April 01, 2018

The  Ever-Present  Heavenly  Event

Martin Cecil   April 3, 1983  5:50 a.m.

This is a beautiful Easter morning, pure and white! It is about the time that the sun should rise over the rimrock and, if the skies were clear, shine through the colored windows of the Little Chapel. If we had been gathered at the west side of this Chapel no doubt we would have been able to observe this. In any case, you may have observed that there was light in the Little Chapel—if you didn’t see it coming up, look as you go out—shining through the windows from the inside.

Perhaps here may be seen a representation of the Sun which has risen. The sunrise I’m thinking of is the rising of the Sun of righteousness “with healing in his wings”: a heavenly event which occurred some time ago, almost two thousand years now. The clouds of ignorance have obscured the fact that the Sun rose at that time. People talk about it on Easter Day, calling it the resurrection, but the fact is that the heavenly event occurred by reason of the incarnation of the Lord of Love in human form. This was a divine event, celebrated in the Christian world at Christmas and then again a celebration at Easter, the same divine event: incarnation. Those who populate the Christian world are inclined to remember this; they talk about it: the Son of God came on earth. Out of that have sprung many myths and peculiar doctrines, but the Sun rose. There was a divine event, a heavenly event, which is the same heavenly event present with us now. In this sense it’s not a matter of time at all.

The heavenly event has been present all down through the ages since that time. This heavenly event is here now. The difference is that at the point of initiation it was quickly concealed by the clouds of ignorance and has remained concealed pretty well ever since, until recent decades when the heavenly event has emerged into increased evidence. It wasn’t very evident at the start. It has been made to look rather more evident than it was, in the stories that have come down; it has been magnified in Christianity. But factually there wasn’t all that much evidence at the time—a little brightening of the sky perhaps for a few moments. That brightening of the sky has been emphasized in the consciousness of many people all down through the ages. But there was indeed a heavenly event, as I say, divine incarnation of a very specific nature, and whether anyone noticed or not, the Sun rose.

So there has been a new day ever since, obscured by the clouds of ignorance. That first heavenly event was never withdrawn. It has been the heavenly event ever since, unrevealed as being so. Many people have anticipated something happening in the future again; but it happened; it is. The heavenly event is now. It was the incarnation of the Son of God, of an Archangel, in human form on earth. The real form of course is the whole body of humanity. That would be the earthly event when revealed, but there could be no earthly event if there wasn’t a heavenly event first.

This heavenly event has been present all along, while according to the record it looks as though the One who has been called Jesus went someplace. It was even said that His words indicated, “I go to prepare a place for you.” But He didn’t really go anyplace. The incarnation in this sense is just as much a present fact as it was then. It seemed that He went because He went out of the consciousness of people. He was not in the consciousness of very many people anyway.

And so today this heavenly event has not changed one iota. What has changed is the fact that there are those who begin to give form and flesh to that event. Perhaps we are counted among that number, and this morning we have opportunity to take note of the fact. The clouds of ignorance are beginning to be dispelled somewhat, first of all in us, and in others who likewise are taking note of the fact of the sunrise within their own consciousness. Clouds of ignorance are dissipating, so that what needs to be seen can be seen clearly. It is found that the doctrines of Christianity are part of the clouds; perhaps in a way I suppose brighter clouds than some others, but clouds just the same because they obscure the awareness of the fact of the sunrise, the heavenly event, the heavenly event which has been present in specific focus for going on two thousand years now.

So that heavenly event, the incarnation of the Archangel, is now. It begins to emerge into comprehensible awareness in the consciousness of some. It does this to the extent that the clouds of ignorance are dissolved. The clouds of ignorance, as I have indicated, are very particularly Christian doctrines, but we could say all religions on the face of the earth have been clouds obscuring the truth. Sometimes these clouds look bright, or brighter than the pervading gloom, although at other times they themselves look pretty dark too. We have religious conflict of all kinds in the world. For a few moments on Easter morning perhaps, there are people in the Christian world who think they agree about something. But the clouds of ignorance are dissipating in the consciousness of some, so that form and flesh may be given to the truth.

We share this particular responsibility this morning in a particular way as we are gathered here in the Dome Chapel. It’s evident that the light of the rising of the sun, in a literal sense, is beginning to permeate the atmosphere outside, but nobody is in position under the cloud cover to pinpoint the sun. But for us, we know the reality of that heavenly event. It is not something that we have to believe in. If we have to believe in it we don’t know, and it is evident that while it is true the Sun is risen, the fact is yet obscured by clouds of ignorance. But as the light shines in our living, and the living of anyone anywhere, as the Word is spoken, as the truth finds expression, the fact of the sunrise is proclaimed. There has been no change in that fact; it is exactly the same now as it was two thousand years ago. The heavenly event has been a heavenly event consistently, awaiting the clothing of it in earthly form. And this first happens in earthly consciousness.

We have the opportunity to share this, as we are doing now, and we rejoice greatly in that opportunity. For thus the fact that the Sun has risen, that the heavenly event is a reality, is proclaimed with greater vividness in the consciousness of human beings everywhere, so that the clouds of religion, of all human concepts and beliefs of whatever kind, may so brighten that they can’t be seen anymore, they pass away. The clouds of ignorance dissipate, and behold, the Word is spoken on earth: “I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.” This Word is spoken now, in this moment, in this place, even as it is being spoken elsewhere in many places the world around—in a sense but a little gleam of the Sun risen, but nevertheless beginning to light up the clouds of ignorance. And so we share this continued spiritual responsibility in this day and in each day, that the truth may be proclaimed because we live on earth.

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