March 03, 2018

Let  Love  Radiate  in  Our  Daily  Function


Explosion of Atomic Bombs #1 and #2

Uranda   June 30, 1946

Those who have an opportunity to make their voices heard will be the ones that immediately shape the concepts which develop with respect to this [atomic bomb] test. I think we can anticipate that those who are sincerely turning to Spiritual things will meditate very seriously on the relationship between what we have just witnessed by means of radio, and Biblical prophecy. So far, while we may be able to see that point to some degree, since we will not be able to make our voices heard in an outer sense to very many people; and since the condition is as it is in the field of vibrations through Radiation, and focalization of the world Response, in consideration of the Spirit of the Word—this afternoon we have had the greatest opportunity that has ever been given to man by outer means, to Radiate into the focalized attention of the mass of humanity, and that vibration which we are able to set up and maintain and release tends to permeate the consciousness of those who truly respond in Love to the LORD, regardless of race, color, creed or people.

The exact point of the focalization of world attention, the thing that every one had in mind, the thing toward which thoughts were turned, was the bomb itself, and to the degree that the world mass as a whole was conscious of what was taking place, the atoms in that bomb represented their hopes and their fears. It represented the gateway to destruction or a key to a glorious future—and from that standpoint, that was the specific Current upon which I was giving my attention—and as the bomb exploded and the various phases of the manifestation of the phenomenon followed, it was as if the feeling attitude which each individual had focalized in that bomb was returned back to him by means of the explosion—as if the world vibration of attention had reached out and the currents of fear or hope or whatever may have focalized at one point for a brief time, and then by means of the explosion, all of those focalized vibrations were scattered back to the points from which they originated in humanity. That means the intensification of all the feelings and attitudes that human beings have with respect to the future. It is more or less in the nature of plowing the ground, and tilling the soil of the mass consciousness.

And with respect to certain peculiar focalizations, be they ever so small, we are reminded of this text from Second Peter: “But the day of the Lord shall come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness.”

We do not anticipate that the whole earth, as some have imagined, is simply going to dissolve.  All it says is: “… in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.” “The heavens shall pass away …” There will be that which is in the atmosphere above us that will be damaged, “… and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.” Actually, in the focalization of the bomb, we see that the prophecy is fulfilled, not as if the whole world as an earth had experienced it, but from the standpoint of the atomic bomb and the place it was exploded—that was true.

Now, the day of the Lord—insofar as we are concerned, every day is the day of the Lord, and each day is a day wherein certain ones find or realize that the Lord is working in their lives, and the pressures of such circumstances as those that have been focalized today certainly hastens the focalizations of consciousness within the individual. Some will the more fully turn to the Lord and some will the more boldly scoff and follow in the way of their own fancy.

Charlie — The smallness of the bomb is out of proportion to the power and strength which is released. As we are gathered here in the Oneness of the Christ Body, the Power that is released—if it is directed rightly—and the strength of that Power as it flows through us is out of all proportion to the smallness of the group through which it goes forth.

Uranda — An excellent point and a fine realization, Charlie. The smallness of the atomic bomb in comparison to the greatness of its power, the effect it produces in those who come into contact with it, correctly symbolizes that which is Divinely ordained for us. We are a comparatively small group, but just as a great force can be released through one comparatively small bomb, through atomic energy, so can a small group of individuals, focalized in the Lord and functioning actually as a manifest expression of the One Christ Body on earth, provide a release of Power that is greater than anything that man can dream of.

Human beings do not change because they come face-to-face with such things [fear of destructive influences]. It only tends to bring out what is in them; and we realize that if we, having this recognition and knowing the significance, do not function correctly, so that those who are seeking the Lord and who earnestly desire to Serve Him contact Him through us, then what is there? It emphasizes again how we need at all times to be alert to every opportunity that we have to Let Love Radiate—to let that Light so shine before men that they may glorify our Father which is in heaven.

Rose — You told us recently that the higher the vibration the finer and more powerful it is. I was thinking that political defense is so widely scattered, and the only way this could be accomplished is by a high vibration that is focalized and unified instead of being scattered like political set-ups.

Uranda — That is excellent, and humanity as a whole will have to reap on the level of its own function. In other words, there are those who are Responsive to the finer, or more powerful, vibrations of Radiation that will be influenced thereby who are being assisted in their search for Spiritual Truth and an understanding of life, but that portion of the human mass that is not turning to the Lord, by reason of these things which are coming to pass, continue to function on the lower levels, and the political set-ups can not reach or help or protect them from their own activities, and the results of these activities of the finer Spiritual vibrations.

In other words, true Spiritual power is effective only on the level on which it is released. It is comparatively easy, from the standpoint of one properly attuned, to release Spiritual power in the higher levels, and those higher vibrations are tremendously powerful, but they are active only on the levels on which they are released, and in connection with those attuned to such levels. This means, then, that only as it can be worked out through the medium of human beings to release Spiritual power on those levels to which human beings are more generally responsive, or in which they are attuned, can the release of that Spiritual Power be effective in meeting the issues of the world, whether of the atomic bomb or something else. So we have to realize that while the political structures upon which human beings are inclined to place all their dependence are of little value, there is not much we can do to prevent the destruction by such methods, except to Radiate the Christ Love in a true sense on all the levels of consciousness, so that those Responsive to God may be influenced and blessed, regardless of where they are or who they may be.

Jim — There is one point in the description, particularly with reference to the cloud that formed after the burst of the bomb. The vast destruction of the bomb was on the surface of the water or on the land, but the main force and focalization of the effect of the bomb rose up into the heaven and reached higher than anything that had been known before. It mushroomed out three times in fact, and each time formed a stem on a higher level. Due to the fact that this cloud arose so rapidly and was so dense, and after that the Radiation reached out, it seems to draw to mind a similarity with the Powers of the Lord, in that they are focalized and reach out into the heaven.

Uranda — I will carry that further. We know that the next thing they anticipated, for instance, was the release of the explosive just below the surface of the water. As some scientist pointed out, the real destructiveness of the bomb could be truly demonstrated if it was placed about a mile under the surface of the water. If such a thing were done it would come pretty close to destroying all marine life. The reason I bring this into the expression is this: As atomic energy releases its primary forces upward, so also do we find that to be true with Spiritual energies, and the level upon which it is released determines to a high degree that which will be accomplished by that release of force. As with the bomb when it is released at a point considerably up in the air, the destructive force is made manifest at the surface of the water to only a small degree of that which it is capable, but when we are able to release the true Spiritual force, controlled and to the full expression of Power on the lower levels, then the very fact that its primary energies tend to appear in an upward expression would mean that we are more effective in the greater mass of humanity.

I have emphasized this point in many ways. There are those who think that if they reach a high point and simply Radiate on that level that they will be doing humanity a wonderful good. That is ridiculous, because comparatively few are reached by a Radiation on high levels. That does not mean that the one who Radiates cannot be attuned to a high point, for he must be if he truly Radiates, but he must radiate on the level where he seeks to be effective, and then the release on that level will be to tend to make it move upward.

I feel that another phase should be touched upon, and that is that human beings are very likely to be lulled into a false sense of security with respect to these developments. Those who do not want to awake, those who do not like to look at facts, and those who want to settle down in some little niche or corner and live a crystallized routine of life will tend now to be lulled into a false sense of security, and so while it emphasizes to us that regardless of what conditions appear in the world, we can and should be tranquil and continue to serve faithfully and effectively. Nevertheless, there are those tens of thousands and millions who will pass by a great opportunity to let themselves be stirred into thought and consideration and resultant function.

Beatrice — My realization is that it was a new thing, and the fact that it has to do with atoms makes the world more conscious of the fact that there are things in creation so far beyond comprehension—the new thing is a revelation of the times, something that man cannot ignore. It is the beginning of a New Age.

Uranda — It is something new and the fact of something new should, as you suggest, stir people to a Realization of the fact that we are in the beginning of a New Age and a new era, but people dislike change. They resist it with all their might and close their eyes to it. If we were to depend on human beings as such for change, humanity would settle down into a rut which would finally be covered with the sands of time and humanity would be no more. It is those things that are bigger than humanity, those things that take hold of a few human beings and stir them up, and compel them to do things that finally shake the lethargic expression of humanity into some semblance of consciousness, so that what we call progress can manifest.

Bertha — The point that impressed me was that when we are attuned to a high level of consciousness, much more is gained by releasing the Power on a lower level of consciousness. I think of that in relationship to our daily function.

Uranda — It emphasizes again the fact that unless we Let Love Radiate in our daily function, it will not be released on the level of expression where it can be of real value in the world. If we are able to gather and go up into a high mountain of consciousness, what we do there is of value, but the real value comes only when those individuals move down into the world of man and live in the everyday walks of life, letting that Spiritual Power find expression on those levels of activity.

The Master spoke of the mass of humanity that loves darkness rather than Light, and yet we know that there are untold thousands all over the world who are interested in the Light—they seek the Light and they are willing to walk in the Light. From the standpoint of those who love darkness rather than Light, the shining of the Light, to the degree of intensity made manifest at the present time, it is hardly perceptible, if at all. It is only with respect to those who are Responsive to the Light that there is any appreciable result. The individual who is serving the Lord must remember that he must be in the world but not of it.

One who is serving as a Member of the One Christ Body is not in position to judge or determine the degree of effectiveness made manifest by reason of whatever Light does actually shine through him. In other words, the Light that shines through you may not be of benefit nor blessing to those next door but it may bless and encourage and help someone on the other side of the world, on some other continent, and of some other race. These vibrations which we speak of as Light, Love and Life are not limited in their Radiation to such things as language. They are things that are perceived and felt by the Responsive Chinaman just as easily as the Responsive American. They transcend all limitations.

Another thing that the human mind is not in position to determine is the time elements involved with respect to the period from the time of the planting of the seed to the day of the harvest. If the individual says, “I thought a seed was planted, but there is no fruitage,” and he passes on and says it was of no effect, he may be wrong because the human being is in no position to judge the time of gestation from the time of planting and the appearance of fruitage. The Master’s words are true: “Judge not that ye be not judged.” We are not to be concerned about results. Individually, your responsibility is to so Love the Lord, to so Respond to Him, that your Light does shine. It is not your responsibility as to who is blessed and who is not. The individual responsibility that devolves upon the Earnest One is that he be sure that his Light is shining. The only time that those who are consciously aware of the principles and the expression of the Christ Love as revealed in the Third Sacred School are not sure is when they begin to let their attention dwell upon the outer world—looking for results.

A Member of the Christ Body is not to be concerned about results.

The Lord of the Harvest is the One Who is concerned about the results,

and He is able to take care of His responsibilities.

There is a great tendency for the human being to be over anxious about who is helped and who is not, or of outer evidence of results in some fashion. We do have outer evidence of results which should be sufficient for each one—lives that have been changed within the scope of the Service itself. The only place where you can have any idea of this is within the scope of the Service, and then only within the range of what you see. You recognize that your own course of life has been altered. You recognize the change in the lives of others. That means, then, that there must be something, some Power, that is actually working to change lives, and you have experienced it. That is all the evidence that anyone properly requires. When he sees the Power of the Lord working within the scope of the Service, he should be able to abide in absolute confidence that that Power is working in those realms where he cannot see. So each one remembers, “Judge not, that ye be not judged”—and if he moves within the results that have been made manifest, then he can serve effectively and let the results appear in the world. Does that help to clarify the point? I believe you have a great deal to contemplate and meditate upon.

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