December 24, 2017

The  Supreme  Gift

Martin Exeter   November 29, 1987

I would like to draw attention to the supreme gift which all of us have had opportunity to receive. Perhaps it might be said that in many respects it was spoiled. The gift of which I speak is the spirit of our King. This has been offered over many years in many ways. The Word has been spoken, the Tone sounded, the gift made freely available. Each of us here gathered this evening is quite aware of this, I’m sure. What has been done with that gift? To what extent has it been received?

There is the habit at Christmastime for people to give gifts to each other, and usually in these days those gifts are not wrapped in newspaper. There is very fancy paper available, and ribbon and bows available to decorate the wrapping. Most of us I suppose, upon receiving a gift, may admire the wrapping, but we are probably more interested in finding out what the gift is. I think there has been a tendency with respect to this gift of which I have been speaking, the spirit of the King, to leave it a good deal under wraps. We know what the gift is, or at least we think we do. We have the evidence of it—the wrapping, the decorations—but to what extent has that gift been opened up and received for what it really is?

There have been many associated with this Emissary ministry over the years who appreciated the wrapping and the freshness that was maintained in that regard, but we all know that it is the gift itself that is important. But it has little importance unless it is received—the wrappings removed, so to speak—so that it may be present with us and in our immediate experience: the spirit of the King. No doubt we have received something of this into our living—that’s what the gift is for—and have been blessed thereby, which could well be cause for thanksgiving. The total receiving of this gift would engender total thanksgiving. If total thanksgiving is present, then obviously there could be no complaint. As I say, the Word has been spoken, quite consistently I believe. I think it has been spoken just about as much as could be borne, and the Tone sounded so that all might hear.

To know the spirit of the King we all realize that it must be received into expression. Here is the most magnificent gift that could possibly be given to anyone. The spirit of thanksgiving has been increasing in recent months and years, and that increase has come because the gift has been received into the living experience of those who are thereby caused to be thankful. The suggestion was made that we could well articulate our thankfulness, particularly whenever it seems that we would have something to complain about or to object to. Perhaps this is a small technique that could be used profitably, but the fact of the matter is that when the gift is received and the spirit of the King finds expression in our living, the spirit of thankfulness is known. We don’t have to hype it up; it’s part of the gift.

The gift is for radiant use. It is an outpouring of radiation, and to the extent that we have participated in the expression of the spirit of the King, we know this. It makes possible radiant vision. That’s the way we see things, no longer looking in the mirror. With radiant vision there comes radiant perception through all the facilities that have heretofore been used to examine the reflection in the mirror. Our ability to see, to perceive, is not for the purpose of receiving and being affected by what we see. The eyes are not merely present to acquaint us with what seems to be present in the environment and the circumstance. This is about all that human eyes are used for: “Let’s have a look.” But the eye is a radiant instrument. That is its primary reason for existence, not in order that we might get something out of our apparent environment because we are able to see it, but to permit radiance to shine forth.

The mind, which has been busy doing the interpreting of what comes in through the eye and through the other senses, is, we know, rightly a window of heaven, not a mirror. It is a window through which the light may shine. When this is the case Lucifer is restored to heaven. The light shines forth, and what is seen is seen radiantly. Part of that seeing, we noted this morning, is of the working of the creative process, a radiant vision based in the shining of the light which reveals what it is that is being brought forth in the creative process. We don’t need to see a reflection of something to understand that. The mirror mind is the satanic mind. There is so much reflection present in the mirror that it has blocked the shining of the light. The mirror mind creates separation.

Incidentally the mirror mind has been busy creating a self for itself. We have experience of this. This self is produced by gathering a great deal of material out of the past. We have what is called heredity. All this material is brought along and composes the main part of the mind itself, and out of this comes the sense of self which the mind is busy creating. We all have that sense of human self well established: a mental creation, coming up out of the subconscious mind and added to assiduously by the conscious mind—there are these characters walking around on earth, mind-made characters—and the mind gains thereby a sense of self and of identity. It’s all artificial.

This has been done over many generations and is accepted as being so by each newborn person quite rapidly. This self is a mirror, a mirror self, reflecting all these elements out of the past. Of course this is reinforced by general human agreement when a baby is given a name: “This is now who you are.” As I say, it’s reinforced because the name is registered! and, particularly in these days, sundry other registrations take place as the years go by, so that the person is more and more convinced of this mind-made identity. Everybody accepts it as being so, both for themselves and for each other; there is a general agreement. But because the majority may vote for it doesn’t make it so! This of course is the usual human approach in these days, that what the majority says must be right, majority rule. And politics gets mixed up in all this. There are lots of political identities around, but identities of all kinds, mind-created. This is consequent upon the fact of the mirror mind, which deals in the material that is reflected. That’s the material that is available to build this human identity.

But now we are aware of the window mind. The window mind has no need at all to create an identity, because what shines through the window mind is the identity. It isn’t a mind-made identity. It isn’t even a heaven-made identity. It is the one identity, namely the One I am. This is all a mystery to the mirror mind, but it is clear as day to the window mind. The window mind is Lucifer. The mirror mind is satan. As long as attention is taken up with what is reflected in the mirror, satan prevails and Lucifer is unknown. As the window mind begins to put in an appearance it does so because there is the shining of the light. The shining of the light illuminates the scene, and the scene is not at all as it was deemed to be in the mirror. It is a heavenly scene, it is a radiant scene: and there is no separation in what it is that puts in an appearance. We speak of heaven and earth as though they were two separate things; they are not. They are aspects of one thing; and when there is a window mind and the light is shining through it, one thing is seen, one thing is known. That one thing is the truth.

We come again with Lucifer present because the light shines. That has something to do with an Emissary of Divine Light, I believe— the truth of that. One doesn’t know the truth of it just by mouthing the words, but the truth of that reveals the King. It reveals the King in His kingdom—one thing. The King is not separate from His kingdom. He didn’t go on a journey. He has always been present in His kingdom. We haven’t known that because we haven’t been present in it.

But once again, receiving this gift without trying to manipulate it, but letting the light shine, there is an easy awareness of what it is that the gift really is. Mention was made earlier of a gift which was available at the beginning but which the mind was inclined to think it could work with. It seems to me that Emissaries have had the idea of “working with things,” and that we have minds so that we can think. Think what? Who is going to do the thinking? Is the mind not the window of heaven in the hands of the King, so that the light shining through it enables vision and understanding as to what it is that is happening in the creative process? Once there begins to be that, there is no necessity to try to manipulate something. It’s found to be beautiful, just wonderful.

Well what one has seen at the point of initiation is not all that will be seen as the light shines and the creative process continues. But what puts in an appearance doesn’t put in an appearance because the mind is manipulating anything, but because there begins to be a unification with the spirit of the King. That is what is moving, and it moves us. We don’t take hold of it and try to make it move anything. It moves us. And we find that it is a natural experience; now we know. Now we know what it is that needs to happen, what it is that is actually happening, and we can participate in the process. It unfolds. It is a delicate thing. It requires perception, but the perception is impossible without the shining of the light. The understanding only puts in an appearance because the light shines. And that requires a window mind, a very far cry from the mirror mind.

Utilizing the mirror mind we look into it and we see all sorts of things reflected there, and such things usually claim a person’s attention. But they are just a reflection, in the absence of the window mind. They are evidence of the absence of the window mind. Why pay so much attention to the reflection then? It doesn’t mean a thing; it isn’t really anything; it’s just a reflection. Let the reflection pass away and you have a clear glass through which the light may shine and there may be participation in the creative process because the King is present. He is the One who participates in the creative process; it isn’t the mind. It isn’t that arrogant creature which imagines that its thinking is so important. The mind presently, I suspect, would imagine that it has no purpose at all if it wasn’t thinking the way it is used to thinking. It has a purpose as a clear glass, transparent, doing nothing of itself, a complete absence of opinion. Then the light shines through. Heaven and earth are seen as being one, not two separate entities, just one. I don’t think we have a word for that, unless perhaps we speak of the kingdom of the King, which includes the all-that-is.

The window mind is Lucifer. The morning stars sing together—that’s an easy and a natural experience—and the sons of God shout for joy in the radiant outpouring of the spirit of the King. There can be no outpouring without the window. We may speak of these things. This is the wrapping of the gift. Receive the gift,now, and consequently forever. Holy, holy, holy.

Mentally we have all been so brash. The sea of glass, clear as crystal is before the throne of God—Lucifer, the transparent mind, through which the King speaks His Word and sounds the tone of life. In all we do, sensitive perception is needed to discern what it is that is ready to be born or brought forth. It is said that fools rush in where angels are cautious, because they wait to see, to discern, what is needful.

Always the right atmosphere is required at the point of initiation of anything. Then one may wait and become aware of what it is that is needful. If one doesn’t do this one will surely go off on a tangent, as it was put. The creative process continues to work, and if we are amenable it will bring us back off the tangent eventually. But why waste the time, as though it was necessary to the creative process? It isn’t. The creative process is very forgiving, and if one doesn’t go too far on a tangent it will bring you back. But there is a point of no return. Obviously it’s working through all this stuff on earth to get the job done. So we share the responsibility of doing what we are here to do, so that that job can be done. But it is done by the spirit of the King working in the creative process. It’s not done by the bright ideas of the human mind.

We share such an easy responsibility; it’s not taxing upon anyone. You don’t have to have a great intellect. As long as you have a mind at all, it’s all right! The intellect is arrogant and uses itself for its own ends. The window mind is humble and open to the radiance of the King, which shines forth, creating the atmosphere needful. And as perceptiveness is developed in the light, what needs to happen can happen easily without any necessity to go off on any tangents. One can rationalize that, saying, “Well the creative process is working.” Yes it was; it did its job if it brought you back. But why did you go out there in the first place?

As I say, the spirit of the King working in the creative process is very forgiving. It always has been or we wouldn’t be here at all. Let us not trade on that forgiveness, but learn to let the light shine radiantly, consistently, so that what needs to be seen can be seen. And what we see is what is coming forth. We encompass what is coming forth. We don’t try to manipulate it. We don’t try to make it be something other than what it is. There is no need for all this mental thrashing around. There is that which is to be born moment by moment, and we learn to shepherd it into radiant expression; and because the radiance is there we see what's happening. We don’t see what we don’t need to see. We just see what we need to see. I think we can be very thankful for that. There’s no need to be all cluttered up like we were.

We share the outpouring of the radiance of the King, and we love that above all. Again, I speak of these things. We all need to know the truth of them because we receive the gift into ourselves in our own living. There is no other real fulfillment possible.

© Emissaries of Divine Light