December 18, 2017


Martin Exeter   April 18, 1982

The spirit is in motion; it always has been and always will be. That motion we have described in various terms. It is indeed the Word. Obviously, to know what the Word is in the moment it is necessary to hear it. There has been such a cacophony of noise humanly produced that the Word has not been heard at all by most human beings on the face of the earth. We hear what we listen for. To hear the Word we must listen for the Word. This ability to listen is important.

So we learn to listen. The listening is of a different kind; it is not merely hearing sounds in the ordinary way, but listening to the spirit. Listen to that first, not being so concerned with the form. Very often those of rather simple understanding, but with open hearts, hear the soundless sound of the spirit with greater clarity than those with complicated intellects, because what is present in the intellect tends to be imposed upon what may be faintly sensed of the spirit. We can't hear if we don't listen.                    

                                                 Listen!  for the sound of many waters.

                                                 Listen!  for the sound of the rushing wind.

                                                 Listen!  for the sound of the silent earth.

                                                 Listen!  for the sound of the radiant sun.


Let your ears be tuned to this sound because your heart is; for what is present in your heart will determine what you hear. Listen for the sounds of the spirit. These sounds have always been with us but we have had no ears to hear them, because we didn't listen. All that has been offered over the years through these services, for instance, is the opportunity to learn to listen to the sound of the spirit. Then there is no need for interpretation, which is invariably misinterpretation. But the Word is heard when you learn to listen. It is here present with us in this moment; it is in motion in this moment.

As our hearts and ears are attuned to that movement, then the rich substance of spirit may fill every part of our physical bodies. It may flow forth through every part, perhaps particularly through our arms, our hands, our fingers, but it floods through the flesh of our bodies. Do you think, if that is so, the physical form can remain the same? Would this not bring the reality of healing? The spirit, the reality of life, pours forth when allowed to do so because we listen, and consequently hear, and so find natural attunement with the movement of spirit. Then the substance of spirit may fill our physical forms, our minds and our hearts and, pouring forth, fill the environment, so that the fire of God may fall from heaven.

This is a transforming fire, but how can it work, how can it be known, unless it can be received? And how can it be received if we do not hear the spirit by which it comes? And how can we hear the spirit without listening? What is it we listen for? If you are accustomed to listening to troubles you are not accustomed to listening to the spirit. There is something happening now, in this moment, which would sweep all the troubles from the face of the earth in a moment if there were those present who would let it happen. They will not let it happen if they are listening to the troubles; all that happens then is an increase of troubles. But listen to the spirit, listen to the Word, listen to the power of life, and move with that because you hear it. When you do, then you comprehend, you see; but you never see until you listen and consequently hear.

Now there begin to be those on the face of the earth who stop fooling themselves because they begin to know the truth, but only to the extent that they have learned to listen, to hear what is actually happening, what is really on the move. What is then heard with the hearing of the ears immediately begins to be seen, understood, comprehended, because we share in the happening; we ourselves are the happening. The experience itself is that of oneness, no separation between God and man, the reality in one's own experience.

Lord God of Creation, Holy art Thou

© Emissaries of Divine Light