November 26, 2017


The  Blessing  of  Disillusionment

Martin Cecil   June 12, 1983

We have the privilege of being together in one place—the holy place. The holy place is not a dimensional place, although it is in all dimensional places where it is accommodated by human consciousness. The holy place is then a place in consciousness, just as a dimensional place is a place in consciousness. We translate the dimensional place in terms of form—we are in this Chapel; the Chapel is in our consciousness. One might question as to whether we are in the Chapel or whether the Chapel is in us. There’s not all that much distinction, then, between the dimensional place and the holy place. They are places in consciousness, and they are also places in which we may be. The holy place, however, does not have form in the same way that the dimensional place has form.

So the holy place is in consciousness. It is a place of stillness. It is a place where there is no judgment, certainly no condemnation. There is an atmosphere of which we are aware in this place, and we find as we are brought together in it, and it in us, that we have opportunity to participate in creative action. Because it is a place of stillness does not mean that it is a place of immobility. We are not frozen there. There is movement, there is change, there is life, there is beauty, there is a sense of power. Much is known in the holy place as we actually dwell therein, not only when we come together at a time such as now but constantly—it is a place of dwelling. It is the secret place of the Most High, in which we may, and I trust do, dwell. And when we assemble we bring it all together, that there may be a particular focus of creative action in which we play our respective individual parts. In the holy place there is no sense of separation—at least separation is minimally sensed.

We know the holy place is part of the world in which we are. We have spoken in times past of the negative triune world, I recall—some of you may recall that too. It is a part of the negative triune world. There is also the positive triune world, which factually is not separate from the negative triune world. But this factual state of affairs has been unknown, unexperienced, in human consciousness for a long time. Form has been predominant, and most people are very much concerned with the forms in their environment, the forms which are present relative to their own physical bodies and the form of their own physical bodies. All this seems very important and very immediate—it’s part of the immediate experience.

Now we are concerned to let that recede, that we may be in this more or less formless place which we call the holy place. It is, in a sense, the highest level of experience that is possible in the negative triune world. But there still is, in human consciousness, a sense of separation from the positive triune world. The positive triune world has gone under various names—one of them is heaven. Where is heaven? Heaven is a state which may be experienced in consciousness, just as the negative triune world is a state which we experience in consciousness, but it’s only part of the whole state, and for the holy place to be truly holy there must be experience of the whole.

In the tabernacle of old there was a veil between what was called the holy place and the most holy place—the Holy of Holies. This was a veil of separation between the two rooms. Only the high priest was allowed to go into the Holy of Holies, so it was by reason of the high priest that there was a connection between the Holy of Holies and the holy place. The holy place is a part of the negative triune world, so here was a connection between the positive and the negative triune worlds, between heaven and earth; but it was also at the same time a separation—a veil. We understand this. Human consciousness has constituted that veil.

What is present in the heaven can’t get through human consciousness and remains unexperienced. Why can’t it get through? Because human consciousness is filled with rubbish. Human consciousness is accommodating what is present in the negative triune world to the extent that it is capable of doing so—it is earthbound in this sense. That veil may be described in terms of every imagination of the thoughts of men’s hearts being only evil continually. Most people do not like to think of it this way. There’s some good, after all, somewhere presumably. Is there, really? This would require judgment, wouldn’t it, judgment of what is good and what is bad. There is no judgment in the holy place. We cannot even come into the holy place, let alone experience anything the other side of the veil, as long as judgment remains, as long as good and evil are the basis for determining human action.

Now we talk about these things fairly glibly. We claim to know and understand that this is the case, but for the most part go right on judging good and evil and determining what we will do on this basis. It keeps us firmly in the separate condition of the negative triune world. But we have moved toward the experience of the holy place, relinquishing some of our judgments. Habit, of course, is inclined to take control and railroad us into thinking and speaking and acting on the basis of the old state of affairs, the state which has been known in human consciousness where every imagination of the thoughts of the heart is only evil continually. That means—when the word evil is used—separate from the truth. In that state of separation the truth is not known and cannot be known. The endeavor is to extract it from the negative triune world: “We’re going to take an honest look at things around us and we’re going to discover what the truth is.” Is that really so? And of course the scientific community in particular is very much trapped in this sort of an approach, of examining the earth, the negative triune world, in order to discover what the truth is.

The valuable thing about seeking to find resolution of issues is the discovery that it can’t be found in the way that people are seeking to find it. It’s strange that human beings should have been doing this for so long and never realized what it was they were discovering. They still kept at it, very persistent: “Sooner or later by discussion, by looking at these things honestly, we’ll find what the truth is, what the answer is, what the resolution is.” It doesn’t look as though there’s very much resolution been found anywhere. No answer! All that effort and no answer.

Well presumably it’s necessary that there should be those people who still anticipate finding a resolution in that way, so as to keep things operable while others are coming to the realization that it cannot be found that way and are beginning to move into position where the real answer is. The answer is not at all what anyone expects. It’s not something extracted from the environment—it’s not something extracted from the human intellect; it’s not something which can be extracted from the human heart—because the answer which is thus sought is not really required at all. Even if one were found, that would be fatal. Of course it won’t be found, so hopefully the situation isn’t fatal, at least not yet. The resolution of issues is unnecessary. What is necessary is that the issues should pass away—not that they should be resolved and kept, but that they should pass away.

This is of course a very different approach, an incomprehensible approach to most people, but for those who have gained some dawning experience of the holy place it’s not so odd. There has been the recognition that it’s not enough just to come into what is presumed to be the holy place and sit down there hopefully waiting for something to happen. There is the matter of the veil, because the happening that is needful couldn’t possibly put in an appearance as long as the veil is a veil of separation between the Holy of Holies and the holy place. Only when it becomes the means of connection between the Holy of Holies and the holy place does the true resolution come, and it isn’t a resolution of issues in the ordinary human approach; it’s the resolution of the whole human dilemma. The human dilemma is made up of vast numbers of issues—but let those issues dissolve and there’s no more dilemma, either because there are no more human beings or because there are those present in whom the experience of the oneness of heaven and earth is known. This comes as the veil dissolves.

The veil cannot dissolve without the recognition on the part of someone, somewhere, that there is a rent in the veil. There must be someone present to reveal the fact that there is a rent in the veil. There must be something visible, available to be received into human consciousness in this regard. We understand that the One who provided the initial point of revelation in this regard did so a long time ago but He was not received as a revelation of the fact that there was at that point a rent in the veil, there was something visible revealing the truth. He was rejected of course, but that did not deny or nullify the fact that the rent in the veil was revealed. Only as there is this revelation is there any beginning point for the dissolution of human issues. We ourselves have some awareness of what has now visibly been revealed of the rent in the veil. We have also recognized the fact that individually speaking we are responsible for revealing it also.

It was said by the One who provided the original rent in the veil that others should share that responsibility: “The works that I do shall he do also.” So there was this provision. But He also said, “Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord”—blessed is he who reveals the rent in the veil, blessed is he who reveals the truth. Because there have been those who have taken this attitude of blessing toward the one who reveals the truth the rent in the veil begins to become increasingly discernible by others, because there are those who share the responsibility of revealing the truth. Now we share this responsibility. We bring it to focus this morning, acknowledging individually for ourselves that this revelation is a fact. It came into your consciousness, for instance, and is present therefore to be revealed by you each one, the revelation of the truth.

There was something said long ago and recorded in the Book of Revelation, just a little sentence here from the 23rd verse of the 18th chapter: “For by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.” This is speaking of Babylon, a great city, representing the state of human consciousness in its condition of separateness from the truth. By reason of this fact all nations are deceived, all people are deceived, the whole human population is in a state of self-deception.

There is a great blessing available to everyone, the blessing of disillusionment. Disillusionment is usually thought of as being a tough thing, and there is always someone to blame for the fact that one has become disillusioned. But what greater blessing is there than to stop being involved in illusion? The attitude should surely be, whenever there comes a point of disillusionment, “Thank God I’m no longer in a state of illusion, with respect to this particular thing anyway.”

The blessing of disillusionment! It would seem that there is still a very strong illusion in human consciousness that issues can be resolved by human effort. We know it can't be done that way, but most people don’t know—they are subject to this illusion. The greatest blessing would be disillusionment: finally realizing that they have been indulging in futility, trying to find the answers to the issues that are present in the world, that human beings produced in the first place. By the quality and nature of their actions they produce all these issues, and then by continuing the quality and nature of their action they expect to resolve them. All that happens is that the issues broaden and become multiplied. If you think you’ve solved a problem, you have created at least ten more. Then you have ten problems to solve, and every time you solve one of them—well, it’s a multi-headed beast, isn’t it? It keeps growing heads. So what a blessing disillusionment can be, where finally a person comes to realize that of himself and his own fine efforts, sincere no doubt, best of intentions, no resolution can possibly be found.

We consider these things because it’s part of what is now happening, and coming to focus in a particular way. Let it clarify in our own consciousness, so that we do not any longer delude ourselves with the ridiculous idea that by our own efforts we can resolve issues. We can let issues pass away because we abide in the holy place—dwelling there. No one is looking for the answer in the holy place. If they are looking for the answer they are not in the holy place. There isn’t any answer which would permit human beings to continue to defy the truth and still exist on earth. Yet there is something to be done; there are things to be handled. They are to be handled from the holy place, but the holy place is holy because there is a connection with the Holy of Holies.

The very thing that connects with the Holy of Holies has been the thing that has separated the Holy of Holies from the holy place—human consciousness. With what shall it be filled? Well there’s plenty of crap, and this is the state of self-deception of all nations—everyone on the face of the earth, ourselves included—until or unless there is someone on hand to reveal the fact of the rent in the veil. That’s us. That’s what we are here present on earth for—nothing else—and when that is done there is something visible in form on earth to be received into human consciousness coming down from God out of heaven. That was the New Jerusalem. That was another city, a new state of consciousness, a consciousness which is based in the positive triune world and not in the negative triune world. As there is that which comes forth on this basis the negative triune world is transformed. That transformation includes the dissolution of issues and the revelation of the beauty of heaven on earth.

Presumably we have some clarification in our own consciousness to allow us to comprehend these things. Comprehension, however much that may be, is obviously not sufficient—but to reveal the truth, to make it possible for someone to say or to take the attitude, “Blessed is he, or she, who cometh in the name of the Lord. Blessed is he, or she, who reveals the fact that there is a rent in the veil.” It really is true! Here are those who are no longer deceived—no longer deceived that issues can be resolved, no longer deceived that by mere examination of circumstances, of environmental factors, can any right direction be given to what should find expression in one’s living.

The expression in one's living comes forth from the Holy of Holies. The Holy of Holies is quite formless from the standpoint of the human view, but there is present all that is necessary to provide the thought, the feeling, the action, the word, that is required to handle what human beings have called issues. They are no longer issues to such an one, because he is not trying to resolve them. He is merely allowing to come into that creative field what is required to transform it, so that it will then reveal the truth, the heaven, the positive triune world.

It’s an interesting undertaking. Why wouldn’t anyone be excited about it? What a tremendous thing! This is the way it’s done. This is the way it works. But human self-importance must dissolve: “Look at me, I’m spiritually very exalted. Look what I can do.” Nothing! because it is what is coming forth into expression in thought, in word, in deed, that achieves what is necessary. And while it is coming forth the human mind, which is providing space for the thought almost certainly will not understand what it is that is being achieved. Oh yes, the thing of the moment, but how does it fit with the whole? In the holy place the whole is of concern, but obviously no thimble human mind could possibly encompass the whole, so it doesn’t need to know. All this endeavor to cram the mind full of knowledge is found to be a waste of time. What needs to be known is known as it needs to be known. It is brought forth in the moment in the fulfilment of the true purpose, in the revelation of the truth in action, which is then reflected by the world created in this fashion.

Human beings have created the world in which they live. They don’t like it. They want a new leader to tell them how to resolve the issues of it. They do not need resolving; just let them pass away. This is too much for most to swallow, the thought of all that they have achieved passing away. Well it does eventually, you know. Those who remain say that the person passed away, but insofar as that person is concerned the world passed away. So it’s dissolved anyway. Why not let it be dissolved in a creative way, so that something remains in one’s own experience—something remains in the experience of mankind? On this basis all things are then continually made new. That’s a nice thought, isn’t it? Nothing then grows old. Change, yes, change, but all things are continually made new. Ah, eternal youth! Human beings have been looking for the fountain of eternal youth. Here it is. It has always been present, always been available. How often this phrase has been used, “Let all things be made new.” Well let it happen. If it’s new it isn’t old.

We rejoice in the dissolution of some of the issues which fill the unfortunate state of human consciousness. We have just dissolved old age, so there's no need to trouble ourselves about the issues of old age! And this can be done in any field anywhere, and must be done everywhere, so that all these things are dissolved. They are not dissolved merely because we thought it would be a good idea, be nice, we’d like that, but because it is the expression of the truth itself coming down from God out of heaven. Then the old Babylon, the old state of consciousness, simply evaporates: "Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen,” is dissipated, And we share the responsibility for letting it happen.

So we are thankful for how we may together handle the way things are from the holy place, remembering there is no judgment in the holy place. There is an awareness now of the fact of the connecting veil between the Holy of Holies and the holy place; and as the holy place is part of the negative triune world the whole of that negative triune world is affected consequently. Let us be true to our awareness, our understanding, our ability to live creatively, so that we may move together in spirit whether we are together in person or not. Here is the revelation, then, of the truth made available in the consciousness of others who may, if they will, say in effect, “Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.”

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