November 15, 2017

The  Son  of  God  Born  Through  You

Uranda  November 15, 1953

Upon returning from a journey to One Hundred Mile House and Vancouver, B.C.

It is good to be back here on Sunrise Ranch once more, speaking to you in our little Chapel. I thank God for the blessings that have been made manifest through you.

Being here with you in the little Chapel again on this evening of November 15, 1953, I am reminded that five years ago tonight my son was born. Kathy and I were recalling something of the outworking today as we were coming across the wide open spaces of Wyoming. And as we serve here, or anywhere, truly—whenever you let the Christ Spirit have meaning in body and mind and heart, you are letting the Son of God be born through you. That which is of God is the Son of God and you, man or woman, become the Mother through which that Son is born into the world—the Spirit of the Living God. And to the degree that you do let that Son of God be born through you, instead of being crucified in you, you begin to realize that this task that is before us is not an impossible one. 

To the human mind there seems to be too great a need in the world, too vast a necessity. But once we see the current working in human lives, once we begin to recognize the far-reaching extent of that which has already been done, you realize that with God, as the Father of that which is made manifest through us on earth, all things necessary can be born in and through us, and through all those responding ones, whosoever and wheresoever they may be, who may yield, and respond, and clear to the pattern of the Divine Design. And tonight, I would like to share with you a few moments in Devotion, in thanksgiving to God for the blessings we have known, both here and there.

Our Gracious LORD and KING, I thank Thee for these here gathered, who are sharing in person in the spirit and purpose of this hour, who are yielding and letting themselves be drawn ever nearer into the pattern of Thy Everlasting Truth, more closely centered in Thy Eternal Love. I thank Thee for the provision, the blessing, the accomplishment made manifest through them, here. And I Thee for all who are sharing at The Hundred and everywhere. And I thank Thee for Thy blessing upon those whose lives we have so recently touched, that they may be strengthened in the Way; that they may feel the solid support of the Unit pattern letting the current of the Spirit flow forth to their open hearts; that they may be strengthened in their firm resolve to let Thy Will be done in earth as it is in Heaven; and to so yield body and mind and spirit, and all that they are, that they may be a means by which Thy Spirit is born into the realm of action, into the realm of form.

As these here, during the past few days, have looked to the hour of our coming Home, holding the vibrational pattern—and then the form—so is it with all. For the form does not first appear and then the vibrational pattern, and we have the responsibility of helping them hold the vibratory pattern of their New Heaven, that their New Earth may take form, to Thy Glory and to the Blessing of all who will receive. I thank Thee for all people who are turning, responding and yielding, whosoever, wheresoever they may be, of every race and color and creed, that not one may be left out; that each may feel the drawing power of the irresistible cords of Thy Love; that each may with ever clearing vision behold the Beauty of Thy Everlasting Truth, and share in the Glory and the Joy of letting Life be made manifest—vibrantly, victoriously, creatively.

O Father, I thank Thee on behalf of all those who are now receiving blessings, and all who shall in that days to come. And I thank Thee for the manifestation of Thy provision, that in season every empty vessel may be filled to overflowing, that both human lives and material substance may be made available to the filling of every need, so that the waiting ones will not have to wait so long, that the hungry ones may be fed, and the thirsty ones given of the Water of Truth to drink freely, to Thy Glory.

I thank Thee for all the accomplishment of Thy Service here and everywhere. I thank Thee for all those who are serving with me, for those who shared this journey, for those who shared the hours of our Ministry, and for those who shared here—for Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory, now, in our lives, and we would let it be so forever.

Blessed Ones, whosoever, wheresoever you may be, harken and hear: for the Kingdom of our Father is in you now, where you are; the Power of our God is in you now, where you are; and the Glory of our KING is in you and around you as you live, where you are. Let the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory have meaning in body and mind and heart, that there may be healing, renewing, recreating in every part. Let the New Heaven be born, that the New Earth of your being may appear. Glory to God in the Highest—the Glory of Life, the Glory of your life dedicated to God in the Highest—and through you God’s Life appears, God’s Glory is made manifest in the expression of peace on earth; peace that penetrates every nerve and tissue, gland and organ; peace that penetrates body and mind and heart; peace on earth in human beings and in human affairs; peace on earth, good will from God to men. God’s will for you is good will. Good will from God, through man, to you. And so do we join in the Angel’s Song as the Son of God is born today. Tonight, the Spirit of God made manifest in human form, in you, as you let it be so, that the expression of that Spirit may increase in you until you mature in it’s expression, to the Glory of God and to the Blessing of all who will receive among the children of men.

O Father, I thank Thee that it is so; that Thy Word accomplishes that whereunto it is sent, and it shall not return unto Thee void. I thank Thee Father for those here gathered, and for all who are with us in Spirit, that being in agreement with Thee, with one accord in the working of Thy Will, Thy Love and Thy Truth in the one place right here on earth, the place of Earth, wherever we may be geographically, we may serve Thee well and let Thy Kingdom come and be made manifest, now and forever. AUM-en

I might mention that that group in Vancouver—we were holding the lectures in the Georgia Hotel there—received the Group Attunement very beautifully. Practically every night we had a Group Attunement there, and I felt that the current of it reached to various places in Canada, and perhaps even penetrated into the United States (soft ripples of laughter in the congregation). Would you like to have an attunement tonight?

Our Gracious LORD, we thank Thee for the privilege of yielding body and mind and heart to the control of Thy Kingdom—the Kingdom, the dominion of Truth—to the Power of Thy Love and the Glory of Thy Life, that in the resurrection and the restoration each may know that Thy Kingdom clears away the chaos of distortion and establishes the beauty of the Divine Pattern, that Thy Power casts out all fear and establishes the wonder of Love, and that Thy Glory dissipates the condition of diminishing Life and establishes the condition of increasing Life, in and through and for all those who yield to the Will of the Almighty and permit the evidence of the Presence of the Most High to be made manifest in body, and mind and heart. For your body was created to allow the evidence of the manifestation of Life on earth; and your mind was created to allow the evidence of the manifestation of Truth on earth; and your heart was created to allow the evidence of the manifestation of Love on earth.

Behold, I make all things new, saith the LORD. The former things of the unreal shall pass away, and the distortions shall be as if they had not been—for Behold, I make all things new. Blessed are they who yield and receive in this hour, that the refreshing and the renewing may be made manifest on earth in the recreative Power of the Almighty. Peace be unto you, in the Name of my LORD and KING. Peace be unto you, for the Hand of God is not shortened that it cannot save, nor the Power of God limited that it cannot transform and make every whit whole. Therefore, according to thy response, so be it unto thee. According to thy response to the KING of the Kingdom, from Whom comes the Power and the Glory. According to thy response, so be it unto thee. And if thy response is to that which is not of the KING, it shall still be so. According to thy response, so be it unto thee. In the Holy Name of my KING, I bless you, that you may abide under the evidence of the Presence of the Almighty, now and always. AUM-en

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