April 20, 2018

Universal  Pattern  —  Universal  Priesthood

from  Original Sin

Uranda   April 6, 1953  Class

You remember that bread and wine, brought forth by Melchizedek, was also offered by our Lord at what is called the Last Supper, or the Lord's Supper. Bread and wine—exactly the same symbols for the same purpose. As the Master in the upper room blessed His disciples when He gave them bread and wine, so we read that, “And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high God. And he blessed him, and said, Blessed be Abram of the most high God, possessor of heaven and earth: And blessed be the most high God, which hath delivered thine enemies into thy hand. And he gave him tithes of all.”

We recognized that in the process of becoming in actual fact members of the One Body, letting the power of God work in us and through us to carry on the Divine Pattern, we must become Priests and Priestesses after the Order of Melchizedek. We can be hangers-on, or we can be disciples, or followers (a disciple is a follower), or we can reach the point of being prophets—that is, letting the Word of the Lord express through our lips—or we can keep on and become Priests or Priestesses.

I would not want you to feel that I arbitrarily take the stand that every man, woman and child on the face of the earth should be a Priest or Priestess in the ultimate outworking. There are all kinds of spheres of service and responsibility which relate to that Central Focalization, and for a person who is content just to be a disciple, well, no one is going to find fault with him if he is a good disciple, or a good prophet or prophetess, as the case may be. There are many spheres of service. But from the standpoint of actually establishing the patterns and accomplishing the will of God on earth, it must be through the Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek. There is no other way. That is the way which Jesus Christ revealed on earth, and He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” He was reestablishing on earth a consciousness, an understanding, a recognition, of the Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek.

We might point out that it is only as human beings have responded to the influence released in the pattern of the Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek that they have accomplished anything worthwhile in a real beneficial sense to humanity or to the glory of God, at any time on the face of the earth. This is without respect to church or denomination or creed or color or anything else. This in which we are sharing comes over to us from the Motherland, from the days before the fall of man, and it is the Divine Pattern which has not been changed. It is still the same. It is still the same Law and Principles of Being.

What we are speaking of here as the Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek was the governing force on earth before the fall of man, and had been for around one hundred and thirty thousand years. And it has been the governing force behind every constructive move, every really blessed life, on the face of the earth since that day, without respect to any of the man-made divisions. In other words, when we begin to recognize the basic truth of the matter, we find that it is the catholic church—catholic means universal.

Consider the idea of Greek Catholic, Roman Catholic. Both, by the very fact that they say Greek or Roman, say it is not catholic. Catholic is universal. To say Roman Catholic is to establish a division, a limit, to build a fence. In other words you begin to see that whatever is constructive or right or real, or response to the spirit of God, in any person on the face of the earth, regardless of nationality or creed or religion or anything else, is a response to that Pattern in which we are engaged. We do not use the word catholic, because of its misuses. But it means universal. And we do not speak of it as a church particularly, in the ordinary sense, because it is much more than the human concept of what a church means.

But it is the Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek. And in order to see the full significance of this, we go back and recognize that the Divine Pattern was in operation before the fall. This pattern was in operation in relationship to the conditions that worked out after the fall. We remember man's sudden plunge downward into the caveman age, etc, and his gradual emergence into the dim dawn of history. And it was by this means that the Focalization of the Pattern was carried over from the period that was beyond the range of history, or man's knowledge, and re-established with respect to the dawn of history.

So, from my standpoint, any man or woman, regardless of who it is, or where, or in what condition, what they call themselves or anything else—any man or woman on the face of the earth who lets God's will be done, even to the slightest degree, so that there is a real service from it, that person is a part of this which you share here. And it is only to the degree that any person is a part of this, that he or she can amount to anything—I don't care what the standards according to the world concept. But this is, and has been for many thousands of years, the Universal Pattern with respect to the things of God on earth, the progress of man, everything. Every step of progress that man has made has been worked out under this Pattern, without a single exception.

We have people talk about their churches or their denominations going back two or three hundred years or four hundred years, or back to the time of Jesus, or something of that nature. This program which you are sharing here goes back to the fall of man, on the basis of its present purpose—that is, the restoration of man—and it goes back to the beginning of the creation of the world in actual fact. So as far as this world is concerned it cannot be any older than that. It is the Divine Pattern in operation, and has been since the beginning of the creation of the world. Once we begin to see that, we realize that we have a tremendous responsibility, a glorious privilege, to consciously share in this process of restoration. But man has been in the fallen state for so long that he imagines that God's whole purpose is just to get him back into heaven, and once that is done, everything is done.

This twenty-thousand-year interval in which man has fallen has simply meant that some of the other things that God intended to do have had to wait a bit. Getting man back into the Divine Pattern is a temporary goal. After man is back in the Divine Pattern, then we can go on with our Cosmic work, our Divine Pattern of work. Simply saving human beings is not the end and aim of all things—it is merely incidental; because when man fell, man interfered with the processes of God's creative work as it was being carried on in the solar system in relationship to the universe and the cosmos. Just as you might, conceivably, in some time in the past have been working on some certain job and you became ill and you were home for ten days, or in the hospital, we will say; well, after you were out of the hospital, and the convalescent period was over and you were strong enough, you went back on the job. And that interval is like this interval. It is a correction of something that is wrong. It is a process of restoration; it is not the real goal. It is important, but once we have achieved this process of restoration, then we can go on with our work, the work that was interfered with when the body of mankind became ill through eating the forbidden fruit. As a child, did you ever eat a green apple and get a bellyache? That is what has happened to man. And once we get him over this illness and the process of restoration worked out, then we can go back to the work that we were ordained to do.

It seems to me that once the human being begins to see that, he has a pattern of inspiration that is beyond anything that is ordinary, because human beings seem to think that this little interval here, the little life span on earth, is so important—it is—and being saved is so important that once that is done it is all done, and God is satisfied, and that is all it is going to be for all eternity. The body of humanity became ill. It is not well yet. So as soon as the body of humanity is well and the process of restoration has been worked out, we can go back to work and do the thing that we really were ordained to do, we were intended to do and should be doing. But for the time being we are on a temporary job. Peace be unto you.

Every Blessing Made Manifest

Uranda  April 9, 1953  Class

We have recognized that all of the Plan, the Program, designed to bring about the salvation of man, or the restoration of the world to the Divine Estate, since the days of the fall has been carried forward by The PriesthoodThe Order of Melchizedek. In the Motherland, prior to its final submersion after the fall, the Naacal Sages were the Ministering Priests, the teachers, instructors, who were members of this Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek. Every forward movement, every constructive thing, every blessing made manifest on earth since that time, without respect to person or place or creed, has been made manifest by reason of the working of this Priesthood. It was under the care of this Priesthood that preparations were made for our Master's coming, and He came as the Primary Focalization of this Priesthood. He was that Focalization before He came in the realm of men, and He still is.

Regardless of what church, what group, what color, what race, what belief, regardless of what sphere, religious or spiritual, or with respect to establishing governments or working out the Divine Pattern through nations or peoples, with respect to the opening up of the fields of knowledge and the development of understanding with respect to the laws of life, with respect to the inspiration essential to great inventions, all the developments, whether they are considered to be religious or industrial or scientific, all of the progress that man has known down to and including this day, including this hour which we share tonight, it has all, without any exception whatsoever, at any time, through any person or place, been under the influence, guidance, direction, of the Priesthood established after the Order of Melchizedek. (from How To Meditate)

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April 18, 2018

Celebrate  What's  Right

John Gray  March 18, 2018

Who I am in my actual personal experience of myself determines how I see everything. Or, to put it another way, how I see and understand what's going on in the world declares the identity my consciousness lives in. So, I’m constantly revealing myself, constantly exhibiting the self I experience. Sometimes others see me; often not. We might each ask ourselves—and then wait quietly for the answer—who fills my consciousness?  Not what fills it. Who?

True spiritual identity is absolute. Human nature identity is relative. If our wonderful facilities of consciousness are occupied by a big fat ego, this makes the entire world an object experienced by an illusory, separate “self.”  The false self is conditioned to see everything in dualistic terms. If I maintain attention in this unreal self—and if I do this, I am doing it by choicethen I experience the world only through this phony self, and it’s all make-believe! Nothing is as it seems, and I can strain to make sense of it all and never succeed, except in imagination. I think of that when I watch the news on television.

This small state of mind strips things down to two choices and then usually identifies with only one of them. The process of doing this creates the illusory world of opposites in human experience. It arbitrarily divides what is into endless dualities: good/bad, like/dislike, agree/disagree, want/don’t want, me/not me, even divine/profane. Seeing through this either/or lens, the ego takes a position on one or the other side of a duality in reaction to whatever is going on. Of course, taking a position on one side is rejecting the other side. Assuming a position against reinforces a phony self, defined by what "I" oppose, avoid, resist, condemn, resent, etc. The false self is always defined relative to the other and experiences itself as being what it is because of what the other is. In this identity, the cause of my experience/feeling/behavior is attributed to the other so immediately and automatically it feels normal to do it—not because it is normal, but because nothing else is known. It’s really hard—impossible, actually—to be generous or compassionate or thankful if everything is the other’s fault!

A business acquaintance of mine confided recently that he’s been “going through a lot.” He described what the “lot” was, and it was all about his positions for and against things and other people—his judgements, in other words. He asked me if I had any advice, expecting, I think, that I’d commiserate with his plight. Instead, I suggested that seeing himself as “going through a lot” makes him small and the “lot” big, so there’s little wonder he was feeling overwhelmed. Instead of going through a lot, how about a lot is going through me? If “a lot is going through me,” then I’m big and the “lot” isn’t overwhelming.

How does the world look to you?

Dewitt Jones, a well-known National Geographic Magazine photographer and international lecturer, often speaks on the theme, “celebrate what’s right with the world!”  His critics call him a “polyanna” for his incessantly positive outlook on life, but I’ve heard and seen him speak and I discern that his view of the world is a function of the place he looks at it from. “There’s far more right with the world than wrong,” Dewitt insists.  “Change your lens! Put on a lens of celebration.”

I agree.

Probably just about everybody has seen photographs of our planet taken over the past half-century or so by astronauts or from unmanned satellites in space. It’s a vista few have experienced in person—I read online that since 1961 when Yuri Gargarin became the first to see the Earth from this perspective, only 536 people have been shot into space. Twelve of those walked on the moon. American astronaut Mike Massimino said he was entranced by Earth’s verdant South American rain forests, rugged African deserts, and sparkling city lights spread out below him. Day or night, the planet looked like a paradise. Massimino is quoted, “I thought at one point, if you could be up in heaven, this is how you would see the planet. And then I dwelled on that and said, no, it’s more beautiful than that. This is what heaven must look like. I think of our planet as a paradise. We are very lucky to be here.”

Photographs of what astronauts see show the three-dimensional, physical planet. From the moon, Earth appears a beautiful blue-and-white orb, a jewel suspended in the vast blackness of space. But what would we see if we could view it through a different lens, a cosmic lens? The Earth’s magnetosphere extends at least as far as the moon or the moon wouldn’t stay in orbit, but that energy isn’t directly visible to earth-eyes. And what about the golden, enfolding heliosphere that includes us and vastly more? And that’s just our solar system. Massimino and other astronauts sense more than what they see from space, and vocabularies are inadequate to describe the experience. “Heaven.” “Paradise.” Yes, those words convey something, but just a hint of that something.

“There’s far more right with the world than wrong,” Dewitt Jones says, smiling.

“Change your lens! Put on a lens of celebration.”

He senses more than what he sees, too. HeavenIndeed, as the astronaut said, “We are very lucky to be here.” We understand the feeling, but, of course, it isn’t luck. It’s our purpose, the planet’s purpose, God’s purpose, and we’re on earth to help fulfill it. A hundred years ago, American poet Edna St. Vincent Millay wrote what became one of her best-known poems, Renascence. She titled it with an anglicized spelling of the French word for rebirth. These are my favorite lines from it:

“The world stands out on either side

No wider than the heart is wide.”

Think of an astronaut’s view of the world. Let’s extend our arms out wide on either side, open wide our hearts, and let love’s blessing stream forth to bathe it all.

In two weeks the Christian world celebrates Easter. Though lots of earnest people may sense more than they see, the occasion is almost always interpreted through a religious lens, which is formed of beliefs. Only a dim view is possible through that dark glass. The real significance of the Lord of Lords’ presence on earth can be only scarcely seen that way, despite the sincerity of untold millions of people. The story that’s been told for twenty centuries about His crucifixion and resurrection serves the purposes of the churches that preach it much more than it serves divine purpose. But, seen or not, what the Lord accomplished then remains today as available as it was all those years ago. Or was it just a couple days ago?

How may we see what’s called Easter through the lens of spiritual expression? Words do not do justice to the transcendent magnificence of archangelic presence re-established in human consciousness then and with us and in us, now. Seen large, it is a spiritual heliosphere, enveloping, nurturing, and sustaining the earth, humanity, and all life forms. Heaven and earth are one, here and now.

There is a lot going on these days—in individual people everywhere, in our societies, in the Earth itself, in plants and animals and all the systems of the natural world. But we’re not going through a lot; a lot is going through us! Let’s not play small. Let’s view the world through the macro-lens of our own spiritual expression. Our personal presence is large, and we are one in a yet far vaster presence. The identity we actually know determines how the world looks to us. It determines what we see in it and in one another; it determines what matters to us, and all we say and do.

Let’s see and celebrate what’s right with the world. Let’s be what’s right in the world!


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Dewitt Jones


April 16, 2018

From  Glory  Unto  Glory

Alan  Hammond   April 7, 1991  Sunrise Ranch

Long before we met the Emissaries, there were men and women in our lives who represented nobility, beauty, integrity. That was the One Spirit shining through human form. There may have been conspicuous people in our lives who provided this, but there were many others too. As our lives unfolded we became aware of the frailties of human nature that were mixed in with the beauty we were responding to. Then somewhere along the way we encountered somebody who really excited us, not only with their revelation of life—beauty through human form—but also with their words concerning our own greatness. We longed to fulfil this. So whatever person or group we met, we eventually found ourselves in this room this morning, seeking to increasingly reveal the truth of ourselves, our true stature, our true beauty—because this, we know, is our only meaning. Our meaning is not tied to an external pattern of accomplishment or to the acquisition of certain things. We know meaning as we reveal our true stature and beauty in every moment of living. This sounds like a tall order, but this is why we are here.

Jesus said, when he was on earth, “Come near unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”—and other things too, such as peace and joy. Here was a point of revelation of reality, the truth of Being in human form. Uranda and Martin Exeter said the same: “Draw near unto me. Learn of me, because the truth of me is the truth of you. Your meaning and fulfilment in being alive will be to reveal this reality? The question arises in this hour, as we consider our experience of life: Can we say to our worlds, “Come near unto me”? Do we extend the invitation, “Draw near unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden and miserable, and I will reveal to you the truth of Being and how to experience this natural reality”? This is why we are alive, and we can do it. Jesus, Uranda, Martin said, “Draw near unto me.”

Many of us have had more than enough education; we know who we are. We are an aspect of life, the Creator, the creative spirit of Being. That’s who we are, and we may express that, moment by moment. Each of us endeavours to reveal the Way, the Truth and the Life. If we are to fulfil our meaning and purpose on earth, we must let the light shine and reveal the true spirit in every aspect of our living. This is not just theoretical dogma. We are here to, and can, reveal the Creator. This is so exciting a prospect; this is the work of every moment. How can I reveal the beauty of the Creator in this moment?—which would be in a certain aspect of life, whatever is in focus in the moment.

When it is brought to specific issue like this, many of us get nervous, because we think of certain aspects of our lives where we know greater clarification is needed. We would not really like our lives in these areas to be exposed and we certainly would not say to the world, “Come near unto me and look at this as an example of the way to be in heaven.” But there is nothing to be dismayed about. We are here in the current of the Spirit of the Creator, and we begin to find it a delight to let the Spirit of God, our true Being, our true Spirit, shine through every area of living—even the areas of unclarity at the moment, unclarity in the human aspect of ourselves. This is exciting, because it is the unclear areas that are causing grief and we wish to let the grief pass away. So, we are not being rebuked and battered on the head by the spirit of God; we are being invited into creative action as the Creator.

One of these areas in our lives might be the workplace. Are we a radiant focus of spirit on earth, relative to work? Many people do not experience heaven in work. Am I an example? Well, there are things I don’t particularly like doing sometimes. But in becoming aware that the Spirit of the Creator has faded, I intensify it and reintroduce it. It is not, by the way, related to the kind of job we have. To be a point of orientation for people in work, one does not have to be a president. It is not the form of the work, it is the quality of spirit we express in whatever the job is. Being a spiritual focus is our success—the Spirit of the Creator.

What about relationships? This is an acutely embarrassing area for many people, because they have relationships which are unfulfilling. And so they think to themselves, for example if they are not married, “I can’t say, Come near unto me and learn from me of relationships? Well, let’s re-examine this. It is not the form of whatever relationships we have; it is the quality of spirit we express in relationship to the people in our worlds. We can be successful in this; we can be creative in our interaction with people, even if they have been pretty miserable relationships up to this very day. Suppose we are single, living in one room, hardly seeing anybody. If the quality of our tonal interaction is loving and honourable, even in our thoughts about people, then spiritually we are saying, “Draw near unto me. This is the way.”

Another area is money. Again, many people are embarrassed if you discuss it specifically. But we want to be specific. It’s more exciting if it’s specific. Many people find themselves often sliding into debt. If you examine why, there are probably areas of character that need to be addressed: honesty, living within your means—things like this need to be considered. Even though you may be living on—what?—seventy dollars a week, let’s say, you don’t have to have thousands and thousands of dollars in the bank to represent the Creator in that field; the job is to be creative with your seventy dollars a week, or fifty, or ten thousand, whatever amount it is.

So it is not the form of the area of life that is supreme, it is the quality of our momentary spiritual expression in that area. This is what we are here to reveal; that the restoration of true manhood and true womanhood is not a chore and we are not miserable sinners; we are aspects of the spirit of God, the Creator, and may emerge ever more fully and effectively through these human capacities and express our true selves into the world. What a simple message. What a delightful task! 

This leads me to think a little about theology. Most theologies and myths indicate that man was once made in the image and likeness of God and revealed that True Self, but sometime in the past he fell from that state. In falling from that expression of himself, he fell out of the true experience, which is describable by the word heaven—he fell from that experience into what we know today, which is often hellish, with little bits of heaven now and then. Some theologies also say that in the future there will be a restoration to man’s True Self and the true experience. Most religions say this will occur after death and most theologies say it will be restored in experience on earth someday in the future. All these theologies and myths are in fact projections of life experience now, because we can participate in the fall today. If we do not express our Divine selves, we fall into an experience of hell or purgatory now. If we participate in the restoration now, we experience the restoration now. If we express the true Spirit now, we experience heaven now.

There is undoubtedly a longer cycle of overall restoration, but the magic is that as an individual one can experience heaven now. The kingdom of heaven is within. Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Hell and heaven are here and now. We participate daily in either the fall or the restoration. Our job is to participate in and experience the restoration now. We know how to do it: by expressing the spirit of the Lord, the King who dwells in heaven.

This matter of living in the now is an amazing study. There is so much included in what seems to be such a tiny space. The totality of Being is included in now. That’s quite a bit! It is all happening now. Nothing is happening in the past, and nothing is happening in the future. It is all happening now. So if we wish to play our part in Being, there is something to be done in the human psyche which allows us to focus in the now, which would bring us into a totally different universe, into a totally different experience of living, because, whether we have known it or not, our consciousness tends to be spread out into the past and into the future and it’s therefore not the experience of reality.

One of the robbers of the experience of heaven is unrealistic dreaming about the future, or even about the present: achievement, accomplishment, or how things should be. Relationship is an excellent example of this there are many marriages in hell because people are measuring their experience against an image of how it should be. I suppose Hollywood has helped wreck marriages and relationships, because it has fostered fantasies about this topic. No individual is the same as any other. We are all absolutely unique. A relationship between one unique individual and another unique individual creates an absolutely unique relationship. Therefore any married couple cannot expect to have a generic relationship. It will be absolutely unique. Most couples at some point begin to be dissatisfied with their relationship, often largely because they are trying to fit the unique relationship into a generic mold: “l should always feel close. l should always feel this way. They should do this. They should do that.” But if we could begin to be real ourselves and let the other person be themselves, I think we would find a more relaxed situation. Maybe it would seem more distant at first, but so what? Perhaps it can’t be much worse! Let’s give the process a chance.

The point here is that reality is present. Let's begin to explore what reality would produce, instead of living according to imposed fantasies. This applies to our relationship with the world, our jobs for example. What great achievement do we have in mind? Do you feel that you are a failure because you have not become a great painter or a great pianist or a great bank president, or some other external position? Well, lots of unhappy people have all those positions. What we are considering is how to participate in whatever jobs the design of life brings to us.

We often feel we would like to do something really great in our lives—slay a Goliath, have some great accomplishment. You may say David accomplished something tremendous when he killed the great giant, Goliath. You could also say he couldn’t miss! In order to hit Goliath exactly in the right spot—wherever that was—it was not so much being able to hit a big target as a small one. No doubt as a shepherd boy he spent hours, days, months with his slingshot, hitting what would be the equivalent of tin cans! He spent hours presumably, aiming at little things, so that when Goliath came along he couldn’t miss.

There is a lesson here: great accomplishment is achieved by constantly hitting the little things right on, with right spirit. lf we practice accurately moment by moment expressing the Spirit of the Creator even if we don’t feel like it, or even if someone is doing it all wrong—and if we don’t let our thoughts and our feelings become disruptive and vicious and the like—and we keep hitting with creative spirit the little things moment by moment, we will find that conditioning of the heart and the mind begins to occur. And when a so-called big event comes along it is no bigger than the little events we have been dealing with moment by moment. In fact the little events are the big events—this is our life, in the moment. What other life is there except this moment, whenever it is? 

If you are going to provide the radiant focus of spirit on earth, it has to be in this moment. Nobody should ever be bored again, for the rest of their lives! You may say, “What can I do? What shall I do?” Well, you can provide the radiant focus of spirit on earth, for the world—no mean occupation! There is no little thing to do. It is all the revelation of the Creator through human form. When we have the attitude that this is the job, we find that we are not dreaming about: “Find me some decent people to live with. Where are the stars in this world? Where are the meaningful people? Where are the important people? Where is the action on earth?” The action is where we are. We may still have a dim view of the scene: “I'm greater than this; I’m destined for great things, with great people.” Well, this is what you have to work with. This is the part of the Cosmic Design you are in, exactly where you are. And life says, “Hey, do it then!” (Maybe not in those exact words, but that is the gist.)

Do it then! Be great in this context. Reveal your greatness in this context. If it seems difficult, well, show how great you are by taking care of it. We may begin to accept our place in the design of life and deliver the goods exactly where we are—not second guessing the Lord, life, the whole, as to where we send ourselves. We wake up to find that we are in exactly the right place to do what is needed now. In doing this, moment by moment, we find another great truth of life. We begin to discover what life is really like. When we are real, we find that life moves from Glory unto Glory—heaven is like that.

There are two aspects to life’s creative process, an integrating aspect and a disintegrating aspect. Much misery is experienced in the human psyche because of not knowing how to focus consciousness in the midst of these two contrasting aspects of the creative process. The thing to do is to focus on what is integrating. In our lives there are forms that are constantly integrating and disintegrating. People come closer—we would call that integrating—and then there are other people whom we begin to see less often and eventually they may drop off our peripheral vision and we don’t see them again. This process is going on in many aspects of our lives. Things and people are fading out of our worlds, and other things and people seem to be fading in. If we pay too much attention to what’s moving out, we will tend to be miserable.

There is no need to be miserable, because the Cosmos, the totality of Being, is One. Even if friends move away from us they are not lost in the totality of Being—they are going somewhere else in the design. We can still have communion and connection with them at some level. The point is that our job is to focus on what the current of life, the Spirit of Life, the Spirit of God, is bringing into our worlds. That is what we should be working with more and more, and creatively participating with, and we let move away whatever has to move away. 

We are not talking about forcing something away. Actually there are some people and situations that stay in our lives that we wish had gone long ago! But they just won’t budge. Well, there must be something creative to do with that situation. Let’s explore it. Maybe it could be turned into heaven instead of hell. Who knows? Let’s be our great selves here. If we move through life seeing what life is bringing to us, moment by moment, integrating with our creative field, and we work creatively with that, we are not worried about what is disintegrating. It’s not really disintegrating, in one sense; it is all moving toward integrating somewhere else. Heaven is a vast place. Human consciousness has become so isolated from the whole that it can’t believe that you can move into another part of Being and have it as beautiful as what was known before. The truth of life is from Glory unto Glory. So we let it happen—jobs come, jobs go. Another pattern of activity will appear; something else will integrate. We get on with it.

Death of the physical form is always looked on as disintegrative. True, the body disintegrates, but there is an integrative part to it. So, when it comes to the disintegration of the human form, let’s not look at that too closely. Let’s keep our eye on the integrating current of life, that factor, and move with that into the sunset. It turns out to be a sunrise. What is coming now for us to participate in? What is the new creative cycle? It is going to be an exciting experience of creative activity, in which I can reveal my beauty, my greatness, my stature.

We may participate in the current of Life itself. The current of Life is an overlooked commodity. It is animating all this universe of dust, everywhere. There is colossal magic as we begin to pay attention to what is happening in us and through us and around us in this one vast current of Life. This current of Life links us instantaneously with what is happening anywhere else. The current is the same instantaneous, simultaneous current everywhere on this globe, the same current moving throughout the solar system, the galaxy, the whole universe.

There is one current of Life moving now, everywhere, doing one thing. Whatever that one thing is, it is happening through all forms. We belong to that. Some people feel lonely, but the current moving through them is integrated with what is happening everywhere. If we begin to pay attention to the quality of that current and act accurately out of it, we are playing our part in this integrated Whole. We are not only playing our part in the immediate moment (because the one Spirit is animating everything, everywhere) but we are also affecting the future.

There are many examples. Caterpillars go into the chrysalis in the current of life and when they come out there is foliage right there to eat. It’s all synchronized. In acting accurately out of the current now, we are being coordinated with what is going to happen in the future. The way is being paved and there is movement toward the future—factors in the future of your life, the design of your life—which we want to arrive at exactly right, on time, synchronized, ready to participate. It will all work perfectly if we begin to pave the way now by expressing accurately in the current of Life.

We need not be governed by forms of action. We cannot live our lives saying, “I should never do this. I should never do that. I should always do this. I should always do that,” because it is the creative current of the moment that should determine what the action is. Nor should we be governed by the emotional level of things. The governing factor is the creative Tone, the Spiritual Tone of the Creator. It’s that level at which we begin to live. It is possible to express anger, for example, that is creative. Anger can be creative or destructive. What’s the difference? There is something above the categorizing of emotion which we need to discern. There is such a thing as righteous anger, righteous sadness, righteous anything—there is a Tone. The question is: Is it an act of the Creator? We need to be able to discern that. There could be destructive happiness, for example. Somebody has just robbed a jewellery store, run round the corner and wasn’t caught; he is delighted. Joy is not always on tone! So you can’t assess the action or discern the creativity of something by its external form of action or its emotional form. We have to discern at the spiritual level. This liberates us; we are not bound by such concepts as “Oh, I must never express anger.” Sometimes anger is a noble, honourable thing to express, and creative. Sometimes it is just the expression of a silly, hurt ego, and that isn’t of much value.

So, is it not an exciting thing to be alive, to provide a radiant focus of spirit on earth? I am spirit; I am the Spirit of the Creator. We each can say this. I love to express the glorious character that I am. I am going to do it through this form—this body, this mind, these emotions—limited though they may be, I know who I am. I am the Spirit of the Creator and I am going to do my very best to reveal myself through this form and through the forms I find in my environment. This is why we are alive. This is the meaning and purpose for each of us. As we do this more and more effectively, we find we are in heaven on earth and we fulfil another part of our job, which is to encourage others to come into this new identity. As we begin to interact in this identity, a whole new level of life opens to all of us.

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April 13, 2018

Every  Failure  Must  Be  Met  Victoriously  Now

from  The Sign of the Son of Man Appears in Heaven #2

Martin Exeter   April 26, 1987

In order for the restoration of man—to let things be put together the way they were created to be—there must be the connecting link between God and man, and that comes by reason of the body of the Son of God. It came by reason of the body of Jesus, according to the story. He evidently was well aware that it needed to be more than His body. He gathered around Him some other people, Twelve Disciples in particular.

It is interesting to note that there was something way before that, when there was a gathering together of what were then the Twelve Tribes of Israel. There were actually Thirteen—but then it was Thirteen with the disciples too, because there was Jesus there as well. So there is some significance to that number. It didn’t work when there were a lot of people. I suppose consideration was given to the matter: “How can we get it to work? Human beings are so intransigent. Perhaps if one person goes and provides a true Focus of Spirit in the earth in form, it will be possible to bring together twelve men out of the population of the world who would accept that and who would be willing to relinquish their separate existences in order to participate in the creation, the bringing together, of the whole.” It didn’t work, even with only twelve men. So all that could happen was that the body of one man carried through without a break.

The break occurred in the disciples. It wasn’t really those wicked people—the rulers of the Jews or the Romans—who produced a destructive condition. It was the failure of the twelve men. The question has arisen again, insofar as we are concerned: Can there be whatever the required number is now, first of all of men, who will relinquish their insistence upon doing what they want to do, following out their likes and dislikes, so that they might accept and receive the creative process into their own living, let that creative process do what it needs to do? This is something that is being proven out, as to whether there are—how many? Twelve men, do you think? I am thankful to see that there are those who are beginning to emerge in a more exact way in this regard, who are not concerned about their human careers, for instance, but are concerned alone to allow the creative process to work as it will. When that is pleasing to oneself one will do what one pleases. That bears a little thought. Everyone is trying to do what pleases them, but on a destructive basis. Okay, accept the creative process as being what is supremely pleasing to oneself and one will always do then what one pleases. Wonderful! That’s really not so strange.

So something has to be proven out every time. If you read the record of history with a spiritual perspective—and that is, from my standpoint, most beautifully portrayed through much of the story contained in the Bible—you will note in the Bible that it was all failure, all down the line: Adam and Eve to start with; Cain; you can keep going. Whenever something began to be drawn together it was invariably broken at some point. There was the scattering of the Israelites, and there are those of course who have been trying to get that together again. It’s like the resurrection of a disintegrated corpse. It’s a pretty difficult business—the substance has all gone every which way. Are you going to grab substance out of this animal and that plant in order to build your body again in the grave? No, of course that’s ridiculous. But we have the opportunity to let the body of the Son of God be put together, and it is happening, simply because there has been a Focus of the Spirit moving in the creative process to bring this to pass. Something has been held sufficiently steady and stable over a sufficient length of time to allow for this drawing power to recreate the body of the Son of God, resurrect the body of the Son of God, so that once again there is a body that is governed by the One whose body it is—the Son of God.

I am sure that we all like to be coordinated in our own individual bodies. It is very awkward if one has the palsy or something and you can’t control things. This body which is being drawn together only operates as a unified body when the parts are not trying to play their own games. That is obviously so; otherwise it disintegrates. When your own personal body, the parts of it, begin to want to go their own way, you disintegrate. This is what happens in the human experience. Let us let it come together. But it only comes together on the basis of the creative process, which doesn’t pander to human likes and dislikes, to human wants and desires, to human ambitions.

What a relief it is to come again to the experience of man, made in the image and likeness of God to accommodate the expression of God. Do you think that would be worse than what is now known? Fulfilment! Many people are hopeful in this regard that this may happen in life after death, or sometimes through successive reincarnations. There are various ideas which hope to frustrate the creative process. Let it be the way it works! And as we yield to that, behold, the body of the Son of God re-forms.

The experience which is known because of this requires that every failure that has happened down through the past should be met victoriously now. If any failure is repeated we’re finished. Mind you, there have no doubt been a lot of little failures, but thus far there has been a carrying through of the Core of this body. It has not become subject to those elements that are present in human nature which would bring a break. This is something that has been proven out in various ways a number of times. The most obvious one, I suppose, was when Uranda left this sphere of things, and at that point there was no break. Well that was a point of victory, but don’t imagine that that was the last point required to be proven out.

We could look over the historical record and we could see, all along the line, where the breaks came, and usually the breaks came immediately after a more intensified release of the currents of radiation. Remember the story of what has subsequently been called the Transfiguration. Here was something remarkable which occurred. We don’t need to look into it and try to figure it all out, but there was something remarkable which occurred, and it happened because there were three of the disciples present who at that point were willing that it should. But as soon as it occurred, one of the disciples—according to the story—one of the disciples reverted into his human-nature condition instead of letting the process continue as it was working. This was, they say, Peter: “Let’s build three tabernacles!” This is the sort of human-nature reaction that occurs. Something marvelous happens in a spiritual sense and, “Oh, let us put up a statue!” Leave it alone. Let it continue to work. Don’t push in some human-nature idea, which was certainly very vividly portrayed in this story. Immediately what was happening vanished. There was a break. There was a point of failure.

I think it is wise to be alert, in one’s own experience, that when there is a greater outpouring of radiation and something marvelous is being felt and known and expressed, to be careful that you do not find yourself being knocked off your pedestal, so to speak, very shortly thereafter. Let what was happening unfold at its own pace. Don’t try to make something of it. Good Christians have been trying to make something of the life of Jesus ever since the formation of the Church of long ago. No one needs to make anything of anything. Let the creative process work, and it will do what needs to be done. And we may all rejoice in that doing. That is fulfilment. But one has to let it happen to find out that it is fulfilment. One can wonder about it: “Well I don’t know; maybe it will be all right.” You never find out. You find out that what you are doing is all wrong eventually, but this is taken for granted nowadays.

The sign of the Son of Man is present in the heaven because the control and the design are in process. It is working. The body has come together to this extent. It needs to be more coordinated than it is as yet, but it is all coming. Let the creative process work. Don’t look at what is happening and say, “That is wrong; I think something else should happen over there; that person isn’t doing what he should be doing.” How do you know? Let the creative process work. Trust it. And, behold, the body takes form. Of course there are many, many things involved in all of this, relative to the failures all down the line; but the creative process does what it should do, exactly right, when allowed to do it.

We are here to allow it to do it, and I am thankful that we have the opportunity of sharing an hour such as this when we may awaken more fully to an awareness of the way things actually work. Then we may trust life, trust the creative process, because we become more and more familiar with the expertise of it. It does things right. Human beings never do. We have connections with many this evening, over the telephone lines. They are with us and we are with them. Here is the evidence of the Son of Man in heaven—the sign of the Son of Man. And it is through this that God and man can be reunited. It is through the working of the creative process that we can be aware of this much of how it is working, and how essential what is happening is. It is not subject to anyone’s judgment: “Oh I don’t think it should work that way.” Well it does, and what one thinks will make no difference to it. It works the way it works. Let us be satisfied, content with that, and we will find that all things needful are available, and all things needful will be done.

While we have shared directly together this evening, we continue to share just as directly even though there is no telephone line, just as directly, because we all trust the same creative process and all embody the same beautiful spirit of the living God. We remain together in our experience of living, and this is so with those who compose the resurrected body of the Son of God wherever they may be on the face of the earth.

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