December 31, 2017


Perspective  From  The  Heavens

Martin Cecil   December 26, 1982

All our years come to us out of the east because all our days and nights come to us out of the east. This is an appearance, because relatively speaking nothing is moving much except the earth—the earth rotating on its axis, the earth moving in its orbit around the sun. And so it seems that our nights and days come to us out of the east. 
We may visualize something here which is helpful to understanding.

There is a wave moving from east to west through the consciousness of human beings on earth, a wave of intensified activity followed by a trough of reduced activity. This correlates somewhat with day and night. What is called the terminator moves across the face of the earth—this is the line between the bright, day aspect on the surface of the earth and the night, dark aspect. This gives particular evidence of the movement of the wave. There is this intensified activity in human consciousness, reflected in the physical realm, and then that subsides and there is reduced activity in consciousness during the time of sleep. Every twenty-four hours this wave rolls around the earth and human beings are moved by it. They wake up in the morning and become partly conscious at least, participating in the day’s activities until these pass once more into the oblivion of sleep.

As this wave moves around the earth and human beings are activated by it, most of what occurs, the most intense part of it, is in the Northern Hemisphere, simply because the greater landmass is there and the more population is present. It happens all the way from north to south but there are fewer people in the Southern Hemisphere. As the movement continues there are certain pauses, one might say—over the Atlantic Ocean, for instance; there are not so many people there. A greater pause is by reason of the Pacific Ocean, a very large body of water.

We ourselves find ourselves as the last bastion of human consciousness along the West Coast before the terminator, or whatever the hour may be, moves westward from us. As this wave moves around the earth it is conditioned somewhat by the fact that there are wakeful ones present in the mass consciousness of humanity. We are thinking of this as a movement in consciousness. It is also a movement in physical events, but these are consequent upon the movement in consciousness. So what is happening is conditioned in some measure by the fact that there are some points of wakeful light present amongst the population of the earth. Probably we may think of this in terms of Emissaries, but there are others.

This wave finally comes to us, having been conditioned in whatever measure before it arrives. Those who dwell on the West Coast of the North American continent, particularly, have a special responsibility in this conditioning process, so that what moves on of the distorted state of human consciousness may be properly dealt with and sink easily into the depths of the Pacific Ocean, so that reaching the date line, four hours farther west, there may be a somewhat refreshed beginning. I am sure all of you can visualize in your own consciousness what actually occurs day by day. You may not, however, have seen the responsibility which all awakened ones carry, but more particularly those who dwell on the Pacific Coast of the North American continent. We trust that others have done their job so that what arrives in our immediate vicinity has been conditioned to a point where we can more or less easily handle it. It’s important that we should be aware of this process. It relates of course to the administration of the creative cycle.

What I have been talking about so far is what has been happening in the earthbound human consciousness, but of course there is something else as well. We are aware of periods of light and darkness because of this something else. There is what is contained in the heavens, thinking of the heavens simply at the moment as whatever there is beyond the immediate vicinity of the earth. There is much more in that direction than there is in the experience of this movement, this wave motion, around the earth. I wonder if it’s this wave motion that causes seasickness, disease, in human experience because all concerned are very much wrapped up in this movement. It is all that most people know of themselves. There is a faint awareness that the sun sometimes shines in the heavens and sometimes there is a moon out there, a few planets and a multitude of stars—only visible at night.

There is apparently far more in the heavens than there is on the surface of this little speck of cosmic dust called the earth. The astronauts have had a different perspective in viewing the earth, being far away out in space. They don’t see the date line, for instance, which is a human invention, after all; they don’t see the divisions that are marked on the published maps. They see a wholeness to the earth; they see the terminator in motion—but there is quite a different perspective from the standpoint of the heavens. The astronauts are aware that there are many things going on on the surface of the earth but they are not noticeable; they don’t amount to a row of beans. Yet for those who simply dwell on the surface of the earth, involved with this wave motion, it all seems so tremendously important, so tremendously weighty. This is so because of the effect it has on people, on individuals, on oneself in particular.

This is not where the base of our particular perspective should be. It could be said of most of us that we have risen up a little higher—I don’t know how far into space yet, but we have a slightly different perspective than most with respect to what is happening on the surface of the earth. We do not judge so much by the appearance anymore. Appearances are very deceptive. They may tell us something, but not, in a direct sense, what is really there. However this is related principally to physical things. Most people do not have a base from which to comprehend what is observed with understanding perspective at other levels. Most everyone learns to comprehend at the physical level, but unless one has another base from which to proceed, our translations of what we otherwise observe will lack in understanding of perspective. It can be analyzed in this way—and this human beings have done in all their realms of knowledge, without ever having first developed in their own experience a base from which they might be in position to observe with true perspective.

As long as all people tend to be involved in this wave that is moving over the surface of the earth they can never stand back to see what is really happening. The base for the observation of what is actually happening on earth is in the heavens. As long as a person is trying to understand what is happening on earth from the standpoint of involvement in this wave motion, he has no basis for a true perspective view. He simply does not know what is going on.

Relative to the earth, what is present in the heavens is quite stable. The sun is there—the sun has a relative motion with respect to something else, but insofar as the earth is concerned, there it is—a stable point. There are other stable points in the heavens: all the various star systems, for instance. And while there is apparent motion insofar as the other planets are concerned, they are nevertheless a part of a relatively stable whole apparently. But it is what is in the heavens that induces the wave motion of which I have been speaking. This is obviously so from the standpoint of day and night. The rotation of the earth wouldn’t make any difference if there were no sun. It is because the sun is there that there is the succession of day and night, there is the succession of the seasons of the year, there is the succession of the years.

To comprehend what is going on, one would necessarily have to have a perspective that was present in the heavens. Immediately there begins to be such a perspective everything comes into a better balance. It ceases to be merely a very distorted figure that we are looking at. We may have a new base for our experience, so that we become capable of translating what it is we observe rightly, and we are not fooled anymore merely by the appearance. It requires experience to translate things correctly in consciousness. Human beings are indeed earthbound. As long as one is earthbound, involved with this wave motion, being pushed around by this wave motion, it is impossible to have a true perspective.

We ourselves have been richly blessed, if we have been willing to receive the blessing, so that we have some experience of a new base for our perspective, a heavenly base. There may be the inclination to jump off our heavenly base again, but our business relates to this heavenly base, from which we may gain experience of the correct translation of perspective. As we translate the perspective which we are capable of observing, as we translate that correctly, the world becomes a different place. We see it at least three-dimensionally, in living color; and what we thought was so, when all we saw was something flat, two-dimensional, black and white, was not what was there at all. But the ability to translate correctly comes through our actual experience of being in the heaven. It cannot come from any experience that we may have, being a part of the wave motion in human consciousness. We can be aware of the wave motion in human consciousness, just as we can be aware of the waves in the ocean without being in the ocean. In fact, our awareness from above the ocean, of the wave motion in the ocean, is much more accurate than if we were down in the ocean. What is going on in the world of human consciousness is not at all what it has seemed to human beings to be.

Along the way we have perhaps run into difficulties of various sorts in our experience in this wave motion. We were still somewhat involved in the waves, we couldn’t see clearly, but it was helpful for someone who had a true perspective vision to say, “Everything is all right; it’s just that you are not capable of seeing that it’s all right, that’s all.” Many of you have gained experience in this regard. But it isn’t because someone tells you that everything is all right, so that you nod your head and say, “Yes, now I am assured,” but because you yourself begin to know that it is all right. This is the dawning evidence of the fact that you have this new perspective. You are seeing things from the standpoint of the heaven.

One of the great fears which disturbs human hearts in these days is the fear of nuclear war. If you were capable of surviving on the surface of the sun and you were looking out into the solar system and you saw the earth over there, would the threat of nuclear war be so weighty to you? It seems like a great burden to people, a fearful burden, simply because they are all involved in this wave motion and what they are seeing is a flat picture which they don’t understand at all—and this is the basis for all human activity. But standing back with perspective vision, you know it’s all part of a total picture which has depth and color unseen heretofore. It was said that the kingdom of heaven is at hand. No one has believed it but the fact of the matter is that it’s right here, when we have the base for true perspective. Our concern at the moment is to provide what we may from a new base of observation so that others may relinquish their flat, black-and-white view of things in favor of rising up to a level where there might be not only an awareness of true perspective but a correct translation of that perspective. Something needs to drain away from the consciousness of human beings to allow this to happen.

So one of our responsibilities along the Pacific Coast here is to handle what comes to us of this wave in such a way that it may be cast into the depths of the Pacific Ocean. In other words, when this wave gets past us it is cleared of all the debris. And this happens, not because we try to make somebody else change but because we let it happen in our own experience. After all, one can only have the true perspective for oneself; you can’t have it for somebody else. 

Day by day this wave comes to us, as I say, conditioned by wakeful ones along the way in these days, and we receive what comes. What do we do with it? Do we object to it?—“I don’t like this; this is uncomfortable.” Look at the news and we see all this flat, black-and-white view of things. That’s not true; it’s not the way things are at all! It’s the way that someone embedded in that state sees them. Are you going to believe that? It may be the way the newscaster sees it. Don’t you believe it! It isn’t that way at all. Well it’s nice to be able to say, “We don’t need to pay any attention to that,” but what else have you got? It depends on where one stands, in the heavens or in the earth. In the heavens we have a base for true perspective, and we gain experience so that we may understand what that perspective is saying. Just as a child has to learn in the physical world, now we are learning something in the greater world, not the childish world anymore but what may well be spoken of as the mature world. It’s been there quite a while.

So we learn to stand in the heavens, unaffected by the wave motion. We can observe the wave motion but we see what it really is. That capability of beholding comes only when we have learned to be stable in the heavens so that we do not cast ourselves down anymore, so that we do not allow ourselves to be dragged down. No one can be dragged down to become involved in this wave motion without opting for being dragged down. Why not be ourselves? You can't actually, truthfully, be anything else. And what anyone else does has no effect whatsoever on what we are unless we ourselves decide to accept someone else’s black-and-white, flat perspective.

This is handed down from generation to generation; we all swallow it, to start with at least. But we can come out of it, and we have been in the process of coming out of it, in order that we might be in position to offer the opportunity for this false view of things to be dumped, from our standpoint in the Pacific Ocean, so that nothing of that wave motion and its distorted content can get beyond us. We translate everything correctly. If we do that then nothing that is distorted gets beyond us, and those who live the other side of the date line will have a clear shot. What they do with it of course is their responsibility. Probably they will muck it up again, and it will come around to us again, and we will have to deal with it again and again and again and again, day by day, moment by moment—that’s what we are here to do!

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