November 19, 2017

Is  It  Possible  On  Earth  At  This  Time?

from  Sunrise Service Number Thirty-Three

Uranda  December 23, 1949

Suppose, on good authority—remember I said suppose—you were informed that the fulfillment of that toward which we look would take a great deal more time than we had anticipated, and suppose you were informed, on good authority, that it would be some future generation that would experience the fulfillment toward which we look. What change would it make in your attitude? Would it make any difference? Would you say, “Well, then, what is the use? What are we doing here? Let us go somewhere else”? Or would you say, “Whether it be in this generation or in some other in days to come, there is no cause more worthwhile, no purpose more appealing”? Would your devotion to God and to the cause for which we are gathered be just as deep or deeper than it has been? What would be your attitude? I will let you answer that in your own hearts, for the moment at least.

Since the beginning of recorded history, with indications extending back beyond the memory of man, there has been, in one way or another, though sometimes perhaps hidden or limited to a few, a recognition that the Truth is the way to freedom. It has been portrayed as being veiled, and if any should reach the point where the Truth could be unveiled, then the Truth would receive such an one into Oneness, and such an one would partake of the nature of Truth, which is eternal. When the Master expressed the words, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free,” He was not expressing an idea that was new in the world. He was repeating a truth that had been known among men a long, long time. 

We are here to prove something. In the world the greatest governing, controlling force in the development of what we are pleased to call society has been fear. Fear of want has driven to hard labor. Fear of being looked down upon by others has driven to the building of those evidences of success which the world accepts. The violent forms of evil doing are held in check more or less by the fear of penitentiary or some form of death. Much of the obedience to rule and regulation is because of fear of consequences if one does otherwise. The religions that have the greatest influence in the world in this present day use the whip of fear. Governments are established and maintained in various ways through the impetus established by fear. Dictators rule and maintain themselves by maintaining terror. All of these things are in the world.

People work with a certain degree of diligence in their jobs, arriving on time, and working a certain number of hours, for fear they will lose their jobs. Organizations are built and maintained primarily on the basis of fear. There are those things that would appear to be evidence that fear is a much better means of governing than is love. A much more efficient organization can be built in the world through the whip of fear than we have yet achieved on the basis that we seek to utilize. We are here to prove whether it is possible to govern human beings in this world through love, or must the whip of fear continue to be used for the welfare of human beings?

What is it that governs truly? Is it possible to actually govern human beings through love and have an efficient, effective organization or society, whatever you want to call it? Human beings seem to think that as soon as the whip of fear is laid away they can just about do as they please. Oh, lift the whip of fear and you see a tendency to snap back to attention and begin to settle down to business, but as soon as the Voice of Love says, “I have put away the whip,” we see lagging and all kinds of human foolishness begin to appear. We are here to prove whether the theories we profess to believe are workable and practical in the world.

I cannot find it in my heart to condemn the multitudes of those who are quite firmly convinced that a rule of love in the world is impossible. They say it is alright to have charity and try to do the right thing by one another, but in the final analysis, unless you can hire and fire, unless you can put people in jail or hang them, unless you have guns around, it is impossible to keep human beings acting half-way decent or in any sense organized as a society. You can go back any number of years and you find governments built on the rule of fear, maintaining power by terror, accomplishing things through slavery.

There was a certain King Who came into the world to establish another kind of Kingdom, another kind of Government, and He never even got a government started—and there are those who have supposedly followed Him in various ways for nearly two thousand years and His Government still is not even started. We may say the Romans only lasted a short time in their great world government, or that some other dictators rose to power but they passed away.

But there was a King, the KING of LOVE, Who came into the world and the people crucified Him to start with, and His Government just simply never even got started. It has never appeared. It is at hand, just as He said it was, but the Government never even got started, so far. The dictators did better than that. They at least had a few years. We are not interested just in a few years; we are interested in eternity. But what about it?

In the 19th chapter of I Kings, we find these words: “And behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the Lord; but the Lord was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake: “And after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice.”

The Fire, the expression of God's Love, may be seen and recognized and felt to some degree by devoted people, but it is not in that that they find the Lord, in the sense that the Lord longs to be discovered by His Children. The Father knows His Children, but the problem is how to get the Children to know the Father. Is not that the problem? How to get the Children to know the Father?

“The still small voice” here is the Voice of Truth. Even though there is love, that alone is not enough. As the Master said, “God seeks those who will worship Him in Spirit—yea in Spirit—and in Truth.” This matter of seeing, recognizing and accepting Truth, that the Truth may be unveiled to the vision of human beings, is sometimes the greatest problem of all. Man's fall was brought about by his acceptance of that which was contrary to Truth. His function accordingly caused Truth to become blurred, so that he could not see it clearly. His vision became distorted and since that day Truth has indeed been veiled from the eyes of man.

Truth, if it be in a realm of human limitation somewhat separated from love, can compel many things. Truth can force and establish a type of control, but that is a distorted, limited situation which does not allow the full beauty and perfection of Truth to appear, because there are three things which need to blend if we are to be that which God wills us to be—Love and Truth and Life. Any lack of alignment, any imbalance in relationship or proportion, and the fullness of being becomes impossible. The Power of Love makes adoption, or Rebirth, possible, but until Truth is allowed to operate that Rebirth does not become a reality.

We commemorate the Master's birth on earth but it has real value to us only as we thereby become the Children of our Heavenly Father, reborn into the Kingdom so that the Truth makes us free—Free Citizens of the Kingdom. We have often heard, or recognized the claim, that we are free citizens of the United States of America, and that is a blessed, holy privilege in this world—we rejoice in that. But what about being free Citizens of the Kingdom of the LORD of Love?

Is it possible on earth at this time, with people in this generation, or must the fulfillment await some future time when there are more convenient circumstances, supposedly? Is it necessary that we wait for a greater King? Is it necessary that we wait for a greater Prophet or Teacher? Is it necessary that we wait for other people in another generation? Why should we wait? What more is required before you will receive the Blessings offered to His Children by my Heavenly Father, our LORD and KING?

These are the things about which I wished to commune with you this day, that I might be certain that I have done all things possible to the end that you may receive fully and truly the Gifts of our Father in Heaven, our LORD Jesus Christ, and having so said, I rest my case. You are the ones who must return the verdict. You are the ones who must determine whether it is enough or whether hopes must be pinned on some future generation.

In the Name of my LORD and KING I say: Peace be unto you, that as you go your several ways you may find and know the Way, the Truth and the Life. Aum-en.

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