June 20, 2018

Come  Out  of  Hiding  —  Present  Yourself


Spiritual  Expertise

Martin Cecil   February 22, 1976

We were considering something about hiding—in the passage which I read about Adam and Eve, they were hiding among the trees from the Lord. I'm sure you begin to understand that this hiding from the Lord is made evident by the fact that one hides the true expression of oneself from one's fellows. The picture of hiding from the Lord is rather an impractical one for most. It becomes very much more specific when we see it in these terms of hiding the truth of our own expression from our fellows. This is hiding amongst the trees from the Lord. The voice of the Lord comes walking in the garden in the cool of the day, to find expression on earth because of each one of us. If we hide ourselves among the masses of the people on earth, so that we find no necessity for giving expression to the truth, then we are hiding from the Lord.

An Old Testament statement was made, and applied to the experience of Jesus as a child, “Out of Egypt have I called my son”—out of hiding have I called my son or my daughter. Jesus was taken down into Egypt, according to the story, specifically to hide Him. We've all found ourselves hidden in human nature with all our fellows, one of four billion nowadays, lost in the crowd. As long as all of that crowd is revealing human nature, how would you really distinguish one from another? But if one among that crowd makes plain the reality of spiritual expression, how would you hide such a one? So we have been offered the opportunity of coming out of hiding. Most people have very little awareness of what these words might mean; but you, certainly, begin to know. Others may only know to the extent that there are those who do come out of hiding; then this becomes evident. Jesus came out of hiding. First of all He came out of Egypt. After He had grown through childhood and youth to a point of adequate maturity, He undertook to reveal the truth of Himself before the people. And this is what we are called to do, all of us, individually.

You know, we can hide behind a concept of the body of the Son of God. We may say of ourselves, “I'm part of the Unit at 100 Mile House,” or “I'm part of the village group,” so that we lose ourselves in the crowd. But, you know, there is no manifest body of the Son of God on earth except as there are individuals who take the responsibility of revealing the truth of themselves before the people. Jesus obviously did this. We speak of His public ministry. It could, and should, have gone very much further than it did—from the beginning to the end of that time of public ministry, He stood virtually alone. There were the disciples who walked along with Him across the land, but that's about all they did. They did not reach a point, with respect to most of them, where there was any particular revelation of the truth of themselves. They did not come out of hiding, in other words. They were hiding behind Jesus. They were willing to follow Him in the external sense, to listen to what He had to say, even to love Him as much as they were able, but they never really came out of hiding. This was particularly emphasized at the time when Peter denied his Lord. He was representative of the other disciples—all except John, who had actually gone with Jesus into the judgment hall. So there was no development by reason of others who were willing to come out of hiding.

There's been a somewhat different experience in what has occurred through this ministry. All this that has taken place has been consequent upon what was initiated by Jesus. He came out of hiding and presented the truth of Himself to the people. Not many saw what it was, but He did it nevertheless; and because He did it the door was opened for others to do it. As I pointed out this morning, it was necessary that there should be one who did it before the way would really be opened for others. Someone, somewhere, had to do it. This particular One we recognize as the Lord of all. It is a remarkable thing that He would accept the responsibility, in this travesty of a world, to come on earth, to come out of hiding, to expose Himself as He did, to suffer consequently as He did, but to carry all the way through so that the door might be opened. And the door has been open ever since. But seemingly scarcely anyone even approached it, let alone followed His example, taking responsibility to carry all the way through. There have been a few who have played a part in this regard. Because of the One who came to do it and did it, and these others since, the opportunity has been available to us.

There was a time when Uranda stood alone in the initiation of this ministry, which requires that the individual come out of hiding—come out of hiding and present the truth of himself. We may be thankful indeed that there was this one who had the courage to undertake the task. In presenting the truth there were those who did respond and drew close, to varying degrees. Eventually, as it worked out, I particularly was forced into the position of coming out of hiding. Presumably, according to my highest vision at the time, I would have imagined that I had already come out of hiding, as likely most of you do now; but when you are faced with the real necessity of coming out of hiding you know the difference. When Uranda left this sphere of things the responsibility fell upon me, and I was compelled to take it. Prior to that time I had been hiding in various ways, which I discovered to be the case at that moment of truth, and subsequently.

In order to present the truth of oneself to the people there is the necessity of developing a certain expertise in spiritual expression. One may have the wish to reveal the truth of oneself, and some seem to have imagined that the wish was the revelation. But of course it never is; it simply points a person in the direction, that he may in season experience an increasing revelation of the truth of himself. This requires, certainly, the development of expertise. One cannot develop that expertise by doing nothing. One cannot learn to play a musical instrument without playing the musical instrument. One cannot learn to live without living. One can remain in hiding and exist for a while; but to live, one must come out of hiding. It is evident that there are various measures of hiding. This was illustrated in the experience of Jesus. There was the hiding in the land of Egypt. He came out of that hiding, but there was a further hiding with His family—all quite as it should be, because He was in the process of growing up. He ventured forth from that hiding in a particular sense at the age of twelve, when He disputed with the learned ones in the synagogue. His parents were a little distraught because of this, failing to recognize at the time that here He was coming out of hiding. It took another eighteen years after that for Him to develop sufficient expertise that there might be a revelation of the truth of Himself. He came completely out of hiding insofar as He was concerned, but He still remained in hiding insofar as most others were concerned. But the opportunity to recognize the truth was present because He Himself had come out of hiding. He presented Himself before the people for who He was. For many this wasn't a very popular move, but others heard something of the Tone that He sounded and followed Him—not adequately, but in some measure.

We see illustrated, then, how a person step by step comes out of hiding. We may understand how it is that there is a cycle in this regard, but how useless the whole process would be if one were to take the steps while still in hiding and never take the final one. As I say, in my own situation there was a very compelling circumstance, and such integrity as I have prevented me from turning it down. So I came out into the open, so to speak. This is not, rightly, exceptional to me; it is required of each individual who actually participates in the composition of the body of the Son of God. There is no manifest body of the Son of God, in the resurrected sense, except as there are individuals who have taken the responsibility of coming out of hiding for themselves. What does this mean?

It means that we are under the necessity of revealing the truth of ourselves before the people. This may conjure up some visions of standing up in prominent places and proclaiming who we imagine we are; but if we did that it would only be imagination anyway. In my own situation I was under the necessity of presenting myself to those who composed this ministry at that time, first. I'm most thankful to God that most were willing to accept the transition. Some were not. This, I suppose, is to be expected and accepted, as it was. But that wasn't all of it, because I was under the necessity of continuing to present myself before the people—more people. I traveled back and forth across the land speaking to groups of people in many, many places, groups of people who had virtually no understanding of what it was that was being offered. So I was out front, so to speak, exposed—in other words I came out of hiding. Such an event set off a few shock waves here and there, as it will with anyone.

Because the world has become a much bigger place than it was nineteen centuries ago, for instance, there is in one sense a much more protected situation. In the Book of Revelation something was said about the earth helping the woman by swallowing up the flood that the dragon spewed out of his mouth. There are so many people, so many systems of all kinds, so many schools of thought, teachings, religions, what have you, that an insignificant little thing like the Emissaries went more or less unnoticed—and this continues to be largely the case. We may be thankful that it is so, as long as it is noticed by those who should notice it.

In any case, coming out from behind the trees, coming out from hiding, the individual must present himself before the people. Having presented himself before the people, of course, there will be those who respond, as we say, and come closer; some, indeed, who are inspired also to come out from hiding and to present themselves before the people. This has occurred in the development through this ministry, so that others are now more on the firing line, so to speak, than I am. This gives indication of the development of what we have called a hedge—a hedge which is a hedge of protection but also a hedge of radiation, unified radiation we call it. As this natural unfoldment continues, those who first came out from hiding, presenting themselves before the people, begin to be the ones who are themselves protected by others who are coming out from hiding and presenting themselves before the people.

There is always a peripheral ring, rightly, composed of those who have come out from hiding at that particular time. These are the ones who have the responsibility of presenting themselves before the people. Those who did it before them, to allow them to come out of hiding, are then one step behind the hedge; and so there are concentric rings composing the hedge. Here is one evidence of the nature of the emerging design. There is, of course, far greater detail than this; but we can surely see how those who do come out from hiding first have the responsibility of presenting themselves before the people; and then later, as there is response to that presentation of the truth of themselves, they find themselves behind another ring composed of those who have, consequent upon their ministry, come out of hiding.

Units and groups have at times seemed to be convenient hiding places, and a certain complacency can be developed in this sort of situation, so that those concerned do not take advantage of developing the expertise which would enable them to come out of hiding and present the truth of themselves in spiritual expression, before the people. This certainly does not mean that one stands on a soapbox at the corner and proclaims some doctrine or other, ramming it down other people's throats. Of course, if you're on the street corner, they can always walk away! We have spoken of living, but one can pretend to live while still remaining in hiding. You know, with the number of those who are associated with our ministry here in 100 Mile House, should they all have come out of hiding, the rest of the community wouldn't have a chance! But in various ways a facade is maintained behind which Emissaries lurk, and it would seem to take great persistence and considerable effort on the part of others to penetrate that facade and discover the lurking Emissary. There is perhaps a certain fear of actually coming out of hiding. We may admit, on particular occasions, that we are Emissaries: births, deaths and marriages. But how about in between? Again, it's not a matter of parading down the street with banners: “Here come the Emissaries of Divine Light!”

Our business is to come out of hiding.

We recognize this to the extent that we have acknowledged the requirement of spiritual expression. You could not offer spiritual expression in living and still remain hidden.There are those who have complained at times of the lack of response which might seem to be apparent in certain locations. It wasn't the lack of response that was the trouble; it was the lack of spiritual expression to which there might be response, or at least reaction. And you know, insofar as our true business is concerned, it doesn't matter much which it is. We have been very cautious because presumably it was the wise thing to be. We were not interested in being immediately overwhelmed because we were not yet identified with strength; but to the extent that there is spiritual expression there is strength, and redemption is being offered. And that has an impact.

There is a sort of graduation process, isn't there? Someone has to come out of hiding to start the ball rolling. Then, because he has come out of hiding and the ball has started rolling, others will come out of hiding too, and they share in keeping the ball rolling. But the original one finds himself within this hedge, and then those who participated with him in keeping the ball rolling, themselves find themselves within another hedge, and so it goes—another and another—gradually coming out of hiding sufficiently to take responsibility, on the periphery, for a presentation of the truth of themselves in spiritual expression. Those who played a part in originating the spiritual expression should have no demands put upon them. This is the case when there are others who are willing to come out of hiding and assume the responsibility, but nobody can do that without having developed the expertise.

It seems that most of those who do develop the expertise are the ones who are compelled, in one way or another, to get out and do it. Those who have a comparatively easy situation, within a compact Unit or a group, are inclined to be a little complacent. One can never experience the mature expression of the truth of oneself without moving through those cycles which permit it, and one of the most obvious steps to be taken in those cycles is the initial one of coming out of hiding sufficiently to present oneself to the people. There is an inclination, in the human pattern of things, to try not to be too much different. This seems like a wise course because the idea may be that you don't want to turn people off. Well how about turning people on? And if you're just the same as everybody else you're not going to turn anybody on. Spiritual expression is something startlingly different. There is the evidence of the fact that one is somehow different. If there isn't this clear-cut evidence the individual is still hiding, for it is that clear-cut evidence of spiritual expression that gets the job done for which we are here on earth. We can wait in hiding too long.

The state of hiding is the state of the tomb. The body of the Son of God lies in the tomb, which this world is, because the head is at the same level as the rest of the body. That means that the whole thing is horizontal. Head and body embedded in the earth—that's the state of being in the tomb. The head belongs in heaven. The head must experience that belonging in heaven while in the tomb. This seems rather a mysterious thing to those who are in the body in its horizontal position, because there is no sign of the heaven in the tomb. The experience of heaven required by the head of the body is an internal experience, we might say. We haven't been trying, for instance, to produce a heavenly state external to ourselves—at least, I hope not. Something improved may have put in an appearance; but even if that were to be swept away, it shouldn't make any difference, if the head is in heaven. It will not make any difference, if the head is in heaven! I trust that everything doesn't have to be swept away in order to prove the point, but that might be necessary too; one never knows. So the head needs to return to heaven, as we have recognized, while still in the tomb. It is because the head returns to heaven that the body may experience this heaven and rise up. It must rise up to come out of the tomb.

Have you ever wondered how the body of Jesus got out of the tomb? Did someone come along and roll the stone away and then the body emerged horizontally? That's hardly the way it works. You remember how it was for the man called Lazarus who was also in a tomb for several days. The Master commanded, “Lazarus, come forth,” and Lazarus walked out of the tomb. He may have had a little difficulty, because he was still all wrapped up in the grave-clothes, but he walked out. Nobody went in after him. The Master did it a little more neatly—He removed the grave-clothes before He came out. He had the expertise, and He was found to be in the garden. The tomb was in the garden all the time, and that's true of this world. It is a tomb, but the tomb is in the garden.

The head must be restored to heaven. It is restored to heaven only by reason of spiritual expression. Spiritual expression presents the truth of a person before the people. Later that truth may not be presented so directly. We can see that in the case of Jesus. It was presented directly, and it never went further than that position, which is why things worked out the way they did. There was no hedge. We see now the beginning of the development of the reality of a hedge, which is the unified radiation from the head. The heads of the saints are usually surrounded by a halo. This is what is indicated—unified radiation through the head of the body of the Son of God, and you cannot hide that light. It cannot be hidden under a bushel. Here is the almighty power of God. It carries an impact. The effects of that impact depend, of course, upon the attitudes of those concerned who receive the impact. We would that all should respond, but we also do not fool ourselves into imagining that there are not those who will not respond; there indeed are many. But whether reaction or response, when there is spiritual expression the job gets done.

But we must come out from hiding, and we'll only dare to come out from hiding when we have begun to develop the required expertise. We will not develop the required expertise without practice, without doing something about it, without taking responsibility and letting something happen: Let the thoughts of my mind, and the meditations of my heart, be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer. Let it be so. It won't happen unless you let it happen—it requires something of you. Come out of hiding.

Out of hiding, the Son of God has been called. Let the fruition be experienced individually; then it will be experienced collectively. But we can't be dragged along by anybody else. I think some have felt that they would just come along because the body is coming along. But if the body is coming along it is only because there are individuals composing that body who have taken the responsibility for themselves. Those who come along simply on the basis of the fact that the body is coming along will suddenly find that they have no oil in their lamps. It's unwise just to wait for that point of discovery, because then it's too late.

We have been considering something that is of vital importance this evening. More in this field of consideration has been brought into focus—I thank God for that—but there is indeed much more not only to be considered but to be experienced.

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June 18, 2018

We  Are  Enough

John Gray   May 27, 2018

Less than two hours ago Don Hynes posted, along with a photo of a climbing rose, a new poem he’d written just today. (donhynes.com/blog) I’d like to open by reading it:

Songs of Earth

Don Hynes

There is only today,

really just this moment

of gray cloud and May green

as tall trees luff in the breeze.

From our hidden core

rung tight with years

we feed new growth,

tender leaves open

and breathing.

The touch of life upon us

we struggle and strive

and move toward light

while still we sing.

Our roots release

into the high top

the songs of earth,

the mortal cries

of what must pass,

our unspoken joy

yet rising.

It was reported that last weekend, more than two billion people watched the wedding of Britain’s Prince Harry and American Meghan Markle. Maybe you were among the two billion? Pamela and I were. I was impressed with the power of ceremony to hold minds and hearts in something of a spiritual alignment, albeit temporarily. Christian theories were espoused, of course, but far more prominent to me was the light, love, and joy that found expression through so many people.

For many, the royal wedding provided a respite from the type of news that usually dominates the communications media. But all we need do is directly look at the world immediately around us—not through the media but through our own eyes and our own hearts—to know beauty and wonder. Babies smile, birds sing, flowers bloom—myriad animals and plants and even many humans live meaningful lives. This is indeed a wonderful world! I think of it as kind of a wild and unkempt garden that nevertheless carries and conveys essences of a pristine original.

Many, many people aren’t all that conscious of it much of the time, if at all. And, thankfully, many are! Some—and presumably we are some of the some—have an actual consciousness of the transcendent purpose of it all. We’ve an awareness of spiritual reality—a heaven—which vibrantly interpenetrates this physical world and its lifeforms. We may share an understanding that humanity as a whole is designed to be God’s body on Earth, making possible His powerful creative presence and action in the material world. Who has authentic experience of this? Not very many of the seven-plus billion bipeds walking around on the planet these days. And, having said that, I do not make light of any “brotherhood of man” ideas, beliefs, or hopes voiced by sincere human beings the world around. I think most people would like to have peace on earth and goodwill toward everybody. But if that’s really so, then why don’t human beings just get along with one another? It’s what we claim to want. It’s pretty obvious that just wanting world peace, for example—hoping for it, praying for it—isn’t working. Never has, never will.

So, what does work?

Let’s consider: How large a part of our personal bodies have consciousness of our own spiritual presence in it? All our body parts are wonderfully connected and related, and every cell—all 37 trillion of them in the average human body, according to Smithsonian Magazine—is animated by a single life source. But how much of the body is directly conscious of the whole body, and thus of being whole? What portion of it has a sense of overall identity? Relatively speaking, it’s a pretty small part. My elbow and my spleen, for examples, have no such consciousness, though I’m sure they’re happy to be part of my immensely complex operational body system. Indeed, we “are fearfully and wonderfully made”, though in current vernacular we might say, “awesomely.”

Parenthetically, when I think about where my focus of consciousness is located, I subjectively perceive that it’s not in my body at all, but rather out in front of my eyes and forehead. It’s like a window out through which light shines to illuminate my world and make it possible to see and welcome things as they are.

A huge majority of our physical, emotional, and mental facilities and their functions is subconscious. This is something to be thankful for! Imagine trying to control the blood-purifying processes of your liver, while regulating your heart rate and digesting your breakfast, not to mention a thousand other simultaneous functions. It’d be so stressful you might forget to breathe! So, it’s very good that things work as they do, and as well as they do.

Analogous to the individual human body with an incarnate God Being animating it, is the massive worldwide body of humanity. Spirit is present in the collective, too, at least to some considerable extent, or humanity wouldn’t live. How much of the overall population has consciousness of true identity? I think it’s safe to say it’s a small proportion. Rather than think that that’s somehow a bad thing, let’s consider that it’s by design. It isn’t necessary that everybody is conscious of the whole; just that enough people are. How many are enough? I guess we’ll find out. I feel there are quite a lot more playing a part in this sufficient number than you or I personally know, to be sure.

It is the body’s nature to be receptive, responsive, and accommodating to whatever is imposed upon it through mind and heart. It is likewise planet Earth’s nature. Our personal bodies have no choice but to go along with whatever identity is running the show, as well as being subject to hereditary and environmental factors. The Earth itself puts up with human behavior as best it can, but there is a limit to that, as many people are becoming more and more aware.

There’s a whole lot of shaking going on everywhere we look these days—more than ever, it seems. The human world is quaking, physically, emotionally, intellectually. The usual view of “normal” is losing its traditional definition. The media often report more surprises in a day than used to happen in a month or more. At the level of human affairs, the new norm is to expect the unexpected. Let us see that this shaking up of things—rattling structures in human consciousness and in human societies—is really serving the creative process by releasing previously captive substance to participate in it. We all feel the shake-up these days, and it’s not just “out there” somewhere. Whether people realize it or not, or like it or not, we’re all connected. We all shake together!

One who was spiritual mentor to many of us, Martin Exeter, had this to say, more than thirty years ago: 

“There is much substance which will resonate as there are those present on earth who are willing to let it come out of the structures of their own consciousness...

“This is an irresistible power, drawing resonant substance and dissolving structures which are holding substance, which would be resonant if it was free, from coming home. This has a lot of implications, I am sure you can recognize. There is no need to speculate as to what it is that is going to happen. That engenders concepts of doom. We are thinking of substance coming home. That’s hardly doom. Because of this power, substance is freed up because the structures begin to dissolve. In individual human beings, their human-nature structures begin to dissolve, and the institutions of human beings dissolve also. How that will happen, when it will happen, what it involves, we are delighted to find out…” (Martin Exeter The Irresistible Power October 4, 1987)

Here is a perspective from above of what to human beings looks and feels like shaking up, a disturbing and maybe frightening experience for many. From a heavenly point of view, however, something totally different is seen.

Permit me to wax Biblical: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Genesis 1:1 is a good place to start in every beginning, like now. In the sixth verse the place of the heaven is described: “And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters…”  “And God called the firmament Heaven.” The firmament, or heaven, both divides and connects “the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament…”

The substance of heaven is not homogenous, but spans a vibrational spectrum from the coarsest—what is most closely associated with physical substance referred to here as the “waters below”—to the finest, the most attuned with invisible divine being, the “waters above.” Water symbolizes truth, design and control. So, heaven is the medium through which the design and control of being is connected to and operates on and in the earth. Whatever the process was in the original creation of heaven and earth, at this stage in the outworking of things the substance of heaven is generated out of physical substance through response to spirit.

My apologies if I seem to propound heavy-duty principles here, but I do so to remind my own mind and heart of how things really work and what is truly required. All the shaking going on in human affairs and within our planet is part of what is described toward the end of the Book of Revelation as the coming of a “new heaven and a new earth.” What we are engaged in today is nothing less than that.

We can feel and sense and know that this is so without needing to have mental comprehension of all the ins and outs of it. Maybe we’d mess with it if we knew too much in that way! Let’s trust what we do know. Suffice to say that affairs on earth make perfect sense when seen from a heavenly perspective, and what’s going on in the heavenly realms is clear enough to those who share responsibility for that clarity. True identity, identity in being, is with God—above the earth and above the heaven. This is where we belong.

Harry and Meghan’s event last weekend touched many hearts all over the world. I believe the real reason is symbolic and scarcely conscious to the multitudes. From a high place we may know that a Really Big Wedding is in the process of taking place, taking form, now. “And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.” Harry makes a handsome prince and Meghan a lovely bride, but the event of truly cosmic import is the marriage of the Prince of Peace with His body of many members on earth. This morning I re-read the last two chapters of Revelation with new eyes.

This is what all the shaking and consequent freeing up of substance is for. Our awareness of and deep resonance with this process matters a lot! It’s not through any human effort of our own that we—and that’s a sizable “we”—have come to participate in the conscious focus of the body of humankind, but here we are. We’ve been told to never underestimate the power of spiritual expression. As spirit has sufficient medium—sufficient new heaven—to express through, that power and its effects become more and more apparent. 

I am certain that the seemingly few who align and profoundly resonate with God's love on earth are sufficient. We, present in the flesh—whoever "we" are and however many we are—we are enough. After all—and before it all too—we are one with the One who has archangelic arms around the world, embracing it in Love. How could all not be well?


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June 15, 2018

My  Voice  Sounds  Through  My  Composite  Body

from  Spiritual Leadership and Authority

Martin Cecil  October 7, 1979

World events are the magnified surface evidences of the spirit of God in action. Those who share the Voice of the Lord, speaking in His name, are the spirit of God in action. As there are such who have assumed spiritual responsibility, the controlled fulfilment of the creative purposes of God in this world must come to pass.

There was One who lived on earth many centuries ago who accepted this supreme spiritual responsibility of leadership on earth. His name was Jesus. He did not receive wide acceptance; certainly not by the religious authorities of that day, although there were one or two amongst them who were somewhat moved by His expression of spirit. Nicodemus was amongst these. Nevertheless He Himself never denied His own spiritual authority. He didn't impose it on anyone. He invited an acceptance of it but He didn't try to impose it upon anyone. He was rejected, denied, betrayed, crucified. Moving in this particular path He opened a door for the restoration of man at some future time. He also made sure that human nature would receive its just deserts. In receiving the fulness of the results of its own action it would be dissolved.

We live in the day of its dissolution. The die was cast a long time ago, but there is a point of fulfilment. We certainly would not attempt to prognosticate the day or the hour of the completion. We can prognosticate very easily the movement toward that completion. We are in position to observe it on every hand. Surface events in the world proclaim this movement—their significance is in that proclamation alone. The dissolution of human nature is at hand; how closely at hand remains to be seen. It is closely at hand for some individuals, of course. This is so daily. But for the larger fulfilment we make no attempt to prophesy. No man knoweth the day or the hour, not even the angels of heaven. So why bother? There are plenty of people in the world who make prognostications from time to time; none of them thus far have been fulfilled. We are interested in the fulfilment, not in the prognostications.

That fulfilment comes as there are those who speak the word of the Lord on earth, who share this Voice. This is then the spirit of God in action within the body and the consciousness of mankind. The spirit of God has been in action ceaselessly throughout the whole universe; but it hasn't been known in the ordained creative expression, in a manner that would permit the fulfilment in the body and the consciousness of mankind, heretofore. If it had been known before this there would have been fulfilment before this. Even the Master Himself could not bring that fulfilment as one person. He did not attempt to do the impossible. He was willing to let it work out, in the only way it could at that time, with respect to Himself as an individual; but that cast the die for the future, the future which is now.

There are those on earth who have begun to share the expression of the word of the Lord, so that His Voice may sound on earth; immediately the controlled expression of the spirit of God is present within the body and consciousness of mankind. This is a present fact in a certain measure, at a certain level. The results which occur and are observable as world events are different in these days to what they have been in the past. There was little happening in the past to resolve anything, for this could not occur until there was present on earth a sufficiency of the spirit of God in action. This is occurring now and the events, the world events, are unfolding in a more or less inevitable manner. We witness these on every hand. As I say, all this is consequent upon the spirit of God in action. There is more action to be brought forth, there is a larger experience to be known in this regard, that the books may be balanced and the human business wound up. Not one jot or tittle shall pass from the law until all be fulfilled.

My concern has always been to find those who would share my Voice, who would speak with me, that the spirit of God might be adequately in action in the body and consciousness of mankind on earth. There have been those in times past, and even today, who are looking for a fulfilment of this sort. It might be describable in terms of the second coming of Jesus, and also in other ways. There is a looking for leadership. Those who think of themselves as Christians, the more sincere ones at least, are waiting with bated breath for the return of this figure. But who is it they are really waiting for?

Long ago there was some poetry written that has come to be called the Song of Solomon. Many people have felt there was something significant in these words; they have tried to interpret them in various ways. There are certain words from this song which have become familiar to us because we have used them quite frequently, recognizing that they have a meaning relative to the present. The first verse is this: “The voice of my beloved! behold, he cometh leaping upon the mountains, skipping upon the hills.”

Here is a beautiful picture of spiritual leadership of some kind toward which response is being invited and, indeed, apparently being offered to some extent. The one who provides this spiritual leadership is spoken of as “the beloved.” Someone must have loved this one, whoever this one might be. Who is he that cometh leaping upon the mountains and skipping upon the hills? I suppose good Christians would see Jesus achieving this feat. But who is the beloved? Others would say the Lord, not necessarily equating the Lord with Jesus. But who is the Lord? If we consider either of these two possibilities—maybe they're one, the Lord and Jesus—then who is being talked about or considered or believed in? A figure in a stained glass window, a figure in a beautiful painting, a concept handed down out of the past? Who is he? It's nice to have someone who can't really be identified, because then it's an open season for everybody to fill in the details in their own imagination. But the fact of the matter is that this figure has been a mental construct, a human invention. I'm not saying that there may not be a reality, but how is that reality to be known?

The reality could have been known when there was One on earth who accepted the responsibility of it and revealed it. This was done by the One called Jesus. The One called Jesus today is an imaginary figure; there are all kinds of beliefs about Him. But there is the continuing apparent need for spiritual leadership. Human beings have been waiting in one way or another for that spiritual leadership to put in an appearance. Some have believed that this one was a spiritual leader, some have believed that the other one was. But on the basis of the extent of our awareness of the truth, we see that those who emerge in this fashion onto the surface of world events, out of this human state of consciousness, are the result of something else.

What would your view be in this matter? Where is the spiritual leadership? Who is “he” who comes in the name of the Lord? There was one person a long time ago who came in the name of the Lord. He Himself was recognized by some as one who spoke with authority, not like the scribes. He was conscious of His own authority. He knew that the answer could not be found by the eruptions on the surface of the human state; the high priest wasn't going to make available the spiritual leadership that was necessary, because it does not come out of the body of mankind but, rather, down from God out of heaven. Surely that's where good Christians are looking for the second coming of Christ: down from God out of heaven. But how? What would make sense? What would be factual and not merely imaginary? There has been an imaginary hope in this regard for a long time.

If there has been reference to a beloved, to “he,” to one who comes in the name of the Lord, of whom it might be said, “Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord,” who is He? We have some dawning awareness of a reality here which is of a factual nature and no longer clothed in imagination. Sooner or later there needs to be the beloved, or “he”, present if the job is to be done. It cannot be done otherwise. And this He, this one, is not a single individual. As I have pointed out, it could not be done by a single individual, even by the Lord Himself. It requires what we would call a collective Body, with a collective consciousness—all this in Oneness—so that there is One who comes in the name of the Lord. There is a beloved on earth, present with human beings, whose Voice sounds and who comes leaping upon the mountains and skipping upon the hills. This indicates an ease of movement, does it not?—a naturalness and an ease of movement, a triumphant movement high above the level of human nature consciousness. There are those who have been invited to participate in the authority of this One.

How much do you, as an individual, still glance around to see if you can spot, somewhere or other, a spiritual leader of some kind who is going to achieve great things? A few thought they had him spotted in me. I have been at pains to disillusion those who have this view, because he who comes in the name of the Lord is not one person. The coming of one person was done nineteen centuries ago. All that could be accomplished has been accomplished by one person; and that one person was, indeed, a Supreme One. But no matter how Supreme He really was, and is, He could only do so much. He did not come to impose the Kingdom; He came to invite the remnant to receive it. As He said, “It is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” No one was holding back, and no one has been holding back since; and yet year after year, day after day, good Christians pray, “Thy kingdom come,” having the attitude in fact that our Father is holding back on it; He has to be persuaded to cause it to come. But it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom—two thousand years ago!

So we have this spiritual responsibility of leadership, not to impose the kingdom but to let it come by reason of those who respond to the invitation to do so. But the invitation must be extended. When these words were written they were written by one, presumably Solomon, who had a rather frustrating experience in life, or in his existence, shall we say; he got embroiled in human nature. Yet at the start he had some sensing of the reality, of the truth, some sensing of a beloved, of he who would come leaping upon the mountains and skipping upon the hills. He apparently wrote about this, looking for that one, looking for the answer, looking for the Lord. Human beings have been looking for the Lord for a long time, as though He wasn't present. Are there those of us, present on earth now, who could properly rephrase these words?

“My Voice sounds on earth! behold, I come leaping upon the mountains, skipping upon the hills.

“I am like a roe or a young hart: behold, I stand behind the wall of human nature, I look forth at the windows, I show myself through the lattice of human nature.

“I speak to human consciousness, and I say, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away, come away with me, to be with me, to let this Voice resound on earth, that it may be heard by those whose hearts are sufficiently open to hear it.”

Those who do hear it, and start to come away, reveal in their experience the creative action of the spirit of God, the evidence of that, that they may be restored to share in the expression of that Voice. There are some who move strongly and clearly in this fashion. This is, after all, the starting point for anyone who is to experience restoration to the truth. There are others who move sluggishly. It may be seen, then, that there is One who comes in the name of the Lord on earth, not one person but One Unified Body and Consciousness, by reason of which the spirit of God is in action within the body and consciousness of mankind. This is the One who has the authority. This is the One who provides the leadership. While we may see that that leadership, to be effective, must be a composite body, nevertheless it is a composite body because the individuals who compose it have taken responsibility for their own spiritual authority.

We cannot look to the Pope, or to any other high figure in the religious world, or in the philosophical world, or in the intellectual world, or indeed in the political world, anywhere, as though someone else was going to do what needs to be done. This has always been the trouble in the world, has it not? “Let it be by the hand of another.” And there were those who were interested in trading upon this attitude which human beings tend to have, so that they might exercise control and spurious authority over people. As long as one is looking for someone else to provide the essential spiritual leadership one can be easily deluded, one can be easily trapped. Human beings everywhere have been rushing into these traps constantly. The world is filled with hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, of these mousetraps—all baited with the essential cheese—and human beings, with great enthusiasm, rush into their bondage. When they get caught, then they blame other people for it. How ridiculous! They wouldn't have been caught in the first place if they had been taking responsibility for themselves, but they didn't and they were caught—being caught, they still don't take responsibility for themselves; they have to find some other scapegoat. This has been done within the range of the experience of every individual who is here present, and it is still being done in some measure.

When there is the spiritual action in controlled expression emerging in the body and consciousness of mankind, as it is beginning to do, then the dragon is cast out of heaven—he's cast out into the earth. And he has great wrath. Why? Because he knows that he has but a short time. All sorts of nonsense spews out of the dragon's mouth in the earth. Of course, for those who abide in heaven it doesn't make much difference; he's wasting his time anyway. But he's easily spotted, you know. The accuser of our brethren: that's what he was called, wasn't he? So when you see or hear someone mouthing accusations, you know who's doing it. It saddens me a little at times to realize that after all these years he's still present on Sunrise Ranch. But that's the way it is; we need to face the fact. There are those who have sustained him and kept him alive with their accusations. But there is the heaven. And those who dwell in the heaven, those who participate in the Voice of the One, these carry the authority of God because they come in the name of the Lord. Certainly these also are present here and there as well, composing a body, a Body which speaks with authority and is never deluded into imagining that there is anyone else anywhere going to provide the essential spiritual leadership. There isn't. It is provided in this One Composite Body; and each member of that Body must know for him- or herself, “I am the one who carries the authority.” Do you think that is too much to be experienced? If it isn't experienced on earth by those who have been offered the opportunity there is no hope for anyone, because there can be no spiritual leadership on earth.

The spiritual leadership of a single individual has long ago been rejected by the children of men; so that opportunity will not be repeated. The Master came on earth, He was rejected on earth; that's that. The only way left is by reason of this Composite Body, the true vine of which the Master spoke. The fruit of that true vine is the spiritual action which brings forth what is to be brought forth throughout the body and the consciousness of mankind. It is now happening. The spiritual leadership and authority is present on earth. You have an awareness as to where it is. Never look for it anywhere else!

We may, having that authority, acknowledge value where value appears in the spiritual sense. It seems to me the Master did this, even to the extent of acknowledging that one of the Romans, a soldier indeed, had more faith, more openness and yieldedness to spirit, than He had found anywhere else in the whole of Israel. He acknowledged that the centurion was this quality of man, but He didn't turn over the reins of authority to the centurion. How ridiculous! He Himself had the authority. He knew what He was doing. This man, whom He acknowledged, acknowledged that he knew what he was able to do in his particular field of responsibility; but he saw the Master in a much larger field of responsibility. Why did he see that? He was open to recognize what was the truth of the matter, what the fact was, as revealed by the Master Himself. He demonstrated His authority.

Do you think that there are those here present who are capable of acknowledging that authority—you, perhaps, as an individual, relative to yourself, saying, “I am the Voice. I am the one who comes leaping upon the mountains, skipping upon the hills. I am the one with the spiritual authority”? Woe unto those who try to imitate it! That doesn't work. But the opportunity has been available, the invitation has been extended, for years. Just a handful have been willing to accept it. Quite a few have been willing to hear, to listen, to hear the word of the Lord, and even to say, “Yes, that...that...that's the word of the Lord all right. That...that's very true. I...I...I have realizations; I'd like to tell you about them.” For those who hear, realizations may have value for a while, until they reach the point of doing something. Then they can forget their realizations, because they will discover what the fact is, what the actual experience is; and that is unlikely to jibe with even the best Emissary realizations. I've been regaled with realizations for years. I don't think I'm any the wiser for it, because it is always what one expresses oneself that counts: that you know. Constructs of the mind are fancies, imagination.

The Voice of authority sounds on earth as there are those who personally, as individuals, accept the responsibility of it—not just one day, but now. Then what might be referred to as the second coming of Christ is an immediate reality; it is spiritual action by which spiritual purposes are fulfilled on the basis of the attitudes and works and choices of human beings all over the face of the earth. It may be said that they are compelled, but they are not told what choice to make. The invitation is extended, and it can be accepted or it can be rejected, but all have to abide by the results of their choice. In a general sense that choice is made largely unconsciously. It is made on the basis of the person's works, the way he behaves, what the quality of his character is. This reveals the choice that is being made. We have become aware of these things, so we have a particular advantage. We can accept the right character and stop glorifying the character of the accuser. Accepting spiritual authority, spiritual leadership is provided and what we are on earth to do gets done. There is no question.

I trust there are those within the sound of My Voice, and those who are beyond the sound of My Voice at this present time, who acknowledge the truth of these things in their own living.

© Emissaries of Divine Light