April 29, 2018

Your  Sincere  Student

A  Letter  of  Realization

by  Brother  Martin  Cecil  October 23, 1941

Beloved Uranda:

I rejoiced to receive the first instalment of the Services of the Pittsburgh Summer Session, and am looking forward to further releases in due season according to our Response. I was a little bit sad to hear through your Personal Message that you had removed your beard. However I appreciate your reason for so doing, and only hope that I also may as easily and fully let go of that which is behind, pressing on to my high calling in Christ. Your mention of the EXPLORER'S WORD comes as a great Joy, for such a publication would surely fill a most evident need. I sometimes wonder why it is that I have not continued on with my series, CHILD LIGHT. But somehow the way has not opened, though it may yet do so. At the time it was written it filled a specific need, but that particular need is no longer there, although there may perhaps be a general need of this nature, which will draw forth further expression at the right time in the right way. In the meantime I rejoice in the EXPLORER'S WORD and anticipate its publication with the greatest Joy!

The First Pittsburgh Service is very beautiful and you surely come to us, each one, through the Spirit of the recorded words. The Word of your Life fills the word of your lips, for how else could your expression bring forth the Fruits which are so gloriously revealed in your Ministry? What is the Fruit of our lives? Is it not the expression of our every thought, word and deed? These are the Fruits which must contain the Seed, or they will surely have no meaning and no value. The Fruit, even our every thought, word and deed, forms the womb in which the Seed germinates and will finally come to fruition should it fall upon Responsive Ground. Thus it is that the Christ Life in us must bring forth and fill our every expression and thus it is that we may bring forth Fruit unto Eternal Life. An intellectual expression, however fine and beautiful it may appear from an outer standpoint, has not true meaning for it contains no Seed and therefore cannot bring forth anything. It is a “whited sepulchre.” Therefore it is evident that it is only a mockery and a delusion to attempt to build our lives by seeking to control our expression. Our Life is already an accomplished fact. All that is necessary for us to do is to harmonize in the already existing Perfect Life within ourselves, when our expression will naturally become the Seed-filled Fruit.

10-26-41  After rather a lengthy interruption I continue! The Symbol that you give of the construction of some great edifice, such as a Cathedral, is most interesting. There would seem to be three distinct phases in such an undertaking: firstly the conception of the idea; secondly the establishment of the plans and the organization in outer form, whereby the building may be brought forth; and thirdly the actual construction of the Cathedral. In the case of the manifestation of the Christ Kingdom in our lives individually and collectively, these three steps are again revealed in their relationship to the three phases of our outer nature. Firstly there must be a Spiritual Response, which releases, secondly, the “Divine Idea” into the mind, and thirdly, it is brought forth through the body into manifestation in the world, as all three phases remain in steadfast alignment. These same things are revealed to us clearly in the three phases of your Ministry through the Third Sacred School. In the world's Spiritual Response as focalized in you, the “Immaculate Conception” took place in the first phase of your Ministry before September 1936. In continued right Response the mental understanding was brought forth on the Spiritual basis, and in the second phase of your Ministry the “Lines of Force” were established in the outer world whereby the Christ Kingdom might be finally released once again into full manifestation. In the Booklet “LETTERS TO YOU,” we have what we might term the complete “blueprint” of the Edifice. And now we come to the third phase. The construction of the actual building in the outer world must begin. In that the organization for transcribing the plans, training the employees, collecting and testing the materials, and all the other manifold needs of the second phase of this vast undertaking, is totally different to that organization which is required in the actual construction of the Edifice; it naturally follows that there must be a dissolution of the old organization, when that particular phase of work for which it was originally established is completed, and the setting up of a new organization based upon the needs of construction. Thus we behold the reorganization which is now taking place in the Third Sacred School, and the laying of the Foundation Stone in the release of “THE DAWNING DAY” into the world.

A consideration of these things and other related matters begins to open up glorious vistas revealing the perfection of every smallest detail in the unfoldment of the Cosmic Plan. Truly we may abide in Peace and rejoice that it is so!

I remain, your sincere Student. Martin.


© Emissaries of Divine Light

April 26, 2018

The  Realm  of  Living  —  Laws  of  the  Heart

Uranda   May 17, 1953   Class

Let us continue to consider together the reality of this process of living which God has opened to us. We remember the passage, which no doubt all of you know by heart, if any man lack wisdom—a sense of the fitness of things—“If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.”

As we meditate upon this matter of the heart, we see that this text applies to our subject; and particularly we see the significance in relationship to the words, “…but let him ask in faith, nothing wavering.” There is a positive statement that if one asks in the true sense it shall be given him. Now the problem of the way to ask may enter into the picture, but if we will remember previous meditations together it should pose no problem. However there is the problem of receiving. There is the assurance that if one asks correctly it shall be given, but merely because it is given, there is nothing to signify that he will receive that which is given. That which God gives liberally is given to all of us, according to our several capacities to receive and comprehend. We all share God’s giving of life; we all share so many of the things which God gives, but the pattern of receiving of God’s gifts is that which comes to attention tonight, in relationship to the heart.

When one pauses to consider the pattern of life as it is humanly lived in the ordinary sense on earth, one realizes very keenly the need for wisdom—the sense of the fitness of things. The sense of the fitness of things in relationship to living life here on earth. And if possible tonight, as you yield a pattern of response to Center, I would like to open for you that which has before been a ceiling in consciousness. It will be easy to penetrate this ceiling as we work together in faith, nothing wavering. But if there is hesitancy or fear, or holding back for any cause, instead of providing a channel for the manifestation of power by which the ceiling may be broken, you tend to become a weight which must, to the degree of attunement, be lifted. So with every movement forward you have a part, you have a share. It is not something that I can arbitrarily impose on you. It is only as we work together with one accord in one place that there can be a realization of the significance of the spirit within the word.

In our recent meditations we have recognized that feeling gives meaning to all things whatsoever, whatever meaning we may attribute in relationship to ourselves to the things of the unreal realm, that meaning is established on the basis of the feeling nature—the heart. If something should not have meaning and yet is given meaning by reason of the feelings of the emotional realm, there is a loss in the life force of the individual being who so functions. But if we use all our feeling nature to establish the reality of meaning in those things which should have meaning under the pattern of the Divine Design, there is no loss in the life force of our own beings. One pattern allows for the increase of the life force. The other pattern allows for the decrease of the life force. But there is nothing in heaven or earth as it relates to ourselves which has any meaning to us except as our own hearts permit that meaning to be established within us. The mere fact that a person may, with intellect, perceive consciously a truth does not necessarily provide meaning for the individual. The heart must come into play in relationship to all intellectual processes if those intellectual processes are to have any meaning in our lives.

The heart provides the connecting link with what we speak of as the subconscious aspect of mind. We have recognized that the subconscious mind has no power of logic or reason. We should remember that. God designed us that way. We are that way whether we like it or not. The subconscious mind has absolutely no power of logic or reason. Likewise, we should remember that the conscious aspect of mind has no power of memory. The conscious aspect of mind cannot remember anything; and anything which comes within the range of awareness insofar, as the conscious mind is concerned, must be transferred to the subconscious mind if it is to be remembered. The process of transferring depends upon feeling, or the working of the heart. Likewise, we should remember that whatever is in the subconscious mind, which may by the subconscious mind be remembered, is of no value except as the processes of logic and reason inherent in the conscious mind are allowed to establish control and coordination in that which emerges from the subconscious aspect of mind.

It has long been recognized by psychologists that it is easy to remember that in which one has a deep interest, a real feeling interest; and that with which one has no particular feeling cannot be readily remembered. The effectiveness of memory depends upon the effectiveness of conveying that which is to be remembered into the subconscious mind on a basis which will permit recall at the time that the knowledge or awareness is necessary—and it is the interest aspect which provides the pattern of connection or association. But the memory aspect of the subconscious mind must be correlated with the logic and reason aspects of the conscious mind, if our mind as a whole is to function correctly. Sometimes human beings imagine that they would be better off if they could somehow make that which is in the subconscious mind come into the realm of consciousness, or if they could extend consciousness into the depths of the subconscious mind. Actually, the pattern of the Divine Design in this regard is that which makes possible what we may properly call sanity, for the conscious mind to be aware of all things at all times would soon produce a state of confusion in consciousness which would inevitably lead to insanity. So, the subconscious aspect of mind is just as necessary to the maintenance of sanity and balance as the conscious aspect of mind, where all things which come within the range of awareness are brought into the realm of reason and logic. But man has failed to properly comprehend the correct uses of reason and logic. Man has attempted to make the capacities of reason and logic in his conscious mind the instruments by which he can eat of the good fruit of the forbidden tree while he rejects the evil fruit, as he thinks. In other words, if logic and reason are dedicated to the purpose of determining what fruit is good and what is evil on the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil it is a misuse of the capacities of logic and reason. Likewise, if man attempts to reason his way into an understanding of truth he will inevitably fail. It is impossible for the conscious mind of man, by the uses of logic and reason, to arrive at a true comprehension of truth. Man’s capacities of mind were not designed to function in such fashion. 

We should know something about the capacities of our Being and function in harmony with those capacities. When one learns to be a pilot, for instance, one of the things the individual is taught is, whenever he is going to fly a specific ship to know the limitations of that ship. Know its load limits, know its performance limits. One must know its stalling speed; one must know its cruising speed; one must know something about it top speed. There are also performance limits in the sense of aerobatics. The point is, then, that each thing is produced and designed to do certain things and it is not produced and designed to do certain other things. There are performance limitations—and there are performance limitations with respect to man!

Now this is not to suggest that there are limitations with respect to the potentiality of life for man, except as there is a proper level for the individual, and all individuals are not supposed to function at the same level. If a human being imagines, for instance, that he should have the capacity to function at any level that any other individual can utilize, then he is wrong. Different individuals are specifically designed to function at different levels, in different places for different purposes. We cannot possibly hope to reach a point where we could simply change around at will and any person fill any job in relationship to correct function in the Body of God on earth. You have a specific place, a specific level, a specific pattern, and your fulfillment as an individual depends upon your function in that place—and it cannot be known any other way.

The human mind is inclined to feel that it should be able to establish its own contact with God and, because all things are possible with God, he should be able to reach a point of individual development where he can duplicate the function of any person at any level in any position, so that he could be all things to all people. Now, that isn’t possible—it just is not possible! That would make one individual equal to the composite unification of all God Beings—one human being would have to be equal to the composite expression of Being, which includes all God Beings! Such a thing is utterly fantastic when we begin to recognize the principles of Life. So, equality is not an equality of being able to function in all ways at all levels as if we could simply step into anyone else’s place anywhere and do the job. We need to deeply realize that because you must be a specialist, if you are going to know fulfilment—you must be a specialist in relationship to that aspect of Being for which you were designed.

Now, if we are in agreement on earth with respect to these things we will not be setting for ourselves a goal which is impossible to ourselves. Much of the futility in life is completely unnecessary, because human beings set for themselves some goal which is not in harmony with their own patterns of purpose and design. We need to recognize that any human being is going to be subject to a sense of futility until he begins to move in the direction of his own proper specialization. He will have some awareness with respect to the other phases of Being and function but the real joy of Being begins to emerge in the individual life as he begins to move into the realm of his own personal pattern of specialization.

Now, a little more with respect to the limitations—not limitations in the sense that they prevent you from having all that is necessary to your adequate fulfillment—these operational limitations are not in actual fact limitations at all, not in the sense of preventing the adequate fulfillment of one’s own true purpose in life. If a person felt that he had to have all the potentialities of flight incorporated in one ship, you would say that that person is just plain silly. There needs to be a ship of specific design for each specific purpose in relationship to the problems and needs of flight. So likewise, in the larger sphere of living. There needs to be a ship specifically designed for each of the specific aspects of living life—and logic and reason are not supposed to provide a means of determining good and evil. After one becomes aware of good and evil, of what is the right course in other words, logic and reason will come into play and give one a satisfactory understanding of that which is, but one cannot use the capacities for something for which they were not designed and hope to achieve his purpose. Logic and reason were not designed as instruments for determining good and evil, and yet man tries to use them for that purpose—and he fails. We have thousands of years of misery to prove it. Therefore, let us begin to see what the operational limitations are with respect to some of these capacities which we have in common, but which have different particularized qualities and characteristics—performance characteristics.

We recognize that the awareness of the right course in life must come through the working of the Spirit of God in the consciousness of the individual, and as one becomes familiar with the process of letting that Spirit control he will begin to be able to use his capacities of logic and reason in relationship to that control—not as a substitute for the control but as a means by which the control may become more meaningful, more effective in the expression of life. All of this, introduced briefly, has to do with the heart, the feeling realm, the quality of wisdom.

Wisdom is a quality of the heart and not of the mind. Some people act as if they imagine that wisdom was something that could be produced as an aspect of the working of the conscious mind. It cannot. Wisdom is not one of the qualities of the conscious mind, and you cannot inject it into the conscious mind no matter how you try; and you cannot make logic and reason work as substitutes for wisdom; and likewise you recognize that wisdom is not a quality of the subconscious mind because there certainly is no logic or reason in the subconscious mind. Wisdom works through mind but its basic aspect is not in mind. Wisdom is one of the qualities of the heart and trying to make it manifest anywhere else in any other way brings certain failure. Many people are trying to make their minds be wise but they will never succeed. They may think they are succeeding for a little while but they fail.

Wisdom is a quality of the heart and the sooner we realize that the better. What did the wise man say, as recorded in Proverbs? “Wisdom is the principal thing,” not knowledge. Wisdom is the principal thing—wisdom is that something of the heart which must work in relationship to the mind if knowledge is to have any meaning, and only when there is wisdom can there be any true or adequate understanding. Understanding is a state to which one arrives when heart—wherein there is the aspect of wisdom, and subconscious mind—wherein there is the aspect of memory, and conscious mind, wherein there are the aspects of logic and reason, come to point in the balanced expression or movement which is engendered by the Spirit of God in man. Understanding cannot be experienced on any other basis. It cannot be established by reason of the working of the intellect—the conscious mind. The conscious mind is the instrument of conscious awareness, which contains the qualities, for our use, the qualities of logic and reason; and if many, by intellectual study, intellectual activity, the figuring of the mind, the attempt to use logic and reason, hopes to produce understanding within himself he fails, and produces futility.

Once we begin to understand the operational limitations of ourselves as a whole and the aspects of Being within ourselves we will eliminate at least ninety percent of the futilities with which human beings struggle, because we will not be trying to do something that cannot be done, and the human being who sets his own goal, according to his own idea of that which he wishes to achieve, invariably includes, with the things that are possible, things that are impossible to him—things that he is not supposed to be able to achieve, things that would not benefit him one iota if he did achieve them, they would not have any benefit in the sense of providing greater fulfillment for him, they would not bring any increased joy or satisfaction. His conscious mind may imagine they would, but they wouldn’t.

The recognition of our operational limitations does not limit us, if we function correctly in the Body of God on earth. The potentiality of all deity is open to us when we accept our own operational limits. Now that may sound like a contradiction, but it is not, because your function within your own operational limits as a part of the Body of God is necessary if that which is Divine is to appear through you, to supplement or make whole that which appears through others. When all together are functioning correctly within their operational limits, they will all together have all things but the individual of himself and by himself is not going to have all things—and that is one of the points where man has butted his head against a rock wall down through the centuries. He has tried to find ways of going through or over and always someone is coming up with a bright idea that he thinks is new—it isn’t new at all—by which he can hope to be all things to himself and to others, but it does not work and never will. The acceptance of our operational limitations, individually, permits us to come into a pattern of agreement with one another so that our processes or interrelationship and interdependence may come into the sphere of the creative field and all together we may produce the wholeness of that which we all need. But it can be produced in no other way.

This is the way it appears in heaven. You cannot properly imagine that any God Being can step into any position and fill that position in the Body of Invisible God. It can’t be done. God Beings have their operational limitations, and they don’t need to grow or develop or something in order to supposedly overcome those operational limitations. If there is any proper need for the God Being to change into some other position that can be worked out, but it is not the sort of thing that human beings might imagine it to be—that would not be on the basis of what human beings would readily comprehend, so we leave it alone. But let us remember that every God Being has operational limitations, from the highest point of Deity in all the Cosmos down to and including your own Lord. Every God Being in the universe or the Cosmos has operational limitations—he is supposed to have, and would not be perfect if he did not have. Your perfection depends upon the reality of your operational limitations, and once you begin to see that so that you do not try, ignorantly or willfully, to fight against your operational limitations you can begin to have the satisfaction of individual fulfillment, and you can begin to have a part in making fulfillment possible to others.

To the degree that this is glimpsed, at least, we can begin to see that living is confined to the heart. Living, in the sense of the experience, is something that is of the heart—not of the mind, not of the body, but of the heart. Now the mind can share living, the body can share living, but the place of living is the heart. Once you begin to realize that, you can see that whatever you experience in the process of living is due to something that works out in relationship to the heart. What you feel is that which gives meaning to anything of which you are aware, and that of which you have awareness has no meaning has no meaning if you have no feeling with respect to it, no matter how true it might be; and the mere fact that you do not have any feeling with respect to it does not show that it has no meaning in potential fact—it does not say that it should not have meaning to you. And you can have feeling with respect to things which should not come within the range of your feeling pattern.

Now, if you can imagine the heart as being something of a circle, and recognize that whatever is pulsing through that feeling nature of yours provides your living—that is the living you have! If there is fear in the heart, then that is a part of your life or process of living; if there is greed then that is a part of it; if there is envy, if there is jealousy, then that is the process of your living—and it destroys the heart and therefore destroys the body and the mind, for your body and your mind can have life only by reason of the heart. We must not imagine that it is the body that provides the basic opportunity of living. It is not the mind that provides the basic opportunity of living. The opportunity of life for body and mind depends upon the heart—and whatever is working through the heart, the pulsations of your feeling realm, whatever they are, that is the subtotal of your living moment by moment. If the conscious mind is aware of those things then you have a consciousness of your living. If the conscious mind is not aware of what is working in the feeling realm then you do not have a consciousness of the forces at work in your living—but it is still your living, all the living you have! And there is not living, as such, outside of the heart. If the mind is to share living it must be within the scope of the heart. If the body is to share living it must be within the scope of the heart. And it is by reason of the heart that the mind, conscious and subconscious, and the body, can have meaning. So, that which is at work in your heart, whether at the conscious or subconscious levels, whether above or below your level of awareness, provides the sum total of your opportunity to live.

Now, in this opportunity to live, God gives wisdom, which is one of the key qualities or characteristics of the heart—the sense of the fitness of things. If you try to make your mind determine the fitness of things you will never succeed. It is only by the working of the heart that your mind can become aware of the fitness of things. And once you begin to see that many of your problems in life will be simplified; in fact many of them will simply disappear, just like ninety percent of the futility that most people enjoy. They are struggling about something and they develop a martyr complex, making it hard for themselves, and the meaning of their existence is limited to their struggle in futility to do some impossible thing—and they imagine that they are trying ever so hard. Ninety percent of your futilities disappear once you accept your operational limitations. Now that does not mean that you have to accept ill health or something that prevents you from knowing fulfillment—no!

But what is the pattern of operational limitation with respect to your highest degree of potentiality, where you are filling your place in the Divine scheme of things? You are a long ways from that yet, so don’t worry about running out of something to do—you won’t! But until you begin to understand the principal of operational limitation you will be trying to equip yourself to do something that you can never do, you will be trying to set a goal for yourself that you can never achieve, you will be disregarding the laws of God, the design of God, the purposes of God for you, and you will be trying to do something which you cannot do. You will be trying to be as God, to set your own pattern, your own design, your own purpose, your own goal, and you are going to achieve it—no you’re not! You may think you are, but you won’t. We come back to the basic fact that all living, all meaning in life, with respect to all things whatsoever, must appear through the heart, by reason of the heart—the feeling realm, or what we call the emotional realm. 

Now, with respect to this external realm of things, the conscious mind is supposed to be the guardian angel of the subconscious mind; but the subconscious mind is supposed to be an instrument of the Spirit, and to have its face of response turned to the Father. Once we begin to see that whatever you are letting in to your heart, whatever you are allowing to work through your heart or feeling nature, that is your living—it is the extent of your living, the sum total of your living—we can begin to see why impurity of heart, causes human beings to have such an empty pattern of existence in relationship to anything truly worthwhile—emptiness, not fullness and fulfillment. And so, that which you feel determines the extent of your living. You cannot live outside of, or above or beyond, your feeling. You cannot live without regard to your feeling, or your heart. But you can live without letting the wrong pattern of feeling control. Many people feel that merely because they feel something that is what they are, and they let it control.

But the heart must become pure before you begin to see the reality of God, the reality of living, appearing in and through the heart—so the purification of the heart must come first. And until there is a recognition of these basic factors of Being, and until you begin to realize them in relationship to yourself you cannot possibly know fulfillment; you cannot know happiness. Some particular thing may give you happiness for the moment because it is something that can be used in movement in the right direction. But you say, “Now this gives me happiness, so I will do it again.” And you do it again, and where is the happiness? It might conceivably have a relationship to happiness but it might not. In other words, until we function in the heart according to the Divine Design we cannot know life in body and mind according to the Divine Design; and the wisdom which gives us awareness with respect to the Divine Design in living is in the heart, and it must be received from the heart into the mind, so that we may be wise—as the Master put it, “Wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”

Blessed Ones, these basic factors will have significance to you according to your response in the heart, to the Spirit in the words of Truth, and as you recognize these things and accept them you will find that your progress along the way can be greatly speeded up, greatly increased. To what end? Progress for yourselves, individually? No. Progress in your ability to function in giving to others. If you have recognized the principle of integrated relationship here, you will recognize that it is not by trying to get something for yourself, not even wisdom, not fulfillment, not spiritual understanding, not anything!—not heaven itself. Your progress will be in direct ratio to the giving to others on the basis of that which you are supposed to provide for others. And that giving will manifest according to the degree of purity of heart, and there will be purity of heart to the degree that there is control. But that control of your heart is not, and never will be vested in you the human being. Any effort on your part as a human being to gain control of your heart will fail—absolutely! Billions of people have lived and died to try to hurdle that point and it cannot be done. Remember that! There must be control in your heart, but that control of your heart does not, and never will be, vested in you the human being. It must come from the Father to you, and as long as the human mind tries to usurp the pattern of control he will die—because he will receive into his heart those things that take life away from body and mind. And here is the secret of Life without the limitations of death.

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. The realm of your heart, the realm of your living, is the realm in which you must let the Kingdom come, and the Will of God be done on earth as it is in Heaven—if you are to know who you are, what you are, from whence you come, your purpose here, and whither you go. It is only as you let the Kingdom come in your realm of living that you can know the change, the birth, the rebirth from that existence which is dying to the realm of the living, the realm that makes possible the manifestation of the Garden of God on earth. So let us live, and so let us serve our LORD and KING that we may serve our Brother man in the realm of the living. This is Uranda speaking on Sunrise Ranch.

© Emissaries of Divine Light

April 24, 2018

Radiation  and  the  Returning  Cycle

from  The Life of Victory

Uranda   November 15, 1951

As our Master came near to the concluding hours of His ministry on earth He made a very significant statement: “The prince of this world cometh, and findeth nothing in me.” Last weekend we had the privilege of a very effective cycle of services, sharing in the outworking of the spirit of God in our lives, and I wonder how many of you found that after the increased manifestation of the current working through you there was a tendency to feel pressures and perhaps a sense of depression, something of a sense of a load after that, in the early part of the week. I think most of you, if not all, who had any real perception of the increased current, felt something of that pressure that appeared. Long ago I pointed out whenever there is an increased manifestation of divine power because we have moved upward along the way, there will tend to be pressures, or backwash, from out of the world because of the reality of increased radiation. We cannot move forward, in the sense of letting the power of God be released into the world, without having some reaction out of the world. When that reaction out of the world comes back to us, when those pressures come back, if there remains in the individual, in the ghost of his being, that subconscious realm of the mind and heart, those things that are of the world, then this backwash, this reactionary pressure from out of the world, will connect up in the individual with that which is not yet what it ought to be and there will be a tendency to have a reaction. There will be a tendency for whatever there is of the ill things remaining to come out.

The Master said, “The prince of this world cometh, and findeth nothing in me.” He recognized that, while there had been various cycles of reaction from out of the world during the period of His ministry, the full force of that ministry was coming to its climax and the backwash from out of the world would be appearing. It was near at hand. We remember how, according to the story, He began to meet that reactionary vibration of the world in Gethsemane. If it had not been true, as He had said earlier, that the prince of this world could find nothing in Him, the backwash, the reactionary currents from out of the world, would have destroyed Him in that hour in Gethsemane. The meaningfulness of that hour is something that we might well meditate upon, but before we do we need to recognize certain principles in relationship to ourselves.

As you individually let go to the outworking of the cycle that was released through this past weekend, something was established in you which was moving, and should still be moving, toward a cleansing of that subconscious realm. To whatever degree you actually let go at that time, the reality of that cleansing has begun. When there is the reality of radiation, of the working of the power of the Holy Ghost through you, it tends to dispel, to cleanse out from you, those things that do not belong to you and are not a part of your reality. However, that radiation going on out into the world produces a reaction in the world consciousness and there is a returning cycle. As you remain centered, fully obedient to the One Law according to the two commandments, that backwash cannot upset you, even though the coming of the prince of this world may reveal something in you that belongs to the prince of this world, something that is not of the divine origin. If you allow yourselves to be controlled by these ill things that remain in you and get connected up in the world pattern, you spoil the outworking of the cycle and by such function deny God, betray His trust, and put yourself in a position where you have to go through the process all over again. The complete process is not, generally speaking, completed in one operation. Cycles of outworking take place.

“The prince of this world cometh, and findeth nothing in me.” We have considered the nature of this subconscious realm, not just the surface aspects of the subconscious, with which the conscious mind is more or less familiar, but beneath the surface, the subterranean aspects of mind and heart. This that has been built through human self-activity, environmental influence, things projected into the subconscious by the mass consciousness, etc., may be called the unholy ghost in the individual. We are supposed to reach a point where we let the Holy Ghost abide in us and work through us, and it is only by reason of the Holy Ghost in us that we have the privilege of sharing on earth the expression of God's power. As long as there is anything which divides this sub-ghost aspect of being from the Father, the power of God cannot be made manifest in reality through the individual.

The guardian angel, the conscious mind, must reach a point where it is not subject to the subconscious aspect, where it stays centered in the Father, so that it is a manifestation of the Son, or the mind that was in Christ Jesus. Then, when something starts bubbling from the subconscious realm to be cleansed away, the conscious mind is not taken over by the subconscious vibrational pattern. The conscious mind stays centered because it is anchored in the Father. Although there is something in the individual which belongs to the prince of this world, the individual does not allow his centering in the Father to be lost and that which is coming out is cast out. If, however, the conscious mind gives way on an emotional reaction of some kind, so that the irrational expression of the subconscious realm takes control, then the prince of this world not only finds something in the individual but reestablishes his control over the individual and anchors that much more solidly in the individual's sub-ghost, and he has to begin the process of cleansing all over again.

We remember the text in Ecclesiastes 12:6: “Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern.”

Here we have the elements clearly portrayed in relationship to the whole being of man. The silver cord relates to the seven seals, the endocrine system—but that relates in the direct sense to the subconscious mind. Of course a part of the endocrine system has direct relationship to the conscious mind, but in the primary sense the silver cord is the instrument of connection between the Father and the sub-ghost in the individual. Out of the trunk, or stem, of the manifestation of the silver cord in the individual, innumerable rootlets spread in the expression of life from the subconscious realm—the body of form of this subconscious aspect of being in heart and mind. Because the emotional current is working through the silver cord in all respects, where it is actually functioning in any ordinary sense, there is that which establishes vibrational contact points. A rootlet out of this stem connects up with all of those things to which you respond.

Over and over again I have emphasized to you that, “According to your response, so be it unto you.” A rootlet of the silver cord working through the subconscious realm connects up with anything—an idea, any evil spirits of the heart, greed, selfishness, self-centeredness, or any object or any person. When you respond to something below you, you are connecting up the very center of your life force with that thing and becoming subject to it. Response to that which is below you, response to that which is not of God in your own subconscious realm, makes you subject to such things—and the mind is in the habit of giving way and turning expression and function over to the subconscious mind instead of holding steady and being the guardian angel. To the degree of response, that sends out a rootlet that connects up with that to which the individual responds.

However there are rootlets which appear on another basis—on the basis of controlled command. We will consider this controlled expression at a later time, but remember that there is a controlled expression of the rootlets of the silver cord which can extend out on the basis of command, not because you are responding to something out here but because, by the Will of the Father, under the Direction of the Son, in the Power of the Holy Ghost, a connection is made through which the power may flow to do something. There is an interesting key. We will get to a consideration of that in due season.

When the subconscious realm is no longer ashamed before the Lord but is ready to stand naked and unashamed before the Lord, then it will look up. The subconscious realm is connected to the Father by means of the silver cord. If the subconscious realm, having sense of shame, is separated in consciousness from the Father, there is no way by which anything from the Father can reach it. It shuts itself off. It cannot forgive itself; it cannot remove its own guilt complex. It shuts itself off from the Father.

The current from the Father is supposed to reach the level of the conscious mind from two directions: a positive and negative pole working through the conscious mind—one, direct from the Father; and the other, indirectly from the Father, through the subconscious mind and back to the conscious mind. From above, from the Father, direct to the conscious mind, there is an impulse conveying some idea. Unless there is response in the subconscious realm the projected thought never gets into the conscious mind. If the subconscious realm is ashamed before the Lord, it will not let anything come out of itself to rise up.

If there is the projection from the Father to the point of the conscious mind and the subconscious responds, some idea that has relationship to that which is being projected is drawn to the surface and comes into the realm of thinking—the pitcher at the fountain, the wheel at the cistern—and something begins to move. You begin to think in the realm of logic and reason. Projected into the realm of logic and reason, the element of control is established, something arises out of the subconscious realm to give body to it, and then it becomes a thought in the mind. Then meditation upon it allows an expansion of vision and understanding, related ideas begin to appear, and a current of divine inspiration flows. But as long as the subconscious realm is ashamed before the Lord, it will not let any idea arise out of itself in response to that which is projected by the Father—that which is projected by the Father in radiation, or inspiration, does not connect up. It remains meaningless and the individual exists as if he did not have any connection with the Father, controlled by the subconscious realm and its fears and its shames, subconsciously related to the ill vibrations in the world that relate to the ill things in itself.

Until the individual allows the guilt to be removed—we do not have to figure it all out—and until the sense of shame has vanished, he cannot be a true instrument for the expression of the Will of the Father under the Direction of the Son, by the power of the Holy Ghost. Until the unholy ghost has been cleansed, so that it becomes through the working of the spirit of God the Holy Ghost abiding in you, you cannot be a means by which God's will is done on earth as it is in heaven. Here you have a little glimpse of the machinery by which these things work out.

If we are allowing the silver cord from the Father to the subconscious realm to be meaningful during life, so that the subconscious realm has been cleansed and there is no sense of shame controlling there, the subconscious mind is open to the Father, its face is turned toward the Father, and then out of it come those things, rising up to the current of inspiration, that come to focus in the realm of the conscious mind, and the individual begins to know the Will of the Father. He begins to speak the Word of the Father, perhaps stumblingly at first, while the machinery is getting into operation, but it begins to work. Then he begins to find that the power of God is a reality, that the wisdom of God, the understanding of God, the knowledge of the cosmos, can find focus in his being according to the need and the response.

Just as the radiation from the Father to the conscious mind cannot make any impression or accomplish anything in the individual except as there is response out of the subconscious realm, just so does the Word of the Father flowing through my lips, reaching out to you, remain meaningless to a great extent until the reality of response to it appears, until something rises up inside of yourselves. As long as there is resistance, holding back, a lethargic attitude, it is shutting off the release, because this expression manifests according to exactly the same laws and principles of outworking in any individual.

In the stillness of the human mind you begin to recognize and realize the meaning of the words, “The Lord is in his holy temple: let all the earth keep silence before him.” “Be still, and know that I AM God.” In quietness of spirit, abiding centered, we can let the cleansing take place so easily and swiftly. It must be real but the Lord loves to make it as painless as possible. Only those who trust and stay centered can know what it is to be made every whit whole by the healing power of God working in body and mind and heart, to the depths of one's being. In stillness before the Lord we begin to know Him as He is. God bless you.

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April 22, 2018

Inherit  the  Earth

from  Blessed are the Meek

Uranda  April 19, 1953

“Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” Now He did not say that we would have to go out and buy the earth. He did not say that we would have to go out and fight to win it, to gain control of it. He did not say that we would have to go out and labor for a few thousand years to get it. He stated that there was a process by which we might inherit. We recognize that all things, regardless of appearance, regardless of present circumstance, regardless of misuse or abuse, all things, in fact, belong to God. And if God is our Father in Heaven, and if His Name is hallowed to us so that we do not violate our position in relationship to Him as true children, as men and women in Christ, we begin to see that it is not a matter of establishing ownership with respect to the earth or material things. Any such questions are of minor import. Ownership is vested in God already, regardless of what human beings may think about it. Ownership belongs to God, now, and if we function correctly in relationship to God we inherit, or receive, into the range of our use and control those things which are necessary to the effectiveness of our lives on earth. The responsibility in the field of stewardship is something which human beings only dimly recognize, the opportunity of allowing our lives to so function that we may inherit that which God owns on earth...

“Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.” Is this not a better way than the way of aggressive conflict which a large part of the world is trying to use, dominating other nations? Conflicts—that is not inheriting the earth. It’s trying to take it by force, and it cannot be done! It cannot be successfully done.

Some of our own problems right here, in the United States of America, spring out of the vibrational factors involved in the manner in which we took certain parts of this earth, by force, from the Indians who lived here before the white man came. Certain of our vibratory patterns are distorted and must be cleared, somehow, sooner or later. The earth cannot be successfully taken by force—no part of it.

We may, while human beings are as they are, have to use force to protect ourselves as a nation from aggression; but we need to see, in relationship to our daily living, personally, individually, the tremendous significance of this truth: “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.” If you then would inherit the earth, and have the earth love to be under your dominion, that portion of it which is rightly yours, then let us, one and all, learn what it is to live in the nobility of true meekness—for it is the only pattern that allows for true strength—the manifestation of the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory of God on earth.

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April 20, 2018

Universal  Pattern  —  Universal  Priesthood

from  Original Sin

Uranda   April 6, 1953  Class

You remember that bread and wine, brought forth by Melchizedek, was also offered by our Lord at what is called the Last Supper, or the Lord's Supper. Bread and wine—exactly the same symbols for the same purpose. As the Master in the upper room blessed His disciples when He gave them bread and wine, so we read that, “And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high God. And he blessed him, and said, Blessed be Abram of the most high God, possessor of heaven and earth: And blessed be the most high God, which hath delivered thine enemies into thy hand. And he gave him tithes of all.”

We recognized that in the process of becoming in actual fact members of the One Body, letting the power of God work in us and through us to carry on the Divine Pattern, we must become Priests and Priestesses after the Order of Melchizedek. We can be hangers-on, or we can be disciples, or followers (a disciple is a follower), or we can reach the point of being prophets—that is, letting the Word of the Lord express through our lips—or we can keep on and become Priests or Priestesses.

I would not want you to feel that I arbitrarily take the stand that every man, woman and child on the face of the earth should be a Priest or Priestess in the ultimate outworking. There are all kinds of spheres of service and responsibility which relate to that Central Focalization, and for a person who is content just to be a disciple, well, no one is going to find fault with him if he is a good disciple, or a good prophet or prophetess, as the case may be. There are many spheres of service. But from the standpoint of actually establishing the patterns and accomplishing the will of God on earth, it must be through the Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek. There is no other way. That is the way which Jesus Christ revealed on earth, and He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” He was reestablishing on earth a consciousness, an understanding, a recognition, of the Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek.

We might point out that it is only as human beings have responded to the influence released in the pattern of the Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek that they have accomplished anything worthwhile in a real beneficial sense to humanity or to the glory of God, at any time on the face of the earth. This is without respect to church or denomination or creed or color or anything else. This in which we are sharing comes over to us from the Motherland, from the days before the fall of man, and it is the Divine Pattern which has not been changed. It is still the same. It is still the same Law and Principles of Being.

What we are speaking of here as the Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek was the governing force on earth before the fall of man, and had been for around one hundred and thirty thousand years. And it has been the governing force behind every constructive move, every really blessed life, on the face of the earth since that day, without respect to any of the man-made divisions. In other words, when we begin to recognize the basic truth of the matter, we find that it is the catholic church—catholic means universal.

Consider the idea of Greek Catholic, Roman Catholic. Both, by the very fact that they say Greek or Roman, say it is not catholic. Catholic is universal. To say Roman Catholic is to establish a division, a limit, to build a fence. In other words you begin to see that whatever is constructive or right or real, or response to the spirit of God, in any person on the face of the earth, regardless of nationality or creed or religion or anything else, is a response to that Pattern in which we are engaged. We do not use the word catholic, because of its misuses. But it means universal. And we do not speak of it as a church particularly, in the ordinary sense, because it is much more than the human concept of what a church means.

But it is the Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek. And in order to see the full significance of this, we go back and recognize that the Divine Pattern was in operation before the fall. This pattern was in operation in relationship to the conditions that worked out after the fall. We remember man's sudden plunge downward into the caveman age, etc, and his gradual emergence into the dim dawn of history. And it was by this means that the Focalization of the Pattern was carried over from the period that was beyond the range of history, or man's knowledge, and re-established with respect to the dawn of history.

So, from my standpoint, any man or woman, regardless of who it is, or where, or in what condition, what they call themselves or anything else—any man or woman on the face of the earth who lets God's will be done, even to the slightest degree, so that there is a real service from it, that person is a part of this which you share here. And it is only to the degree that any person is a part of this, that he or she can amount to anything—I don't care what the standards according to the world concept. But this is, and has been for many thousands of years, the Universal Pattern with respect to the things of God on earth, the progress of man, everything. Every step of progress that man has made has been worked out under this Pattern, without a single exception.

We have people talk about their churches or their denominations going back two or three hundred years or four hundred years, or back to the time of Jesus, or something of that nature. This program which you are sharing here goes back to the fall of man, on the basis of its present purpose—that is, the restoration of man—and it goes back to the beginning of the creation of the world in actual fact. So as far as this world is concerned it cannot be any older than that. It is the Divine Pattern in operation, and has been since the beginning of the creation of the world. Once we begin to see that, we realize that we have a tremendous responsibility, a glorious privilege, to consciously share in this process of restoration. But man has been in the fallen state for so long that he imagines that God's whole purpose is just to get him back into heaven, and once that is done, everything is done.

This twenty-thousand-year interval in which man has fallen has simply meant that some of the other things that God intended to do have had to wait a bit. Getting man back into the Divine Pattern is a temporary goal. After man is back in the Divine Pattern, then we can go on with our Cosmic work, our Divine Pattern of work. Simply saving human beings is not the end and aim of all things—it is merely incidental; because when man fell, man interfered with the processes of God's creative work as it was being carried on in the solar system in relationship to the universe and the cosmos. Just as you might, conceivably, in some time in the past have been working on some certain job and you became ill and you were home for ten days, or in the hospital, we will say; well, after you were out of the hospital, and the convalescent period was over and you were strong enough, you went back on the job. And that interval is like this interval. It is a correction of something that is wrong. It is a process of restoration; it is not the real goal. It is important, but once we have achieved this process of restoration, then we can go on with our work, the work that was interfered with when the body of mankind became ill through eating the forbidden fruit. As a child, did you ever eat a green apple and get a bellyache? That is what has happened to man. And once we get him over this illness and the process of restoration worked out, then we can go back to the work that we were ordained to do.

It seems to me that once the human being begins to see that, he has a pattern of inspiration that is beyond anything that is ordinary, because human beings seem to think that this little interval here, the little life span on earth, is so important—it is—and being saved is so important that once that is done it is all done, and God is satisfied, and that is all it is going to be for all eternity. The body of humanity became ill. It is not well yet. So as soon as the body of humanity is well and the process of restoration has been worked out, we can go back to work and do the thing that we really were ordained to do, we were intended to do and should be doing. But for the time being we are on a temporary job. Peace be unto you.

Every Blessing Made Manifest

Uranda  April 9, 1953  Class

We have recognized that all of the Plan, the Program, designed to bring about the salvation of man, or the restoration of the world to the Divine Estate, since the days of the fall has been carried forward by The PriesthoodThe Order of Melchizedek. In the Motherland, prior to its final submersion after the fall, the Naacal Sages were the Ministering Priests, the teachers, instructors, who were members of this Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek. Every forward movement, every constructive thing, every blessing made manifest on earth since that time, without respect to person or place or creed, has been made manifest by reason of the working of this Priesthood. It was under the care of this Priesthood that preparations were made for our Master's coming, and He came as the Primary Focalization of this Priesthood. He was that Focalization before He came in the realm of men, and He still is.

Regardless of what church, what group, what color, what race, what belief, regardless of what sphere, religious or spiritual, or with respect to establishing governments or working out the Divine Pattern through nations or peoples, with respect to the opening up of the fields of knowledge and the development of understanding with respect to the laws of life, with respect to the inspiration essential to great inventions, all the developments, whether they are considered to be religious or industrial or scientific, all of the progress that man has known down to and including this day, including this hour which we share tonight, it has all, without any exception whatsoever, at any time, through any person or place, been under the influence, guidance, direction, of the Priesthood established after the Order of Melchizedek. (from How To Meditate)

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