March 17, 2018

Exact  Alignment

from  God  Almighty

Martin Cecil   December 6, 1970

"This brings everything up to date within the range of our own field of responsibility."

The will of God is done in heaven. When man is in place what occurs in heaven instantly occurs in earth. The human view of God's will has tended to be a concept—if it is done in heaven, someone needs to find out about it so that at some later date it may be instituted on earth. This idea is partly consequent upon the fact that with man out of place what happens in heaven takes some time to show up on earth, and when it does show up on earth it has been so thoroughly mutilated and distorted that the heavenly original is scarcely discernible at all. The impact of what occurs in heaven upon man is considerably delayed because of his insensitivity, his coarseness, his uncomprehendingness. Eventually a little of it gets through subconsciously and it hits him. He reacts to it, and the result is the action of man on earth. While the heavenly original was intelligent, purposeful, and had meaning, by the time it comes out on earth, what there is left of it, it may be a century or two late and an entirely different thing altogether. There has been this lag between the heavenly doing and the earthly result consequent upon man's delayed reaction to the heavenly doing.

It is possible to examine earthly events in order to trace them back to the heavenly original, not that very much would be gained by such an undertaking, because it's all several centuries out-dated. If we see that the things that are occurring in the external sense in the phenomenal world are of this nature, then it emphasizes the utter futility and nonsense of trying to deal with the phenomena. Human beings rationalize what they do, but we have become aware that what they do springs from something out of the past, something that erupts out of the subconscious mind for instance. Now we may begin to see that while there was a heavenly impact of some kind, the earthly result through man has become a garbled portrayal of what is long out-dated. All the grandiose efforts of human beings today are of this nature. The activities of men result from something established in heaven in the past but reacted to by unpolarized man.

The Heavenly Plan is designed so as to bring this lagging state of affairs up to date. The evidence of this being done was spoken of as the shortening of the days. There is a thinning out of the dense cloud that has surrounded man, so that the heavenly impact penetrates more quickly and the reaction consequently comes more quickly. The delay between the original action and the reaction is not quite so lengthy; there is not so much of a lag as there has been in centuries past. We can see something of the change in this regard on the basis of our own experience. Our association with this has permitted us to share a much more immediate experience than has been true in the general sense for most people. We have a keener awareness of what is happening in the heavenly sense, closer to the time that it happens, than most people do. In the case of most the awareness merely is of the reaction that more or less automatically occurs in the person according to his polarity, according to his response.

Where there is response it rapidly becomes an instantaneous thing. Where there is reaction it tends to be delayed because of the wrong polarity in those concerned. But the faster the reaction appears, the more destructive the experience. As the days are shortened and quicker reaction occurs to what is being done in heaven, the destructiveness becomes increasingly apparent. We look around and we find destructiveness of all kinds taking form. The destructiveness is not going to get any less as the days are shortened.

The lag is reduced and the intensity of destruction is increased wherever there is reaction. It can be easily seen how futile and indeed ridiculous it is to wrestle with the destructiveness, because this destructiveness is merely a reaction to something else. This something else is happening and there is nothing that anyone can do to stop it happening. God's will is done in heaven; the happening occurs in heaven. If the polarity is wrong the individual will react, and that reaction will be a destructive experience. There is nothing that can be done in the external sense to stop it being a destructive experience. The only way the external change could come, so that there might be a creative experience, is for reaction to change to response.

The result of God's will being done in heaven has tended to be destruction on earth simply because man was out of place, didn't know what was happening, hadn't a clue—it proves to be a destructive experience because it was based in reaction. It was not based in response. All the things that are happening on earth are simply the lagging results of impacts out of heaven that eventually penetrate sufficiently to hit people on earth. Something that at the point of origination is creative and perfect becomes something terrible and tragic on earth, both in the larger sense and of course in the smaller, individual sense. To the extent that anyone begins to open up in yielded response to God, the gap between lagging reaction and instantaneous response begins to close, so that there may be a participation in the heavenly action now.

The heavenly action now will for the most part produce results in the experience of human beings in the world tomorrow—not necessarily in the next twenty-four hours, but maybe next week, next month, next year, depending on how rapidly this lagging process is being dissipated. All this is resulting from what is happening in heaven. God's will is done in heaven, and the gap is closing. When it reaches the point where it is in exact alignment, that's it!—instantaneous destruction for reaction and instantaneous revelation of God's will on earth through response.

All the things in our experience in the external sense that come to us day by day—all of them—are the result of heavenly action in the past. Our responsibility when these things come to us is not to judge them. The things that are appearing in the external sense are old stuff. They are absolutely meaningless, all of them, until someone who is letting God's will be done in earth as it is in heaven updates them. This is what we are here to do: to let the things which come to us be the means by which God's will can be done in earth now, as it is being done in heaven now. Then the thing is updated. When we do that we find that the things we handle are not what we thought they were. They are transformed by the creative action of God's will which is allowed to work in the earth now, as it is in heaven. This brings everything up to date within the range of our own field of responsibility. "Behold, I make all things new."

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