December 13, 2017

Thirty  Years  Ago  Today


EDL  the  Door

Martin Exeter   December 13, 1987

There is indeed a cord of connection symbolized by the telephone line, but this cord of horizontal connection which we know this evening and this morning may be woven more strongly during this hour. The fact that it exists at all is consequent upon the cord of vertical connection. To the extent that there is this connection from heaven there is also the connection on earth. Such connections on earth are impossible in any close meaningful sense, connections of agreement, without first the woven connection between heaven and earth. Because there is such a connection in our own experience, a heavenly connection, we delight also in the earthly connection.

A door has indeed been opened in heaven. The opening of the door lets the light shine. Identity is in the light. Unless the light shines one cannot experience one's own true identity which, as we well know, is found in heaven. It isn't discoverable on earth by examining the earth. It isn't discoverable by looking into our psychological character, for instance. It isn't discoverable by examining our physical forms. Our physical forms are a door, which must be opened by the shining of the light. The physical form as it is now known in this human state is very dense. The light finds quite a job getting through. Sometimes there are those who are spoken of as having a glow of health. That is a very restricted evidence of life in that form, but there is something much more to be known than is presently conceivable to the human mind.

The human mind is the means by which the light may shine. We have spoken of Lucifer, the light-bearer. The transparent mind allows the already existing angelic light to shine through. The mind is not an entity of itself, as it tries to be in the human state. Trying to be an entity of itself, it becomes satan; it lands up in darkness. The state of the human mind, in the peoples of the world as we now know it, is darkened. The light is still present—we're still alive—but the light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehends it not. We are aware of this state where there is a separation between the heaven and the earth of the individual human being. That separation has taken place because satan, the darkened mind, has usurped the position of the true identity, the true identity which isn't Lucifer but is revealed by the fact of Lucifer's presence, because Lucifer is the light-bearer, the identity-bearer. It makes possible the experience of the true identity. In light is the truth of each one. What a very practical suggestion: "Let your light so shine." That simply means, allow Lucifer to be restored so that the light of true being may shine forth. And when it does, there is the identity, and it is known. It means that we are identifiable by the light which is shining. Lucifer begins to come again into place; and the darkened satan consciousness, while one may be aware of the fact of it, carries little or no weight.

Let your light so shine. It is a spiritual light, in which case it probably seems to be incomprehensible light. But heaven and earth are one; so what is deemed to be spiritual light has its counterpart in the earth, which could be said to be literal light. The evidence of man, the truth of man, is in the light. This physical form is something of a burden, isn't it? We have to lug it around. It becomes a more evident burden as one grows older. It's a heavy load of flesh to pack around! This is a form which has enabled the continued existence of potential Man on earth. It is useful because of this. But to become the form of Man it must be filled with light. "If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light"—literal light. They say that light weighs a little, but not much. It's very light! And if the composition of human expression in living is light, the body becomes light. Here we see something of a transformation, even transmutation, to occur. Man is composed of a body of individuals, and the form of that body is made up of the individuals who compose it. That body is properly the light in expression, the radiant light made manifest. This is something very different to this heavy clod of flesh.

We find that there are variations in the shining of the light. We may take what is occurring now as an example. My responsibility is of a particular nature which will permit an intensification of the light to shine by reason of my radiant expression. This is very different to what may occur in conversation, for instance, during the day. In other words, as Uranda put it one time, the sun rises, and there is day; there is a bright intensity of radiation for whatever period of time is necessary for that. And then the sun sets. But the Morning Star is still there. In fact when the sun is shining the Morning Star can't be seen, but when the sun sets the Morning Star is right there. Lucifer is always on hand, but he is the light-bearer. He doesn't bear a flaming torch which is always the same intensity. He bears whatever light is necessary in the particular circumstance of the moment. And there is a variation in the intensity of that light, but it is always the same light, but there are pulsations in the creative process, and it shines with the intensity that is necessary in the moment, unless we block it.

So we are very much aware, I'm sure, of the real nature of our responsibility mentally. The light determines what is thought. The light determines, therefore, what is said and what is done. Here is the process of creation. Creation comes through thought. It has continued to come through the thoughts of human beings in this fallen condition, but very sluggishly. It takes a great deal of the sweat of the brow to get anything done. We all know that, in this human state. We've struggled with it and exhausted ourselves at the business. But where the thought which moves through the mind is not generated by the mind but is generated by the light, it's easy and there is a natural flow. And all creation has occurred on this basis within the range of the responsibility of man. It would be very risky, wouldn't it, if presently your thoughts during a day were immediately to take form! So it's useful that a certain sluggishness has put in an appearance. But they do take form after a while, and they come back to haunt us. What a wretched state.

How wonderful to have the mind transparent so that the light may be born, the fitting light of the moment may be born, the fitting thought of the moment, primarily, may be born—not generated because one is thinking so desperately, as human beings do in an endeavor to control all their circumstances, but the thought which is the creative thought coming down from God out of heaven into the earth. How? Through the mind. That's what it's for—not to do its own thinking and to mess things up constantly on that basis, but to become transparent so that the light may be born. The light may be carried, yes, but also born into expression, and the first expression comes through thought. There is something which precedes the thought, mind you, but the first awareness that one may have of what it is that is moving comes through conscious thought. Conscious thought is controlled thought, controlled by the design in heaven, controlled angelically. That thought may safely take form, and it will do so. I'm sure you have found already that when there is that thought, what is thought very quickly takes form. The world is transformed on this basis, not by manipulation either mental or physical but by the flow of creative thought out of heaven into the earth by reason of a transparent mind. The transparency of mind cuts human beings down to size. The usual view is that value comes because a mind is very capable of generating its own thoughts. But that all dissolves, and there is a totally new state, a new heaven. Out of the new heaven the new earth springs, and the basis of that coming forth is the flow that occurs through the transparent mind.

The light shines and, in the shining, transforms. Creation occurs by reason of the shining of the light. Re-creation occurs in this way. Insofar as human beings are concerned, the only way that there may be participation in creation is when the facility for the shining of the light is available to that shining. And the facility is the human mind, not merely the conscious mind but the unconscious mind as well. The light is apparent consciously, and it transforms by reason of the radiation. We are familiar with the process: radiation, response, attraction, union, unified radiation. This is a mental description of something which happens continuously when the mind is in place to let it do so. There is radiation and there is consequent transformation.

It is not only what may be deemed to be spiritual light, but it is literal light also. When the light shines, the flesh is revealing of it and is transformed by it. But it is not possible for it to occur individually without it at the same time occurring collectively. The collective shining of the light is what clarifies and restores the flesh to the point where the light may be intensified so that the transformation occurs. However, the flesh is the last along the line. The light only comes to the flesh because there is a transparent mind, and it is the transparent collective mind that permits the intensity of radiant light to be of such power that the very flesh may be transformed. All these things work in the creative process, if we trust the creative process and let it work. Moving together in the assumption of individual responsibility for the light, the fulfillment comes.

The importance of the light may be easily seen. Mention was made of loving the light, which is what is essential. If you love darkness more than you love the light, well you'll stay in the dark. But loving the light implies loving the Word, the illuminating Word. This has always been stressed, hasn't it? Finally there are those who suddenly seem to have become aware of the vital nature of the Word—not of the printed form in and of itself but of the radiance which is made available in this way. It's made available in other ways too, and it's made available rightly through each of us and all of us continually. But to appreciate the light and to know the nature of it, it must be loved, certainly, above all else. In the light is the one identity, the one I amSo there is natural love for the light and consequently a delight to bathe oneself in it, because thereby it is found that as the substance of one's own external being resonates with the light, it is resonating with one's own true identity. And one's own true identity consequently emerges. It can never emerge except by reason of the light, because that's what it is. And in the radiance of the light the truth is known: "I am the door. I am the open door."


Radiant Light — The  Transforming  Power

Martin Exeter   December 13, 1987

It's good to see your smiling faces.

All is well! Let your light so shine.

I am the light of the world.

The human mind—what is it that shall characterize that facility? We are well aware that the prince of darkness has occupied this mental capacity in the world the way it is. His occupation involves a continuing battle. We have a recognition that this mental capacity should be filled with the light rather than the darkness. It is the same mental capacity whether it is occupied by the light or the darkness. In the first heaven it is occupied by the darkness; in the new heaven it is occupied by the light; but it is the same mental capacity in either case. Obviously it is not a matter of shucking off our minds, because then you would be left without any capacity at all. We have this rather remarkable mental capacity, which heretofore has apparently chosen darkness but which also is quite capable of choosing light. There is something that can happen in the first heaven which may transform that facility into the new heaven.

Are we still somewhat afraid of what might be seen if we were factually filled with light? There would be no hiding place: to be completely exposed. It seems that the original condition was one of nakedness, indicative of complete exposure. That was natural because the radiance of light was natural and there was nothing to hide from. In allowing our minds to be restored from the state of satan to the state of Lucifer it is a matter of participating in the radiance of light. After all, Lucifer is the light-bearer. We could not have the experience of Lucifer without bearing the light. It is simply a matter of letting the light shine. The shining of the light banishes the darkness. There is no battle between the light and the darkness. When the light goes on, the darkness is gone. It is simply a matter of letting the light shine. If one is identified with the darkness, the darkness comprehends not the light. We have much evidence of that fact all around us and we have much experience of that fact within us. When it is dark it is very, very dark. But when it is light there's no darkness. What a very simple thing this is. The shining of the light prevails when it is present. 

There is just one way, and that is the way of light. Let your light so shine. We are reaching a point where we begin to understand what that means: no more fear of the darkness. Let your light so shine. I am the light of the world, of my world in particular. If my light shines in my world it's not dark anymore to Me. This shining of the light comes, as we know, individually speaking. One must let it happen, for oneself. But there begins to be a collective shining of the light in consequence. And the darkness is in the process of being dispelled. Keep the light coming.

If any of us have moved through difficulties of any kind—environmental difficulties, circumstantial difficulties, difficulties in our own bodies, difficulties of whatever kind—and someone has helped to alleviate whatever they were, one may give thanks for that because one is still on hand to let the light shine. Otherwise any help we receive went for nothing. What happens when these things put in an appearance around us? Do we revert into the old state? Or is there a recognition that the shining of the light is the only way by which wholeness can be restored? The wholeness of our own physical flesh depends upon whether the light shines or not, not upon whether you took your vitamins today. While you are meditating upon the advisability of letting your light shine, the vitamins may be useful. But don't meditate too long! Let your light so shine. And, as I say, this is an individual matter initially. As the responsibility is taken individually and the light does shine individually, there is no more fear of the darkness. Then there begins to be a collective situation, which we know something about, don't we? The multiplication of the shining of the light is exponential in consequence, but it can't happen if we let the light shine a little and then decide to duck back into the darkness. If we have this on-again, off-again situation, the multiplication collectively can't take place—very much at least.

The shining of the light brings forth an awareness of one's own angelic identity, which is the light. The light is present because one still lives, the angelic identity is present. As Lucifer is restored there is the transparency for the revelation on earth of that angelic identity. It comes with the light. I am the light of the world. I am the light of the world because I have a physical form in the world, and through that physical form the light shines. But it reaches the physical form through my mind, through the potential new heaven. As the light shines, the darkness is cast out and there begins to be a new heaven on earth within the body of mankind, a safe place consistently maintained by the shining of the light. It is the shining of the light that permits creation to occur. Perhaps we would think of that in terms of re-creation, but it's creation. And as there is the clear shining of the light through a unified body, the prince of darkness is cast into the earth. There is no heaven for him anymore, and all power is given to this new heaven present on earth by which the creation occurs. Magic! Magic to the human view. It's been happening all along in a way—as we noted, a very sluggish way—but when Lucifer is in place and the light is borne. Behold I come quickly!

The light shines and creation occurs. The light shines in our individual worlds. Whatever your world is, that is available for the shining of the light. It doesn't matter what it is. The only world anyone has is the world where he is now. It doesn't matter what it is, that's the world; that's where the light needs to shine. It has nothing to do with the seeming circumstances; it doesn't matter how the world may look. If the light isn't shining one doesn't see it anyway. But when the light does shine in that world it will be found to be something entirely different to what one thought it was.

One doesn't need to move anywhere. Let your light so shine exactly where you are! Where else could you let it shine? To say "I will let it shine if I go over there" is a cop-out. If you can't let it shine here you certainly can't let it shine where you are not. Let the light shine exactly where one is. One is there to let the light shine. That's why one is where one is. And when the light shines creation occurs. Let your light so shine now. That is always the natural thing to occur. And when it does, all things are made new.

The light is stable. It's always present—sometimes more intense, sometimes less so, but it's always present. There is always that point of orientation. It's obviously there when the sun shines but it's also there when the Morning Star is present. It provides a point of orientation. The yoke is easy and the burden light. The form of Man, is light. That is the nature and quality of the form of Man. It's fallen quite a ways from that experience. But the light is the creative power—by Him all things were made that are made. There is no problem from the standpoint of the light. The problem has been in the space which has been occupied by satan, but to which Lucifer now returns so that the light is borne. How quickly the creation occurs as that steadfast light is maintained individually and consequently together. The sole concern is to let the light shine. One must come to an awareness that one is in the dark. Then there is the recognition that the light must shine and there is a willingness to let the light shine. And behold the darkness vanishes away. So in every circumstance, in every moment of our living, let your light so shine.

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