January 16, 2018

The  Power  of  Creation

Martin Exeter   April 17, 1983

Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?

Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season? or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons?

Knowest thou the ordinances of heaven? canst thou set the dominion thereof in the earth?

We move forward together in the creative cycle, speaking the Word out of the whirlwind—cyclic, rhythmic, creative. As emotions no longer determine behavior the mind is released so that the spirit may reveal intelligence. Certainly the sweet influences of Pleiades can be bound for right use; the bands of Orion can be loosed for intelligent thinking in consequence. Mazzaroth can be brought forth in his seasons. No longer is experience determined by external events and influences. What is needful in living is brought forth out of heaven by the action of spirit. The action of spirit in heaven is the whirlwind—creative action, not destructive. Emotions under control, mind activated by spirit brings forth what is right and fitting in the moment. Arcturus and his sons can be guided. Radiant expression makes this possible. The creative cycle can be administered. There is an awareness of the direction of movement. No longer is there any resistance to that movement but, rather, whatever is necessary to allow that movement to be effective in our own individual creative fields is provided.

The ordinances of heaven are known and the dominion of them is set in the earth by reason of our own individual spiritual expression. Spiritual expression is power. It has already been stated many times: Never underestimate the power of spiritual expression. It is the power of fusion, bringing and holding all things together in the true design in the creative process. This is the power of the Holy Ghost: fusion—oneness, wholeness, the power that operates the universe. The unholy ghost brings forth the power of fission, the power of disintegration—nuclear weapons, for one thing. This is looked upon as a great power capable of obliterating everything on the face of the earth. Is the power of fusion any less, do you think? Is the power which operates the universe, holding all things together in oneness, less than the power released by the unholy ghost, the power inherent in what is called fission? Of course not. Such power is scarcely discernible in the universe, in the cosmos of harmony and order brought forth by the power of fusion.

Never underestimate the power of spiritual expression therefore. Here is the power back of the whole universe brought to focus through the angels of God incarnate and in expression in human form on earth. Obviously it is a power not to be played with by impure hearts and self-active minds; it isn't available to impure hearts and self-active minds. Lacking that power, of course, they have been used to develop the other power: that of fission, that of disintegration. The angels of the Lord on earth are aware of the power of spiritual expression, the power of the Holy Ghost. They are aware also of such power as has been stolen by the unholy ghost, the power of disintegration. The latter is clearly demonstrated on earth in these days; it has come right out into the open where it can be seen. It is presumably a very noisy power, very violent, generating tremendous heat and light at a certain destructive level. Light in this sense can be used destructively, as can heat also, combined with noise. The unholy ghost is very noisy; the world is full of racket, in more ways than one.

The power of the Holy Ghost is silent. Maybe you have listened for the music of the spheres but I doubt if you heard very much. There is a quietness here, a gentleness, certainly a quality of understanding; but these elements do not indicate a lack of power. If, as human beings do, they correlate power with noise, violence, excessive heat and blinding light, then something seems to be lacking. But there is light, there is heat, in quietness and in gentleness. Here is power undreamt of by self-active human minds and impure human hearts. This presumably is why they have developed the substitute, the destructive power, the power of disintegration. Do you imagine that disintegration can prevail in face of the power of the Holy Ghost, the power of spiritual expression?

Let us begin to sense more keenly in mind and heart the intensity and the quality of this creative power; for this power is in the hands of the angels of the Lord incarnate and in expression on earth. It is used only to the extent of purity of heart and clarity of mind, because only to that extent is spiritual expression possible. This power is inherent in spiritual expression. This power achieves the creative purposes of spirit. It cannot be prevented or turned aside. But it only emerges into experience as there are pure hearts and clear minds to let it happen.

In this day there has been particular movement in a directly experienced creative cycle. It was not shut off after the service given by me this morning or after what was provided a little later by you. The continuing movement has been present and available to the experience of all concerned, to the extent of purity of heart and clarity of mind, refocalized in a specific way by those who participated in the chanting and in the words that were spoken—latterly you all shared in that chanting—that we might be together in a continuing way in this particular focus of the creative cycle which is our responsibility, the responsibility of each one. We have the opportunity of sharing it in a very specific way when we are together as we are now, but it does not evaporate when this is not the situation, although it may evaporate in the experience of those who should be participating in the continued movement of that creative cycle.

As a little aside, I have noticed that after the blessing is given at a meal there are those who very quickly revert to their conversation and their ribaldry. Perhaps very often the first sounds that put in an appearance are those of children. Something should be done about that to cause an awareness as soon as possible in the childish consciousness of moments of sacredness and reverence. But some of adult years are not far behind the children, as a rule. I take note of these things; perhaps some of you do too.

Who has the experience of being the angel of the Lord incarnate and in expression on earth? Whose minds and hearts are yielded and open and welcoming to that experience? And so we share it, if we will, now in this moment because we pay attention. But then minds wander and hearts become involved with a variety of emotions. The focus is lost; participation in the creative cycle ceases; the power is dissipated. How many are there on the face of the earth with the opportunity consciously to share this creative work which we have begun to understand? Shall the destructive power of fission prevail in human experience, or shall it be the creative power of fusion, the creative power that is made manifest in oneness, in an easy, natural, complementary movement of all those who are aware of these things? When that is so, the reality of spiritual expression puts in an appearance and the power of fusion is present.

What might be described as miracles, I suppose, occur, because this power is absolutely irresistible. It is, of course, irresistible in two ways. Those who fight against it discover what it means to fail; those who welcome it discover that it is irresistible and irresistibly brings them back to where they belong. Those who know the reality of spiritual expression constantly and consistently extend the welcome into the Holy Place, the Holy Place from which spiritual expression flows. In the giving of attunements it has usually been thought of in the sense of projecting something, doing something to the physical form. That may have been part of the situation heretofore, but the real attunement is to be brought home, isn't it?—for the minds and hearts, and therefore the bodies of people, to be brought again into the garden of God, into the Holy Place. To welcome someone into the holy place, naturally one must have a Holy Place to welcome them into.

It is this that is health—perhaps not healing, but health. There is a distinction here. People want to be healed so that they can continue in whatever state they were in before. Of course they may claim that if they are healed they will serve God better. That's not the point. The point is for mind and heart to be made new. The body certainly cannot be made new if mind and heart are not. The body seems to be quite willing to follow along with the mind and the heart, whether in the broad way to destruction or in the narrow way to life. The problem is not really very much with the body but in the minds and the hearts of those bodies. It will continue to exist as long as the emotions dictate behavior, for when the emotions dictate behavior the mind rationalizes that behavior. It was Adam, wasn't it, who went trotting after Eve when she ate the forbidden fruit. He's been trotting after Eve ever since. As long as emotions control, the mind is stupid; it's under the influence of dope. It's addicted to what has been called the forbidden fruit, namely judgment--the imagined ability that the mind has, to determine what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad. If it thinks it has that ability it's stupid! And it's stupid because it exercises that ability, or what it thinks of as an ability.

The spirit moves in heaven, and the Word is spoken out of the whirlwind. I suppose that whirlwind could be described as an anticyclone; it's a high-pressure area. The movement of the spirit in the substance of heaven is described as the whirlwind, invisible as yet; but with an anticyclone it is a gentle zephyr. Here is the angel in heaven administering the creative cycle. The reverse of that would be a cyclone: low pressure, the devil in hell administering destruction, disintegration, fission. That would be it insofar as human beings are concerned; but because the angels are in heaven and because there are those yielded minds and hearts sufficiently clear and pure, the creative cycle can be administered within the range of human experience, designed to make all things new. But mind and heart must be made new first, for it is through mind and heart that the creative cycle may be administered on earth—but only by the angel of the Lord; it can't be self-administered by mind and heart.

So we participate in this process now in this moment as there is an actual movement with the action of the spirit, with the Word in heaven. There could not be participation in that without being in heaven. One may know for oneself the extent to which there is intelligent participation because there is a sea of glass clear as crystal. The emotions are stable and still. The mind is no longer interested in being governed by the emotions but in being governed, now, by the spirit of God, by the action of spirit in heaven. And the Word comes out of the whirlwind to make very sure that the mind has no false illusions and the emotions are no longer attempting to rule the roost. Then there may be stillness, quietness: a sea of glass clear as crystal—the purified heart, the sanctified and clarified mind waiting upon the Lord, waiting for the activation out of heaven to be experienced and administered on earth. What is done in any situation, any circumstance that arises, makes possible the setting of the dominion of the ordinances of heaven in the earth. This is not possible when emotions run rife or when the mind justifies the emotions and rationalizes its own action.

Be still, O mind; be silent, O heart.

Behold, the Spirit of Truth comes forth;

spiritual expression is made possible; the power of creation is present.

How gently, how easily, all that is present in human consciousness can be handled.

How gently, how easily, things can be made new.

It is usually the human view that to cause anything to happen in the world as it is known some sort of forceful imposition must be brought to bear. This is war, of course, at whatever level that war may put in an appearance. This is not the way of the spirit. The spirit does bring something to bear in radiation into human consciousness, something that, as I have said, is irresistible. This high pressure is easily yielded to by the minds and the hearts that are willing. In those who are not willing, resistance is engendered; but what is the point of resisting the irresistible power?

So we know what it is that happens. We, living out of heaven, are responsible for administering the creative cycle. We may observe what is happening, being unmoved by it, and we may provide whatever is fitting and possible to assist others in their yielding, in the clarifying and sanctification of human minds and in the purification of human hearts. We know what that is to the extent that it has been experienced by our own personal minds and hearts. If it hasn't been we don't know what it is, and we can be of no assistance or value to anybody else. Some people sit around hoping for something to happen. It never does, because the heart must be open and the mind yielded to the spirit, the spirit which has been so vividly portrayed and offered, extended, month after month and year after year, within the range of our experience. We can deny it, we can betray it, we can be dishonest, but why? I am sure there is a longing in every open heart for honesty and clarity, the joy of administering the creative cycles on earth. What a wonder this is, and what miracles occur!

All who will come are welcomed into the Holy Place. Nothing that defiles or works abomination or makes a lie can come in, so all that rubbish can be left outside. And within the Holy Place is wholeness: Be thou made whole. This welcome into the Holy Place is far beyond what has heretofore been called attunement, isn't it? Attunement as it has been known has been no more than a patching-up process, so that people can stick around a little longer and maybe yield their hearts and minds. But it is the yielding of the heart and mind that is the point, the coming into the Holy Place, where wholeness is. Coming into the Holy Place, that is the experience: wholeness—no need to shop around anymore to try to get fixed up. In the Holy Place whatever needs to be done to administer the creative cycle is done. This will relate also to one's own physical form. Creative expression of life, spiritual expression, is what is known.

Glory to God in the highest, that in living, momentary living, the truth may be known because it is in expression. That expression is spiritual expression. It is the focus for the power which operates the universe to find fitting and right and creative release in human experience. We are responsible for this. What a glorious responsibility! We share it now and in all the hours and days and months and years to come. Here is peace, here is beauty, here is love.

© Emissaries of Divine Light