January 14, 2018

Core  Pattern — Positive  Action

Martin Cecil   July 3, 1977

When the Master was on earth He said something to the effect that He had not come into the world to be ministered unto but to minister. Obviously there were those at that time who extended assistance and hospitality to Him, so He was not particularly referring to ministry of that nature but rather to what He came to deliver into the world.

If we agree with Him, if we follow Him, then obviously our attitude is the same. We did not come into the world to be ministered unto but to minister. In order to reach a point where a person is in position to minister there must be a period of being ministered unto. There is this necessity of awakening to the consciousness of the fact that one is here on earth not to be ministered unto but to minister. Back along the way I was concerned to find someone who could minister unto me. I found that individual in the person of Uranda. However there came a point when he was no longer present with me and others on earth, so in that sense I had lost the one whom I had previously found to minister unto me. Fortunately, during the latter period of Uranda's presence on earth I had learned something about ministering; I had gained some experience in this regard. Clearly then, when Uranda was no longer here, as far as I was concerned there was no one here to minister unto me, so I was forced to take the attitude that I did not come into the world to be ministered unto but to minister. The same thing should be true for each one, without the necessity of any such drastic experience. It should be true for all of you for instance.

As I say, there is properly a period of time when one is being ministered unto for the purpose of learning what it means to minister. The idea of course is not to become a perennial student but to graduate, to grow up and to minister. When there is such an awakening there is a recognition of relatedness to others who are ministering likewise, but we no longer require anyone to minister to us. I suppose I could ask two questions, indicating alternatives insofar as you are concerned: Must I minister to you in the name of the Lord? Or will you stand with me and minister to the world in the name of the Lord? I have indeed over the years ministered in various ways to many people. I am thankful that there are those who do stand with me to minister to the world in the name of the Lord. Each one needs to consider these questions with respect to his or her own field of living.

There has been a platitude repeated in the world many times, something to the effect that when the need arises the teacher will appear, as though teachers would be appearing indefinitely over the period of our life cycle. You know that this properly is not true. Sooner or later, to keep one's integrity, there must be the acceptance of the responsibility of ministering without being ministered unto. If I have ministered to many over the years the purpose was not particularly to benefit those concerned but to find the ones who would stand with me. If anyone gives evidence of the fact that they are not so willing they have little further interest for me because, after all, there is only one reason why I am here and why any true person is here, and that is to serve the Lord on earth in providing a facility for the positive action phase of the One Law at the level where human beings are in the world. Nothing else has any meaning. Only when this is done is there the power present by which the world may be restored.

Over the past twenty thousand years there has been a creative process at work to allow the restoration of man to occur. If one were to judge by appearances it would not seem that very much was being accomplished, and yet the One Law is at work. Twenty thousand years is quite a long time from the human standpoint but just a moment from the divine standpoint. When man violated his integrity and set in motion this tragedy which has been in effect for the last twenty thousand years—a little comedy thrown in here and there—it could only be a temporary state of affairs; in other words by reason of the working of the Law a conclusion would come to this temporary state of affairs somewhere along the way. There were two possibilities insofar as the conclusion was concerned: the first and foremost, the one of deepest concern, was that man might be restored; the second, which would inevitably occur if man was not restored, would be the elimination of man. The elimination of man involves the elimination of much more than man. So there are these two possibilities which have always been present.

In the outworking of events over this lengthy period of history the main concern has always been that man might be restored. This is as much so today as it was at any other time. However the only way by which man can be restored is as the positive action phase of the One Law has opportunity of expression at the level where man is—or where human beings now are, because human beings in the collective sense are no longer man. This is why there is need for restoration. But the way this task is accomplished is based in the positive action phase of the One Law. Actually either the restoration or the elimination of man is consequent upon the same thing: the positive action phase of the One Law. The elimination of man occurs when there is no means for the positive action phase of the One Law to operate at the level where human beings are. To whatever degree we have awakened to this awareness and have awakened to our responsibility in relationship to it, there may be the facility for the positive action phase of the One Law to operate at the level where human beings are. This requires that we be at the level where human beings are.

There are those who have been concerned apparently with rising to some other level, ascending up into some mystical heaven somewhere, but what earthly value would that be? I don't think it would be of much heavenly value either. The point is that we need to be here where we are and we are not interested properly in trying to escape, to get away from the circumstances as we find them. This is, after all, part of the level where human beings are, so our concern is to let the positive action phase of the One Law operate where we are. Insofar as we are concerned it will only operate where we are because of us. It may operate somewhere else where we aren't, because of somebody else, but observing what is going on in the world we have not, I am sure, been very much encouraged on this point. We have an awareness of what it is that is required and because we have this awareness we consequently have the responsibility of letting it happen. Obviously those who do not have the awareness are not going to do anything about it. Always, increased vision carries with it increased responsibility. Woe unto those who attempt to possess the increased vision for themselves without assuming the increased responsibility that goes with it.

If the positive action phase of the One Law is to work effectively there must be a core of human beings who have accepted the responsibility for letting it happen. We do not have to make the One Law work; it never stopped working, fortunately. But we may participate in this working at the level where human beings are to the extent that we share the responsibility in our own expression of living for the positive action phase of the One Law. Another way of putting that is summarized in the words "spiritual expression."

I presented two alternatives in the form of two questions: Must I minister to you in the name of the Lord? in which case I would be left alone insofar as the positive action phase of the One Law is concerned. Or will you stand with me in ministering to the world in the name of the Lord? I assume, with respect to everyone who participates in any way in this ministry, that here is a person, male or female, who is offering him- or herself to participate in ministering to the world. As I say, initially the individual is usually looking for help personally; he wants to be ministered unto; but no one can rightly assume the attitude which requires being ministered unto indefinitely. There must come a point somewhere along the line where there is sufficient wakefulness and integrity to accept the responsibility of ministry—one's own personal ministry; no guru is required. Yet this does not mean, as you well know, that everybody scatters in all directions, setting up their own little areas of ministry here or there, because what we are talking about certainly is not children's games. This is the positive action of the One Law here on earth, the same Law which is present and operative throughout the whole universe. It is not really a little thing.

The positive action of the One Law is the expression of the creative spirit of God and it produces a reaction in what may be called the creation. The negative reaction phase is automatic—it can't help itself; there must be negative reaction. All that is necessary is to allow the positive action phase of the One Law to work at the level where human beings are, because the reaction aspect is sure. There will be transformation. The state of incompleteness, the state of evil, will change; it will be transformed. If there is the clear positive action of the One Law it will be transformed perfectly. Now it is quite true that the world is a jumbled place at the moment because human beings have messed things up very thoroughly, but it does not really matter how messed up things are, when the positive action of the One Law comes to bear, things will immediately begin to sort themselves out. They can't help sorting themselves out. Human beings may object, they may rebel against what is happening, they may be very disturbed because things are not going the way they think they ought to go, but no matter what they do they are quite incapable of preventing the transformation which is occurring. Part of that transformation relates to the restoration of man; in other words once there is a core pattern on earth capable of permitting the positive action of the One Law at the level where human beings are, the results are absolutely inevitable. There will be the restoration of man. Lacking that positive action of the One Law at the level where human beings are, the results will be equally inevitable: the elimination of man; because the One Law is working anyway whether human beings like it or not, and it is not possible long to maintain something which is at variance with the operation of the Law. The distorted factors get swept out of the way. Human beings over the millennia have ample experience in this regard individually and collectively; much has been swept out of the way.

Much is in the process of being swept out of the way right now. Even from the standpoint of what might be considered to be the natural processes of decay, artistic monuments of all kinds in the world are disintegrating. Immense sums of money are being spent in an endeavor to prop them up, an endeavor which must eventually fail in any case. Why bother? "Oh these works of human culture, the achievements of human beings! How could one dare to suggest that they profitably might pass away?" This is a terrible thing to say, isn't it, in a world where human beings everywhere seemingly are trying to preserve their precious cultures. Who pays any attention to the true culture, to the true state of man on earth, and what would be engendered by reason of that true state? It seems that few are able to envision anything more than the glorious things which this unfortunate creature on earth has produced.

To what extent are those of you here present, and many more who are associated with this ministry, to what extent are you and they willing to relinquish any desire to be ministered unto? I suspect all too many would feel that they would perish if they were not being ministered unto: "What would happen if I didn't get my attunements? What would happen if those who carry particular responsibility didn't include me in the scope of their responsibility?" Such questions might arise in the minds of some. But how about agreeing with the Lord whom we serve, in acknowledging that we did not come into the world to be ministered unto by anyone but to minister, to be the positive expression of the One Law on earth. One can remain in a state of limbo indefinitely by insisting that there are occasions when it is most important that someone should minister unto you. I have been most fortunate in this regard because I had nowhere to turn. Who was going to minister unto me? Oh lots of people have provided many things for me in the external sense, but from the standpoint of my ministry on earth, the responsibility which I carry in the world, who was going to minister to me in that regard? There was nobody on hand.

"Well," you may say, "there is the Lord"; but that is true of you just as much as it is true of me. Yes, we all have parts to play. I have my particular responsibility but you have yours, and to carry that responsibility requires exactly the same thing of us both: to acknowledge that it is unnecessary to be ministered unto, that we are totally capable of ministering. As always there is a little questioning possible here because, as I have said before, initially speaking a person needs to be ministered unto to come to the point where he may minister. But where is the point where he may minister and no longer require any ministering unto? Where is that point for you? Did it possibly occur last year? Or is it going to occur next year? Or maybe even tomorrow? When? When is the point reached? One can put it off easily: "Oh I need some more training. I need some more information. I need some more understanding. I need some more ability. I need to develop this and that to a greater extent. And then, then I will minister." But when is then? Is there an examination that you are going to pass? "You have graduated now; you are responsible for ministering"—is someone going to tell you that? Obviously one could continue as long as life remained in the student position, taking the attitude, "One day I am going to graduate."

The fact of the matter is that one may accept the responsibility now. I presume that over the last, what is it? twenty-three years, since I was put into the position of having to acknowledge that I was here to minister rather than to be ministered unto, I have learned something. My state of experience now is different to my state of experience twenty-three years ago. Obviously. I could very easily back there have said, "Well I need more of somebody ministering unto me." But there wasn't anyone to do it. Just because there is someone to do it insofar as you are concerned, does that mean that you can put it off, put off the acceptance of that responsibility? Clearly, if everyone puts it off we have no core pattern by means of which the positive action of the One Law could be brought into effect at the level where human beings are. And it requires more than one person or just a few people. It was suggested somewhere that it might require 144,000 to handle the world, 144,000 individuals who have accepted the responsibility to minister and have relinquished any idea that they need to be ministered unto. There may have been occasions in the past, in my own experience, when I felt that I needed to be ministered unto, but as I say, most fortunately there was nobody on hand to do it and consequently the responsibility had to be taken. There was no alternative insofar as I was concerned, unless I violated my own integrity. This was the only way I could evade the necessity. I didn't think it was worth that. How about you? There is always a seeming excuse because there are other people around ministering. "If I need to be ministered unto I can go to so-and-so." Yes you can, and you will continue to need to go to so-and-so until you have accepted the responsibility of your own ministry. It is yours and nobody else's.

As I say, this acceptance of responsibility does not carry you off into left field somewhere. It does not scatter everybody to the four corners of the earth. We find ourselves holding together because we are all part of the positive action of the One Law, and it requires all of us and we all have different parts to play. From the standpoint of my particular position one would presume that it is not really any longer ministering to individuals as such. There are still quite a few people who come along wanting to be ministered unto. There are those who properly have a responsibility to take care of what is necessary in this regard but I doubt if it should continue to be me forever, because how could we ever get down to business in the positive action phase of the One Law as it relates to the larger picture of the world? We may say, "Well we serve the world by ministering to the individual." That is true up to a point but there are many things to be done of which there is virtually no consciousness as yet on the part of most, and these things cannot be done as long as there is an insistence that those who should be doing these things are required to minister to this individual and that individual in an endless round which has been going on for as long as this ministry at least has been on earth, but long before that no doubt. There are always people, seemingly, who think they need to be ministered unto. Okay, that may be all right up to a point, but there comes a time when one acknowledges the fact that one came into the world to minister and not to be ministered unto.

When this is the accepted responsibility of a sufficiently sizable core group of human beings then there begins to be power, because that experience is the experience of the Holy Ghost coming upon those concerned. They have accepted the responsibility. They are not anticipating that their own field of service is going to be handled by somebody else. It is only then that we begin to have the experience of what it means to become a man or a woman. Otherwise we continue to be, in some measure at least, puling children—that's right, isn't it?—expecting to be taken care of. We did not come to be ministered unto but to minister. There are those whose ministry may particularly be concerned with matters pertaining to education, education of people who are learning to minister. There are those whose special concern will be in the field of healing. Others will handle the affairs which are of immediate concern in our environment. There are many areas which require people to handle them, people who are capable of ministering and are not demanding anymore to be ministered unto. But above and beyond all this, these areas of responsibility, there is a field of what might be called vibrational responsibility which may be handled by those who are allowed to do so because no demand is being placed upon them by this person or that person requiring to be ministered unto. You can see that there are many levels of operation insofar as the positive action of the One Law is concerned and there is the need for those who can handle these various levels of operation, but it will not be handled by those who are demanding to be ministered unto, only by those who are capable of ministering. The only way one can learn to minister is to minister. One can never learn to minister merely by being ministered unto.

The immediate concern is that there should be this core composed of human beings who are ministering, who are providing the facility for the positive action of the One Law at the level where human beings are. That is the experience of the Holy Ghost coming upon you and it is stated: "Ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you." There is the power, the creative power of the positive action of the One Law, and it is this that transforms the world. We begin to allow that positive action of the One Law which is already in operation to be brought to focus and to find release in radiation, in action, in living, because we have assumed the responsibility for letting it be so. Then we might say the job is done. Oh there is a lot to work out, but it will all work out; it can't help but work out. The transformation occurs because the reason for its occurrence is present, present and in operation. Having some vision and awareness of these things, the self-centered state dissolves because we let it dissolve. And here we are together, standing together, to minister to the world in the name of the Lord. How else shall the world be transformed? There isn't any other way. Do we really recognize how much trust has been placed in us? Keeping our integrity we cannot help but be true to the trust.

I am most thankful for the opportunity of speaking of these things to you who are here present this evening, and by reason of what you have made possible in this regard many, many others are included. The Lord is good and greatly to be praised.

James Wellemeyer — Martin, I don’t feel we can really walk out of here this evening without acknowledging the wonder of what has been shared, to sense the power that has moved through your word and through us and to recognize that we are here to get the job done, that we are here to stand with you, not just in theory as undoubtedly it has been many times but to stand with you in fact. How I delight in what has been shared this evening and with you. Praise God that it is so. Thank you, Martin.

Martin Cecil — Your word of response, Jim, is an evidence of the working of the Law: positive action, negative reaction. We need to understand the working of the Law so that we may participate in its working in a fitting and proper manner. Jim brought to focus something of the response which properly is engendered by reason of the positive radiation. We need to understand how these things work so that we may intelligently cooperate with that working. It is only by reason of such direct participation that the power is allowed to be generated and released in radiation. Where there is positive radiation there must be negative response in the fulfilment of the Law, and only as we play our respective parts in cooperation with the working of the Law are we of any particular value in generating what is required insofar as intensification of positive radiation is concerned. We have shared an opportunity of radiation this evening. I am thankful that the Law has been allowed to work in your experience, in our experience, as much as it has.

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