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The  Word — Expressed  Not  Interpreted

Martin Cecil   November 27, 1977

How much dependence is placed upon someone else to sustain one's own right expression in living? How dependent are you, is anyone who participates in this Body, upon others to maintain your own expression of rightness? This is a parasitic condition when it is present. It saps the lifeblood from the Body of the Archangel and places undue stress in various places in that body. If that stress reaches beyond a certain point then the individual physical body of somebody is going to lose its ability to encompass the spirit of that one in right expression. At that point it is fitting then that the physical body be relinquished.

Obviously, as angels there is what may well be called an interdependence. We all have interlocking responsibilities, but those responsibilities do not include the necessity for anyone else to sustain our own personal expression. Each individual has that responsibility himself or herself. Wherever there is an attitude which requires encouragement, recognition, there is a parasitic condition. Do any of you demand that you be encouraged, feeling resentful if you are not? Do any of you demand a recognition? What a wishy-washy state! What a useless condition, extending decay into the Body of the Archangel. Each individual as an angel has the responsibility of playing a particular part in manifest form on earth as a part of this One Body. This certainly requires that there be a coordinated expression between all concerned. In that sense we each as individuals carry our own particular Burden of Light, but we do not require anybody else to carry it for us or anyone else to expend their life force in making sure that we ourselves carry it. To the extent that that requirement is there the life force of the whole Body is being sapped. Such a state of affairs is certainly not right and becomes more and more dangerous insofar as those who constitute this Body are concerned.

We need to take a good look at this now—facts need to be faced in the light. If one is letting the light shine, carrying one's own responsibility in spirit, then one will see many things. Some of the things that are seen may be more pleasing than others; some of the things that are seen may be quite displeasing. We don't need to judge. We're not in the business of judging but merely of seeing what we need to see so that what needs to be rebuked may be rebuked.

I would emphasize the fact that in this matter of rebuke the statement was made, “The Lord rebuke thee.” It was also stated that when he, the Spirit of Truth, the Comforter, is come he will reprove the world. The world is not going to be reproved by human egos, by the minds of human beings. The mind of a human being judges what it considers to be worthy of rebuke and may undertake some rebuke on this basis, but nothing whatsoever is achieved by this. All down through the ages there have been good people who sought to rebuke the evil in themselves, and in others incidentally, but the world has changed very little; certainly not because of that at all. So human ego rebuke is a waste of time. The rebuke is by the Spirit of Truth.

“The Lord rebuke thee.” These words were related to a contest, as it was put, over the body of Moses, the body of the Spirit of Truth, this Body—it is applicable now—this Body, the Body of the Spirit of Truth. There is contention over this Body between the Archangel and the devil, the mental identity of the human ego on the one hand and the Archangel on the other. The Archangel extends the rebuke. The arrogant human mind thinks to rebuke in its own way, according to its own views, but this was described in the Book of Job as satan coming also among them—the human mind which thinks it is capable of judging what should be rebuked, and it's going to learn how to do this.

There are those who presume that they are going to learn, mentally speaking, how to do this by reading the mailings or the literature; but when the human ego reads the expression of the Word it never sees what is actually being said. All that is done is to react to what is being said on the basis of its own state of consciousness, and then it is assumed that it knows and the human ego tends to feel quite self-righteous: “Now I know. I read the mailing; now I know.” But for the most part all the individual has done is to react to what was said in the mailing on the basis of his own state of consciousness. He never saw what was there at all. He never saw the Word. He may have had a suspicion that the Word was there somewhere but he interprets it on the basis of his own state of consciousness. There is a vast difference between this and angelic agreement.

Emphasis has been placed upon the importance of the Word as it is extended in form through these services, for instance this service, which later becomes available to others through various means—but is available to you now. If as a human ego you sit there listening to what I say, reacting to what I say—not adversely maybe; probably it would be called response—nevertheless reacting to what I say on the basis of your own state of consciousness, you may develop quite a theory. You may convince yourself that you know the truth, or at least a lot about it; but the fact of the matter is that, like the magicians of Egypt, through your enchantments you are attempting to duplicate the action of the Spirit of Truth. It seemed to Pharaoh and to his magicians that they were able to do pretty well everything that Moses and Aaron could do. It seemed so to them but it actually wasn't so. The extent of vision and awareness of the human ego consciousness is quite restricted. The comparable extent of spiritual vision that falls within that range can be compared, one aspect to another, and because it falls within that range it looks very much the same; but there is a very great deal beyond that range related to the actual expression of the Spirit of Truth, nothing beyond that range related to the extent of the ego consciousness. So everything is judged and seen, observed, within this little narrow, restricted area of human consciousness, but the Spirit of Truth alone can achieve what is necessary on the basis of reproof.

I have a particular responsibility to provide a focus of the Word, the expression of the Spirit of Truth, as it relates to this body, that all who are willing to relinquish the human ego approach may begin to discover the reality of angelic agreement. As I say, that is a totally different experience to sitting apart as an isolated human ego listening to words and translating those words on the basis of the state of one's human ego consciousness. That attitude and approach was described as the one taken by the black magicians of Egypt. If the human ego control is there, and maintained in a person, that's the only approach he can make, and he permanently excludes himself from the experience of the truth. Anyone who is dependent upon others to be maintained in seeming association with the truth is still functioning in human ego consciousness.

I brought this to particular point before by suggesting that the apparent need that a person feels for encouragement and for recognition is evidence of this. That attitude which requires such things needs to be rebuked. Fundamentally it relates to self-pity, doesn't it? “Poor me, nobody understands me, nobody cares for me, nobody provides me with what I see as being necessary. I need to be encouraged. I need to be helped. I need some kind of recognition for all the wonderful works I do.” Do you recall something of the messages to the churches contained in the Book of Revelation? The word almost invariably began, “I know thy works and thy patience and all the wonderful things you've done. I know all that and it doesn't mean a thing. It doesn't mean anything at all. Get that out of the way and remember from whence thou art fallen. Remember thy first love. Remember the truth.” I would emphasize the fact that love is hellfire if it becomes disassociated from the truth. There is only a true expression of love when it gives evidence that the Spirit of Truth is present and in expression. There has been so much claiming to love, but what is the evidence?

The Body of the Archangel is at the same time the Body of the Spirit of Truth. When there is such a Body and the Archangel walks on earth free to do what he is here to do, then the Comforter has come and reproves the world, the whole body of mankind. But the first reproof comes in the Body of the Archangel, that the Archangel may have a Body that can be used for his purposes. It is used for his purposes when those who compose this Body in manifest form on earth are in fact the angels of the Lord—in fact, not merely in fancy. They are so in fact to the extent that the Word of the Lord is their Word, a firsthand Word.

Heretofore it's been largely a secondhand word, a word interpreted by the human ego. The human ego says, “Martin said that,” when it wasn't what I said at all. It was merely what the human ego interpreted what I said to be. So arguments break out between human egos and there is an attempt to put down other people. Pharaoh knows not the Lord. All he knows is what his magicians tell him and the experiences that occur in his environment. If he imagines that he can control these things, well, “Who is the Lord? Who cares?”

The only way by which a knowing of the truth may come on earth is as there is a continuing in the Word. It has been mentioned that there have been those who thought they should develop the ability to express the Word themselves, without regard to the Word which is provided and which has made possible the growth and the development of this Body thus far. Without that Word there would be nothing, absolutely nothing! What's the point, then, of reacting to the Word, translating it according to some human ego consciousness and propagating that as though it were the truth when it isn't? It's a denial of the truth.

One must discover what it means to move with the Word that is provided, so that one is so permeated with that Word that one discovers the truth of oneself. Then there is something to express firsthand, but not before. There are those who have been reading the mailings for years and years and years, consistently interpreting them on the basis of the human ego state of consciousness, priding themselves perhaps upon what they think they know when in fact they don't know anything that has any meaning. The meaning is in the expression of the Word itself, not in interpretations of it. Hasn't there been enough interpretation in this regard in the world? Every religion that there is on earth is such an interpretation, the mental interpretation of spiritual things, and the mind has no ability whatsoever to encompass spirit in any case. 

Only when a person is capable of utilizing the words that are provided, experiencing the fact that they are his own words, can there begin to be a consciousness of the truth. The words do not have to be interpreted but expressed. When there is a capacity to do this, then that individual will find that in the daily experiences of living he also has something of the Word to express, something that isn't being read; but until you can read it first as your own word you don't know what it is. There are lots of people who have read the mailings to themselves for years and been delighted with their interpretations of these words—it made them feel so good—but who never associated themselves with the expression of those words. Here is the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of this Body, the Spirit of the Archangel. Only in oneness with that Spirit can one be in position to let one's own particular field of responsibility be included rightly in the expression of the Archangel, in other words be a part of His Body. Otherwise His Body remains sick and crippled, pulling in every direction.

How many are there within the sound of my voice now, or within range of the Tone that is sounding, whose living reveals the Word in expression? It is this and this alone which allows the Spirit of Truth to have form on earth by which the world may be reproved. When the Spirit of Truth reproves you in your human consciousness it does so because you are in absolute agreement with that expression of the Spirit of Truth. You are not and cannot be in agreement with that expression as long as you are merely sitting back as a human ego and interpreting it. The world is the way it is because human beings have been doing this ever since the fall—and there is no solution in interpretations, no answer, no voice.

As I say, I have a particular part to play in this, obviously a necessary part. How else could it be done? There is a babble of voices in the world, a babble of interpretations; but somewhere, somehow, the Spirit of Truth is represented, the Word is spoken, the Tone of it is sounded, providing the opportunity for all who will to be one with that, to let the rebuke come because of that in their own consciousness. One can always interpret something so as to get out from under the necessity of accepting the rebuke in the human consciousness, and this has been done consistently; but when you take the responsibility of speaking that Word in your own living there cannot be any cop-out. But if you stay somewhere off to the side, maintaining your own state and doing this on the basis of a parasitic attitude toward others, which is always present in such case, then you never know the truth, no matter how self-righteous you may feel about your interpretations of it; and there has been some appalling self-righteousness in this regard.

So the Word is spoken, the Spirit of Truth is represented, that there may be a means on earth for human beings, in spite of their embedded state in human ego consciousness, to awaken to the actual experience of the truth in expression in their momentary living. That can never be found by anyone all on his own. It is only found in the way that is provided. That way has been provided before, certainly, over the ages. We know something about that. That is very interesting; we see how it was interpreted and consequently rejected. But what about now? Are we going to do the same thing now as has been done repeatedly in the past? Or is the easy yoke accepted, and each one consequently carries the Burden of Light? This requires an honesty that is quite foreign to human experience. Yes, I know, I know, all the good things you have done—that's tremendous—but there is yet something that hasn't been done, and this which hasn't been done provides the only way of salvation.

The Word of the Spirit of Truth to the human consciousness present in his forming body is, “Let my people go.” The question is as to whether you are going to insist that the devil hold sway or whether you are willing to yield to the Archangel and the expression of his Word. These words are spoken to you here this morning in person, and to many more in spirit in this moment, but later also conveyed to their consciousness in various ways. Let this Word be heard and not interpreted. Let the Spirit of Truth be the clear expression of your living. It is that that is the rebuke. So let it be.

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