May 20, 2019

One  Spirit

Uranda   August 17, 1948  p.m.   Sunrise Ranch

It is a particular joy we have this evening, of welcoming Mike and Dorothea McCann and their little girl, Pam, to introduce them to Sunrise Ranch, and have the pleasure of their company in our Service tonight. It is good to gather together. As Emissaries, we find fellowship, one with another, in the Service of our KING; but it is not that we might have fellowship; it is not that we should be satisfied to associate with kindred spirits; it is not for some attainment of our own. We have been considering, in our Services, the adjustments necessary to the fulfilment of the Will of God on earth. We have recognized the necessity of cleansing of heart and mind, the necessity of realizing that the Spirit of the Living God is One Spirit, not many spirits made manifest, but One Spirit made manifest through many Branches of the One Vine, many Members of the One Body. There is a longing in each heart to experience, to know, the wonder and beauty of a still greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit—for we know that, except we be Baptized in the Fire of Divine Love, we cannot be the instrumentalities through which the Father may accomplish those works that are necessary to mankind.

As we gather here after our day’s labors and relax in the cool of the day, we remember how, in the Garden long ago, the Lord God came walking in the cool of the day to commune with man, and tonight we do not feel that the Lord is far away. Individually and collectively, we are beginning to realize what it means to walk with the Lord, not only in the cool of the day, but all through the day, and to rest in His Presence through the night. When we consider the turmoils that are in the world, and recognize that, even in our own Membership, there is not complete freedom from those turmoils, there must come a recognition that we cannot extend into the world that which is not in us. If there is not the Peace of the Kingdom in our hearts, we cannot be the instruments by which that Peace is made manifest to others.

Having that realization, it is well that we should give heed to the meditations of our hearts. The Master said, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” When our meditations are upon the things that are beautiful, our meditations are upon the things that are constructive, that emphasize the nobility of life, the nobility that is made manifest through those with whom we associate, we begin to build that channel of consciousness and of feeling through which the Spirit of God can work. When the meditations are upon things with which we may feel resentful, upon critical expression and attitude, we prevent the formation of a channel through which the Spirit of God may work on earth. As we let go to that Spirit, to whatever degree we are able now in this time and place, we realize that it is not through the speaking of many words, or the building up of great intellectual concepts, that the Works of God are done on earth, but it is because of the simplicity of that constant, unwavering Love Response to Things Divine, that constant expression of the constructive Spirit of Truth, that consistent attunement with the Source of all Peace—to be at Peace, and, in one sense, content, while never being content with the degree to which we have experienced fulfilment; but content to live and serve the Lord in each hour, without being content with the degree to which we are privileged to serve the Lord; to abide in Peace and yet to never, in any instant, make peace with the enemy.

Ambition, in its self-willed expression, can nullify the lives of human beings and cause them to devote themselves to that which is not worthy of such fulness of life expression; but, on the other hand, there must never develop a lethargic attitude, a spirit of willingness to drift. There must be a willingness to grow and to expand in the natural cycles of the Creative Power, but never a willingness to drift, a willingness to be satisfied with things as they are. The Emissary must learn to be content with things as they are, without being satisfied with things as they are. We do not have to be resentful with respect to any condition or necessity of life expression in order to be constructively dissatisfied with things as they are. It seems to me that it is in this necessity of balance in the Central Way that many Emissaries fail to find that fulness of accomplishment along the Way. Too often dissatisfaction with things as they are is taken as an excuse for resentment or destructive feeling reactions, or, if a person reaches a point of being satisfied, as it were, with things as they are, or content, there is a tendency toward a lethargic attitude that does not let any vibrant expression of life and function come into manifestation. To let the vision rest steadfastly upon the Goal, without trying to make the ultimate of that Goal a reality in this moment, as if one would be there in one leap, the Emissary must be willing to take, in its place, each proper step in movement forward, content and thankful for the blessings which permit the step of this moment, but never be satisfied to remain over-long at any point along the Way.

It is so easy, from the human standpoint, to begin to go round and round in circles. We know that the individual who becomes lost in the mountains, or in the forest, or on the desert, invariably begins to travel in a circle unless he remembers the fundamental principles of guidance which are possible of utilization in such a case. It is not just in physical movement, when one is lost, that there is a tendency to go round and round in circles. When one loses, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually, the correct direction of movement in life, there is a tendency in the mind or in the spirit, or in the emotions, to go round and round in endless, meaningless circles. You, as Emissaries, have made progress toward eliminating that tendency in many respects, and yet that tendency still remains in what we might call some of its more refined aspects, and once in a while manifests in a manner not quite so refined, perhaps. The point is that there must be established a balance in the heart and mind and vision in each individual Member of the Unit whereby each can enjoy true happiness, true satisfaction and true contentment in the outworkings of each day, without becoming satisfied in the sense that produces a lethargic attitude or that permits movement in endless circles that get nowhere.

On a clear night the individual who is not sure of his direction looks for the North Star. When morning comes the individual who is not sure of his direction sees the sun rise in the East. In the evening he knows it sets in the West. There are many other ways by which direction in the physical sense, in mountain or wood, may be determined. The individual may, conceivably, recognize that he is beginning to follow in his old tracks, to follow his own footsteps—but mentally the individual does not make tracks in the same manner as when one walks upon the ground, and movement in meaningless circles sometimes goes on undetected for a long period of time. Movement in cycles of that nature may cause the individual to remain in a position, and to begin to recognize what he might call familiar ground, but that would not necessarily mean progress. As Emissaries, we recognize the necessity of tranquility of spirit, a serenity of nature, but true serenity does not indicate a failure to recognize the necessity for forward movement.

When the expression of function in mind, in feeling nature, in the realm of Spiritual perception, leaves behind the ruts established by going round in circles, the individual attunement to the Spirit, to the One Spirit, can begin to have constructive, creative meaning for each one and for the whole. We know that that which does not bless the whole does not truly bless the individual. No one can establish blessings for himself in any true sense without establishing blessings for the whole. Therefore, the thoughtful Emissary begins to realize that it is not altogether a need for an increased attunement with the Spirit, for there is also the need for that directionalization of function mentally, emotionally, Spiritually, which allows the present degree to which we are attuned to the Spirit to be truly effective. When we find satisfaction and contentment in living through each day without ever being satisfied with the fulfilments of the day, there will develop an alertness whereby any tendencies to deviate from the correct course, any tendencies to move in meaningless circles, will be eliminated. Each one must consider this for himself or herself. No one can become a watchman for another, in the sense of being always at hand to correct any tendencies to deviate. The individual direction must spring from the Spirit through the heart of the individual himself, and he must begin to feel the difference, to have a sensitivity, an alertness, to the signs, to the indications as to whether the course is the right one. Sometimes there are tendencies to move forward, perhaps with a certain degree of vigor, but more or less blindly, without proper observation of the signs, without proper consideration of direction—and then the individual may say, “But I worked hard. I tried hard. I did so many things. Where is my reward?”

Suppose, for a moment, that tonight there should be a truly powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit made manifest through you, so that it should accomplish according to the channels which you habitually establish with respect to the whole. Would the expression of that Spirit made manifest be, in all respects, constructive? Would the Current always be held center and moving forward? Would it always bring blessing? I am not suggesting that such a thing is going to be, but I am seeking to emphasize something which, it seems to me, too many Emissaries are inclined to either overlook or take for granted in some fashion—the necessity of alertness with respect to the course, the direction, of one’s own daily movement, when there is not proper alertness, so that some tangent tends to manifest. Very often some reactionary vibration arises which spoils or prevents the sense of satisfaction, of fulfilment, of contentment, and then, in that rebellious state of mind or heart, the individual imagines that if he were to be content he would be satisfied with things which are not right. It is here that many have stumbled. They have failed to see the distinctions involved; they have thought that to be content would be to sanction things which are not yet in the fulness of manifestation; and they thought that if they were not satisfied with things as they are, then somehow they should resent, or fight against, things as they are. Resenting, or fighting against, a condition, does not, as we well know, correct the situation. There must come a spirit of serenity that derives satisfaction and contentment from the results of the expression of the day, or of the hour, or of the moment, which does not lapse into a state of being satisfied with things as they are. I have never asked any Emissary, at any time, to be satisfied with things as they are. I am never satisfied with things as they are, although I find much joy and satisfaction in the progress that is made manifest day by day, and hour by hour.

When all of this is realized, in conjunction with that point we realized last night, that the Spirit of the Living God is One Spirit, not many spirits, but One Spirit made manifest through many Branches of the Vine, we begin to see how the expression of that Spirit through us can establish true understanding, one of another, true tolerance of the problems that manifest in others, without ever accepting anything less than the fulness of Reality as a stopping point. It seems to me that some have imagined that if they were to have a tolerant, understanding attitude toward others, then it meant that they should have a spirit or attitude of tolerance toward the unreal, that should become a lethargic attitude toward the manifestation of the unreal. This sort of conclusion is always the result of faulty vision, faulty thinking, and faulty degrees of alertness to the signs of direction along the Way. Tolerance and understanding, one of another, that abides in peace and tranquility, is not, in any sense, at any time, a process of making peace with the unreal; it is a process of living above being influenced or controlled by the unreal—and when there is developed that alertness to the proper course of action, that sensitivity to direction, the correct direction, then the satisfaction of movement therein allows one to maintain peace in heart and mind, without ever falling into the trap of being satisfied with things as they are, without ever tending to drift, without ever developing a lethargic attitude. He through whom the Spirit of the Living God is working is a Branch of the Vine through which the Power of God is made manifest—and the power of God expressed into the earth brings changes; it accomplishes things, so that there is movement—satisfying movement, that is never satisfied.

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May 18, 2019

Jim  Wellemeyer

February 1, 1953

At the beginning of the Service titled Cone Response, and prior to Uranda's spoken words,

With power and tenderness, Jim Wellemeyer sang this hymn titled The Lost Chord,

with Lillian at the piano, in the Chapel on Sunrise Ranch

The Lost Chord  by  Arthur Sullivan

Seated one day at the organ,
I was weary and ill at ease,
And my fingers wandered idly
Over the noisy keys.

I know not what I was playing,
Or what I was dreaming then;
But I struck one chord of music, 
Like the sound of a great Amen.

It flooded the crimson twilight,
Like the close of an angel's psalm,
And it lay on my fevered spirit
With a touch of infinite calm.

It quieted pain and sorrow,
Like love overcoming strife;
It seemed the harmonious echo
From our discordant life.

It linked all perplexèd meanings
Into one perfect peace,
And trembled away into silence
As if it were loth to cease.

I have sought, but I seek it vainly,
That one lost chord divine,
Which came from the soul of the organ,
And entered into mine.

It may be that life's bright angel
Will speak in that chord again,
It may be that only in Heav'n
I shall hear that grand Amen.

May 15, 2019

Cone  Response

Uranda   February 15, 1953

We have all heard much about the essential step of repentance. In the Master's prayer we find the words: “Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.” We read again that God is faithful and just to forgive if man truly repents. There is some realization of the meaning or significance of repentance as such; but the pattern of life experience in the world, and the pattern of life experience here, indicates that human beings do not understand the principles involved in relationship to what is called forgiveness. Very often human pride stands in the way of true repentance. But until there is an understanding of the processes of forgiveness, as they express outward from God to those who respond, there can be no adequate understanding of what repentance is. Human beings often think they have repented when they have not. It is not enough merely to repent, no matter what understanding one may have of the meaning of the word. There must be forgiveness offered and forgiveness received, for until that forgiveness is received in the individual, in relationship to his own life, it has no meaning to him. The distortions, the discords, the ill patterns of every sort, which spoil the potential beauty and wonder of life on earth, all show that man has not learned how to repent and he has not learned how to receive forgiveness. We have often considered the words: “All things work together to perfection for those who love and serve the Lord.” Since we have recognized the reality of the One Law, and understand something of its basic principles, we know that the starting point for this transition out of the realms of distortion into the realms of beauty and harmony and effective function must be governed by that One Law. It is in this Law that we find our starting point. But all of this, seen more or less intellectually, brings us to a point where there is a need for a comprehension of something that must be spiritually discerned. There is no way of adequately expressing it in words alone, and yet this morning, if we would take full advantage of our opportunities, if we would fully enjoy our privileges, we need to experience a deeper realization with respect to this point of truth.

Last evening we were considering briefly some of the principles involved in relationship to the exactness, the precision, with which the laws of God work, the necessity for correct timing. As we recognize that all that God does is scientific and that the only scientific things that man comprehends come from God, that the precision of function, whether in the universe or in the human body or in the atom, all originates through God's creation and the working of God's laws, we can see that, since we are made in the image and likeness of God, it is important that we ourselves share that pattern of exactness, that pattern of order, that pattern of precision, in our function in relationship to God. Since man's function has been haphazard in its nature—it is only, as it were, by accident when he connects up with the current of God's power—we have discords, inharmonies, difficulties of every sort. This morning, as we approach this vast subject from the standpoint of repentance and forgiveness, let us remember that the Master said, “Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.” This in itself signifies that we are connecting links between God and others, that the attitude which we extend toward others is going to determine the nature of our relationship to Deity. Anything that is to move, any current that is to flow, must be connected up.

If you send a letter to someone in Toronto, or New York City, or some other place, and if that letter is stopped for some reason halfway there, it will never be delivered, it will never connect up; you will not get an answer and you will start wondering why. If the letter is to have any meaning at the point to which it is addressed, it must reach that point. Every time we mail a letter, put a stamp on it, and trust the mail service to carry it through, we take that fact for granted. It is something that is so commonplace to us that we, generally speaking, do not think too much about it. Put on an address; if it is not clearly written, trust somebody to stop and figure it out, and think about it, guess at what it means; throw it in the mailbox and expect it to get there. Generally speaking it does. And if we stop to think about it we must recognize that the mail service, as it works for instance in the United States and Canada, is really a very wonderful thing. But the effectiveness of it depends upon the fact that the letter gets through and is delivered at the point to which it is addressed, to the person to whom it is addressed. Suppose you address a letter to someone in New York City and it gets safely through to New York City, but someone there should say, “Well now, this is addressed to New York; it is in New York. It won't make any difference whether it goes to John Jones or John Brown. John Brown is closest; I'll put it in his letter box instead of carrying it on to John Jones.” It does make a difference. When you wrote the letter you intended it to go to a certain party. Merely getting it to New York and handing it to any one of five or six million people is of no avail; you want it to go all the way to the right person. As surely as this is true of letters, or other things, it is likewise true of vibratory factors. The vibratory factor must get through and connect up if it is to have any meaning.

Suppose the human being does something wrong and he is put in an uncomfortable position because he did that wrong thing, and being put in that uncomfortable or embarrassing or hurtful position he says, “I am sorry I did that.” He may think of that as repentance, but it is very possible that he is only sorry that he has been embarrassed or made uncomfortable or put in a hurtful position. He is not actually sorry that he did it, only sorry that the circumstances worked out so that the uncomfortable situation developed. In such a case we can see clearly that such function is not repentance, it is not a turning in love response to God. All things work together to perfection for those who love and serve the Lord, and not for anyone else. “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God.” With what? “With all of your being.” That involves centering, then; and if we are centered in love response to God we are connected up with God. If we merely talk about God, if we merely think about God and do not by love response connect up with God, the current does not get through. You can think about sending a letter to someone in New York City and never do it; you can talk about it and never do it. There must be a love response that gets through to God so that you are connected up. Then the next point is to serve God, which means to yield to His will, to let His control manifest. Next let us note that most things are not under the control of God on earth, in a direct sense. There is an overall pattern which establishes a limit to which man can go, and something of that control gets through at different levels in different ways, but the pattern of human function, generally speaking, is not under God's control. All kinds of things are constantly happening, constantly taking place, which are not of the divine design. And since these things are constantly taking place, on the basis of human impulse and determination, there are always unpredictable factors with respect to every situation.

I wonder if I could paint a word picture of something which must be spiritually discerned if it is to have any meaning. Let us suppose that the level of the sea of glass, the point to which God's power, design, will, extends in perfect function, is three hundred feet above the earth's surface—of course that is an arbitrary point, for the purposes of painting a picture, revealing a principle—but suppose that to that point God's power flows with perfect release, the design is right, everything is working in perfect precision; but coming to that point, we come to the realm of what we call the outer sphere of things, man's realm. Suppose we picture the mental blanket or cloud which man creates as being, generally speaking, about one hundred feet thick, extending about a hundred feet above the earth's surface, and suppose we see the two hundred feet remaining between the top of this mental blanket and the bottom of the sea of glass as more or less open or seemingly empty space. Everything is of perfect design and function from above to a given point, and then below that the manifestation of that divine design, that current of power, depends upon man's correct function.

Let us note this mental blanket for a moment. It has the appearance of being a dark cloud, in some places blacker than others, and a certain amount of lightning playing back and forth in it. This represents that in which human beings, generally speaking, live; and most of their reaction patterns are one to another—not response to God, but response one to another. Suppose, in this picture, we imagine that every time there is a true response in any direction, that response takes the form of a cone, a cone which has its large end or base at the point of the individual and the point sticks outward toward that to which the individual responds.

Now this cone, illustrating the pattern of response, may manifest in form for only a moment or for a long period of time, and it forms in any direction. If the individual responds to that which is below him the cone instantly takes form in that direction. As you look into this cloud with spiritual vision you see these cones as horns sticking out from individuals. They flash in and out, sometimes hold steady in some direction for a few moments or a few hours, but they are not stable. During the time they are in form they act as the antenna of the individual's receiving set; they determine directional reception. Some individuals have these horns flashing out this way and that for a few seconds or a few moments, moving about so rapidly, in so many different directions, that when you listen with spiritual hearing to the point where they are receiving, you have nothing but a hodgepodge of meaningless sounds and impulses, as if someone had the radio turned on quite loud in volume and then sat twirling the dial back and forth, covering every station in the range of reception but leaving one station on for only a moment or two, a minute or two.

Now we note again that almost all of these cone-shaped focalizations of response are within the range of human beings themselves, in relationship to themselves, and looking from above one sees that only rarely does the point of a cone ever appear above the top of this dark cloud, pointing upward toward God, and then it generally manifests there for only a few seconds and is gone. Seldom, as you look at this cloud from above, seeing it extending out on the earth's surface for thousands of miles, seldom do you see a cone form—with its base in the cloud—truly take form and point upward toward the sea of glass. But when it does, an amazing thing happens. If that cone holds steady and true and keeps its point upward, immediately another cone forms from the sea of glass and comes down to the point of the responding cone until the points touch, and if the responding cone holds steady the two blend into one thing and there is an open window, an open channel, for the release of things divine into the world. But that release from heaven, or the sea of glass, from the inner vibrational realms, will be on the basis of the need that is present in that which is focalized in response, not on the basis of what God would arbitrarily project into the realm of man at any given moment. God never determines, in any arbitrary sense, what is going to come from heaven into the earth, never, because the moment there is a true response that holds, that which comes from God from heaven through that response into the world will be on the basis of that which is focalized in response and the needs that are present there. That which God projects into the world is always, and must always be, conditioned by the conditions that are in the world, at least until ill conditions are cleared away and the divine design holds true in the realm of form. So human beings themselves determine what they shall receive from God, even when they give a pattern of response to God.

Now, if after wrong function man does repent in a true sense and begins to respond to God, this cone begins to take form, pointing upward. But then, if before it has fully formed in its upward response he begins to think, “Well now, if so-and-so hadn't said that, I wouldn't have done that wrong thing; or if so-and-so hadn't of done the other thing”—he begins to search out excuses for himself—what happens to the cone of response that started to form upward? It begins to vanish, and he begins to have a pattern of response outward under the blanket, under the mental blanket, toward some other human being. According to his concept he repented, he was sorry, he turned toward God. He started to do so, but he never let it have a chance to connect up, to get there. And then, with human pride at work, his focus of his cones or horns of response began to be toward people, conditions, something contained within this mental blanket that covers the earth. Then that was not true repentance and he did not receive forgiveness. Now God offers forgiveness to all, but man must receive it if it is to have any meaning. Therefore we see that until man's response to God connects up with God and holds steady, man cannot begin to receive that which God would give to correct the condition. Forgiveness cannot be a fact in our lives until we allow God's power to so work that the results of the wrong action do not appear—to change things.

Forgiveness is not merely something that is to be expressed as an idea from the lips; it is something that must actually connect up and work. So forgiveness, in the sense of that which God offers to you, and to all human beings, is something that must be allowed to manifest as the power of God, which corrects the ill condition and allows the divine design to appear where there has been distortion. The wrong action distorts, spoils, destroys; the right action from God begins to repair the damage done. Human beings act as if they thought that all they had to do was say, “I'm sorry; I repent,” and then go about their own business, in their own way, and that is all there is to it. Such an attitude, such function, is not true repentance and does not allow true forgiveness, because nothing ever connects up to change the situation, to correct the damage done. And only God can correct the damage. Until that cone of response takes form above the world's mental blanket and holds steady so that the cone of positive radiation can come down from above and connect up, only then does forgiveness begin to manifest. But if the human being begins to feel that peace that results from response, the joy, the reality of God's presence, and says, “Well now, it's all taken care of,” and he turns his attention somewhere else, his own cone of response dissipates, the connection is gone and God's power never has a chance to correct what needs to be corrected. That correction does not take place in a moment. It will probably touch many lives, depend upon the response of many individuals; it is something that will work out gradually. It will take time. Once the damage is done it takes time. Suppose you have a wound in your body. Generally speaking, you expect it to take a little time for that to heal. Just so, that which you have done that is wrong, that has destroyed and hurt, is not going to be corrected in a moment, and you have not received forgiveness until it is corrected; not merely the idea that you are going to be sorry and repent and say, “God, please forgive me,” and then go on and do as you please. You do not receive forgiveness on any such basis. You must connect up with God's power, and stay connected up so that God's power can undo the damage done, so that the ill pattern can be corrected. Then you have forgiveness. The power of God must be allowed to operate in actual fact on earth, in you and through you.

As long as it is true that, looking at this picture from above, we can see for hundreds of miles and seldom a point, a cone point of response rising above the cloud, pointing to the sea of glass, we cannot hope to have power enough made manifest on earth to allow the conditions on earth to be changed. That which is from God must connect up with man; man must connect up with God—not just halfway, not just thinking about it, but allowing it to actually work. Then, as man holds steady in his love response to God and refuses to respond to everything that takes place round about him, he begins to be a means by which the power of God manifests, he begins to have a stable cone of response pointing always upward. He refuses to respond to that which is round about himself in the changing, fluctuating pattern of things. He begins to be stable. So it is with any man or woman who begins to realize the privilege and the responsibility of being a child of God. Only as this point of response rises to God and holds centered there, regardless of anything else, can all of our talk about the Fatherhood of God have any meaning, and only as we allow the wisdom and the power of God to work through us in our relationships with others can all of our talk about brotherhood have any meaning. We have the conditions on earth which need to be changed. Of that there is no doubt. Waiting for God to do something about it is waiting in vain, until we give a response to God which will let His power work on earth. It is up to us. Are we going to be creatures of chance, fluctuating, living in the darkness of this cloud? Or are we going to rise above it, let our cone of response take form in love response to God, and let it stay steady, regardless of the storms round about, regardless of what anyone may think or say or do, holding it steady to God so that God's positive current of power and wisdom can connect up with us and flow through us and begin to change things? God's forgiveness is in actual fact the process of changing things; for the forgiveness has not been received until things have been changed. It is not something that merely works in the mind and is done and can be dismissed. It is something that must have a relationship to all phases of being. Forgiveness manifests in the physical body as healing of the body. Forgiveness manifests in the mind as illumination. Forgiveness manifests in the heart as purity and peace. Only as we begin to truly respond and yield and let go, holding centered in God, can we let the things of God appear in our lives; and only when they do appear, and the empty places are filled with that which God designed, can we say that we have received forgiveness.

Blessed ones, that which first begins to appear in your life because of your love response to God is simply the starting point for the filling of the empty places in your lives, and that starting of the process of filling may not come the way you think it will, it may not start in the place where you think it will, it may not appear in the form you think it will. And if the moment something starts appearing from God and it is not what you think it ought to be, where you think it ought to be, in the way you think it ought to be, and you turn away from God, you react, then you spoil the pattern, you break the contact; and even though you did for a moment have a contact with God, you still do not receive the forgiveness, you still have the problem on your hands, you still have the results of ill action to contend with, and the power of God is not at work in you and through you to clear the ill things. The process of receiving forgiveness is the process of receiving healing so that in body and mind and heart you may be what God intends you to be—a man, a woman, in Christ, through whom the works of God manifest according to the will of God, according to God's plan—until there shall be so many points of stable response to God that all the space between the sea of glass and the realm where man lives becomes filled with the cones of response pointing upward and the currents of God's power coming down into the world, by which the darkness of the cloud shall be dissipated by the light, the turmoils and the storms shall be calmed and heaven shall come into the earth, because we let the power of God have meaning in our lives, because we let the will of God be done on earth as it is in heaven, because we have come to live that which the Master taught us to pray, live in acknowledgment of the fact, the truth, that Thine, O Lord, is the kingdom and the power and the glory. Until we yield to the reality of God's love and stay stable in our centering, we cannot receive on earth that which God would give.

As you begin to realize the significance of this picture which I have sought to introduce to your consciousness, you will be able to see why so many things that you may have thought ought to have been made manifest have not been. Perhaps you can begin to see how you have defeated yourselves over and over again, how you have thrown away the blessings which God would have given, how it is that the thing that manifests on earth is not what God designed. Even when you begin to do the right thing, even when the healing process starts, the thing you are receiving from God is not what God designed. It is the thing that is necessary to fill in the empty places; it is the thing that is necessary to begin to cause all things to work together to perfection. It is not the thing that God designed. It is the thing that is necessary because of ill conditions. And until you let God fill in the empty places, until you let His design begin to take form, He cannot begin to give to you, in the direct sense, that which He designed, that which He offers. So if you keep God forever busy taking advantage of every little speck of response that He receives, seeking to bless a life here and bless a life there, heal a little bit here and heal a little bit there, you may be receiving something from God, yes, you may have touched something of His power now and again, but you are still not receiving what God designed, you are still not receiving what He offers you, what should manifest because you live. And so only those who stay centered in true love response to God, and truly serve Him, regardless of time elements or anything else, can have all things work together to perfection.

Blessed ones, it takes time for the healing processes to work out, it takes time for the power of God to begin to reach through the pattern that you have established, to correct something in someone else's life somewhere else. You are not a separate individual. You are a part of a whole Unit—mankind, the human family. And if the healing process goes to work in you it must go to work in the body of mankind. If you have a wound on the end of your little finger, that wound will not heal without regard to the rest of the body. You cannot say, “Well I'll cut my finger off and let it heal all by itself.” It would not heal, would it? Nor can you be healed cut off from the rest of the body of humanity. You have to be a part of that body and let the healing process work in relationship to the whole body, and then something begins to work out. But it will not be according to your concept, your idea. You are not going to impose your will upon God and get away with it. If you have your cone of response pointing upward to the sea of glass and suddenly you start getting positive toward God, what happens? Your cone of response shrinks and becomes nothing. It is gone, and you have no more contact. Why? Because the only thing that can keep your point of response centered in God is love, love response for God—not trying to tell God what to do, not trying to impose your will upon Him, but yielded to Him and letting His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Then we begin to receive healing. But all of that healing process must work out, all of the clearing process, all of the forgiving process, before we can begin to receive what God has designed for us. Until that time comes all we can receive is what is necessary because of our own limitations and distortions. You may say, “Well God designs that too, doesn't He?” Yes, of course. He will fill the need, but the mere filling of the need which you as a human being have created is not receiving what God designs for you, what God would give you in the beauty of Being and the wonder of Life. And so, let us receive what God would give. God bless you, each and every one.

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