July 16, 2018

Something  New  Under  The  Sun

from  Israel — God's Chosen One

Uranda   August 5, 1952

In the history of the past we have the record of man's failures in relationship to God's plan of restoration. The precedent of failure has been reenacted an untold number of times; there is never anything new in the patterns of the unreal. There is never anything unique in the patterns of failure, and these cycles have been repeated with monotonous repetition down through thousands of years. But the precedents of victory are few, and those which we have are generally more or less incomplete. We have the pattern of victory which our Master established, providing the central essence of fulfilment on earth, and in relationship to that victory a few scattered manifestations of victory in part. The precedent with respect to real fulfilment is something which, from the standpoint of a group of people, even a small number, does not exist in history. In all history there is not one single precedent of victory for a group of people. Even under the Master's leadership it did not appear.

And so we have a rare privilege, a rare opportunity. This one thing which we have undertaken has not, in the period of recorded history, ever been accomplished. This achievement is, and will be, something new under the sun insofar as recorded history is concerned. The precedents of failure are repeated over and over again. There were various cycles of beginning, but never, for a group, the precedent of victory. You have been called out of the world, out of the patterns of the world distortion, to share the most important undertaking the world has ever known, an undertaking which our Master came into the world to make possible, an undertaking which has had a great deal of preparation from the standpoint of the Divine outworking, an undertaking which is unmatched, unequalled, in all history.

This should emphasize the vital importance of correct function in day-by-day living. It should emphasize the vital responsibility and the sacred privilege that is granted to you. Some of the patterns which are of vital importance to us were acted out in rich drama on the stage of the world a long time ago. These principles are of great importance to us, but in that dramatic enactment on the stage of the world there came not the conclusion of victory but of failure. There were steps of victory, they started moving toward victory, but they did not carry through.

There have been many beginnings with respect to correct function in the patterns of life, limited perhaps in some ways. The particular pattern of which I speak is that which was revealed on earth through the children of Israel. The word “Israel” means “chosen one of God” or “God's chosen one.” Whenever we read the word “Israel” we should not limit our thought to a specific group of people in the earth's history; we should not think of some particular race or creed, some people who were merely bound together by language or custom or belief. Israel—God's chosen one. That word, like so many others, has been sadly abused, and today it is used by man in a manner which disregards the meaning of the word. Israel, God's chosen one—God's Chosen One who came into the world to reveal the Way, the Truth and the Life. To follow Him is to become one of those who may be properly called the children of Israel.

There are many recorded events with respect to the original pattern of the children of Israel as it began under the direction of Melchizedek through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Three—Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Jacob became Israel. Man is a three-phase being. Three basic opportunities have been, and are, offered to man. Three opportunities to return to the Divine Pattern were given to man when he first fell. The three has figured in the pattern down through the whole period of recorded history over and over again, because we are functioning in a three-plane world insofar as the outer manifestation is concerned.

We have recognized the Divine Trinity. The opportunity that was brought into the world by Melchizedek through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was the first. The opportunity brought into the world by our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, was the second. We are now sharing the third—the third and the last opportunity offered to mankind. The first two opportunities have already been lost. The patterns established by those first two opportunities can no longer be worked out. The cycle was broken and the precedent of failure established in each case. This which you share is man's last opportunity. That should emphasize the importance of our right function, the importance of remembering always our privilege and responsibility.

Some may say, “But how do you know that it is the last opportunity?” There is evidence on every hand, and there is the sign of the prophet Jonas. But if I must of necessity point to this evidence and tell you the secret of the prophet Jonas in order to bring conviction to your heart and mind, then my words would be of little value in any case, and the time is not yet. The evidence can be seen for those who have eyes to see. The evidence can be heard for those who have ears to hear. And that is enough.

Let us take a brief look at the pages of history to see the meanings which are contained in relationship to ourselves here tonight. Melchizedek, King of Salem, opened the cycle long ago, and even today the door is open for those who would enter the Priesthood and become a priest or priestess after the order of Melchizedek. In the outworking of things—and there are many interesting points leading up to the time of the children of Israel in Egypt—those who were the children of the Chosen One of that day found themselves in bondage, in slavery, in the darkness of Egypt. By the hand of God, in a great deliverance, they were taken out of Egypt, and they crossed the Red Sea. These things, as they appeared in relationship to that group of people, must work out individually in you today. The pattern of fulfilment for the group is different. The basic principles revealed through that group apply to the individual tonight. The Red Sea, which blocks the way of escape from the bondage and darkness of Egypt, represents the limitations of your own physical body, your own body as such, which by itself is incapable of permitting passage to victory. But this same Red Sea, your body, responds to the Divine Word, the Divine command, the uplifted hand of Moses and Aaron, and it opens in the current of the spirit, allowing movement out of darkness, out of slavery and bondage, out of limitation, into the pattern of God's design for man. When the Red Sea of your own body is first opened, so that you can begin to pass over on dry land out of the realm of bondage, you find that you are in the wilderness. You cannot move—and this is true of every man, woman and child on the face of the earth—you cannot move out of Egypt, the bondage, the slavery, which has held you in darkness in time past, through the opening of the Red Sea, the opening of your own body to the working of the spirit of God and the control of God's will, directly into the promised land. It cannot be done. You must first cross the wilderness.

Some, because they do not see the promised land when they look across the Red Sea, imagine that it is better to remain in Egypt, in bondage, in slavery. Some imagine that it takes great courage to move out of the patterns of slavery, through the Red Sea and into the wilderness, that there may be movement toward the promised land and the Kingdom of God at hand on earth. To my mind it does not take great courage. One might say that the cowards are afraid even to start, lest they be overcome by Pharaoh, the king, which represents the self-activity of your own human mind. But it is not courage in any particular sense that makes it possible to move out of that realm of bondage. It is, rather, a simple recognition of basic truth, a simple recognition that it is utterly stupid to do otherwise; for to remain in bondage and in slavery in the darkness of Egypt has no future but labor by the sweat of the brow for a little time, decay, misery, degradation and death. In other words any individual who is offered the opportunity of movement out of that Egyptian darkness and slavery as it manifests in this day and who refuses the opportunity and the invitation is indeed stupid, for those who leave that Egyptian darkness have nothing to lose. Why should it take courage to leave behind slavery, degradation, where there is nothing to lose, in order to begin movement toward the promised land? Courage? Just a little sense is enough, just a little perception, to see how stupid it is to remain in slavery.

Once the Red Sea of your own body is opened to the working of the spirit of God, which correlates with the great wind, you pass over, out of bondage, into the wilderness, on dry land in an easy passage. But when the king of the self-active mind thinks to pursue with his hosts he is always caught amidst the waves and the Red Sea is not opened to him. He destroys himself by his effort. Your Pharaoh, the Pharaoh of your own self-active mind, will seek to pursue you once you begin to move out of bondage and darkness through the open Red Sea of your own body. If you become fearful because Pharaoh pursues, you will be in trouble; but if you remain steady under the leadership of your own spiritual perception in response to Center, Pharaoh and his hosts will be overwhelmed in the Red Sea and he will trouble you no more. Of course those who follow Pharaoh always become confounded—they are always destroyed in the Red Sea. For the self-active ones, for those who insist upon being a member of Pharaoh's host, there is no open passage through the Red Sea, and those who attempt to use the open passage provided for the children of God's Chosen One always find themselves overwhelmed and they cannot pass through.

This is something that works out in the life of each and every responding one, in one way or another. The principles are absolute for you, and having passed through the open Red Sea of your own body, you come into the wilderness of your own heart and mind. But you are not left alone there, for you have also your Moses and your Aaron, your spiritual perception and consciousness in heart and mind which, when they remain centered, guide you through. But the wilderness is of your own realm of consciousness extending into the subconscious mind, the barrenness of heart, the emptiness of spirit, and if you become fearful, facing the wilderness, you perish there in emptiness, even though you may have found the open way through the Red Sea of your own body. You must stay centered and clear the realm of your own awareness in heart and mind, whether it takes five minutes or ten days or ten years, or forty years for that matter.

You cannot, by any means whatsoever, get out of the wilderness into which you enter until you let yourself cross the Jordan—the Jordan, the dividing line, the River of Life, the water of truth—the dividing line between the wilderness of a man's own barrenness into the promised land of God's true fulfilment for you. But when you enter that promised land you find not a ready-made realm of perfection according to your own standards and specifications and what you may have thought you told God to do and to prepare for you. You find a realm where there are problems, where you have a share in creativeness, where the kings of this world must be overcome and cast out, where the giants in the land are removed, where the walls of Jericho must fall, where the vineyards must be planted, where the fulfilments must be allowed to appear because you have entered into the Garden of God, the Kingdom of Heaven at hand, the Promised Land, and you tend it and keep it as God first ordained. Then, in season, it manifests, and the things which occupied this place where the Garden ought to be in you and round about you are cast out, removed, and that which is there that responds is made new, until the former things are passed away, that they may nevermore come into mind nor be remembered, and the Divine Pattern is allowed to manifest in its fulness, not just through one or two, or even a few, but through all who follow through.

Having entered the promised land, those who were called the children of Israel in that day began to compromise with the distortion patterns which they found round about. They failed to carry through, and that which the promised land should have made possible to them never truly appeared. Oh I know it carried through until they had the development and fulfilment and recognition in the then known civilized world which appeared at the time of Solomon, but that was not what God designed. All the way through it was a poor substitute, and as soon as it was put under pressure it failed. The kingdom was divided and there was a capital in Jerusalem and a capital in Samaria. They were scattered and taken into captivity, and the priests of Baal took over and the precedent of failure was built. There is very little that worked out in Canaan after the then children of Israel crossed the Jordan into the promised land which was according to the Divine Design. Most of it was greatly modified, even when it was good, and the rest was a complete distortion which never allowed the beauty and the wonder of God's plan to find a place in the record of man's history. Blessings which God had in store were thrown away. Almost from the time they first set foot upon that land, they began imposing their own human wills upon the pattern which God ordained, and that which worked out for the children of Israel was not the manifestation of the Divine Design. And so it failed.

After a time the Master came and opened the door once more, established the pattern by which man might know the victory. He set the Pattern himself, but again, those who were supposed to follow Him did not let His will be done on earth as it was in heaven. They did not follow His design, and impulsively the disciples dissipated the power that began manifesting on the Day of Pentecost, and the pattern of outworking since that time, with respect to those who call themselves Christians, has not been the fulfilment of God's will or the revelation of the Divine Design. It has not been the outworking which God designed, any more than it was with the children of Israel in Canaan.

And so once more we have an opportunity on earth to let God's will be done as it is in heaven—not under some modifications which the human will determines to be desirable or which it seeks to impose on God's Great Plan. While there have been those who have recognized my patience and gentleness, there have been those who felt that they had reason to rebel because I insist that any pattern designed by any human being which would, if followed, seek to impose the human will upon God's Plan must be rejected. I have been called hard, a dictator, etc., simply because I point to the fact that the human way is no good. It has been tried over and over again down through the centuries and does not work. It is not working in the world today. It will not work. We have the privilege of establishing the precedent in the world, the Precedent of Victory, but it cannot, will not, be done on the basis of human will and fancy, human desire. If it is done—and I am confident it will be—it will be because there are human beings who have sufficient sense to see that there is nothing to lose by leaving behind the world's pattern of darkness and bondage, slavery, and moving through the Red Sea, across the wilderness, and into the promised land.

Having entered the promised land, crossed the Jordan, the job is not done. The work is only begun. Why? Because the manifestation in form of that which is the Divine Design must follow. It cannot be humanly developed; it cannot be produced by human effort. Human function is essential to it, but it requires that human beings allow the things of God to take form on earth without human beings imposing their own limited visions and distorted concepts upon that Plan. When the things of God come forth they are not supposed to be distorted, ugly things, partial manifestations of blessing. We have had much of that, yes, but it cannot, must not, continue on forever. The thing that is to appear in form must be in harmony with the Divine Design, the Pattern, the Garden of God planted eastward in Eden, and we must let it appear. How can the Garden of God be restored to man?

The Garden of God is vibrational, spiritual, already available; it is at hand. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. The control pattern and the control power are at hand. The vibrational factors of the Divine Design are at hand. But the form of these things must yet be made. That is where man comes into the picture. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, and has been down through the centuries, but man must so function under the Law as to allow the form an opportunity of manifestation, through which the vibrational factors of the Kingdom of Heaven at hand may appear. Our responsibility out here is to give form to that which is invisible, that it may have form on earth. Form cannot be arbitrarily produced without regard to the vibrational factors present in the realm of the substance which is to be used. The body of man is filled with vibrational factors imposed upon it by the self-active mind and the impure human heart, and until these vibrational factors which do not belong in the Divine Design are cast out the form cannot be the means by which the Divine Design appears.

Your body is not only the Red Sea; it is likewise the promised land. Your body is the wilderness too, and when you cross the wilderness you come to the River Jordan, and when you cross the River Jordan you find that your body is likewise the promised land. First your body is the land of Egypt, filled with darkness, slavery, bondage, degradation, that which leads to death. Then, beginning to awaken to the things of God, your body becomes the Red Sea through which the spirit of God begins to work, that you may pass out of the state of Egypt, into the state of the wilderness. Your body is the Red Sea, your body is the wilderness, and your body is the promised land. Egypt, the Red Sea, the wilderness—you see, there are only three steps to the promised land. Again the three. But your body does not become the manifestation of the Promised Land on the basis of the Divine Design until you let God's will be done, until the kings, the vibrational factors which have so long held control, are cast out. Just as the kings who were present in that day had to be cast out of the promised land, so do the kings which have held sway in you for so long have to be cast out. So must these kings, these vibrational factors which have controlled, distorted, prevented the fulfilment of yourselves as human beings, as Divine men and women, be cast out, before the vibrational factors of the kingdom of heaven at hand are received into the form of your body.

So here we have the various steps. There is the pattern of Egypt, which we see out in the world and which some of you perhaps can remember if you look back far enough. And there is the pattern of the Red Sea. How many of you have passed through the Red Sea? Then your body is the pattern of the wilderness. Have any of you ever been in the wilderness? I wonder. If so, were you merely wandering about, or did you perchance come to Mount Sinai? Did you come to the River Jordan, and did you cross the River Jordan into the promised land? Or did you listen to the ten spies who said, “It cannot be done; there are giants in the land; we cannot do it”? Then, did you wander in the wilderness and decide to perish there, wishing you had remained with the fleshpots in Egypt? Oh, there are those who say that there are giants in the land—and there are; we do not deny it. But of what concern are the giants to us if we are letting our Father's will be done on earth as it is in heaven? When you enter the promised land and your body becomes the promised land, do you think that, presto, in a minute, it is going to be everything you thought in advance it ought to be? If you do you will find yourself scurrying back across the Jordan into the wilderness to perish there, or you will perish in battle perchance.

The Promised Land. When you enter it, when your body becomes the promised land for yourself, it is not yet in manifestation a revelation of Deity, of the Kingdom of Heaven that is at hand. It is merely the substance that is ready to be used, ready to be cleansed of the vibrational factors which have ruled it for so long, ready to have the Canaanites cast out, ready to let the Divine Pattern take form. But some there are who feel that it would not be right to cast out all of the Canaanites, the vibrational factors that have been present in the body for so long. After all, they have had squatter's rights for so long. Where would they go, and by what sword would they be slain? The Sword of Truth. And if you leave some of them alive and say, “I will just incorporate these; I am sure God will not mind. This vibrational pattern is pretty good, this is a nice king; I will let him live and I will let his people mingle with mine,” what then? The children of Israel tried that and they wrote on the pages of history, in the pages of time, a record of failure. What will be for us? The old vibrational factors, which were but a distortion, must be cast out and the whole must yield to the Divine Pattern, the Divine will, Divine control. And so this story of the outworking of the children of Israel of that day has vital meaning for those who would be the children of the Chosen One of this day.

© Emissaries of Divine Light

July 14, 2018


The  Blue  Core  of  the  Flame

Martin Cecil   September 19, 1982   Glen Ivy, California  

All glory to Thee, O Lord Most High! You who are assembled here at Glen Ivy, and you who are assembled at Stillmeadow, share the spirit of these words. Obviously we are not in position to increase the glory of the Lord; that is a fact already; but we may reveal the fact increasingly or, on the other hand, obscure it. It seems that the latter activity has been most usual in human experience, but we have a keen awareness of what it is we are here to do. All glory to Thee, O Lord Most High.

It could be said that there is a factor of self-interest in aligning ourselves with the spirit of these words. Glory relates to life and we are concerned, surely, with the increase of life. “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” This is our natural attitude. We present ourselves this morning in this unified setting, that there might be the increase of life, not merely in our own experience—but there also—for only so is glory given to the Lord. Insofar as our present numbers are concerned we would wish to give all glory, all of us together. I personally am delighted to be here present with you all, that we might share this creative expression, for a purpose; not merely that we might enjoy ourselves or be happy—I trust we are that—but so that something creative might be accomplished beyond ourselves.

For anything to be accomplished beyond ourselves it must first be accomplished in ourselves. There has been a tendency, I think, in times past to imagine that one could radiate accomplishment somehow, so that something would really happen out there, skipping over the requirement of the happening right here. Unless it is right here we have nothing to do with any accomplishment out there. I don't think we are particularly interested in non-achievement, so we are interested per se in letting something happen in our own experience now. If it doesn't we waste our time. So we are gathered together in this unified setting in order to allow something to be brought forth, to clothe the creative cycle which is already on the move. I am sure all of you have a recognition that this is so.

We may have a more vivid recognition at times because we are aligned with that creative movement. If we get off to the side, involved in our own personal human affairs without regard to the creative movement, then it all begins to fade from consciousness and we fail in the fulfilment of our purpose on earth. So we are here to give form to the creative cycle that is already on the move; invisible heretofore, but because we assume responsibility it may take visible, beautiful form, the form of our thoughts, the form of our words and the form of our actions. This is the first form for which we are responsible.

I think usually when form is thought of, it again is thought of as relating to something out there—we are going to have magnificent forms around us. Why? What would make it so? Well there can be a certain amount of arbitrary endeavor in that regard, the imposition of human will which produces what appear, for the moment at least, to be occasionally magnificent forms. But that's not the first order of business. The first order of business is our own thoughts, our own speaking, our own acting. This is the first form, the creative core of what may continue to appear further afield. But if we don't have the core in place, what worthwhile can appear anywhere else? We have this obvious, immediate responsibility. Those within the sound of my voice this morning are the ones who have the opportunity of participating in this particular core, the core of creative expression. To the extent that we do so then something certainly changes in us, and because it changes in us it changes in others. We are not disconnected from the rest of humanity.

It may be said that those who begin to serve the Lord, give glory to the Lord, are a peculiar people, a little odd but also a little different. However, that does not exclude any of us from the composition of the rest of humanity. We are all part of it, and it is because we are part of it that what happens in us on the basis of the creative expression of spirit is effective throughout the body of mankind. It is not because as individuals we are better than anyone else or more important than anyone else but because the spirit has a chance, a shot, shall we say, at the rest of humanity. Well that's why we are here: to let the spirit have a shot at them. But it can't have a shot at them without the shot issuing forth through us. So we provide the facility for whatever is to occur and we share the responsibility of giving beautiful form in our living in a consistent, steady way that is always dependable; it's always there whether anyone is on hand to observe or not. We may be aware that there are always observers, not consciously zeroing in on us, so to speak, but nevertheless in the vicinity: those who are most affected by what we do as individuals, what happens in us as individuals—there are always these on hand.

We are moving in a creative cycle. You know something of the four forces: water, air, earth, fire. That is a nice concept but it is also a factual expression of spirit—it is what happens. Human beings have been divorced from this happening, unaware of it, by and large. But here is something that is happening because of this invisible creative cycle—we have moved into this fire-dominant cycle. When you think of fire there may be a recognition of some creative purpose being served by fire, and when we consider the four forces, of course fire also relates to love, and love is creative. Of course that depends upon where we stand.

There are those who have found love to be—what they thought of as love at least—very destructive, sometimes very painful. A flame of fire, as we have noted before, is composed of two primary components—the blue part of the flame and the yellow part of the flame. If you put your hand in the yellow part of the flame there will be a smell of burning flesh! If, on the other hand, you are able to enter the blue part of the flame you will find that it is quite cool there. You don't get burned. That's the place of the Emissary ministry, the blue part of the flame. Those who come into the blue part of the flame are those who constitute the core and are participating in the reality of spiritual expression. Spiritual expression springs forth from this core, the blue part of the flame. By the way, blue is also the symbol of truth; so here at the center of the flame of fire we have the truth of love, and functioning on the basis of the truth of love it's cool, it's beautiful, it's perfect. Here is the realm of origination for the expression of the Word. As it moves further out it turns golden in color and is hot.

Everybody has, I am sure, experienced the heat of this, in one way or another. Whether they were aware of what it was or not is another question. But there have been a lot of troubles in the world, a lot of suffering, and I am sure you have suffered terribly at times! Well, come through into the blue part of the flame where it is cool. Why fuss around on the edges where you get burned? And yet people are inclined to do this. They get burned; they complain about it but, like the moths, there is a certain attraction to the flame and they come back to get burned some more. Of course some decide they've had it and move way off into the distance. But no one can come to the experience of the blue part of the flame without coming through the gold part, without coming through the heat.

This is the heat, first of all, of transformation. No changes ever come in a comfortable person. He just sits there like a blob. Discomfort is essential. What a blessing. Thank God for it! In all things give thanks. Give thanks for discomfort. Give thanks for the golden part of the flame. One has to move through it to come to the blue part, where we actually belong; we find ourselves then. But as long as we stay of doubtful mind, halting between two opinions—and this is not always a deliberate thing; it is just that the old hereditary patterns continue to govern and we behave accordingly—we stay out in the fire where it's hot. Come on through to where the truth of love is known, where it's cool, sharing in the expression of the Word, so that all one's thinking, all one's speaking, all one's acting originates there.

As there is in fact a core of people, angels particularly, who compose the blue part of the flame, the fire extends. The gold part of the flame increases; it takes in more people. They get burned; it's uncomfortable. Praise the Lord! Get sufficiently uncomfortable and maybe they will wake up. They will either wake up or they will back out, but there comes a point along the way where there is no place to back out to. We haven't come that far yet, but the world is going to discover this fact. It is possible to do a little backing out still, to get away from the heat, at least for some people. There are a lot of people in the world who have found that it is impossible to back out. No place to go! Well that's a very peripheral thing, down in the very coarsest levels of the experience of the fire. It is far better, while that experience is still somewhat refined, to come on through to the blue, cool center, instead of waiting around, hanging around in the flame, uncomfortable, but still there are some seemingly desirable things which may be experienced in that hot area; people hang around there. But why hang around there so long that it takes a person into the coarsest experience of violence in the external sense? Why not come on through while the coming on through is good? Now we presumably have this in mind, and somewhat in experience. That is wonderful, because that is where we belong, that is where we finally begin to have meaning. There must be a core of those who individually are responsible, spiritually responsible.

We have had the theory for a long time that as individuals we represent many people—there are many people on our vibration. Well that's a lovely idea and maybe it's true, and certainly that emphasizes the fact that our behavior affects many people. But somewhere along the way it begins to emerge in conscious experience, and one becomes aware of the fact, These are the people that I'm responsible for,” specific people. That has been, after all, my attitude over many, many years. I have been responsible, spiritually responsible, for you, and others. I couldn't shuck it off and say, “Oh well, I've had enough of that.” No, I could say you are my people, my family, my friends, and I have a spiritual responsibility for you. Well exactly the same thing happens individually to each one, relative to their own field of creative responsibility. Somewhere along the way you wake up to the fact that there are real people for whom you are responsible—thousands of them! not just a few cronies round about.

So there are many on our vibration but we find out what that means, and it isn't just an imaginative theory anymore—it becomes flesh-and-blood people. The assumption of spiritual responsibility, then, is a very conscious thing. I have been conscious of it for a long time; others are increasingly becoming more conscious of it. It emerges into experience as this creative cycle is allowed to move and to be made visible in our living, through our thinking, through our speaking, and through our acting; so that it isn't an imaginary thing anymore. Somewhere along the way there is a recognition that what is being imagined is real. When we awaken to that we can't help ourselves from taking responsibility for it. If we start to back out at that point, what do we back out into? Well into the yellow part of the flame—ouch!—and that's splendid, that's splendid. Maybe we'll come forward again when it burns our back!

So there is a fire of transmutation—obviously it's necessary, necessary in us. Something has been happening. There is something new in experience, isn't there? Are we ready to acknowledge the fact that it is so? I trust we are. There are a lot of people then who are already connected up and available to move with the creative cycle if there is someone on hand to show them the direction. I recall some words which were recorded as having been spoken by the Master long ago, right at the conclusion of His ministry, when He said, “And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know.” Of course Philip piped up to indicate that he didn't know at all. Well what are we going to do? that's the question. Are we going to take the same attitude: “I don't know the way; I don't know whither we are going”? We do! We know exactly. You may not be able to define it mentally every time, but you know nevertheless. You know why we are here. You know why you are here, individually. Don't deny it.

“And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know.” What is your answer to that? “Yes, I know. Yes, I do.” We don't want any more Philips around giving rationalized excuses. We know. We know what those for whom we are responsible do not know. And if we are not on hand to provide the direction, we fail. There are many, many people the world around who are waiting for that direction—conscious acceptance of responsibility for providing that direction, by whom if not by those who in fact know? Factually, whither I go ye know, the direction I am going you know. That's right, isn't it? We share the opportunity of moving along together. Whither I go ye know! The way you know! Let us never deny it, but accept the responsibility, stand in the blue cool part of the flame because we know we belong there and because only when we are there do we really know whither we go and the way to go there.

There are lots of fine people with spiritual potential in the world who don't know where to go. There are those on earth however who do know where to go, and I trust that you are counted among these, that that focus of direction may be provided, the focus of orientation, not just something imagined: “There is this emanation emerging through me which will direct many people in the right way.” I suppose there may be an emanation. One would have to question as to just what it would smell like. It only becomes of value when there is a conscious, deliberate acceptance of spiritual responsibility and not merely a hopeful radiation of some beautiful thing which factually may or may not be there. So we know where we go, whither we go; and spiritual expression, the speaking of the Word, carries with it, out of the blue part of the flame, the yellow part, so that those who are in the vicinity are acted upon. Changes begin to be wrought.

We need to be alert to this, because no matter how responsive a person may appear to be, how ready to move in the right direction, when provision is made so that they can move in the right direction, then they begin to find the fire, the necessity for change. A lot of people are all gung ho to move spiritually and they are all ready, all open, apparently, but when it actually begins to happen, direction is actually provided, the individual begins to run into the hereditary factors that are present—the intrinsic hereditary factors of human nature and the extrinsic factors of human experience, which are all present in a person; and the fire will begin to act on these things. So things come up: “Oh, I'm uncomfortable. I didn't think it was going to be this way. I didn't think the direction was going to be the way we seem to be going. I'm not sure I like this.” No, the person is getting burned. But if there are those who are consciously aware, assurance can be given: “It's all right; these things are necessary.” Transformations must occur; we can't drag along the past with us; it has to go.

If all things are to be made new how could we bring anything old along with us? I don't think too many have thought of that point. Glibly it is said that we must let all things be made new. That is a delightful theory, but then what of the old that we want to drag along with us? Obviously if we drag along anything, then all things can't be made new—just some things perhaps, but not all things. But it is necessary that all things be made new. The creative cycle is moving and we had better move with it. We know this, so let us do it. Other people do not perhaps know what it is that is happening, so they need someone to point the direction, someone to provide the correct orientation. Then others may become aware that there is a consistency here, there is an understanding here. We know the direction that we are going; we understand what is happening. It's all right. And those who stay close, move with us. If a person begins to veer off a little bit, pretty soon he's gone, because the fire gets so hot he can't stand it and there is no one there to pour a little cool water over.

So we have this individual responsibility which is a matter of staying close to the core. I think that has been the experience, by and large, that has increased. There is a greater sense of closeness with me, for instance. We have a sense of closeness, yes; we are all part of a family, we are all friends. And it is that increase of love that brings us into the cool of the flame. Some people were a little reluctant to get too close to me because they felt they might be burned. But if they actually do it—oh, it's the cool part of the flame! It isn't hot at all. It's just right, just the way it should be, and there begins then to be a core of people who know, people who understand, people who can provide that right direction to others. Not that others are not going to have to come through the flame too and find their own individual points of responsibility—they are. But we find it easy because we are all associated with one thing. We all share one spirit. We differentiate it in beautiful ways, give it beautiful form in thought, in word and action. And because this creative expression is brought forth increasingly, with greater intensity, the fire burns hotter, but we stay in the cool part of it.

It is this increased heat which transforms and transmutes the whole population. It does it. If it can do something with us, surely it can do something with anyone! I sometimes think that the creative cycle takes the toughest nuts first. If it can crack those nuts, then all the lesser nuts will come along. So in a way I suppose it could be said to have been hard work, but now there is a momentum, now the spirit is actually in expression because there are a sufficient number of people who are honest and trustworthy and in position to let it happen. The transformation can occur, not because one tries to be so good. One stops trying to be that anymore, because that, after all, is just a concept of somebody's mind; it isn't the real thing. But we learn to trust the spirit and to allow that to find expression. It is a matter of letting, isn't it? “Let your light so shine.” Let. And so we let it happen.

We are delighted to share in the happening because we associate ourselves with this invisible creative cycle, which is not known to most people. But we know it is there. We know it is there to the extent that we have associated ourselves with it and to the extent that we have allowed it to take form because we are on hand to give it form, beautiful form. And because beautiful form appears in our own thinking, speaking and acting, then round about the reflection of that comes. “All glory to Thee, O Lord Most High.” It is not for us, it is not for our fulfilment, it is not for our comfort; it is not to satisfy us in any way whatsoever, but nevertheless it is a delight to us. It always is a delight—if you let de-light shine! And we share that delight.

It is good to be together, and to continue to be together in every hour, whether we brought our souls along to be close to each other or not. The together state is a spiritual one, not because of form. And so I thank God for you who are here present at Glen Ivy and at Stillmeadow to share this hour as we have done. And I would invite Chris Jorgensen to bring something to focus from Stillmeadow for us so that we can make sure that you have been there.

Chris Jorgensen — Yes indeed, Martin, we've been here. And I would say, speaking for many tough nuts in this room, we are indeed in fullest agreement with you in giving glory to the Lord. We would stand with you in the blue part of the flame acknowledging, rightfully acknowledging, our responsibility to administer the creative cycle as it moves in these days. Those who are on hand and willing to move may do so through a transition that brings them too into the blue of the flame. I would speak particularly a word of heartfelt appreciation for you who have invited all of us over many years to come into the blue of the flame with you. Certainly that has not been a comfortable experience. It has taken patience and wise enfoldment and encompassment and lots of spiritual expression. And I know all of us are indeed thankful for that, and most particularly that now we have the chance to stand with you, taking responsibility for the creative cycle, that the Lord's glory may indeed shine fully upon the earth. Thank you.

Martin Cecil — Thank you, Chris. And now I invite John to say a word so that you at Stillmeadow may know that all of us were here.

John Gray — Certainly we have been here as well, and how wonderful to be with you, soulwise in person, this morning, Martin. As the invitation that you've extended over the years has been accepted, to come into the cool of the flame, that invitation is expanded, is magnified. And our word, with you, is “Come on in, it's fine,” or “All is well,” or perhaps, in the vernacular, “It's cool, man.” And that invitation brings with it strength, great power, and the transformation that is at work is absolutely inevitable. I'm reminded of the burning bush, an analogy which we tend to see perhaps in an individual sense, but this whole earth is the bush that burns and is not consumed. That fact is being made manifest to a greater degree. How glorious!

Martin Cecil — And out of the core of the burning bush comes the Word of the Lord, spoken on earth, now, in this day.

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July 13, 2018

Essences  of  the  Edenic  Programming

from  Take Up Your Soul And Walk

September 12, 1982  p.m.

Martin Cecil — I'm going to invite Hugh Malafry to participate in the beginning part of our service hour this evening.

Hugh Malafry — You see before you living proof that things can hot up in an afternoon. Much more heat to come as we put ourselves, each one, on the threshold of our own experience and take the steps necessary.

I have been thinking of this matter of extrinsic and intrinsic factors in the makeup of man and finding, in a sense, in the extrinsic factors quite a level of superficiality which, nevertheless, tends to beguile human beings with their significance: matters such as race and religion, cultural factors and of course the more personal factors of having survived childhood and gone on to not-so-comfortable teenage years—and so it goes. I think we are sometimes a little beguiled by those of other cultural backgrounds, thinking that somehow perhaps the secret is there in that culture: black is beautiful, or brown, or whatever. Is it really? Any more than white is beautiful? Superficial factors! Back of the colors and the cultural traits and the atmospheres in which these things exist is the same old intrinsic human nature with its fears and its appetites. No matter where we go in this world we find fundamentally the same intrinsic fallen human state.

And then again, while that intrinsic state is more inward and in a sense more difficult to put one’s hand on, is it not, too, just a program that derives from aberrant cultural function; that is, the affairs of human beings as they try to manipulate the ways of God into some kind of pattern suitable to themselves? Is that not also fundamentally superficial compared to the deepest levels of an intricate and inward design? Even in the realm of memory, is there not deeper memory? Where does the passion for justice come from, the love and yearning for home in human beings? There are yet deeper memories throughout the human family. I doubt that one could go anywhere in the world and find a group of people who knew what was required in an external sense to let the fullness of man, the man of truth, emerge. People juggle patterns, juggle programmings; but as it was very accurately put, there is nothing new under the sun, just different clothing for the same old human nature.

It occurs to me that one of the most stunningly beautiful aspects of this ministry is that the extrinsic patterns of function and education that it provides are in fact one with the intrinsic nature of man. That doesn’t mean that as things heat up there are not educational structures to flow and make available more malleable, shapable substance in the current of the spirit, But it does engender in me, and I feel it must engender in our hearts, the deepest sense of respect for the extrinsic patterns of programming that are provided by this ministry. If there should be disrespect in that regard, or failure to appreciate, that would in itself be an evidence that the intrinsic hereditary structures of man were blinding one to the provision at hand. But, given that, given that threshold, that culminating quality of our momentary experience which places us on the edge of the unknown constantly, is it not with a combination of respect and appreciation, thankfulness for what is and has been, coupled with a sense of adventure and wonder, that brings us beyond the mess of human appetites and fears into the quick of the fire of the spirit in this moment?

I’ve been thinking, too, about the structures that pass away and the substance they release. We can see a world held in irons by prejudice, by fear, by concept of all manner of description, locking up substance in patterns that say, “If you will express anything, it must be expressed this way in order to be acceptable on earth.” Human programming: taking care of us it seems, these days, from the cradle to the grave—and they’re not so far apart sometimes. We have our own educational structures. And as they begin to pass away, what is it that is really happening? As they begin to pass away from filling our consciousness with concepts about being right to our highest understanding, and doing the best we know how in the moment with right attitude, and so on, what is actually happening? Is it not that this programming is becoming simply unconscious to us, that the structures which represented the deepest levels of programming—the Edenic state, the Edenic programming, the nature of man, the Man of Truth—is it not that those are simply providing a foundation for something emerging which can be fluidly trusted?

When I was learning to drive a car, I recall how painfully self-conscious I was of every action. But then I learned to drive a car and there was something to do with the car: drive it down the street, go wherever you had to go. There were purposes to be fulfilled by using it. It came alive in a sense, because the act of learning what it meant to drive that car had become spontaneously available in a formation of skills that are appropriate to the moment.

Life is more important than the body, but the body is essential to life. Is this not something of the threshold on which we stand as the deeper levels of the intricate, the intrinsic nature of man begin to find expression? We may be delighted to the very core of our being that extrinsic and intrinsic factors for us are one. The structures give way to free the substance up for use. Deepest of my concerns at this point in my own experience, and in working with others as that is fitting, is what happens to that substance.

There is a fashionable rebelliousness that comes when one graduates from school: “Oh I don’t know that I’m going to go out into the world and do it the way everyone else has done it. Maybe I’ll knock around for a few years or maybe I’ll just see how I can slip through the system untouched by the professional requirements of that system.” Also, there is the kind of rebelliousness which says, “Now that the substance is being freed up we'll just do whatever we need to do”—whatever that is! Well what do you do, all dressed up and nowhere to go: fritter away substance: in a sense let the life essences bleed away? I've watched people follow their own substance into oblivion.

We think of the fire as having color and texture. One of the things I was noticing about fire recently is that it ascends; it always points up. Even if you turn a burning log upside down the fire points up; it burns upward. There is radiant fire, and fire that naturally burns upward; it refines, it lifts up. As the fire burns brighter and hotter the responsibilities become increasingly more specific, requiring finer containment. Nothing that we have learned has actually passed away in the sense of the spirit of the Law, the spirit of truth. The man of truth is more on hand in fact because the noisy outer man is less on hand, and there is something to ascend before the throne of God.

That’s where the substance belongs. It takes a certain level, texture and fineness of substance to come into the presence of God. Man is here to let that refinement occur in the substance that needs to come into His presence. And we may think of this in terms of the intrinsic factors of our spiritual expression or we may see them as being one with the extrinsic factors of the provision of this ministry. Really, what is the difference ultimately if the true man is present, provided we are responsible for our spiritual expression, each one of us? This substance, this fine atmosphere, is not here to follow out reasserted factors of human nature or to flush out some as yet impure element of the intrinsic or extrinsic programming of man, but to be available to the deepest sensibility of all, the sense of truth, the essences of the Edenic programming, the essences of the Divine state, and to flesh that out. That places upon us, more than ever, the responsibility to be absolutely precise in an orientation from which emerges every thought, word and deed of our lives for the greater generation and the purification of the whole earth—this by reason of the fact that there is an angel on hand, whose environment is fire, living through the body of the living God.

Martin Cecil — There is an angel on hand to do what is required. That doing is only made possible because there is a human soul present. All human souls have been intrinsically and extrinsically programmed in the earthly sense. This programmed soul has assumed an identity, as though it really were something of itself. That identity is called by your name.

I am reminded of an occasion recorded in the Bible of a fellow who was found lying on his bed by a certain pool which was reputed to have healing waters. He had been lying there a long time, because he assumed that his healing required that somebody should put him in the pool. Nobody had done it for thirty-eight years, so he was still waiting. This is rather a good picture of any human being. Regardless of how physically healthy a person may imagine that he or she is there are always factors of personal experience about which to complain. Everyone has his or her personal limitations. Most people try to fool themselves into believing that by playing certain roles they can transcend their limitations. People everywhere aspire to these roles, imagining that by playing them they are going to be more important, more worthwhile, more fulfilled. Game-playing, isn’t it? Children playing games. The world as it now is operates on this basis.

There is one present who says, in effect, as it was said to the man who was lying inert by the pool, “Take up your bed and walk. Get up from that supine position. Take up your bed”—what heretofore you’ve been lying on, namely the programmed state of human nature which tells people how to behave. It tells people that they are sick, that they are getting older, that they are dying. Take up your bed and walk! Stop believing all the lies and rationalizing them so that they appear to be true. There is someone present, real and true, who is capable of taking up that bed and using it to advantage. It’s not a matter of trying to pretend that one doesn’t feel so good, or whatever it is, but the question always arises as to whether that is going to dictate to you what your behavior should be. Take up your bed and walk!

Who are you? I can ask that question and I’m sure you could give me a glib answer. “I am an angel”—that’s a good one. Is that the fact or are you a player of games, a role-player who puts weight and meaning in the role that is played? If there is any purpose to the role that is being played, the weight and the meaning is there by reason of the one who is playing the role. The role itself is a husk. Mind you, there are some roles that are significant, needful. But how easily those concerned slip into the programmed state where the role is the thing, so that a person feels that if he isn’t playing that role he’s ceased to have any meaning. I think it’s most useful if a person loses the particular role in which he has put so much store, that is if the person has been doing that. I don’t say it’s necessary that everyone should lose their roles, but certainly if anyone has put his meaning into the role so that if the role was no longer necessary he would feel meaningless, then obviously that individual is in a bad way. The role is running that person’s life.

Take up your bed and walk! Take up your soul, in whatever way it may have been programmed intrinsically and extrinsically, and be about the Father’s business. The one who takes up the soul and walks is the angel of the Lord. The soul is for use, and in that use roles will be played. But the role does not change in any way the one who has taken up the soul and walked into that particular role. There are many roles that are useful, but only when these roles are played by a true person—by the angel. Closeness is primarily in spirit, regardless of the geographical position of souls. If it is useful for souls to be together for some particular creative purpose, then the angels concerned may let this occur, but only because it is for a purpose, not because the souls imagine that they would feel better if they were closer together.

This is the last service I will be present at in the Dome Chapel for a season. I am taking my soul elsewhere. I delight that we have these times when our souls are in close proximity. But that is only valuable to the extent that there is the unification known in spirit. We are close in spirit. But the fact that our souls may be in the vicinity of each other is not the cause of the closeness in spirit; it may be the result of it. Presumably it is in this instance, because the gathering of these souls together is for a creative purpose. If we really participate soulwise in that creative purpose it is enjoyable to the soul. It is delightful to the one who is incarnate, relating to the specific needs of the administration of the creative cycle on earth. So we bring our souls along into the Chapel this evening. That’s fine. I will not have this pleasure and opportunity for a while but this doesn’t mean that we cease to be together. We cease to be together soulwise maybe, but that isn’t the important thing anyway, except as it is useful in some creative purpose that is being undertaken. From the standpoint of spirit I am not going anyplace other than where I am. Isn’t that true of you too? We are all where I am—there ye may be also.

I have a soul, you have a soul, and if these souls could usefully be put together in some configuration, as this evening, then let’s do that and participate in the creative process that is thereby made possible. But if we are not participating in that specific aspect of the creative process, each of us is still himself and we are still in place—that one place which is the place of spirit: I am. Each of us could say, “I am incarnate on earth and delighted to be, because my soul enables me not only to be on earth but to play a part with other angels and their souls in the creative requirements which are presently on the move.”

We are aware of the clamorings of the soul, present because of prior programming in the human state. We need to be in position to stand aloof from it so that we’re not involved with it even though it is there. People find themselves with what might be described as human nature traits and people struggle with these traits all their lives and never get anywhere. They know that because of these traits maybe they lose their jobs or they get in trouble of one sort or another. A lot of people will never admit that it was their own traits that got them in the trouble. They say it was somebody else’s fault. No, it wasn’t somebody else; it was our own human nature acting up that caused the trouble. I am sure everybody has had experience of difficult times, uncomfortable times, painful times, which later were seen to be most valuable. We may run into trouble—I don’t know anyone who hasn’t; some make a big deal out of it, some learn something from it and go on their way rejoicing. But we come to the point where we behave, soulwise, according to the heavenly programming, even though there may be some lingering programming out of the past. We are able to observe it and give it no weight.

The human traits with which a person struggles just simply drop away when they are given no more life through struggling with them. Life is to reveal the Truth, the glorious Truth, and the soul learns to come along with that willingly, happily. We might stress that word happilynot grudgingly. The old traits from human programming pass away. They die because they are given no more life. If such things have life in our experience it is because we give them life; nobody else does. We’re here to take up our bed, our soul—it’s been a sleeping one—take up our soul and walk, stand erect and go where we need to go, do what we need to do! Certainly it isn’t lying around by a pool hoping to be healed. Take up your bed and walk! There is one present—you—who is capable of doing that. Whatever may be the state present in the soul may be used to advantage in the creative processes.

So we express strength, for one thing. We express the Truth; and because we express it we know it, the only way it can be known. We know what we express. All right, if you want to know the truth, express it. Simple. Where is the problem? When the Truth is known freedom is the experience, the freedom of the one who is incarnate on earth to play a creative part in the greater fulfilment for which each one is incarnate. And as that fulfilment comes there is joy unspeakable and full of glory. There is happiness. The creative process is perfect—give it form. Whatever is needful soulwise will put in an appearance, not for the purpose of satisfying the soul but for the purpose of letting God’s will be done, for the purpose of allowing the creative fulfilment to be known.

We discover as angels moving along the way just how that is possible, what souls are available to participate in the process, what souls are being held out too. We can only use the ones that are available. And as angels we bring them to where they need to be. But whether one soul is next to another soul or far-distant from another soul makes no difference from the standpoint of the angel of the Lord, from your standpoint as the one who is present, because there is no separation in spirit. Once such a big deal ceases to be made of the spurious requirements of the soul then the emphasis comes where it is rightly put in spirit, and we become aware of the heaven. That’s where we dwell; that’s where we abide. And because we abide in heaven, heaven comes into experience on earth.

So with these particular words I conclude our evening hour together in person soulwise, but we remain together in spirit. Let that be so. That is the most important thing. Then whatever needs to happen from the standpoint of the souls involved can be handled quite easily to the glory of God.

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