October 07, 2022

Triune Chart Of Manifestation—Part One

 Triune  Chart  Of  Manifestation — Part  One

Uranda   January 27, 1938

Initial Key to the Triune Chart

Herewith is a Chart which reveals for you the Secrets of the Universe. When you fully understand this Chart you will be fully Illumined; for in full understanding is absolute Realization. So it is that you are not expected to understand this Chart in fullness, at once. When your response and release permits you to harmonize in the New Naacal Norm, or the Temple of Light, you will be provided Part Two and Part Three of the Triune Chart of Manifestation, that you may begin to realize the cycles of inner function in the Third Sacred School.

The Being who is the Highest GOD of ALL GODS, and Who is Supreme Ruler of the CENTRAL SUN of SUNS, is the Central Focal Point of the Cosmos, and from Him issue forth all the vibrations of Being and Creation in all the UNIVERSE of UNIVERSES. His Place is indicated as the One (1) of the First Sun in the first section of the Triune Chart. His Radiation is received by the Highest God of this Universe Who Rules and Dwells in the CENTRAL SUN of this UNIVERSE, and His Place is indicated by the Two (2) of the Second Sun of the Triune Chart. His Radiation is received by the GOD of this Solar System Who Rules and Dwells in our Sun, and His Place is indicated by the Three (3) of the Third Sun of this Chart, and He sends it forth to all the Twelve Planets of this Solar System. One of the Twelve Planets is this Earth, meaning the Whole Holy World with its Seven Planes of Being, whose Supreme Ruler is our own Beloved LORD of Lords Who manifested as Jesus; for He is the LORD of the Sacred Seven.

Considering the Second Section of the Triune Chart, you begin with the LORD of the Sacred Seven where the diagram of the First Section ended. Here you see how our Great Master is the Ruler of the Seven Planes, and how the Seven Planes are One Plane in that the lesser Six Planes are all contained in the Seventh. As the Seventh Plane blends the Inner Trinity of Manifestation and the Outer Trinity of Manifestation in Oneness, so do we see again the function of the Positive and the Negative, or the ONE LAW. The Inner Planes form the Positive Triune World, or the manifestation of Father God insofar as this Whole Holy World is concerned. The Outer Planes form the Negative Triune World, or the manifestation of Mother God insofar as this Whole Holy World is concerned.

The Seventh Plane is the Christ Plane, and so it is easy to see how the Christ Spirit of the LORD of Lords interpenetrates all the Six Planes, so that His Radiance is, at all times, in all places of the Whole Holy World. Thereby is He present with and in ALL at all times, but the actual Place of His Being where He Dwells as an individual God Being is far removed from the Outer Planes.

The Seven Elohim are the God Beings Who are the Ruling Heads, or Focal Points, of the Seven Planes, all of Whom recognize the LORD of the Sacred Seven as being the Ruling Head, or Focal Point, of the Elohim. The Lord of the Sacred Six is the Focal Point of the Three Inner Planes of the Positive Triune World. Of Him, and the Two of the Elohim Who Serve in Oneness with Him you need not know more now. The Lord of the Sacred Three is the Focal Point of the Three Outer Planes, or the Negative Triune World, and the Two of the Elohim Who Serve with Him are under His direction.

The Lord of the Sacred Three is directly responsive to, and focalized in, the LORD of the Sacred Seven. Thus may you begin to understand the nature and function of GOD in this Whole Holy World—and you see how every God Being, whether incarnate or not, who dwells within the Seven Planes of this Whole Holy World is under the direction of One of the Seven God Beings Who are the Elohim, of Whom the LORD of Lords is the SUPREME LORD and Ruler.

The Third Section of the Triune Chart begins with the Lord of the Sacred Three, and shows how He Serves all mankind through the Seven Priestesses of the Seven Rais who Serve before the Seven Altars—and before each of the Seven are Six Priestesses through whom the Radiance pours out to every person on the face of the earth. Also, the Four-and-Twenty Elders are shown, and they are the Focal Points for the Priests who Serve the LORD of Lords day and night under the direction of Focal Point Three. By those functions the Unformed is lifted up into the physical, and the physical is lifted up into the perfection of Reality.

© emissaries of divine light

October 01, 2022

Trailing Clouds Of Glory

Trailing  Clouds  Of  Glory

David Barnes  October 1, 2022  Salmon Arm, B.C. Canada

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting;

The Soul that rises with us, our life's Star,

Hath had elsewhere its setting and cometh from afar;

Not in entire forgetfulness, and not in utter nakedness,

But trailing clouds of glory do we come from God, who is our home.

Intimation Of Immortality by William Wordsworth

These days there is abundant evidence that the creative movement of the Spirit of God is activating something quite new in the consciousness of mankind, both consciously and subconsciously. What is truly new is always of the present moment, and it carries the Tone of Eternity—something unprecedented, fresh and vital—the thrilling vitality of Spirit pulsating and moving in the New Heaven.

One evidence of newness brought into world consciousness is through the flood of photographs of planets, star systems and galaxies in the universe and the cosmos, brought to us by the NASA James Webb Space Telescope [JWST]. We should not underestimate or marginalize the significance of what these photos are activating in consciousness, the implications as new thought and feeling is catalyzed, or the timing of their arrival and availability to everyone everywhere on earth right now, at this climactic point in the recreative cycle. The Space Telescope Science Institute describes the photographic technique and product in this basic way: “The rainbow of light that the human eye can see is a small portion of the total range of light, known in science as the electromagnetic spectrum. Telescopes can be engineered to detect light outside the visible range to show us otherwise hidden regions of space. The JWST detects near-infrared and mid-infrared wavelengths, the light beyond the red end of the visible spectrum. Infrared light is important to astronomy in major ways. Some objects are just better observed in infrared wavelengths. Some bodies of matter that are cool and do not emit much visible brightness still radiate in the infrared. Humans perceive this as heat, while some other animals are able to see infrared energy.  Visible light’s short, tight wavelengths are prone to bouncing off dust particles, making it hard for visible light to escape from a dense nebula or protoplanetary cloud of gas and dust. The longer wavelengths of infrared light slip past dust more easily, and therefore instruments that detect infrared light are able to see the objects that emitted that light inside a dusty cloud. In this way, Webb will reveal a hidden universe of star and planet formation that is literally not visible.”

I want to use the time and the space I have to introduce another manifestation of the evidence of the creative Spirit moving in consciousness—a new book by Robert Temple, titled A New Science Of Heaven, to be released in North America on November 15, 2022. I purchased a copy from a bookseller in Ireland after being informed of its significance by my friend Gary Courtland Miles who lives on Saturna Island in British Columbia. Gary has his finger on the pulse and I am glad he nudged me earlier this year, suggesting I should read Robert Temple’s book, which describes “How the new science of plasma physics is shedding light on spiritual experience.” I won’t quote at length from this fascinating 453 page volume but I do want you to know about it and read at least some of it—and I will share a few paragraphs below.

First I want to emphasize a third point, that relates to the seeding, birth and manifestation of something quite new in the consciousness of mankind in the climactic days which close an old age and open a new age. This third element relates to the astonishing body of work brought forth through the Third Sacred School during the past 90 years—the Word expressed in spoken and written words by Uranda, and by Lord Martin Exeter. Their substantial body of on tone material is the reason for the existence of the Great Cosmic Story. There is much more to be known than has yet been read and understood, waiting in the vast archival record of the Third Sacred School. To invest well in the promise of illumination over the remaining years of your life, open the archives and engage with a hungry and meditative heart, a transparent mind, at peace, in serenity and repose, and grateful to the Most High One for the magic that is available.

Returning to Robert Temple and his book, he promises to show how “the new science of plasma physics is shedding light on spiritual experience.” Here is how Robert Temple describes plasma, as he uses the term:

“Plasma is what this book is about. To put it very simply, plasma is matter that is made of ‘incomplete or partial atoms’, known as ions, and the much smaller particles known as protons and electrons. Plasma has sometimes been called the fourth state of matter, after solid, liquid and gas, but finer even than gas. We call the physical matter that is familiar to us ‘atomic matter’ because it is made of whole atoms, whereas plasma can also be described as non-atomic or subatomic matter. Plasma is very familiar to us even though we may not realize it, for the Sun is entirely composed of plasma, and the stars are plasma too. Plasma also manifests itself in lightning, including ball lightning and other mysterious phenomena we will examine later. But plasma is otherwise and for the most part invisible, and we will be going into that unseen aspect of plasma a great deal as we go along… Because plasma is made up of charged subatomic particles, it is volatile and displays a tendency to form complex, constantly evolving patterns… This is particularly true of discrete bundles of plasma that we will call plasmoids.

“Though this may surprise or even shock many readers, who may find this implausible on the face of it, I will also show that nearly all scientists in the field believe that the Universe is more than 99 per cent made of plasma—although this too has not yet filtered down to the general reading public… Clearly these ideas taken together open up vast new and very fruitful areas for speculation on the origins of the cosmos and the role of intelligence within it. In fact, I will be arguing that life in its basic state is inorganic, and is not made out of atomic matter. I suggest that it is made out of pre-atomic matter, namely the atomic particles, electrons and protons, and ions—plasma. Thus, I am suggesting that we and all living things in the Universe, whether organic or inorganic, arise from this plasma, and that the organic state is secondary to our fundamental nature as plasma beings. I believe that we can now start to articulate ‘a new science of heaven’. That is what this book is about, and that is what I propose to do.

“I will also show that as well as being very new, these ideas are also in another sense very old; ancient religions and philosophers in the classical world… might not have been able to apply mathematical measurement to assess the levels of complexity necessary for life and intelligence that modern physicists can now apply, but a shift in perspective caused by the new physics of plasma will cause us to reassess many ways of understanding the world previously dismissed as discredited or even cranky. I will not enter into theological discussions and will confine myself to the new science, with the exception of a brief historical review of some early religious texts that have relevance to our subject. I believe that much of what we have previously called spiritual is really plasma, and that it exists all around us and in us. Many spiritual experiences reported throughout human history are really encounters with plasma phenomena or plasma entities… My primary purpose is to reconcile the ‘spiritual’ with the ‘material’, and thereby to show that the dispute between them is false. There is in fact no contradiction between them when one digests the teachings of the New Science.”

This preamble sets the stages for a fascinating, and perhaps even life-changing journey. Robert Temple is a fine elder man and a good friend to many of the refined men and women who have done significant work in the field of plasma science. In his living and his writing, his thinking and his perception, Robert Temple is activated by the movement of the Spirit of Truth, and open to an awareness of the existence of invisible fields of fire, light and cloud inherent in the reality of intelligent Being and radiant plasma. In the Great Cosmic Story we meditate much on the reality of pneumaplasm, or spirit substance. We consider living in attunement with Divine Identity at the crossover point between the unidimensional realms and the dimensional realms; and we consider the nature of the largely invisible but dimensional heaven and the visible and dimensional earth. We speak of the human being as the manifestation of and clothing for the God Being. We speak of the Shekinah as the evidence of the Presence of God Being or the One Who Dwells. Shekinah, the evidence of the Presence: the Cloud of Glory, the Light that Glows, the Fire that Burns and the One Who Dwells.

Robert Temple writes about radiant matter, bioplasma, plasmoids, plasma winds, solar winds, magnetized plasma, the magnetosphere, dusty complex plasma, plasma crystals, superconductivity, superfluidity, flowing plasma streams within the sun, plasma intelligence, information transfer and storing, self-organizing systems, bioplasmic bodies, pneuma, orgasm, and plasma beings. He says, “We need to keep uppermost in our minds that the question ‘What is life?’ is not going to go away, and we will need to bring it to bear when we consider the question of whether or not plasmas can be said to be living, intelligent and conscious.”

He goes on to say: “In light of what we now know about the predominance of plasma in the Universe, we really need to turn our physics on its head. Instead of trying to model the Universe on the basis of the very rare and specialized form of dense matter found on our planet, we need to treat dense ‘physical matter’ as an exceptional form of the true ‘universal matter’, plasma. There is no use in our trying to establish universal laws on the basis of a tiny sample of far less than one percent of what exists. We need to establish physical laws on the basis of plasma and specify what we call ‘physical matter’ as a very special and limited case, which has no justification for being used as a basis for describing the majority constituents of the Universe. So drastic does our rearrangement of science need to be that we can take our present physics, shrink it and plonk it into a tiny corner of the representation of the wider truth, where it can describe those minority conditions appertaining to planets and other such ‘solid’ bodies, as a kind of footnote or addendum to a true universal science… We cannot therefore draw conclusions about universal truths based upon a highly divergent, atypical, and almost infinitesimally small percentage of what exists. We cannot be certain that any of our physics is universally applicable and hence ‘true’ in the sense that we have complacently assumed.”

At this point we should note that the photographs brought to us through the James Webb Space Telescope are all images that portray previously invisible aspects of the vast dimensional universe. These photos are the evidence of the presence of something. What Robert Temple speaks of as the plasma world is also describing aspects of the dimensional world and dimensional universe—evidence of the presence of something. He attempts to describe that realm where visible atomic matter begins to fade from ordinary ranges of perception and gradually disappear into subatomic ranges, and then disappear into finer ranges of plasma where the third dimensional reality merges with the fourth dimensional reality, the dimensional earth blends into the dimensional heaven, and the finer ranges of plasma being in the dimensional realms blends into the unidimensional realms, or what we might call Angelic and Archangelic Being throughout the dimensional and unidimensional Cosmos. Robert Temple expands his premise:

“I want to discuss a very surprising assertion that is not at all well known to the general public and perhaps not well known even by scientists who work in other fields, but is universally accepted by scientists who do work in the field of plasma research. Alongside our atomic, visible world is the subtler universe of plasma. It is in our understanding of that ‘other kind of matter’ that ground-breaking progress has been made recently. Some will no doubt say there is no ‘other kind of matter’, and that I must be talking nonsense. But the fact is that the existence of other kinds of matter, several of them, has been now proved. In fact so much has recently become known about them that we can now begin to have some proper understanding of them… Plasma is very different from ‘physical matter’. ‘Physical matter’ is very rare in the Universe. At least 99 per cent, and some say more than 99.99 per cent, of the Universe is composed of plasma. We therefore live in a plasma universe, not a physical matter universe. But what does this mean?

“What it means is that everything familiar to us on Earth is abnormal. What we call ‘physical matter’ exists in three familiar states: solid, liquid, and gaseous… Nowadays the fact that the Universe is made of at least 99 per cent plasma is accepted by all astronomers, astrophysicists, cosmologists and the other scientists concerned with those subjects, but the implications of this remain obscure. And the fact that new kinds of plasma keep being discovered does not make it any easier. The latest forms of plasma are so extraordinary that they are frankly baffling. And the very small community of plasma scientists at work on these problems are making an astonishing amount of progress, but are doing so largely without the knowledge of other physicists and astrophysicists.”

We have experience of the Cloud of Glory, a fine and complex dusty plasma formation; we are aware of the Light that Glows, patterns of truth correlated with intelligence and information pathways throughout the pneumaplasmic body; and we keenly feel the Fire that Burns, the radiant transforming power of Love emanating from the presence of Angelic and Archangelic Being—the One Who Dwells at specific levels of specific Being, using the garment of the outer to reveal order and beauty at all levels of creation in the Cosmos—all things are made by Shekinah and without Shekinah there is not anything made that is made. Robert Temple touches the hem of the garment and is beginning to sense the texture and vitality and seamless nature of the Whole Cloth—the Whole Holy World and the Whole Holy Cosmos. All this relates to the doorway provided by the kingdom of little things—the portal between the earth and the heaven, between the dimensional and the undimensional, between human being and the God Being.

As we correlate the three patterns considered here, correlate between the themes of The New Science Of Heaven, and the photos brought to us through the James Webb Space Telescope, I want to close with some powerful statements made by Martin and Uranda and shared on Great Cosmic Story over the past year—information and intelligence coming through the refined body of pneumaplasm that is Archangelic in origin. So, we begin with words spoken by Martin on December 11, 1977:

“The planet Earth is not an isolated speck of dust spinning by chance in its orbit around a rather mediocre star. In our earthly consciousness we are made aware, through our physical senses, of a rather limited range of substance present with us, close at hand and also apparently spread around throughout the whole universe. This substance is largely discernible because it reflects electromagnetic radiation of a certain wavelength. That reflection we call light. Out of the total range of electromagnetic radiation, what is perceptible to us as light is a very small portion; therefore what we can perceive on the basis of sight with respect to what we call substance is small. This is one of the reasons why it seems as though the universe is full of empty space, because very little of the substance that is actually present throughout the whole universe reflects light that we can see. In recent decades human beings have come again to recognize that there is far more substance present in the universe than was first thought…

“There is an increasing amount of substance made recognizable when the reflection of electromagnetic radiation extends beyond what is seen by the eye as light. If the whole range of electromagnetic radiation were made perceptible by reason of its reflection it would be found that the whole universe is full of substance. As human beings we think there isn't much there, when we look out into the night sky for instance, because all we see is the reflection from a certain level of substance, little pinpoints. We have been informed that those pinpoints are sometimes of considerable size; but it doesn't seem so, relative to the whole range of universal blankness. Yet it isn't blank; it's full of substance.

“Even if we bring it down to the solar system, there is an inclination to think of this as being mostly space. But the so-called corona of the sun includes the whole planetary system, and the planets are in fact a part of the sun. They are not isolated objects floating around in outer space; they are embedded in the substance of the solar entity… We see the sun as a separate object; ninety-three million miles away, with apparently nothing in between. We are informed that there are magnetic fields, solar winds, showers of particles, all this, but we are still rather convinced that there is a great abyss between the earth and the sun; also between the earth and the other planets. And yet when the reflection of other ranges in the electromagnetic spectrum is made apparent to us we find that the sun extends out a long way and there is quite a bit of stuff around the earth; but even what is observed on that basis does not inform us of all the other levels of substance that are actually present. To all intents and purposes, human beings in general have no awareness that it is present at all… The whole universe is filled with substance, and all substance is one substance, and whatever occurs in one part of that substance will affect all other parts of that substance. How important it is that we as human beings should discover how to live in the midst of all this substance without injecting into it extraneous currents of what doesn't belong, action that is based merely in the observation of the limited range of substance of which we as human beings are aware…

“There is something moving through the substance of the universe which extends creative control at all levels. The heavenly state of angelic consciousness permits the right use of substance. It is here that the true design is, and that true design needs to come through into the earthly substance. So we come again to the angel, and collectively to the Archangel, that there may be a flesh form which includes all the substance that is already present, not merely this that we call physical substance but the total spectrum of substance. That is wholeness, holiness, making possible righteousness, the right use of all levels of substance according to the true design of life. It's a new state in which God is glorified because there is an awareness that the glory of God fills the Temple of this solar entity, of this universe, and shines round about.”

And on July 31, 1983, Martin spoke these words: “The angel is present with all of us, ready to acquaint us in the moment with what we need to know. What we need to know in each moment is fresh, new; it is not a rehash of the past, and yet it is not unrelated to what we knew before… I was speaking about the flaming sword and I mentioned the disk of the sun, which obscures whatever may be present in the sun. There is obviously a different level of state for anyone who might live in the sun, and so that different level of state provides the vehicle by which incarnation on earth might occur. The disk of the sun may be seen as the flaming sword which prevents human beings from getting back into the Garden; that is one aspect of it. Another aspect of it is that this flaming sword makes possible conditions for human beings where they may survive. Clearly enough whatever it is that radiates from the sun is stepped down somehow, so that it becomes bearable on earth and in fact is part of the necessity for life on earth.

“What we know of the earth and of the sun, of the other planets of the solar system itself, is seen, humanly speaking, from the level where human beings exist. We know that that level is below the veil, so what is observable from this level of observation is very restricted; it excludes everything that is above a certain vibratory level. When the solar system is examined, those who do the examining are inclined to say, “None of the other planets are inhabited.” Really, how do they know? It looks that way from the level of observation but the level of observation is rather low, rather coarse, and so what is seen is not very inviting. Now we may observe on the surface of the earth that human beings are very busy creating deserts. So this is the sort of level of observation, isn’t it? They see deserts everyplace else. Only a very limited and coarse level of observation is available to the human view. To assume that that is all there is, is in fact nonsense. It is all that human beings in their present state are capable of discerning. If the flaming sword prevents human beings from experiencing the Garden State, they are not capable of observing anything from the perspective of the Garden State. Simply because human beings pushed themselves out of the Garden State did not mean that the Garden State was dissolved; it is still there just as surely as it ever was. But what the whole is has been unknown, because the Garden State now is totally lost to human consciousness. It is just beginning to dawn on us again that it is really present and that it is possible to be restored to the Garden State.

“The Garden State is present. What human beings see of what they call the solar system is a sun, whatever that may be, and a number of planets circulating around. They would be inclined to say, “Well it is a whole system, but the parts are rather separate.” These planetary entities are looked upon as being more or less on their own, perhaps captured by the sun in some way—and this is the way that this is looked at. Obviously it is not the way it is, because the way it is would include what we have spoken of as the Garden, the heavenly aspect, which is totally excluded from human awareness because of the flaming sword. What is the other side of the flaming sword? Nobody can tell. No amount of probing into the sun or into the further reaches of the universe really tells anyone what the truth is, because everything must be viewed simply from the level of observation where man is. That’s very low. There is a whole which includes vastly more of which human beings are totally ignorant, ignorant because of the flaming sword.

“All that human beings can think about is what they see here around on the earth, as though that was all that was possible. It isn’t of course. But this disk which obscures the sun also obscures the rest of the Garden, the Garden which is right next to the earth. Well is that Garden just a special earth-garden, all on its own? No, it is part of the Whole Garden, the whole heavenly state related to what we think of now as this solar system. But I would suggest that it isn’t a solar system. I don’t really have a name to give it, but do not define it in usual human terms, or scientific terms. What we call the Solar System is a Star: it is just one thing. Human beings do not know that it is just one thing because they do not know the fact of the Garden; they do not know the fact of the heaven being present. But right next to what is thought of as being the earth, whether of this planet or any other planet, is the heaven, the Garden, the heaven which presently is unknown because the flaming sword is in between. But we have sensed it, we have touched it, we have known something of it in our own expression. The Garden is so close that we cannot in fact get out of it, and yet we don’t know it is there. We don’t know it is there because there is this veil, or I suppose it might be called a transformer, in between, which steps down the Garden Radiation to something that human beings can stand in their murky state.

“The heaven of this earth is a City in the Star. It was called the Holy City. We may have a view of something rather vast, at least from the standpoint of human proportions: a Mighty Star which is composed of heaven and earth. It is all one thing. In this star there are many cities but it is still One Star, something whole. Nowadays there is much talk about a planetary perspective. What’s that? Scarcely discernible, isn’t it? No, we need to at least sense that there is a totally new perspective, which comes within the range of awareness to the extent that we have allowed the dissolution of the veil in our own experience of life. We dwell as angels in a Garden of vast proportions. Our particular part of the Garden does relate to what we think of now as this planet Earth. Rising up to the level of heavenly perspective, we see a place of habitation for the living God. And as a place of habitation for the living God, what do you think that might do to the realm of observation? Well it would be observed from a totally different level of perspective. I would suggest that there is a lot around that we have never seen; it is all waiting to reveal itself. Let us remember what our real proportions are as angels, so that we do not allow the restricted human view that is now current to convince us that we are petty people easily pushed around by everything that happens in the environment. Come up hither.”

In 1942, speaking about the great creative triangles utilized in the creation of this seven-plane world which we call the Earth and which he called the Whole Holy World, Uranda wrote: “The third triangle which we shall now consider originates with the sun of this solar system and extends to the point which forms this world, and the apex of this third triangle is established at the periphery of this Whole Holy World, which approximates the path of the moon in its revolution around the earth.” This relates to the size of this seven-dimensional planet, this Whole Holy World, the heaven and the earth, the invisible and the visible aspects in wholeness.

On many occasions Martin spoke about the true stature of Man—male and female; and in 1978 he said: “How big are you? Insofar as our physical forms are concerned, they are not all that big. But we realize that there is more even to the external manifestation than the physical form. There is the substance of consciousness which fills the form and extends beyond the form. There are the levels of substance, seven such levels, of which the physical form is one. I suppose we could say we are seven times bigger than our physical form. Are you six feet tall? Multiply it by seven; that would take you up into the forties. Even from the standpoint of our facilities of incarnation, we are not just as small as we thought. But is that the gauge of our real size, do you think? Let us not downgrade ourselves by assuming a false humility. If there is the inclination to say in any circumstance, ‘Well I'm only one person; what can I do about it?’—You are at least one forty-foot person! So let us be assured in this regard, partly because the facilities of incarnation are a lot bigger than we had previously thought, but also because we who incarnate are any size that is needful, and we are capable of encompassing whatever is required of us—namely our worlds. Let us therefor see our worlds from the standpoint of One who encompasses them, and not from the standpoint of some little human form crouching there, who doesn’t see much beyond the end of his nose.”

The true stature of Man. The true stature of this planet. The true stature of the Angel. The true stature of the Archangel and the Archangelic Body, which is this Whole Holy World, extending, as Uranda suggested, to the path of the Moon in its orbit around the Earth. And this is just the Body of the Archangel—the body of all the Angels and all the creatures of the Earth itself. However, the Archangel and His Spirit is much larger than that, larger than the facilities of incarnation. Here is a body of Love which extends throughout this Solar System and beyond. How little we know and yet how vast we are as Divine Man and Divine Woman, as Angels composing this mighty Archangelic Body—One Spirit and One Substance of Love extending everywhere.

Robert Temple, in A New Science Of Heaven writes: “Time and again in history science seems only to progress via vicious ridicule, followed by vindication and reluctant, hypocritical acceptance by most of the people who have spent years insulting the innovative thinkers… who have defied orthodoxy and ridicule and have put forward a far more convincing explanation of how the Universe works…The 99% of the Universe that is plasma is not sitting there inert. It is fantastically active and dynamic. And we shall shortly see that as plasma beings, we are part of that universal process.” Robert tells stories and quotes such renowned physicists as Rupert Sheldrake, Karl Pribram, illya Prigogene, David Bohm, and others. And he continues: “It really is true to say that we live in an electromagnetic world, and are only beginning to understand how it works. All of us are electric people, full of multiple currents of both negative charge called electricity, and positive charge, called proticity. Since charged currents always generate magnetic fields, we are also full of multiple magnetic fields. When we say that people sometimes have ‘magnetic personalities’, we may be closer to the truth than we thought.”

On July 28, 1981, Martin referenced the work of Physicist David Bohm, and his book titled Wholeness and the Implicate Order: “‘Our brains mathematically construct ‘concrete’ reality by interpreting frequencies from another dimension, a realm of meaningful, patterned primary reality that transcends time and space. The brain is a hologram, interpreting a holographic universe.’ Maybe he needs to see that there is more to it than the brain, but what he says we should understand. We create our own worlds, what he calls ‘concrete reality’, the environment around us. The human being is the sensitive mechanism which allows for the interpretation of what he speaks of here as ‘a realm of meaningful, patterned primary reality that transcends time and space.’ He translates that, by something comparable to a photographic process, into a three-dimensional holograph. The three-dimensional holograph is the world as we know it. We think of it as being solid, concrete, and it includes the whole universe.

“I have described this process in a little different terms. There is a vibrational state of primary reality transcending space and time. Obviously something emerges into space and time. It emerges there because of human beings. There might be a general tendency to say, “Do you mean to say that the universe doesn't exist except by reason of human beings?” Certainly it doesn't exist in the way it does to human beings except by reason of human beings. If a human being wasn't there to make the interpretation, so that the concrete holographic model is there, the universe wouldn't exist that way. It exists in essence as frequencies from another dimension, a realm of meaningful, patterned primary reality that transcends time and space. That exists; that is—that is the reality. But the holographic model of the universe may be said to be the creation of man. It puts in an appearance in the consciousness of human beings that way. You certainly couldn't say that it exists anywhere else but in your own consciousness, could you? You are accustomed to saying, “It's out there; it is so concrete, after all.” But factually it exists nowhere else but in your own consciousness. Man is this sensitive mechanism by which the frequencies from this other dimension may be interpreted to produce what we are aware of. This is the way we see it. It isn't the way it actually is in its original state—it has been interpreted into this three-dimensional hologram, including our own physical forms. Now this is all very interesting. It certainly indicates that things are not exactly the way they seem…

“Incidentally, in connection with what this gentleman has proposed, this theory of the holographic model of the universe, many scientists have objected fiercely to these speculations. I think this very fact should indicate that there must be some truth to it. Well, we know what the truth is in this regard already. We really don't need Professor David Bohm, Ph.D., to tell us, but we are delighted to see that it is emerging through the consciousness of this man. Wonderful! He sees it in these particular terms. We see it in a little different terms, more related to the experience of living rather than looking at models of the universe. We see how it is applicable in our own experience and that we, individually and together, are responsible for the world in which we find ourselves.”

Martin challenged the orthodox thinking of human nature man when he spoke these words on October 12, 1982: “We could say that the universe as we think of it, as it appears to be to us, is a human invention. If there were no human beings that’s not the way it would be at all. There would just be electrical charges and electrical fields. At least that’s a way we could describe it; it’s not exactly what it is. The sun shines, the moon reflects the sun. Astronauts go to the moon, and they find the moon there, they stand on it. But it’s a human creation just the same. Mind you, there are electrical charges and fields which relate to the moon, or what we call the moon. We only think of it as the moon because something bounces off the moon to us, off that level of vibration to us; so we say there’s something there. And because we are composed of similar sort of material, when we get there we can stand on it. But some other being who was at some other level would go right through the moon—and the earth as well, as far as that is concerned. We live in this created universe. It’s the way it is to us. It is a reflection of something. And we are charged with the responsibility of letting what is naturally reflected in this way be beautiful. We can do it. We have a little mess to clean up here on earth, as we think of it, but there’s no great problem to that.

Unorthodoxy characterizes Robert Temple: “There is an Earth that is invisible to the human eye, and it surrounds the visible Earth. This other Earth is composed of plasma, and it is far larger than the ‘solid core’ on which we live. Which, then, is the real Earth? Or is the real Earth both togther? Our planet is thus the solid core of a vast plasma entity that surrounds it. We need to accept that the [plasma] and the atmosphere are the Earth just as much as the solid core. Our planet is more than solely a round ball in space. The fact that it is invisible to our retinas, and we can see only [the solid core] is neither here nor there.” In his book Robert Temple uses the fascinating phrase “quantum entanglement.” As we withdraw from human nature entanglements, we discover a new level of divine entanglement which leaves us free as Angels to engage and create within the patterns of truth. Robert speaks of it this way: “Long-range order is an example of one of the outcomes that entanglement generates. This extraordinary phenomenon means that particles or things very far apart indeed can be closely coordinated and can behave as if they are all parts of one centrally controlled organism. This is what is known as quantum entanglement. Sometimes a system can suddenly undergo a change, known in the jargon as a phase transition, and millions of apparently separate things in the system instantaneously begin to act as one… This is also referred to as the sudden onset of long-range order. No one is entirely sure how all these things can happen in the natural world, but they do. And now we know that this form of coherence by means of long-range order can happen within plasma crystals. This means that both information and energy can come from far away. Because of entanglement, not only can part of giant dusty complex plasmas communicate with each other in coherent patterns over distances, but giant dusty complex plasmas at the opposite sides of the Universe might in principle cooperate in the evolution of intelligence.”

It is obvious that Robert Temple is on to something important, and we give thanksgiving to the LORD for him. We who are conscious of these things have a part to play as we function in the freedom of attunement through the reality of Divine and quantum entanglement. Indeed there is abundant evidence that the creative movement of the Spirit of God is activating something quite new in the consciousness of mankind. This is a good point to conclude, by sharing some mighty words from Uranda spoken on May 15, 1954, and titled The Milky Way:

“Now do you see some wheels within wheels? Our Earth revolving around the Sun, our Sun in its own movement inside of the Galaxy, the Galaxy itself revolving at nine thousand miles a minute on a pattern that requires two hundred million years for a single revolution. And then this whole thing is moving at tremendous speed, in relationship to other galaxies, around another central spot that forms the center of the galaxies—what I refer to as the Central Sun of Suns… The largest of the stars in our Galaxy are invisible—thousands of times bigger than visible stars… There is not much use of attempting to compel the mind to grasp these concepts of great distance. Distance is, as mankind thinks of it, a very misleading factor in the equation essential to understanding; for distance is a completely relative thing. Man, hampered by his own smallness, not only physically but mentally, feels that he must measure everything on the basis of his concepts of distance as he has established them with respect to the measurement of surface factors on this earth, and yet, distance is a relative thing. If we attempt to conceive of distance on the basis that man uses here we develop a completely distorted picture with respect to the Cosmos; for distance as man sees it is not distance as God sees it.

“Let us remember that all of these things are relative; and in actual fact, while I would not deny in any way the vastness of the universe nor detract one iota from its greatness, that vastness is something which is no greater to the Beings who function in relationship to it, the distances in the Galaxy itself are no greater from the standpoint of the Beings who function consciously in relationship to those distances than are the distances to us on the surface of the Earth. While these distances are vast, and the Body of God is great—and all of this is a part of the Body of God—man is supposed to provide, men and women are supposed to provide, the intelligent, controlling, working factor of the Body of God on Earth…

“And if the Earth itself is conceived to be a visible planet, we can perceive the fact that there is a larger invisible planet which relates to this particular part of the Solar System—for with respect to every visible Sun there is the invisible counterpart; with respect to every planet that is conceived to be visible, there is the invisible counterpart. And this is not to be confused with the idea with respect to the visible aspects in a particular level of form, and consciousness to perceive that form, the positive and negative aspects of form. But, in addition to this, we have the vast bodies which are invisible forms insofar as our particular ability to perceive is concerned, at this level of consciousness, with respect to what we conceive to be form; for there certainly is form beyond the range of our ability to perceive form. And yet, by instrumentation, we are scientifically determining that there is form where man did not know there was form in the Universe, and that the invisible forms are larger, or more vast in scope and area, than the visible forms…

“Let us not waste time trying to comprehend concepts of vast distances, for the ability of the mind to comprehend is staggered by such things. It is not the vast distance, nor yet is it the Cosmos itself, upon which we need to meditate—for if we begin to think of the Cosmos, we at once back down, as it were, to the Universe. And even here we must be careful not to be arrogant and presumptuous. We need to be careful of conclusion and to avoid meaningless imaginations. Therefore, while we note the vast splendor, and something of the principles there revealed, we back down to the Solar System. And even here we need to be careful not to be arrogant and presumptuous; for who among the children of men can comprehend all of the mysteries of our Solar System, the sister planets of our Earth, and the Sun around which we revolve? And while we may meditate upon some of the things which we see there, we avoid fantastic conclusions and back down to the Earth upon which we live. And even here, who among us can say that he has comprehended all the mysteries of the Earth itself? And while we may see and know many things, we come back to ourselves as human beings; and who can say that he comprehends all the mysteries of his own body, to say nothing of his mind and his heart? We find that there are layers of mystery, layers of wonder upon wonder.

And here, where we have a Centering in consciousness, we can meet the Spirit of the One—yea, and of the Ones—who have a Centering in consciousness with respect to the Solar System; and those who have a Centering in consciousness with respect to the Universe; and through them we know we have contact with those who have a Centering of consciousness in the Cosmos. But rather than seeking, through vain imagination, to comprehend some supposed mystery in these vast fields of Being, let us be content to trust those who provide this Centering of consciousness in these vast fields, and make certain that we ourselves, in our field, provide the correct Centering of consciousness at the places where we are, in relationship to the Whole. So let it be, and so shall we serve to the Glory of God and to the Blessing of the children of men.

A New Science Of Heaven

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September 30, 2022

Pneumaplasm Is Generated Through Response To God

Pneumaplasm  Is  Generated  Through  Response  To  God

Martin Cecil   September 8, 1974

If sound is to be heard there must be a medium through which it is propagated. There has been pretty much of a vacuum insofar as the essential medium for the propagation of the Tone is concerned. And, while the Source is present it remains unheard because of the lack of the essential medium in this dimensional world. Air is not the only medium for the propagation of sound here on earth; it's propagated through water—liquid—and solid in some measure; but principally we are interested in air, because this is the way we perceive sound. The ear provides us with an instrument by which we can discern the sound waves in the air around us. Air is the symbol of spirit. We recognize that the second day of creation permitted the formation of what was called the firmament, which was called heaven—and the second force of the four forces is air. Here is the development of a substance which connected the waters which were above and the waters which were below. It divided the waters from the waters; however whatever divides also connects. Here was some fine substance, which we have called pneumaplasm, to provide the means by which the truth of the dimensionless realm might be connected with the truth of the dimensional realm—waters above and waters below.

Unless there is an adequate amount of this connecting substance the Tone won't be heard to any great extent. And unless the connecting substance is of the right consistency, pure and clear, what comes through will tend to be distorted or muted, so it must be the right medium—a sea of glass clear as crystal. Then the Tone may sound. And it's not only a sound—the word sound is used as a way of conveying an idea—because the Tone relates to every level of consciousness. It is a sound, it is a sight, it is an aroma, it is something to be felt; all the various means of discernment are required to encompass the Tone. It is a Seven-Dimensional Tone. If we only become aware of it on one dimensional level we haven't really heard the Tone yet. As long as life remains in the flesh of the individual physical body there is some of this substance permitting the connection to be maintained with the Tone—a certain amount of the medium of connection. Only when the Silver Cord is loosed, when the medium of connection in its focalized expression is no longer sufficient to convey the sound of the Tone, is the body dead. The composition of the body is still a part of what is present in this dimensional world and therefore partakes of the life that is present in this dimensional world, but no longer specifically in that form.

Obviously there is a need for the generation of this connecting substance so that the Tone may begin to be heard more clearly and accurately here in the world where we are—it's only a Tone to us when it is heard. The Source of the Tone is present and emanates from the dimensionless state. It could be described as a Tone in the dimensionless state; the vibration is there, but it doesn't mean too much here in the dimensional world until that Tone is translated into dimensional vibration. To do that this pneumaplasmic substance is essential—pneumaplasmic substance of the right consistency and clarity to allow the Tone to be heard. That right consistency and clarity has a relatedness to what is spoken of as a pure heart. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall be aware of the Tone sounding in the dimensional world because the substance, the medium by which the sound is propagated, is present—then it may be heard. We may see clearly enough that if there isn't that substance present, adequately clear and to a sufficient extent, then a person simply is not in position to hear the Tone. In such case it would be useless to amplify the Tone to any conceivable extent and expect that person to hear anything. The substance must be present in the person if the Tone is to be perceived by that person.

If there is someone present in whom there is adequate substance so that the Tone is sounding, then there may be something of a transference of substance to the other person, if there is any openness of response, so that while that other person is present with the one through whom the Tone is being released he may hear it. But as soon as he goes out of that person's presence and the substance is no longer available the sound vanishes, and then the individual says, “Well that was just a dream; I thought I heard something then but it didn't really amount to anything.” This has been the experience of all of you in your contacts with people. And you yourselves may at some point have had that experience, so that the sound of the Tone may have been discerned for a moment but then it vanished—and when it vanished it didn't seem to be real anymore to you. The more generation of pneumaplasm there is the louder the Tone sounds; not that there is any more Tone sounding but that there is more medium through which it is being propagated.

The Tone, the Shekinah, the Christ, the Lamb, the Word, has always been. “The same was in the beginning with God.” It has always been sounding dimensionlessly speaking, and obviously some of it's been getting through without being damped down. There must have been adequate pneumaplasm present, universally speaking, to permit what has transpired to be the way it is. But we are concerned with what is happening in human experience, what is happening insofar as we and others are concerned. We see the importance of the generation of this medium of connection between the dimensionless state and the dimensional state. Insofar as human beings are concerned, if the purpose of man is to be experienced, that medium must be in place. It must be generated in the required quantity and in the required consistency, so that it is on hand and the Tone can be clearly discerned by everyone. This hasn't been the case for a long time, but is once again beginning to emerge, simply because there is more of the essential medium of connection.

We have considered this matter of connecting substance—pneumaplasm—in various ways. It is generated out of the flesh of our own bodies, so obviously it relates to every level in this dimensional realm. Insofar as the human being is concerned the flesh is at the first level, and there are successive levels or Planes of Being besides the physical, for we live in what is describable as a Seven-Plane World. Out of the flesh, at the first level, pneumaplasm is generated on the basis of response to God. Here is the activating means by which this substance may emerge, ascending, to provide the medium of connection at each succeeding level so that the true Tone, in the dimensionless sense, may sound and resound through all seven levels. It's only the True Tone when it is doing so—it is only then complete. If it is just sounding through one or two levels it's incomplete and doesn't give a true experience of the real nature of the Tone. The Tone is rightly differentiated sevenfold in this sense. When we speak of this seven it's more or less an arbitrary definition to convey an idea, because there is no break between tones, or between levels, where the Tone is sounding. The vibration is continuous.

So we are concerned with the generation of the essential pneumaplasm of the right consistency so that there may be provision in this regard at every level, and when this is so, the Tone can sound at every level and the Whole Tone then becomes apparent. This relates to Holiness—the Holy Ghost. The ghost is seen as referring to this substance which we have called pneumaplasm. And the Holy Ghost is a Whole Ghost, not just bits and pieces of a ghost, which is an incomplete ghost and consequently an unholy ghost.

Incompleteness is sometimes referred to as evil. In the Lord's Prayer the statement was made, “Deliver us from evil”—deliver us from incompleteness. We need to be whole. Let us not imagine that we can be holy if we are incomplete. The only thing that produces completeness is the sounding of the Tone, but the Tone can't sound so that it has any effect in this dimensional world, in relationship to dimensional people, unless there is the essential substance available at every level. Then we can dwell in the Secret Place of the Most High and abide under the Shadow of the Almighty. So there's no use searching around for the Tone—lo here and lo there—as though we could find it lurking somewhere. The only way we become aware of the Tone is because there is the substance through which it is sounding present in ourselves. If it isn't in ourselves we're not aware of the Tone. Obviously it is in ourselves to some extent now, because we are aware of the Tone in terms of being alive—that much anyway. We know there must be more to life than merely being aware that we are alive, and the more relates to the sounding of the Tone through the substance of pneumaplasm at every level of this dimensional state in us.

You can see how essential it is that we should refrain from judging in the matter, judging others certainly, or even judging ourselves, because how much substance is there? How much of the Tone is present and sounding, either in ourselves or in somebody else? It's not a matter of judging—it's a matter of continuing to generate the substance clear and pure and right so that there may be the increased means for the sounding of a balanced Tone. Then the Holy Ghost may come upon us. And when that happens there is power. “Ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you”—after the Tone is sounding through an adequate pattern of pneumaplasm within you—then that is the Tone sounding in this dimensional world. And it is that sounding in this dimensional world that engenders the effects that put in an appearance rightly at each step of the creative process. We can trust the Tone that this will occur. So here is the necessity of permitting a proper generation of the essential substance which connects spirit with form, connects the dimensionless with the dimensional.

It is in the sounding of that Tone externally that there is the provision for a person to begin to find a point of orientation toward the source of the Tone. “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God.” Each person in the final analysis is responsible for the generation of his or her own pneumaplasm—the medium of connection. Only when a person begins to become quiet, begins to let go, is not frantically trying to get anything, can there begin to be the possibility of sensing the Tone.

What is the Tone?—that's the point. There is something that was recorded for us of the words of Jesus, “A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign, and there shall no sign be given unto it,” because a sign cannot be given to a wicked and an adulterous generation. The wickedness and the adultery relate to the fact that those concerned are self-centeredly subject to their reactions to the material world, and as long as an individual is in that state there is no sign. “A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas.” The whole story of Jonah related to the sounding of the Tone which, to start with, he rejected. The point is that the only sign is the sounding of the Tone, and a wicked and an adulterous generation doesn't hear the sounding of the Tone, so there is no sign—easily understood! To begin to discern the sign is to begin to discern the Tone.

The initial discernment of the Tone relates to the sounding of the Tone through somebody else, or others; then the individual may begin to orient in that direction instead of being oriented in the state of wickedness and adultery, subject to the material world by reason of all his feeling involvements with it. As long as he is in that state he is looking the wrong way, he can't discern the Tone, so there is no sign. But when he turns around because there is a point of orientation provided for him, then he begins to be centered toward the Tone, and his feelings are no longer constantly being activated by all the things that are going on in the material world. His emotions settle down; there begins to be something of a calm. And here is the beginning generation of the essential medium of connection—generated when the individual ceases to be all emotionally involved with everything that's going on around him.

Becoming centered toward the Tone, the flesh begins to generate the essential substance of pneumaplasm and, because this is so, the individual begins to discern the Tone in himself. For a while he may see it as being almost entirely over there somewhere with respect to others who are revealing the Tone. But somewhere along the line he needs to become aware of the fact that the Tone is not merely out there but is in here too, so that there may be a conscious increase of the expression of that Tone. The conscious increase of the expression of that Tone intensifies the generation of the pneumaplasm, and so the Tone becomes more clearly heard. Our concern is to maintain the heaven, so that there may be the generation of the essential substance and therefore the increased awareness of the Tone. There can't be an increased awareness of the Tone without the substance.

There are those who feel that we need to have a maintained atmosphere in us and all around us so that this can happen so nicely—don't anybody rock the boat! But if one is only capable of maintaining this right atmosphere, of maintaining the generation of the pneumaplasm, when everything is hunky-dory, one won't maintain it for very long. The supreme example of what is required again comes to point through the experience of Jesus, because no matter what happened to Him the firmament was never dissipated insofar as He was concerned. He never changed character, no matter what stress He was under. So it isn't a matter of having the external environment just right, or the way one thinks would be right to maintain the required state; it's a matter of being capable of maintaining that regardless of the external environment. On another occasion, He was asleep in a boat, getting some rest, when a storm arose and the disciples became all disturbed about the storm. They woke Him up and said, “Look what's happening.” “O ye of little faith!” The storm doesn't need to penetrate into the firmament. In fact if there is a real firmament there it can't—there is no way it can get in.

As there is the increased generation of pneumaplasm and it's kept safe, never allowed to be dissipated, the Tone sounds louder in the individual; but if there are more and more individuals who are allowing this to happen the Tone sounds louder collectively speaking, and it may be loud enough to awaken those who seem to be dead, but aren't really. Here is Gabriel's Trump. It's been sounding a long, long time insofar as the dimensionless state is concerned, but it hasn't been heard on earth because there was no medium to propagate that sound. But as soon as that begins to be here the sound increases in volume and ultimately no one can avoid hearing it. They may not think it's the sound of Gabriel's Trump, mind you, but it will have an effect, and some of those effects will bring forth the resurrection into life and others of those effects bring forth the resurrection of damnation. There are two kinds. But it's all consequent upon the sounding of the Tone, which has been absent from the experience of the world for all these millennia past.

There is no precedent of what is experienced when this Tone begins to sound again in volume.

Well let's find out because we let it happen.

We are delighted to abide in quietness and confidence, permitting the generation of the essential pneumaplasm and rejoicing in the increased sound of the Tone that we thereby know, and that others begin to know, miraculously. We see it happening in some measure already—people coming awake, maybe some coming awake that we've known for a long time and we've seen them slumbering away. But one fine day there they are, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! What a glorious thing! What a glorious thing! What greater joy could there be than to participate in the sounding of the Tone because we make very sure that there is plenty of air present in which that Tone may vibrate. Whatever substance is present in others will then begin to vibrate with increasing intensity also and they come alive.

We rejoice to welcome our brothers and sisters home to what is in fact the Kingdom—the Kingdom of the True Design and Control of Love. Because this Tone sounds, because this awakening takes place, because the changes are brought to pass, all things are made new, inexorably, inevitably. Nobody can stop it. What greater privilege can there be than to participate in this process, to the glory of God and to the blessing of His children on earth.

I rejoice to have shared another beautiful evening with you, both in the generation of the connecting substance and in the consequent intensification of the sounding of the Tone. It is unlike sound in the ordinary sense. This connecting substance, wherever it may be present, is part of the whole of that connecting substance, so that a sound generated here in that substance sounds in the substance wherever it is the world around. It is not a matter of geography. We are concerned with a different level of experience. While the substance is generated out of the flesh, it permeates all levels of consciousness, and so we find ourselves connected to that same substance wherever it may be. What is done here, or wherever you may be in the sounding of the Tone, is done everywhere—the Tone sounds everywhere. As yet it is not heard by everyone, but to some extent it is certainly having an effect on everyone. And that effect is perfect. Let's not judge it. 

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