most certainly to that subjection which holds all human beings who are enslaved to the prince of darkness.

The prodigal son said, “I will arise and go unto my father's house”. We, likewise, having tasted of the husks of the outer world and determined to arise and go to our Father's House, coming near to the Father, find that He recognizes that we are His House. We then need to remember that it is not essential that we should, at any time, build our house, to dwell therein, at some specific level of consciousness, as if we had arrived, but to remember that we are the Father's House, and that our LORD and Master said that He would go and prepare a place for us and assured us that in His House there are many Mansions, and that we must arise and go to our Father—and when we do, we find that we are our Father's House. Then, if we are the Father's House, we are to be in that place which He designs for us according to those Mansions that are Eternal. While there is yet misery and suffering and sorrow and death in this world, while there is yet oppression, and the seeming victory of evil, and the tyranny of power, while there is ignorance and prejudice and subjection to superstitions of all kinds, while our fellow men are subject to these things in all of their manifestations we cannot say, “We have arrived, it is enough”. Always we must remember that there is more for us to do—that it is not enough.

Our LORD and Master came into the world, not just to save one or two or three, here and there, but for the sake of the whole human race, without respect to color or race or creed. He came into the world to reveal the Fatherhood of God and thereby to give meaning to the Brotherhood of Man, that as man, recognizing the Fatherhood of God, should let himself be reborn and transformed, he might come to the realization that they who are the Children of God enter into the Glorious Liberty of God and are not separate from God, the Father, and that, being near unto Him, there can no longer be subjection to the chains that have so long bound human beings in the valleys of despair all over the world. No matter how good, no matter how fine, no matter how wonderful, no matter how true, no matter how high, the attainment, to each and all there comes the Word, “It is not yet enough.”

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