February 18, 2018

Martin  Cecil

Response  To

Cycles  of  Outpouring  and  Illumination

Martin  Cecil  to  Uranda   April 7, 1946

In the eternal blending of God Being in absolute co-ordination, the Spirit is allowed complete freedom of flow and release through the Divinely established organization of Cosmic Harmony, which, for this world, is focalized in our LORD of Lords and KING of Kings. Thus is there “One Father of all, Who is above all and through all and in you all.” “Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.” “Be still and know that I AM God.”

The self-active human mind needs to come into an awareness of the necessity for attunement in and with the Divine. Becoming aware of this requirement, it then needs to be trained in the processes which allow an understanding and an actual experience of increasing degrees of such attunement. However, all this is accomplished through the processes of self-active thought on the part of the mind, at least to a degree. Having attained to a certain level of attunement in this manner, it becomes necessary for the mind to cease all self-active thinking, if true blending and fusion in the Divine expression is actually to take place. Such thinking as has been done in the past was necessary in the processes required to reach the point where fusion with the Lord might begin to take place. The human mind is to become an extension of the Mind of the Lord, a channel through which His thinking may find manifest expression in the earth. The positive activity of thinking is done in Heaven, and it is the human mind that may let that pure process manifest in the earth, in an attitude of awareness without interference. This is that which occurs during the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and it is in fact the stillness of the outer mind in correct polarity that permits such outpouring. As the mind on this basis becomes more openly attuned to the Divine, so that it is “stayed” upon the Lord, ever increasing release of Illumination is made possible; for Illumination is the mental awareness or perception of that which is being released from the Lord through the channel provided by the still human mind. That which is being released is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, unifying and blending the One Christ Body, radiating forth into the world, and providing Power whereby the LORD may accomplish that for which His Body is in the earth. 

Human activity on the basis of trying, however fine and noble the motives may be, causes the human mind to be self activated, thereby making it impossible for the effective outpouring of the Spirit. “Let your light so shine before men.” The Light of Illumination can only shine to the degree of letting. But we now have the sacred privilege of letting it be so.

Loving Father, we thank Thee for the unifying influence of Thy Spirit which permeates the One Christ Body in the earth, and which brings us assurance that all things necessary for the accomplishment of Thy Will have been provided. We have already experienced degrees of the outpouring of Thy Holy Spirit through ourselves into the world, therefore we have confidence in the greater manifestation which must appear in due season as we truly Let Go in the stillness of the outer mind.

O LORD of Lords and KING of Kings, we come humbly into Thy Presence with thanksgiving that we are privileged to rest forever from our labours in self-activity; and that, as we let it be so, Thy Promise is fulfilled to us—“and I will give you rest.”

Our Beloved Master, we have come at last to realize that all so-called service rendered in accordance with the concept of the human mind is as nothing, and that the One True Service is in the expression of Thy Will through the One Christ Body made manifest, and in which all Responding Ones have the sacred privilege of participating, as they let it be so. We rejoice that as we let ourselves be adopted into Thy Body, so that it becomes an effective instrument in Thy Hands, It will surely accomplish all whereunto it is sent in Thy Name. Au-men.

Released by Uranda  June 14, 1946

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