December 22, 2017

A  Time  of  Conception

from  Satan-Man and God-Man

Martin Exeter   December 21, 1980

This is the time of the winter solstice. Christmas is supposed to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but it is likely not the time of year when He was actually born. The significance of the Christmas season relates more particularly to the winter solstice. It might be said to be a time of conception rather than a time of birth. Our concern is with heavenly events. The winter solstice for this earth might be described as an earthly event, but it is based in the ordinances of heaven. The operation of the universe, which includes the solar system, reflects heavenly government. So there is a heavenly event related to the winter solstice. As I say, this might well be described in terms of conception, spiritual conception. Actually, of course, the birth of Jesus into the world was a point of spiritual conception insofar as mankind was concerned, birth for Jesus perhaps but conception for mankind.

As sons and daughters of God we find ourselves coordinated with spiritual events. This may be seen now as relating to a particular point of conception relative to what is to occur in the days to come. Many people see something of this at the point of the New Year. We would certainly play our part in allowing whatever the proper conception is now to occur. Human pregnancies last nine months, they say. If we look at it in this way, then the time of the fall equinox would be birth. This seems to correlate with what we have referred to as the birthday of this ministry, September 16. If something is rightly conceived now, maybe it comes to birth then. We are looking at this in spiritual terms, not in the terms of form. Almost always, when anything pertaining to dates is considered it is immediately interpreted as referring to some form or other that should put in an appearance. No doubt there always is a form connected with any spiritual event, but usually there is quite a lag between the spiritual event and the form. And in any case the form which does appear is seldom recognized as being consequent upon the spiritual event. We are safer to concern ourselves with spiritual events and let the forms take care of themselves, so that there is no preconceived anticipation formwise.

In any case, here is the point when a particular spiritual cycle may be initiated as a part of what is unfolding in the larger pattern of things here on earth, and everywhere else as far as that is concerned. Spiritual conception now, spiritual birth later. Of course this is only one cycle amongst many; there are wheels within wheels, as we well know. Some significance has been given, however, to September 1981, because it is the completion of seven seven-year cycles since the birth of this ministry. As sons and daughters of God we naturally keep step with whatever is unfolding in the spiritual or heavenly sense, and this is our primary concern, because we recognize it to be the foundation of the earth. Our job might be defined as laying the foundations of the earth, the new earth in this instance. Included in this, the morning stars sing together and all the sons and daughters of God shout for joy. So we are quite aware of the natural approach from the standpoint of sons and daughters of God. Human beings do get caught up in the spirit of joy somewhat at Christmastime and we would certainly encourage that, although why it should be limited to Christmas I don't know.

“Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” There are lots of people who mouth those words but have no faintest notion what they mean. They are looking off into the distance somewhere for something to come. There is nothing to come from anywhere. It's here, and it's known to be here when the sons and daughters of God are present and in expression. For theirs is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, by which the world is transmuted and returned into the hand of God. God assumes responsibility and control directly in that world because of His sons and daughters, incarnate and in expression. This is indeed glory to God in the highest, which brings the peace of the kingdom. 

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