February 12, 2018

This  Is  He,  Of  Whom  It  Is  Written

from   Mountainside  Meditations  #1

Uranda  January 31, 1946

In the long ago the Psalmist, from the depths of his heart-felt Realizations, burst forth into song: “Lift up your eyes unto the Hills, from whence cometh your help.” As we gather here on the mountainside where the stillness of nature is felt and brings peace, the afternoon sun is moving toward its place of setting beyond Green Ridge Mountain which is behind us, and we look out across the valley below to the foothills beyond. Up and down the valley our vision carries to hill and mountain formations where each passing hour brings changes of light and shadow which give a sense of something always new in the beauties of nature that surround us. Here we know that we stand on Holy Ground—for this is the place that has been dedicated to our Master's Service in the earth. In this setting provided for us by our Lord and King, we live and work in and for and with His Service to the children of men.

As pioneers we live a rather rugged form of life, devoid of many conveniences deemed to be essential to city dwellers. Here in the wilderness we are building an Altar unto our God, that all who will may come to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Here is a place of training where each one works with his hands, that he may fulfill the age-old obligation which was placed upon man when he first sinned for in thus meeting this basic obligation we find that once again we are privileged to hear the Master's Voice as He comes walking in the Garden in the cool of the day. Not all can hear His Voice at first, and those who try, or demand, to hear, as some in this world have been so bold as to do, are those who shall surely fail; for though they heard the Sound of His Voice, they would not recognize it as such. How true are the words that are written: “Spiritual things must be Spiritually discerned.”

In the breeze through the leafless trees, we hear—in the song of the wind through the evergreens, we hear—in the sound of the human voice which gives expression to the things of God, we hear—and in so many things we see, which make no sound to the human ear, we hear the Voice of Him Whom we Love and Serve.

Should any come to this Hallowed Spot seeking revelations concerning great mysteries, he would go away convinced that we are ignorant of the mysteries. To those of the world this is just a little ranch in the foothills of the Rockies. Only those who come in the Spirit in which we abide here, will be able to see that which we see and hear that which we hear.

Back through the ages the Lord has wrought wonders in human beings who have Served Him in the wilderness. Our Master Himself was often in the wilderness and it was there that He won His first Great Victory. It was in the wilderness that the children of Israel murmured against God, and because of their lack of faith they were caused to wander therein for forty years. What awaits us in the wilderness? Shall there be murmurings and wanderings because of the shortness of vision? Or shall we see the promise fulfilled that the wilderness shall blossom as the rose? Shall the dry ground yield water-springs for the Faithful Ones?

Again the words of the Master sound forth to those who have ears to hear: “What went ye out into the wilderness to see? A reed shaken with the wind? But what went ye out for to see? A prophet? yea, I say unto you, and more than a prophet. For this is He, of Whom it is written. Behold, I send my messenger before thy face, which shall prepare thy way before thee.”

In the wilderness we abide, that for all who will receive the promises may be fulfilled. As the Kingdom of our Lord is not yet fully manifest in the earth, so, also, that which this wilderness is to become, is not yet seen by human vision—for we have but begun to build the Altar unto our God. As we have come into the wilderness to Serve our King, so, also, have we come to that place of testing which shall in season prove as to “who shall be able to stand” and share in the Victory of our Lord.

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