February 01, 2018

Let  Us  Not  Waste  Time

from  The Point of No Return

Uranda  March 29, 1953  Class

Blessed Ones, there needs to be a period in each individual life where one does something in relationship to the manifestation of the Kingdom of God on earth so that one can actually share in that fulfilment.

With things the way they are in the world—remember, judge not—for if a person lives a lifetime on a basis that allows that real vital expression of service for only five minutes, but it is at the right time, and the right place, in the right way to build, to make real something that others are doing, that God is doing—then judge not. There may be some, where that basic purpose is already largely fulfilled. There are some where it is not yet manifest. There are some where it is beginning to take form.

Are you content with what you have done toward letting the Kingdom of God take form on earth? How long is it going to take you if your true life potential has not found expression in giving form to the Divine estate on earth? The human being is so inclined to procrastinate, to put it off, to think, well I cannot do anything else than I am doing now. I know I am not making very much progress along the way. I certainly have not allowed the resurrection and the life to be what it ought to be in me, but then I have this excuse and that excuse and I cannot be expected to hold steady, I cannot be expected to—to what? Our purpose in life is not merely to get you to a point where you can die in peace. What are we going to do while we live? Are we just getting ready to die hoping to get ready in time to die? Or are we going to actually reach the point of serving God and of doing something with respect to the building of the Kingdom of God on earth?

In the period of our togetherness as we have walked along the way to this time and place, each one here can say that he or she has done something. Yes. But how consistently has it been centered? How truly has it been God centered? Or how much self-centered—trying to do something on the side, as it were? Or standing on the sideline waiting for the day of Divine fulfilment? We must allow ourselves to develop under the care that God gives, under the leadership by reason of the provision, to a point where when pressures come, when we need to be doing the right thing, when we need to be serving, we will be serving, we will not be running around saying, “Well now who can I get to serve me, to help me, to listen to my troubles, to support me? I am needing help. I really am. I need an attunement. I need this. I need that. I need the other thing. Poor me! Woe is me! Where is the server? Where is someone to minister to me? Oh, give me a server quick. I need somebody to help me now. Oh the pressures have come. Who is going to help me.” And who is? Why not you be helping someone else? Always wanting someone to help you, poor you!

The point is, are we going to do on earth what God sent us into the world to do. Are we going to reach the goal of letting the things of God cross over into the earth? Or are we going to waste all of our time getting ready, or standing on the sideline or waiting for this or that or the other thing? How long will it take for you to wake up and settle down and go to work and live according to the Divine Design for a Divine Purpose? I am willing to minister to you, yes, willing to assist in every possible way, holding the right vibrational pattern, holding steady. It is not a matter of age. Whether you are ninety or a hundred or fifteen, it does not make any difference—or anywhere between.

Are you moving into the vibrational factors where you need to be helped all the time? Oh, there is nothing wrong with needing some help once in a while. I do myself. The point is, what is the pattern of your attitude when you do need some help? Are you trying to make it more difficult for those who would minister to you? Or inside, regardless of what is happening outside, are you centered, tranquil, serene, refusing to turn away from the King merely because there is a little pressure? Are you a destroyer? Or are you a builder?

Our purpose here is to let the Kingdom of God extend into the world and have meaning on earth. From the standpoint of some religions it would appear that their business is gathering people up and sending them happily on their way to Heaven, getting them through the gate regardless of what they do on earth. That is not our business. We have a job to do here. And it is up to you whether you really want to do your job here or not. If you do, let us not waste time. Let us not hold back and just stand on the sideline and wait to see how it works out with somebody else, or wait for somebody else to do it

The vibrational factors are the primary necessities. What is your attitude? It is not just what you can do with your hands yet. It is not a matter of whether you can get up and preach a sermon or not. It is not a matter of whether you can be a teacher yet or not. It is a matter of what is your attitude inside? Is it serving God? Or is it scattering abroad? Is it true to God's Love and Truth? Or is it denying the reality of God's Love and Truth? Is it walking steadfastly with the King? Or is it saying, “I am afraid. I am going to turn back. I am going to get out of sight somewhere. I don't like this, I am going to…”

Where do you suppose they were all hiding when the time came when they needed to stand with Him? They found places to hide. They said, “Halleluiah to the King,” and then they ran for a place to hide. They did not want to be caught with Him. They might be in trouble. He was in trouble because those who followed with Him, most of them, neglected their opportunities to grow and develop to the point where they could stand with Him. When it came to the point of pressure there was not enough time left for them to learn how to serve Him, to stand with Him, and then to do it. At the end one disciple and three women stood by the cross and that is all—just four people in relationship to their lives in the Master's ministry, and that is all. All the rest could not learn how. They could not grow and then do it. It was too late.

Blessed Ones, we have a job to do. We are here for a purpose. I thank God for all of you. This meditation is designed to help you to face up to the facts as they are so that you may not delude yourself, so that you may do that to which you are called in the Holy Name of our Lord and King, so that the unknown quantity may become the Man or Woman in Christ through whom the things of God are crossing over into the world in the victory of our Lord and King. So let it be.

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