April 05, 2018

Sacred Schools Under the Authority and Direction of Melchizedek

Uranda   July 11, 1944

The purpose of this Service is to provide a clarification of the Teaching of the Third Sacred School as it relates in function and manifestation to the First and Second Sacred Schools, all three of which date back in vibrational foundation to the Motherland, or the Edenic State, as God first established it in the earth. Information concerning what is commonly called the pre‑historic period, as presented in the Third Sacred School, is not dependent upon mythology, although mythology lends abundant evidence of the authenticity of that which is presented. Neither is it dependent upon legend, although many legends springing from the dim antiquity of time point with clarity, for all those who read the symbolism aright, to the fact that what is sometimes called antedeluvian history must be considered in terms of thousands of years rather than of the short period commonly conceived to be correct by reason of Biblical chronology. It must be remembered that generally accepted historical records which are commonly known, or known of, by the masses of people are largely limited to the last 5,000 years. It does not in any sense deny the authenticity of the Bible to recognize that Biblical chronology, as more or less arbitrarily applied by most scholars to the early part of world history as presented in Genesis, is not correct and is, in fact, very misleading. This is not a refutation of the Bible, but rather, a refutation of the chronology more or less arbitrarily established in relationship to the Bible.

It will be recalled that we have already emphasized the fact that the first 9 chapters of the Bible cover a period from the beginning of the creation of this world to the time of the death of Noah. The 10th chapter of Genesis is devoted to an outline of the generations of the sons of Noah, and in the 26th verse of the 11th chapter we have the beginning of the story of Abraham. The story from the time of Abraham to the present is reasonably complete. The remainder of the Bible covers a period of a little over 2,000 years. Whatever period of time is conceived to have elapsed prior to the time of Abraham is covered in 10 short chapters, but it took almost the entire Bible to cover the period of time from Abraham to the days when the New Testament events took place nearly 2,000 years ago. Even Biblical chronology over a period of nearly 2,000 years is covered in these 10 chapters, and the next 2,000 years involve the rest of the Bible. It is obvious, then, that those who insist on accepting the usual Biblical chronology must admit, at least, that the Biblical history covering the period prior to the time of Abraham is extremely sketchy. We cannot accept the idea that creation of this world began only about 6,000 years ago, and while there may be some religionists who still hold to such a belief, the preponderance of evidence from the standpoint of nature, from the standpoint of historical records unearthed during the last 50 years, and from the standpoint of an unbiased consideration of the Bible itself, indicates that a much longer period of time in world history preceded the advent of Abraham. On the other hand, we do not accept the idea that millions of years have elapsed, as is commonly taught from a so-called scientific standpoint. All of the phenomena used to support the theory that millions of years have elapsed are easily and correctly understood once the fundamentals of the factual history of the world, as related to the period prior to Abraham's time, are grasped by the Student.

More than once the question has been asked as to what Biblical authority we have for that which we teach concerning the history of the world prior to the time of Abraham. That we have Biblical authority goes without saying, but it is not offered here because the Student must first grasp the fundamentals of the Teaching before he can understand that which the Bible actually reveals on this point. It must again be emphasized that all of the scientific discoveries in the fields of archeology and geology, when correctly understood, correlate perfectly with that which is actually revealed by the Bible, and that all these sources of information correlate with history as known and presented in the Third Sacred School. For practical reasons, which should be obvious in view of the fact that we are dealing with a vast period of time, the history of which is unknown to the world as a whole, we decline to deal more explicitly with the question of the source of the historical presentation concerning the period in question until the student is advanced sufficiently to allow him to perceive the facts for himself.

It must be recognized by the student that, roughly speaking, the advent of man into the world through creation took place a little over 150,000 years prior to the time of Abraham, and that when God first created man and placed him in the earth, man was fully instructed concerning all phases of knowledge necessary to man's perfect function, physically, mentally and Spiritually. In the period preceding the fall of man, God established through Divine Man a system of education which was designed to provide full understanding of all things needful to man in all three phases of his being throughout the period of this world's existence. The basic principles of the educational system then established have been retained in the outworking of the Divine Plan for man as established and set in motion at the time of man's fall, and have continued until the present time. It must be recognized that the Divine Plan originally established for Divine Man did not anticipate, or provide for, the fall of man, but when man fell the Divine Plan was re-arranged, retaining the same fundamentals in all respects, with a view to the restoration of man to his Divine Estate in a manner which would permit the original plan to be carried on effectively from the time when restoration should be accomplished. This must be understood, in principle at least, in order to allow a basic understanding of the place which the Third Sacred School holds in the Cosmic Order of things. Time and space do not permit us at this point to deal more than briefly with the educational system and program which was in operation prior to the time of the fall of man.

This Divine Educational System that was in operation prior to the fall of man was carried on through the means of what we properly call Seven Sacred Schools, which had their vibrational foundation in the Seven Planes of this Whole, Holy World. These Seven Sacred Schools of the Motherland of man, or the Garden of Eden, were the seats of learning and all government; in other words, all educational instruction issued forth from these Seven Sacred Schools, and they were in actuality the controlling factors in all phases of life, including that which we would describe as religion and government. Under this system of function the whole world was populated and the whole world was governed. It should be remembered that in this period the preponderance of earth's surface was land, as the preponderance of the earth's surface is now water. Other instruction papers deal with the process of the fall and the geographical changes which took place, but in relationship to our present subject matter it must be recalled that in a period of 7,000 years, dating from the time of the fall, these Seven Sacred Schools originally established by God as a means of providing all educational facilities and government for man, were temporarily withdrawn from manifestation in the earth, culminating in the submersion of Lemuria, or that which is described in the Bible as Adam and Eve being driven from the Garden of Eden. About 1,000 years later the continent of Atlantis submerged beneath the waters of what we now call the Atlantic Ocean, as described and alluded to in the Biblical story of the Flood, and the scattered remnants of humanity who survived these cataclysmic changes were forced by circumstance and violent climatic changes to subsist under what we would classify as primitive conditions closely akin to the state of the animal world. This, then, which took place about 12,000 years ago produced what is commonly thought of as the cave man era. From this low point to which man had descended by the process of devolution, it took about 5,000 years of what we may call evolution for man to reach a point where we have the beginnings of recorded history as generally known in relationship to the Egyptian period; in other words, this carries us up to the beginning of history as generally recognized.

It should be easily seen that it would be necessary that the Sacred Schools which had been temporarily withdrawn from manifestation would have to be re-established in the earth in their natural order, and the outworking of man's progress in world events did not permit the beginning of this phase of the fulfilment of the Divine Plan for the fallen world until the time of Abraham, during whose lifetime Melchizedek appeared. It is obvious from all Biblical references to Melchizedek that he was the highest of Divine Beings who functioned in relationship to this world, and it should not be difficult to comprehend that the one who manifested as Melchizedek later manifested as Jesus the Christ.

In connection with our distinction between the Supreme Divine Being connected with this world, and other members of the One Body of God, it should be understood that this relates to the fact that there are many other worlds peopled and under the jurisdiction of Divine Beings, and that it would be an assumption of the most egotistical sort to imagine that this is the only world in all of the Cosmos which is peopled, or which relates to the outworking of the Divine Order, through the administration of Divine Beings. Therefore, when we speak of the One God Whom we all recognize, we realize that the Divine Beings connected with the function and manifestation of the other worlds in the Universe and in the Cosmos, are Members of the ONE GOD BODY just as surely as are the Divine Beings Who administer the Divine affairs of this world.

The foregoing clearly refutes the false assumption which has been made on the part of some that the Third Sacred School must, in some manner, purport to be higher or more advanced than the First or Second Sacred Schools, merely because it is designated as the Third Sacred School. If the First and Second Sacred Schools had not been established and in manifestation, the Third could not have been brought forth. The work of establishing the First Sacred School was, obviously, the most difficult of all, because it was a beginning, in outer manifestation, without any historical background in the period immediately preceding, or known to man in general, so that it could have been accomplished in no way other than it was accomplished, namely, through the ministrations of Melchizedek, who was manifest in the earth, without father, without mother, and without end of days. There is no record in any part of Biblical history of a more marvelous and wonderful Divine manifestation in the earth, and it was, simply, a manifestation of the LORD of Lords and KING of Kings Whom we know in the New Testament period as Jesus the Christ, Who came into the world through the operation of Divine Laws without the medium of a physical body produced by the process of conception and birth, or limited by the processes of decrepitude and death. Only by means of such a Divine manifestation could the beginning processes of re-manifestation of the Seven Sacred Schools be brought about in the earth under conditions that then existed. Certainly, then, in so far as the world now is, the process by which the First Sacred School was again established in the earth must be recognized as being Supreme, and even more beyond the comprehension of the human mind, than was the manifestation and function of Jesus Christ. It must be understood that the First Sacred School established by Melchizedek through the responsive co-operation of Abraham, extended in its dominant influence in the world until the time of the dispersion of the Israelites; in other words, it includes and contains within itself all that took place in revelation and function through Jacob, through Joseph, through Moses, through the Judges, through David and Solomon, through Elijah and Elisha, and through all of the Faithful Prophets of the Old Testament.

As we have already recognized that it was necessary that the Sacred Schools be re-established in their chronological order, it must also be recognized that they had to be established in accordance with their vibrational order relating to the Seven Planes of Being. These requirements were fulfilled in each instance. Through the First Sacred School established by Melchizedek and carried forward so effectively by Moses and the Faithful Ones who followed after him, there was provided a means whereby the mass body of a selected portion of humanity could have returned immediately to the Edenic State if they had remained steadfast and true to God, thereby opening the way whereby the world as a whole could have been restored to the Edenic State en masse. This certainly must be classified as the greatest opportunity accorded to man since the day of the fall until this present time, and was the greatest undertaking from the standpoint of man that could possibly have been inaugurated. When the selected portion of the world body failed to carry through, and the immediate program under the First Sacred School could not be brought to fruition, the vibrational basis of the Second Sacred School had to be resorted to. But this does not mean that the basic vibrational function of the First Sacred School was lost to the world, for it was, and still is, providing a basic foundation for all that has, or will, come after it. When man failed to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the First Sacred School, it became necessary for Jesus Christ to manifest in the world, to bring into manifestation the function and vibrational basis of the Second Sacred School.

The Life and Ministry of Jesus and that which is recorded in the New Testament period all relates thereto, and provides the immediate foundation for all of the spiritually progressive activities in the world today. While the work of establishing the Second Sacred School was more painful, it was not as difficult a task in one sense of the word as was the work of establishing the First Sacred School; but in both instances the work was so difficult and so gravely important to the world that it could be entrusted to no one but the LORD of Lords Himself. In the opportunity afforded by the Life Ministry of Jesus Christ through His work in establishing the Second Sacred School, the field was narrowed down from the broad scope that was utilized in the First Sacred School, which had provided the easiest process of response from the standpoint of humanity, to the field of what we classify as the mental. I would here point out that because it is so classified a few persons who are ignorant of the outworking of the Divine Plan have jumped to the false conclusion that we were relegating the work of Jesus Christ to something below the Spiritual vibration classification which is utilized in relation to the Third Sacred School. Such an idea is completely false. The First Sacred School, while utilizing the basic vibrations of physical response, in the primary sense, certainly included in every respect all that is properly classified as the mental and the Spiritual. When humanity rejected this easy way, the next more difficult way had to be resorted to, and when I speak of it as being difficult here, I have reference only to humanity's opportunities therein, and not to the difficulties involved in establishing the Second Sacred School. Melchizedek had the most difficult task, but he provided humanity with the easiest possible way of restoration. Jesus Christ had almost as difficult a task and one that was more painful, in establishing the Second Sacred School, and He provided the next easiest way of direct approach from the standpoint of humanity as a whole. That which Jesus Christ established is still in force, and no one who has any understanding of the work of the Third Sacred School has ever supposed, for even a fraction of a second, that the Third Sacred School or those who function therein supersede in any manner whatsoever the work of Jesus Christ, for we recognize Him as LORD of Lords and KING of Kings, and have never at any time suggested that the Third Sacred School or any individual in it was equal to, let alone above or beyond, that which was made manifest in and through our Beloved Master, Jesus Christ.

While Jesus Christ was on earth, a means was provided by which the world could have been restored to the Edenic State at that time, so that Jesus Himself would not have been crucified, and so that the intervening 2,000 years of misery, suffering and death could have been avoided by humanity as a whole. When the world rejected that which Jesus Christ offered, and crucified Him, the third alternative Plan had to come into effect, and Jesus Christ Himself established the authorization and provided the direction for the outworking on the basis of the third alternative Plan; but, by reason of the fact that He was crucified by the world, and by reason of the fact of that which He had provided for the world, both in teaching and actual manifestation of vibrational function according to the Divine Order, it was not necessary that He assume personal responsibility in outer manifestation for the establishment of the Third Sacred School. In other words, the processes of bringing the Third Sacred School again into manifestation could be, and were, delegated to a subordinate by Jesus Christ Himself. However, by reason of the world's rejection of Jesus Christ, the second alternative Plan ceased to be available to man in the very hour when Jesus was crucified on Calvary, and the third alternative Plan has been in effect since that hour, and it utilizes the approach to the Divine on a vibrational basis of Spiritual response as the starting point. Here, then, we have the first three of the seven Planes as manifest in this world on a vibrational basis represented in the manifestation and function of the first three of the Sacred Schools.

The Fourth Sacred School will not be brought into manifestation until after the restoration of man to the Edenic State. In other words, man must come through the program provided on the third-plane vibration, or not at all. In this connection, it is necessary to point out that every church and all individuals who honestly and sincerely seek to follow Jesus Christ, to do His Will, and who desire to receive that which Jesus Christ offered to the world, are, to the degree that they are correct in their understanding of that which Jesus Christ taught and accomplished, in the Third Sacred School already, and this has been true since the moment when Jesus Christ Himself recognized that the third alternative Plan would have to be utilized, and therefore authorized the Beloved Disciple John as the Head thereof in the earth, while He Himself was on the cross. Jesus did not give that Authorization prior to the time that He was on the cross, because up until that moment humanity had the opportunity of responding on the basis of the second alternative Plan. The moment He was on the cross humanity lost that opportunity, and from that moment onward the third alternative Plan was in effect. So it is that the re-manifestation of the Third Sacred School, which vibrationally dates back to the period of the Edenic State long before the fall of man, has been in actual existence by decree and authority  of Jesus Christ since the hour when He was crucified on Calvary. It is under this authority, and on a vibrational foundation dating into antiquity more than 150,000 years ago, that the Third Sacred School is now operating in the world, that all who will may know the whole Truth and be set completely free, according to the promise of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Master.

The history of the world since the time of the crucifixion of Jesus down through the dark ages to the present time, as it relates to the manifestation and function of the Third Sacred School, is a vast subject which has been touched upon to a degree in other writings, and which we must now leave for further elucidation until another time.

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