October 17, 2017

No  More  Sea

Martin Exeter   June 14, 1987

Let love command. Love commands through truth, and the evidence of this is life. Love, truth, life: spirit, the spirit of God. God is spirit: love, truth, life. Here is creative action. Love, the power of action; truth, the means of action; and life, action. The radiation of spirit activates the creative process. Human experience of that radiation of spirit has been minimal, just enough to maintain human existence. Physical substance may well be described as vibrational substance at a certain level of manifestation which we as human beings are capable of observing. Physical substance is molecular substance, atomic substance, according to the view of the mind of mankind. This is vibrational substance. We are aware of this because we have senses which interpret that vibrational substance. Without that interpretation it would remain vibrational substance, more or less incomprehensible to the human mind. But the impact of this vibrational substance upon human senses allows the creation in our consciousness of the world and the universe, as it is mentally known.

There is more vibrational substance than can be perceived by human senses. Various instruments have been invented which cause the mind of man to be aware that there is vibrational substance, something is vibrating somewhere, beyond what is perceptible to the human senses. Part of this substance may be classified mentally speaking as mental substance. Mental substance, vibrational substance, whatever it is, permeates what we claim to be physical substance, which is also vibrational substance. It is simply substance, if we wish to call it that, at a different vibrational level. We are aware of this, because we are capable of thinking and feeling in a manner that doesn't translate things into form. I suppose it could easily be said that there is form to thought, but you can't get hold of it except through the mental facility. You can't physically get hold of it.

So there is what we refer to as physical substance, and permeating that physical substance is mental substance—all vibrational substance at different levels—and permeating all this is what may be classified as spiritual substance. Spiritual substance has evidently been dissipated to a high degree in human experience, except as it accommodates those qualities of spirit which characterize human beings. This has sometimes been referred to as the human spirit. It's supposed to be something very indomitable. But if we take an honest look at it we will see that this spiritual substance accommodates such states of experience as accusation, for instance, the spirit of fear, the spirit of resentment, the spirit of envy, of jealousy, the spirit of acquisitiveness, all kinds of peculiar spirits which certainly characterize the human population—oh yes, there may be claims to the spirit of love. These spirits engender manipulation, and manipulation characterizes human existence.

This of course is because the spirit of love and of truth and of life have been largely excluded. They have been excluded very much because there hasn't been adequate spiritual substance to accommodate what may certainly be described as the spirit of God, the holy spirit. The available substance has been of a rather low quality, simply capable of accommodating the destructive spirits which characterize human beings in general. Nevertheless there is physical substance, vibrational substance at that level of things interpreted by us as being form; there is mental substance, interpreted by human beings in terms of thought and emotion; and there is spiritual substance of a sort, which accommodates the elements which motivate human existence. However, the spiritual substance minimally accommodates the spirit of love, the spirit of truth and the spirit of life.

We may observe a child filled with energy—much life apparent, endlessly active, until collapse and sleep come eventually. But such life as is present in human experience in no way gives evidence of what it would be if there was sufficient spiritual substance of a clear quality to accommodate the spirit of love, the spirit of truth and consequently the spirit of life. As long as other spirits than those of love and truth are being accommodated, the experience of life must be very restricted. It just gets by in human form for a very short life span. It's thought of as being a life span; it's really a death span—that's the end result.

This vibrational substance, ranging from what we term the physical to the spiritual, is activated by the spirit of love, the spirit of truth, the spirit of life, to the extent that this holy spirit is permitted to penetrate first of all spiritual substance, permeating that, which in turn permeates the mental substance, which in turn permeates the physical substance, so that for a while physical forms exist. That's all that can be said for it. What life is, nobody knows. Everybody has known something of the process of dying in the period that is available. But life—what's that? An unknown quantity, because the spirit of love, truth and life have been very largely excluded, excluded because the sense of self in human beings has claimed control of human behavior. The control has not been in the spirit of truth, for instance. Consequently human beings have invented their own designs for themselves as individuals, what they are going to do; and collectively, various social designs, political designs, national designs, all sorts of designs, all of which are human inventions. They have little, if anything, to do with the truth.

The basic components of truth are design and control. Love operates on this basis. If the design and control of truth are not present in human experience, then love cannot be known, because love only emerges into expression that way. Emerging through the distorted designs and efforts at manipulation by human beings, it is no longer love. It may be a rather intense emotional experience at times, but it isn't love. It might be said that it is a human invention, an invention which was deemed to be needful to satisfy themselves. It doesn't—it causes all kinds of destruction everywhere. This emotional splurge which human beings call love is of all things the most destructive, because love cannot be known without truth, without the inherent design and control which characterize the truth of love. On this basis love becomes the creative power, quite adequate—it has been adequate to produce whatever the universe is—and the evidence of this creative power is life, this creative power working under control in the established design; then life emerges.

The universe is a living universe. Our galaxy is a living galaxy. Our solar system is a living solar system. Our earth is a living earth. This latter awareness is beginning to dawn on some human beings, that the earth is a living entity. Human beings have been so wrapped up in their own petty existence that they haven't noticed life anywhere else. But finally it begins to dawn, in the consciousness of some at least, that the earth itself is a living entity.

The earth has been able to operate and to sustain the existence of what we call nature and human existence thus far without the presence of man. I suppose one could say that's a very remarkable feat, because man was an essential ingredient in the overall picture. But man has been absent. Consequently various substitutes had to be brought into action if human existence was to continue; and there was an importance to this. The importance was in the expectation that ultimately man would be restored. If man is restored then the substitutes which are presently in operation would be unnecessary.

Insofar as this earth is concerned, one of the main substitutes which has enabled existence to be sustained are the oceans. It's interesting to note that when mention is made of the appearance of the new heaven and the new earth, it was indicated that “the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.” The oceans as we now know them, occupying the majority of the planet, would be quite unnecessary if Man was present. Of course, presently it is recognized that without the oceans it is likely that existence could not continue on earth, partly because in the oceans there are organisms which assist in the process of maintaining a balance, a balance in the atmosphere, a balance in the climate. So the very thought of eliminating the oceans would be disaster. Well of course as long as man isn't present it would be.

It is interesting to recognize that there is some awareness at least, and it is described in the Book of Genesis, that the earth was once covered with water. That was before man put in an appearance. When man was present and available to the creative process, the functions which have subconsciously been carried on by reason of the presence of the ocean would not be necessary in the same way anymore. This is not to say that there necessarily was no water on the face of the earth, but certainly not the massive quantities that are presently filling the oceans. It seems that reference is made a number of times to the earth and the waters under the earth. Here is a very different state of affairs, if it actually existed.

I do not speak of these things to engender speculation, but merely to indicate that virtually all things of which human beings are aware relative to this planet are in fact substitutes because of the absence of man, and they give little indication of what the true state would be.

Presently we have the sun, which was present before. It is a good symbol of Father God. We still have the earth, revealing something of the potentiality of the form of Mother God. And we have the oceans, essential factors in maintaining the balance. There are other elements in this matter, but the oceans are the principal one for maintaining the balance of the gases in the atmosphere, so that existence as we know it may be sustained; that balance and the balance of climate. Climate is important too.

We are concerned with the restoration of man. We have awakened to this necessity, because the substitutes are all temporary. Somewhere along the way they don't work anymore. They have just given time and opportunity for human beings to awaken and let man be restored. I suppose this could be seen as evidence of a very merciful God. The provision has come through the radiation of love, partly symbolized by and partly factual as the radiation of the sun. Because of the changes which have occurred on the face of the earth, allowing for the establishment of substitute patterns of control in the absence of man, existence has continued. But there comes an end to that, because the substitutes are necessarily only temporary; and unless advantage is taken of this temporary provision to permit the restoration of man, then the picture would be very bleak. And it appears to be very bleak. There is no way that human existence can change the course of what is happening. The change comes only when Man is present.

Everything exists as it does, physically, mentally, and from the standpoint of the substance available for spiritual expression, because of the radiation of love, because of the spirit of God—love, truth and life. These are inseparable. This radiation has activated what may be referred to, I suppose, as non-substance into substance. But it doesn't stop there. Having the substance activated, it then continues, with the design and the control necessary, to allow this substance to take its living forms. And it has done this throughout the whole universe, until man spoiled it in this little neck of the woods. If the whole creation could occur by reason of this radiation, how very simple is the restoration of this earth. But it requires Man.

So having awakened to some consciousness of this, we have become aware of various aspects of the creative process. We begin to see that all things are because of the radiation of spirit. This was spoken of as the Word, or translated as the Word, in the first chapter of the Gospel according to John: “All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.”

That's a very accurate statement. The activation by this radiation is evident. Substance isn't self-existent. It is existent, it is a reality, because of the activation of spirit—the Word is spoken. “And the Word was made flesh.” In the particular passage in the first chapter of John this referred to Jesus, but the fact of the matter is that the Word originally was made flesh in man. Jesus merely reminded everyone—if they were willing to be reminded, and virtually no one has been—that the Word is made flesh in man, so that there may be the radiation where man rightly is, to activate all the vibrational substance that has been committed to his care and keeping. This vibrational substance obviously has been desecrated by man.

The world, the way we know it, has been produced by human beings, not by God; and it is going down the drain. Necessarily so, because the day of the substitutes is coming to a close, and unless man is on hand there is nothing—nothing insofar as this planet is concerned, insofar as man's responsibility in this planet is concerned and in the whole solar system. So it is not a little matter, even though it is infinitesimal if we are considering the whole universe. It is a vital part of the whole, and the whole is not whole without the whole. So there always has been the necessity that this aberration should be brought, in whatever way was found to be possible, back into the design of truth and under the control of truth, and powered once again by love.

Having an awareness of these things, we presumably have offered ourselves to let this happen in our own physical forms, where there is a variety of physical substance representative of the substance in the earth as a whole, and where mental substance is available, both in the range of the subconscious and a little layer of consciousness. What is necessary is for the spiritual substance to be cleaned up, so that the radiation may penetrate and the restoration consequently occur—there is no problem about that.

Once the spirit of God, of love, of truth, of life, can be accommodated in the spiritual levels of substance in man, then there is radiation. There has been radiation, evidently so to the degree that we have come to the point of awakening to this and of participating in the effects of that radiation. Radiation engenders resonance in such substance as is no longer being held immobile in the constructs of human consciousness and in the constructs humanly made of physical substance, but first of all very specifically in human bodies. The human body is the last along the line, one might say. There is the mental substance permeating the physical substance, and the spiritual substance permeating the mental substance and consequently permeating the physical substance. But if that spiritual substance has been so distorted as to accommodate only the spirit of accusation, for instance, which is the primary one in human experience, as we know, there is no way by which the spirit of love, truth and life can come through, or it only comes through in little dribs and drabs, maintaining existence for a few short years.

So we have been concerned to let this spiritual substance be clarified, to have clean hands and a pure heart, so that what heretofore has been thought of as human freedom, which is really human license, may be eliminated in favor of the willing acceptance of the spirit of love and truth and life into total expression in living. We have shared in letting this occur, in whatever measure. It has produced a collective body of which we are consciously aware. Marvelous, isn't it? The vast majority of human beings on the face of the earth, almost five billion of them, are not aware of it. We have the awareness that it can happen, because it has happened to whatever extent thus far.

We share the responsibility of letting it continue, letting the Word be made flesh in man, male and female. It's no use looking out there and saying, “Oh it really should be made flesh over there somewhere in all those people out there. What are they doing?” That's their business. The question always arises: “What am I doing? How is it with me? What is my experience? Is the Word made flesh because I am present on earth?” It has emerged in some measure at certain levels of vibration so far, but the intent is that it should emerge on all levels of vibration, including the physical. This is beyond belief! We don't need belief. We need the experience of the fact. It starts spiritually. Then the mind comes under control and is raised up, so as to allow for the thoughts engendered by love and truth and life, to allow for the operation that occurs through the subconscious levels of mind to be free to occur because there is no more mess down there. As all this is cleansed, spirit comes forth physically speaking, reactivating human flesh. Because man puts in an appearance again, then life puts in an appearance again throughout this beautiful planet, beautiful when it reflects the spirit of love and truth and life.

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October 14, 2017

What  is  Spirit?

from   Worship in Spirit and in Truth

Uranda   September 1, 1953

As we begin this hour of Meditation, we recognize the vital need for a closer, deeper relationship with God. Only as we share the reality of this relationship with God can we hope to attain to that state of living, that state of effective function on earth, which will permit us to accomplish that which is needful according to our calling, to the glory of our King and to the blessing of mankind. We recognize that all of our patterns of Meditation have been in one way or another dealing with this particular subject of man's relationship with God. But here we have certain words recorded from our Lord on earth which need further meditation. “But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.” Here we have a number of fascinatingly interesting points. The Father is seeking someone to worship Him. “For the Father seeketh such to worship him.”

Before we proceed we should be sure that we have a meeting of minds on this point of worship. What does worship mean? The word, as we know it, does not really carry the true significance of the words originally expressed—something has been lost in translation. We have recognized that we do in actual fact worship that to which we respond. In one sense the use of the word worship here is unfortunate, because the pattern of its ordinary use makes human beings feel that there is a great gulf between themselves and God; that God is the unattainable, untouchable, the far away and the distant, the high, that which is beyond comprehension, beyond knowing. Now there is that which is of God which is beyond the knowing of our minds as we are now, and there is that in God which is infinitely high, and there is that which is in God that is far away, as far away as the uttermost stars of the Cosmos—from bound to bound—but in the direct sense that which is of God that is far away has no immediate meaning to us, not except as God Himself, being near at hand, is near at hand.

The other evening we looked into the clear sky and saw a multitude of stars, the vast sweep of the Milky Way, and we paused to note that man with all of his imaginings could not conceive of a more glorious setting for the earth than that which is, the setting here in the solar system in relationship to that vast array of heavenly bodies. But those heavenly bodies have meaning to us only as they have relationship to the earth, and whatever meaning there is in that vast scope of being must come to focalization here in relationship to ourselves before it can have meaning to us.

When we say that heaven is on earth many human minds jump to the unwarranted assumption that if heaven is here on earth there isn't heaven anywhere else. But we in fact recognize that heaven extends to the uttermost bounds of the Cosmos and includes every star that is seen in the sky—it includes this vast manifestation of distance. Heaven is wherever God is, and God is everywhere in the Cosmos. We do not object to a recognition of heaven in far places, in high places, in places beyond the comprehension of man—no, not at all—for heaven is wherever God is. But human minds seem to imagine that if heaven is far away, then it is not here; for if heaven is here, then they assume that we imagine that heaven is not far away. Heaven extends to a point so far away that it is beyond your ability to have any comprehension of it. That is well and good. But if heaven is there, what is there to deny that heaven is likewise here?

Wherever else heaven may be, it is here. It is wherever God is, and if you can put a boundary on the realm of where God is, then you can perhaps define it. But heaven is here, and if anyone denies that heaven is here, then that person is saying, “God is not here. This is one place in this vast universe, in the cosmos itself, where God is not. God is somewhere else far away, but God is not here.” If we say heaven is not here we must say God is not here. But if we say God is here and deny that heaven is here, then we must acknowledge that we put ourselves in the position of saying that though God is here, heaven is not. This strange quirk of the human consciousness that seems to assume that heaven must be in some little limited space, wherever that is, is something which leads to many misunderstandings. But wherever God is, there heaven is, and let no man or woman think to establish the boundaries of where God is. Tell me the bounds of the Cosmos and I will tell you the bounds of God Himself. Can you with your eyes, gazing into that glorious sky, see all the stars of the Cosmos? Can you see all that there is to be seen? No! There are suns of which the human vision, even with the greatest telescope, is unaware.

So we are not limiting God, nor are we limiting heaven. We never said the only place there is a heaven is right here on earth—never! We only said heaven is here; heaven is at hand; the kingdom of heaven is at hand. And if we deny it we make our Lord and King to be a liar and declare that He knew not what He was saying—for His gospel was that the kingdom of heaven is at hand—and likewise we declare that God is not here. Can you tell me where God is not? Would anyone here suppose that he could suggest that God is not here? God is not limited to here; heaven is not limited to this earth by any manner of means—but heaven is here, and heaven is wherever God is. And according to these words of the Master, God is a Spirit.

Now let us note this does not say God is nothing but spirit. Some people, seeing these words the Master spoke, have assumed, on this same basis of human limitation, that if God is a Spirit, then God isn't anything but spirit, which is a foolish fancy. Regardless of whatever else God is, God is a Spirit. But God is not limited to spirit. What is spirit? Some people have tried to take the attitude that there is nothing but spirit and, as it is put, that physical substance is but an illusion, that there aren't any material things and that we are all suffering from an illusion—we have the illusion that we have a body; we have an illusion that we are sitting in a chair or that there is a roof here; there is no roof there, that is just an illusion! But there is material substance, and material substance has reality to itself. This material substance is not by any means an illusion. It is here surely enough, and it is material, material to itself. But this physical substance is likewise spirit. For what is spirit? Spirit is the vibrational essence of form.

There are many levels of spirit, many densities of spirit. In actual fact, we know that this that is material to itself is actually mostly space. Many people imagine that spirit is something that must be very ethereal, but we have noted the scientific fact that if your body were compressed to the point of being an absolute solid it would not be any larger, to say the least, than the head of an ordinary pin; probably less than that. But the head of an ordinary pin would be plenty big enough to circumscribe the space required if the substance of your body were reduced to the state of an absolute solid. The human body is mostly space as far as it itself is concerned. And if the human body is mostly space in relationship to itself, what fills that space? Is it void? Is it empty? No, there is something in that space. And as we begin to consider the higher levels of vibrational Being, we begin to realize that the higher we go the more nearly solid spirit becomes.

Spirit as it manifests in relationship to the physical substance of our body is actually very ethereal. Sometimes human beings imagine it must be something very mysterious that that which is called spirit could penetrate through a solid wall, move through the wall of a room. But the wall of the room is that which is ethereal—it is solid to itself but it is still mostly space, and something more solid than it is can go right through it. For that which is of the higher level is more solid than this that we call physical substance. And it is right here. Because our bodies are so nearly all space, the physical substance of the next level, which is solid to itself, which is material to itself, which is substance to itself, can occupy the same space that we are occupying, because it is more solid.

As you ascend the vibratory scale everything gets more and more solid, until at the point of the Center of the Cosmos—a point of which man is unaware; he has never seen it; he does not know it—but at the point of the Center of the Cosmos, we have the absolute solid. There is an amount of solid in that Central SUN of Suns equal to all of the solids of the rest of the Cosmos. In other words the core, the one point where there is no space in the substance, where it is absolute solid, has in the one point of Being that which equals in density all of the substance utilized in all of the rest of the vast expanse of the Cosmos. And we are way out here, a part of the Milky Way. This earth is a part of the Milky Way, and we are way out here where that which is solid to itself is mostly space.

God is a Spirit. When we speak of vibration, the vibration of a sound, a sound wave, perhaps we can more easily comprehend it. Did you ever speak into an instrument that reveals the wave fluctuations of your voice? I am sure some of you must have. And if you whistle, the wave vibrations are very sharp and very fast up and down. If you speak very low and slowly they spread way out, but with a sharp whistle they come in close together. That gives a vague indication of some of the factors of vibration. But vibration is much more than sound. We are used to vibration as sound, but we come to recognize that everything we know is vibration in a specific form, a specific rate of vibration, and that which has a specific rate of vibration has direct relatedness to that which has a similar rate of vibration. The vibrational rate in the human body has to be within a comparatively narrow range. We have the hardness of the enamel of the teeth, and then the bones and so on, down to the softest tissue, to the lymph moving through the body by reason of the lymphatic system. All of this, from the hardest part of the body to the softest part of the body, the most yielded substance of the body, must be in a range where there is no break between the patterns of vibrational relatedness.

Now there is what we might call a floor, a point below which the substance of the body cannot go vibrationally; and there is a ceiling, the high point of the vibrational range. Every different substance in the body is contained within that which we may call this octave of form. And this octave of form has within it, in a connected pattern, all of the different vibrational factors of which man is immediately aware. Now the manner in which these vibrational factors are established in relationship is a remarkable thing. The vibrational factors which we call light, issuing forth from the physical sun, have a correlation with something in the body, something from the standpoint of the general mechanism—the sun's rays have a definite relationship to the physical substance of your bones. Your eye has the capacity to see the light, to perceive its presence and to see something in that light. If you had no visual relationship to the sunlight, you could not see it. The eye is the instrument by which we have that visual relatedness with the vibrational factors which we call sunlight, and the function of those factors in relationship to the physical substance of this earth permits us to see. But we have noted that it is reflected light.

We go beyond the earth's surface a little distance and we begin to get into an area where there is no light for the eye to see. The light is there but it does not have the vibrational pattern which permits the eye to see it. Just the last few days a certain man flying in a jet plane flew to a height of over 83,000 feet above the surface of the earth, the highest above the surface of the earth that any man has ever been—83,000 feet; almost sixteen miles up in the air. Now that which is called the outer edge of atmosphere starts at about 75 miles, and that outer edge extends out to about 125 miles from the earth's surface. That does not mean there is atmosphere as we know it, but the edge of the atmosphere extends out about that far. However, the air is so thin when we get out sixteen miles, or 83,000 feet above the earth's surface, that if the oxygen and pressure control in that ship had failed, or been shut off accidentally somehow for 15 seconds, that pilot would have been dead. Why? Because his blood would have started boiling within three seconds of the failure of the oxygen and pressure equipment. His blood would have been boiling and it would have killed him almost instantly. The physical substance of our bodies is adjusted to certain conditions. Out there the boiling point is so low that the normal temperature of your blood would cause it to boil. At sea level, what is our boiling point? Around 212 degrees. You go up here on top of the mountain, on Trail Ridge, and you could boil beans up there for a solid week and the beans would never get done, because the boiling level is so low. You get out 83,000 feet above sea level and the boiling point is below your 98.6 degrees, so your blood would boil almost instantly.

Now that is a part of it in relationship to what we call heat that comes from the sun's rays. But that is not all. Out there it is dark; it is dark although the sun's rays are there, because we see on the basis of the diffusion of those rays in the atmosphere itself, and the reflection factors of the atmosphere, and of the earth's surface. And until the sun's rays go through the atmosphere and have this diffusion and this pattern of reflection, the physical eye of man cannot see those rays. We have relatedness to the sun's rays under the conditions that exist here, but go out there as far as sixteen miles, 83,000 feet above the earth's surface, and it is getting pretty dark. Of course there is a glow from the earth beneath, but it is dark, black on out into space. Why? The sun is up there but our eyes, as human beings, are not conditioned to the light of the sun under those conditions.

The vibratory factors of the sun, which we call light, must go through the process of diffusion in the atmosphere and reflection before they reach a state where they do have vibrational relatedness to the physical organism of the human eye. All of these things, then, are vibrational, and they have meaning to each other only as they have vibrational relatedness. You go out there a little way above the earth's surface and your eye no longer has vibrational relatedness to the sunlight which is coming through space from the sun. If that is true, and it is, then it is easy to see that there are vibrational factors of spirit, of God, which are present in a given place but to which we do not have the same pattern of vibrational relationship. We have that which is supposed to give us vibrational relationship with those things which are called invisible just as light out from the earth's surface a ways is invisible (the sun's rays become invisible because there is no vibrational relatedness) but when we come back down into the atmosphere we see the light, because then it has come into a condition where we do have vibrational relatedness, and then we see it.

This peculiar instrument which we call the physical body—and it is physical and it is material, and it is substance and it is solid to itself—is within this octave of being, this range of vibratory rates, and it has within it those factors which make possible an awareness of relatedness to the vibratory factors above the octave and the vibratory factors below the octave. This is the instrument of perception—if we will perceive it—for the vibratory factors above the octave, which in the ordinary sense as man is, in the fallen state, cannot be seen or perceived or known, do have a relatedness. God is a Spirit. These vibrational factors in the next octave of Being have a relatedness to this octave of Being, and in this physical organism we have the factors, when we learn how to use them, how to function in relationship to them, that let us become aware of certain vibrational factors in the next octave of Being, both up and down.

God is a Spirit, and the Father seeks those who will worship Him—that is, respond to Him—in spirit and in truth. Now, there is the Spirit of Truth, but truth has to do with design and control in form; the form of the level of which we have awareness. But this truth that is of this octave has relationship to the truth of the next octave, of which we do not have, in an outer sense, direct awareness. But by reason of spirit we have a relatedness to the next octave in the vibrational levels of Being. And by reason of the succeeding octaves in the vibrational levels we have direct connection with the Central SUN of Suns, where the only real solid is. That which we assume to be solid is not so.

If your body were compressed to the size of a pin head, it would not yet be solid; it would only be relatively speaking a solid. And in the next level up it is not solid. Actually we could take all of our bodies here in this room and, if we are talking about the solid as it is solid at the Central Point of Being, we could compress all of our bodies to that density of solidity and they would not even make the point of a pin—with all of our bodies put together. So we are not very big, are we? We would not even make enough of a real solid to be as big as the point of a pin. You would need a microscope to see it. That which is above vibrationally is not more ethereal; it is more solid—and we need to remember that. The higher we go in spirit the more solid things become, until when we get to the Center of the Cosmos we have the true solid, and everything radiating out from that Center is more and more ethereal. But at every level in that radiation that which is ethereal in this sense is solid to itself. In every level there is that which is solid to itself, and at every level of spirit, spirit is solid to itself. At every level of spirit, spirit is solid to itself in that level. In the next higher level up it becomes more solid; in the next level down, vibrationally speaking, it becomes less solid.

God is a Spirit. God is Spirit—the Father is a Spirit, it says here. Any God Being is a spirit. That which is of God is spirit; that which is of your body is spirit. In other words your body is spirit, and once you begin to realize that, and recognize that this particular spirit is manifest on a certain level according to a certain design, under a certain control pattern, you begin to recognize the reality of your own Being and you can begin to see your relationship to God—that is, to spirit; for God, or the Father, is a Spirit. All right then, our relationship to God is a pattern of relationship to spirit, and that which is of the different octave of Being, vibrationally speaking, is invisible to us, even though it may be present with us. The human eye is not attuned to it. So we must worship, respond to God the Father, in spirit and in truth. That spirit of which our bodies are composed, as well as the higher vibrational factors of spirit of which we are aware in mind, in emotion and in what we ordinarily think of as spirit—the highest edge of the vibrational factors of which we are aware in the ordinary sense—has relationship to truth. But that spirit connects us with spirit, because there is no break in spirit anywhere, not really.

Man, by false function, makes it seem to himself that there is a break in spirit, but in actual fact there isn't a break in spirit; it only seems to man that there is a break in spirit. There is a break as far as man himself is concerned, within the range of his awareness, but there is no break in spirit up or down the line. Spirit is always and forever connected with spirit, whether spirit be of the nature of the physical substance of your flesh as you know it, or the physical substance of the earth, the dust of the ground—for the substance of the earth is spirit too. The rock or the soil, the dust of the earth, water, whatever there is, it is spirit in actual fact. This chair is spirit, and as spirit, it is a solid in relationship to the spirit of the solid of my body. And once you begin to see that spirit is always related to spirit, and you cannot separate spirit from spirit, you begin to realize that our ordinary patterns of perception are simply functioning within the specific range of this particular octave of Being in spirit, and man as he is does not have the capacity to perceive spirit in the lower vibrational factors and in the higher vibrational factors.

There are vibrational factors of spirit which are lower. Oh yes, we are not the tail end of spirit. Didn't you know that? We are not the tail end of God's spirit; it extends on out—and there are some lovely things in it, by the way. But this happens to be the vibratory level of spirit, under these conditions of spirit, which makes possible the manifestation of spirit in physical substance as we know it. And so in this particular pattern (we call it man, woman, animals), “The kingdoms of this world”—animal kingdom, vegetable kingdom, mineral kingdom, kingdom of the gases, etc—the kingdoms of this world, not the governments of this world—“The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ.” The man-made kingdoms, like the British Empire or something? Oh no, not at all! Of course the pattern of government must finally come into the realization of the reality. But what are the kingdoms of this world? The kingdom of the human level, the kingdoms of the animal level, the kingdoms of the mineral level, the kingdoms of the vegetable level, and so on—these are the kingdoms of this world. “The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ,” signifying that these kingdoms or vibrational levels of Being of which we are aware have been reunited in relationship to awareness, and therefore coordination of function, with the Shekinah Pattern of Being—the vibrational realm.

If we begin to see this, we begin to see that indeed God is a Spirit, wherever God is, whatever His form, whatever the level of Being. But God is here, wherever else He may be, and it is here that we must have our relatedness to God. We, as human beings functioning in this level of spirit, cannot have our relatedness with God on the basis of some other level, no matter how many levels there are—thousands of them, thousands of levels of spirit, millions. How many do you want to say? A trillion? How high do you want to go? There are many levels of spirit, but we, as human beings in this octave of Being in spirit, must find our relatedness to God in this octave, not some other. We touch the octave above and we touch the octave below, but it is in this octave where we are that we must find our pattern of relatedness to God. And once we begin to comprehend these simple, fundamental, scientific truths, we can begin to see something of the wonder and the beauty of our Master's good news, the Gospel. For the kingdom of heaven is at hand, and that is what He said: “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.” So tonight we have shared a little moment of Meditation on a few of the factors relating to that glorious Gospel the Master gave, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.” And God is in heaven. Wherever heaven is, there God is; or wherever God is, there heaven is. And God is here, therefore heaven is here. And it is here that we must have our relationship with both heaven and God.

If we get out of this level we are going to be something else; we will not be this. To be this—that is, human beings—we must be here. But we move out of this level in the process of ascension, which we recognize, remember. We go through the process of ascension into another level, and we will not be men and women. Don't kid yourself, because this is the only level where we are men and women. We will be something else, and you don't need to try too hard to find out what it will be. It is, and it is all right. It is wonderful. But there is no break in spirit, even though man has made it seem that there is. So our business is to re-establish the conscious awareness of the fact that there is no break in spirit, that the kingdom of heaven is at hand, that God is here and that we can let that kingdom, that control and that design, have meaning in our lives right here where we are. And thank God we are solid to ourselves, even though we are spirit.

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October 13, 2017

Passion  For  The  King

Martin Exeter   June 7, 1987

Radiant radiation and responsive radiation. Radiant radiation is the radiation of the love of the King. Responsive radiation occurs to the extent that one’s own individual substance is made available to resonate with radiant radiation. Then there is unified radiation, the fulfilment of that very exact law. If the substance which is present in each individual—physical substance, mental substance, emotional substance, spiritual substance—is permitted to resonate with the radiation of the love of the King it will do so. It will do so because we are willing and our hearts have been turned back again.

On the other hand it is very evident that the substance that is present in human beings the world around has been offered in resonation to what is factually below. The substance of mankind resonates with the world which has been created by mankind, having removed that substance from resonating with the love of the King. If there is resonation with what has been humanly created, there is resonation then with something that is below, and the attraction is downward. We know what the end result of that is.

This substance is kept from resonating with the radiation of love from the King because of human insistence to keep it polarized in the passions of human nature. It’s interesting to note how much passion is apparent in people who are polarized in what rightly should be below them. A very obvious way is what human beings have passionately given to their cultures, to their religions, to their political structures, to their structures of society, whatever they may be. When something arises, how much passion is poured into resonation with this! Resonation occurs both from the standpoint of love and hate, and all the colorations in between. But how passionate people become in these various fields! What passionate reaction there was in times past with respect to what our friend Immanuel Velikovsky offered—passionate reaction from the scientific establishment. Human beings have a capability of passion, evidently, and how passionate people are with respect to their various fields of operations which they love so much. It is this passion, polarized in what is rightly below, which leads everybody down.

I have wondered sometimes about the seeming lack of passion with respect to the King. While I wouldn’t suggest anything out from under control, nevertheless surely this is where any passion we have belongs. Love for the King. Love God, and live. Curse God, and die. How much real passion is there for the King? Where is our passion?

Sometimes a great deal of enthusiasm is engendered by reason of a game of some kind—maybe a card game, maybe ice hockey. People have tremendous passion in all these kinds of directions. But passion for the King? It’s usually pretty pale—anemic, one might say. Yet without it there is only perishing. We have, individually speaking, a capacity for passion. How will it be exercised? With some it seems it is not exercised at all. Then the capacity atrophies. Something that is not exercised will atrophy. We have a passion, I know; otherwise you wouldn’t be sitting there. Many people are passionately given to TV. What programs are we missing tonight? Of course these days you can record them and see them later.

Trust the King and live. Eschew cursing, eschew accusation—not so that we may do good, but so that we may reveal the radiance of the King. We may share with Him His radiance. We honor Him in this way and we are glorified by Him in this way. This state, of which we know a little, seems so far removed from the pleasures of this world, about which human beings become so passionate. It seems to most human hearts and minds to relate to a never-never land. But we know better.

When there is passion for the King in fact, this state of radiant outpouring is so intense and all-consuming that finally no one can avoid it. There are those the world around who already love the King. The majority of them have no idea that He has a Body. Those who are aware of the Body and who genuinely love the King love His Body, for the King and His Body are One. It is impossible to love the King and not love His Body. So, obviously, accusation, if it occurs within the Body, is an indication that those concerned do not love the King, or their love is not genuine. This is not to say that it might not become genuine if there is a willingness to eschew judgment, to eschew the evil of accusation. There is never any justification for it. One cannot, by any means, justify it. If one attempts to do it one just fools oneself.

Trust the King. Trust His spirit, which is revealed through the creative process. Another word for the creative process might be the Christ. There are a lot of people who claim to believe in the Christ but very few who trust the Christ, who trust the creative process, which is the evidence of the working of the spirit of the King. Trust the King, honor the King, because the King is loved. And the King is loved, factually, when the substance of one’s earthly being resonates with the radiation of His love.

Most love for God tends to be love for something imaginary, a concept of the mind, an idea that has taken root in human consciousness. There are different ideas in this regard of course and there are those who have their particular idea to love. If one is loving an idea one is in fact insisting that, should there really be a God, “He must conform to my idea, because I love my idea and unless God conforms to my idea I can’t love God. But of course He will, because my idea is a good one; it’s supported by my particular religion, denomination or whatever.” And there is always seemingly safety in numbers. But that of course is never loving God. It is in fact denying God, because God, the reality, is not going to conform to any human concept or idea. He is not going to fit into the human view of things.

We realize that the human view must be relinquished if there is to be space for God to reveal Himself—as He is, not as human beings might like Him to be. It seems that a lot of people have a pet God; like the genie in the bottle, isn’t it? You rub God the right way and He will come out of the bottle and give you a blessing. How nice. But beware if you rub the bottle in the wrong way! Then a very wrathful character will emerge and give you hell. I’m sure we are all delighted that it is quite possible to give space in ourselves for God to reveal Himself, but not to us. That’s what human beings usually want, isn’t it? “Well I want to be sure about this. You reveal yourself to me so that I am sure. I need a vision.” Lots of people have had visions on this basis, sometimes visible visions: “Jesus came, and He said this to me.” No, He didn’t. It doesn’t work that way.

When God is given space because we honor the King, loving Him above all, then we will find ourselves increasingly capable of giving expression to His spirit. And to that extent we come to know God. It’s the only way anyone can know God. Certainly He isn’t the genie in the bottle. He isn’t some character hiding behind a cloud somewhere, so that no one can find Him except by various techniques. And there is an abundance of techniques, none of which could ever be successful in achieving what human beings anticipate. God is not found that way. The truth is not found that way. It is only found when there is space in oneself to give expression to the truth and to reveal the character of God. Then you know what it is. But certainly it cannot be revealed through all the clutter of human beliefs, ideas, concepts; even less through their ambitions and determinations and endeavors to achieve.

It is rather shattering, to human egos at least, to human beings in general, to come to the realization that all that has been undertaken by human beings over the millennia comes to naught. It has no value in and of itself. We know where the value is: in God, specifically in the love of our King. We begin to have value when we resonate with that, not the sort of value that those who are trapped in the human state recognize particularly. No, the value is in the expression of living, the quality that is revealed in one’s own heart and mind and body, the quality of the King; there is the value.

Someone recently in a service mentioned that virtue is its own reward. Back along the way he didn’t think much of that. But if virtue is seen as the revelation of God on earth, what greater reward could there be? Everything else pales to insignificance. Of course this revelation, while it requires individuals, is not merely an individual matter. It’s far greater than that. Finally we allow this revelation to put in an appearance.

This passion which is to be experienced on earth, by reason of those of us who are present to experience it, is essential to reveal the radiant love of the King. His love can never be revealed in absentia. If the King is absent His love cannot be revealed. Of course the King has always been present but unknown, invisible. He becomes known as there is an emergence into human consciousness of the nature of the passion that allows the King to be present in His Body on earth. And it isn’t some sort of abstract passion, or a passion toward some hoped-for but invisible character. The passion must be experienced at the level where we are, not in some supposedly exalted level somewhere else. Then the King comes on earth and we discover that our experience is of an absolute nature. It requires absolutely a passionate experience on earth. “Oh well,” some may say, “I’ll be very passionate when I come into the presence of the King.” Aren’t you in the presence of the King? Surely we all are. But that presence is represented, and unless the passion is at the level of the representation it won’t be at the level of the King.

It is something that is actually very practical. There is no necessity for some mystical involvement. We are all here together. We know each other. We can love each other. There can be a passion for what is represented, both from the standpoint of the representation of the King and from the standpoint of the representation of His Body. They are one anyway. Being passionately in love with the King we are also at the same time passionately in love with His Body.

Now perhaps we have reached a point where we do not interpret this passion in the old human-nature ways. We let it be actually what it is. And we define that at the moment by saying, as the King said, “Love one another. Love me, love one another.” The love for one another is absolutely dependent upon the love for Him. If this has been missing in some respects we know that our love for Him has been less than passionate. But now it begins to come forth.

There are angels on earth in human form, present, to be responsible for revealing the King—certainly not for boosting any human egos but for revealing the King, that and that alone. I suppose I myself have had a large opportunity, if I wished to take it, to boost my ego. The circumstances of my birth, etc., make this quite available to me. But I belong to my King. Because I belong to my King, you belong to me. And you belong to each other. There is One Body, One Spirit, One King. We all awaken in our own experience to what this means. We may say it is quite unprecedented. Of course! If there had been a precedent we wouldn’t be doing what we are doing. But the precedent is being established not by human effort, certainly not by any human ambition, but by the radiant love of the King.

As the Master said long ago with respect to Himself, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” And the central commandment is: Love one another. Of course this can’t be done on command. It is done because the passion, the Angelic Passion, which is present in each individual, emerges through heart and mind into experience. It only does that as the substance of heart and mind and body are freed up from their structures to resonate with the love of the King. And that is union.

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