February 27, 2018

Vibrational  Ministry

Uranda  February 10, 1946

The 92nd Psalm deals with a number of vibrations we have been working upon and so, as a channel of radiance we shall consider it for a moment. “It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord.” The wonderful points of reality are self-evident. For purposes of emphasis and radiation let us touch upon a few. We realize that in thanksgiving we have that which permits us to remain in constant attunement with the Divine.

“It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord, and to sing praises unto thy name, O most High: To shew forth thy loving kindness in the morning, and thy faithfulness every night.” We are impressed by the fact that God is continually faithful in accomplishing that which is His part. It is a reminder that we be faithful in accomplishing that which is our part. “For thou, Lord, hast made me glad through thy work: I will triumph in the works of thy hands.” We have seen a wonderful evidence of the way in which the Lord works. He has made us glad through His work, and we know that it is not in human strength that we will triumph but rather: “I will triumph in the works of thy hands.”

“O Lord, how great are thy works! and thy thoughts are very deep.” Insofar as the world is concerned we have the word: “A brutish man knoweth not; neither doth a fool understand this. When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever.” It is well that we remember that, so that we do not fall into the error of believing that because the enemies of the Lord seem to flourish they are gaining the victory. “For, lo, thine enemies, O Lord, for, lo, thine enemies shall perish; all the workers of iniquity shall be scattered.”

And then we have our attention drawn to a wonderful assurance: “The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Those that be planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God." It does not make any difference where he comes from, as long as the individual is planted in the house of the Lord he shall flourish in the courts of our God.

At the present time the world is passing through a period of turmoil. We see various evidences of the choices that human beings are making. We recognize the significance, for instance, of the speech that Stalin has just made. One of the commentators on the radio today pointed out that there was one noteworthy feature to Stalin's talk. Not once did Stalin refer to the Deity, or take any cognizance whatsoever of spiritual things or of spiritual forces. He outlined Russia's five-year plan, and it was a plan based upon human power, human achievement in respect to machines, human inventions and scientific research. He made it clear that Russia was placing its dependence for the attainment of security upon these things. We have had statements from other leaders in the world. Stalin made no pretense of considering God. Those leaders who make a pretense in their words of considering God and then follow the same pattern that Stalin follows, in the sense of making it evident that they place their dependence upon man's inventions and power to produce machines, are perhaps worse even than Stalin. We know that the Divine must be considered. We know that in this world outworking it is only as we are coordinated in the expression of the Divine that we can have a part in the ultimate outworking. We know that the workers of iniquity shall be scattered, regardless of race, color, or people, or anything else. It does not take very much spiritual insight to see the handwriting on the wall. We have turmoil and strife in our country here. Apparently, under various pressures, the condition is improving.

Back at the Summer Session, I pointed out that probably the common man would have that which he has taken away from him through a deflation produced by inflation. There was supposed to be a concerted stand against inflation so that the well-being of the whole nation might be protected and America might function to the fullest extent in leading the world in recovery after the war; but the pressure applied in overcoming the obstacles that have been set up to prevent inflation has been greater than the average individual realizes. We have the stubbornness of great corporations and great companies, and we have the insistence of labor unions that higher wages must be secured. Many of their claims are just, and I am not suggesting that certain raises, from the standpoint of the consideration of profits, would not have been altogether equitable; but the pressure that has been applied in forcing the government to take certain steps has opened the way whereby such increases in wages as may be given will not be taken from the profits, to whatever degree that profit may exist and be sufficient to such a move. It will result in an increased price of goods. To my mind both sides have made a serious mistake. Corporations have been unnecessarily greedy, to their own hurt; they do not show sufficient willingness to agree to a reasonable increase in wages. Labor unions were unreasonable in demanding a greater increase than was basically essential to serve the purposes involved. If there had been real cooperation all would have benefited. As it is, no one but those with vast material resources will be benefited. We are coming into a period when prices are going to be more or less rapidly increased. Inflation is already upon us. Inflation, especially to the unwary or to those who are caught in peculiar circumstances, results in the average person losing just about everything he has in this world. That is what the powers that be wanted of course. Former Secretary of the Treasury Morgenthau, who was one of those who helped shape the policies that produced the tremendous national debt, very conveniently bowed out of the picture when we began to approach the day of reckoning. The powers of this world think that they are gaining the victory over those who regard conditions in the world in a way that would be of the greatest benefit to the greatest number. Those who have thought to do the right thing have been overbalanced. It looks like a tremendous victory for the workers of iniquity, for those whose only purpose is to satisfy their own lust and greed for increased power and increased wealth. Since this is true, it is especially important that Emissaries should remember this text that we read this morning.

“When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever: But thou, Lord, art most high for evermore. For, lo, thine enemies, O Lord, for, lo, thine enemies shall perish; all the workers of iniquity shall be scattered.” If we do not have the absolute conviction and certainty within ourselves that that text is true, we could well be discouraged; but we know that the power of God is greater than the powers of evil.

Actually, as we look back over the progress of world history and see how history was made, we see how everything has been shaped toward producing the very conditions that exist today. Some, undertaking to analyze these things and seeing how the forces of evil have tended to build up such a state of affairs, feel that the situation is virtually hopeless. Now God did not cause the forces of evil to make the choices that they did, to produce the situations that have been produced, but the thing that the forces of evil fail to recognize that the fulfilment of all of these things according to human plans is not contrary to the fulfilment of things according to God's Plan. Evil is always playing into the hands of God. Evil, in its designs and at the cost of so many human lives and much human suffering, is building something that it conceives to put the workers of iniquity in absolute control over the world and over all the things that are in it. They have come well nigh doing just that, and since they chose the way of evil, God opened the way and gave them opportunities to accomplish just what they have accomplished. If they had refused to make the wrong choices then of course God's will could have been accomplished and brought into manifestation without so much human suffering. But God knew man and He understood man's tendencies.

It was because God knew man and his evil tendencies that the prophetic outlines that we find here in the Bible were possible. An understanding of vibrations in relationship to cycles was of course involved, so that it is primarily a mathematical proposition in outworking as to when certain lines of vibration will converge. Because God understood those cycles and vibrations and recognized how, or at what points, those vibrations would converge, and because God understood man, He knew what reactions man would make manifest as He Himself worked out the vibrations of the world according to His own Plan. In other words God did not change His Plan because man failed. In the sense of the immediate necessities in granting man every opportunity, it might be said that God did make certain adjustments in His Plan to meet the situation, but from the standpoint of the long-range cosmic cycles they were left absolutely untouched. It was ordained clear back in the beginning of things that at this particular point in the outworking of cosmic cycles the earth, in its function in relationship to the solar system, would move into vibrations of a peculiar nature and would be intensified in a higher expression of the spiral. That cosmic outworking in the cycles has moved forward just as it would have if man had not fallen. Insofar as the basic Plan is concerned God did not change it one iota, and He will not do so. God gave man every possible opportunity to return along the way, because God knew that as these cycles progressed conditions would develop which would force the issue with man. God gave man an opportunity to avoid the stress of suffering and turmoil that would be involved in such conditions as we now have, but man refused.

We remember that at one time Jesus was talking about the evildoers, those who refuse to respond, and He called them an evil generation and pointed out that they asked for signs. They asked for signs in a demanding way, saying, “If you will give us signs, then perhaps we can believe.” And what did He say? He said, “But no sign shall be given unto them save the sign of the prophet Jonas.” We do not have time to analyze all the implications of His statement and attitude, but it should be clear to you in basic principle. That which He was mentioning in relationship to the sign of the prophet Jonah was actually much more than human beings think of it as being. At the time Jonah lived the world was in its basic cycles, or in the first of the grand solar cycles. We remember that those cycles are Water, Air, Earth and Fire, so the first grand cycle that was in existence at the time was Water. But the closing of the cycle, which extended for a little over two thousand years, and which had the most direct vibrational contact with man, was Fire. Also the twelfth, which would be the completion of the succession of Water, Air, Earth and Fire in the 25,000-year periods, would naturally be of a Fire vibration. In other words at that point the trinity of cycles was Water in its grand 300,000-year period, Fire in its 25,000-year period, and Fire in its 2,000-year period. This means that the Fire vibration was dominant.

We look back at the period preceding the life manifestation of Jonah and we see that insofar as the present outline of history is concerned its detailed expression begins approximately, insofar as the Bible is concerned, with Abraham. At that time there was sacrifice by Fire, and Abraham had the trial as to his only-begotten son. All the way through the history of the children of Israel up to the time of the manifestation of Jesus Christ there is emphasized in many different ways the principle involved in the vibration of Fire and sacrifice by Fire. We see how the whole structure of God's revelation to man during that period was on a Fire vibration. It could not have been in any other way. Jonah was sent to warn Nineveh of the impending destruction by fire, but he felt that it was a terrible thing to go in and tell these people that if they did not repent they were going to be destroyed by fire. His human sympathies were too much at work. He had not yet entered into the firmness of function in Divine Love, and the absolute, inflexible course of the Cosmic Plan. Consequently he undertook to run away, and when he was on the ship a great storm came, and in order to save the ship he was thrown overboard. And God had prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah, and Jonah was in the belly of the fish for three days and three nights before he was spewed up on dry land; that is, into the air.

Now we recognize that the Master was in the tomb for three days and three nights, and that that revealed the necessity of transformation in the three phases of man, that the three phases of man be resurrected into the things of God. Now some have supposed that Jonah's three days and nights in the belly of the great fish were merely a prophecy of the fact that Jesus was to be in the tomb for three days and three nights, and the real significance they miss entirely. The three days and three nights represent the necessity of resurrection of the three phases of man into a state which conforms with the divine. When the period that was dominated by Fire came to a close, it was around the year 400 B.C. Prior to the time that Jesus came into the world there naturally had been a change to a Water vibration in the two cycles, and an Air vibration in the third or uppermost cycle; in other words in relationship to the 300,000-year period, which began about 400 B.C., we had a dominant, overall vibration of Air. And that vibration will continue for over 300,000 years from this moment, because the period is roughly 310,000 years, but insofar as the 25,000-year and the 2,000-year periods are concerned, both were the beginning of the cycle, which meant that both were a Water vibration. That meant that the people of God, represented by Jonah, were to move out of the Fire vibration, which was emphasized by the threatened destruction of Nineveh by fire in relationship to the unreal state of the world, into a Water vibration. And the great fish prepared for Jonah was simply the Biblical sign, or symbol, a way of saying that the Water Age would begin in the next cycle, and that the children of God would move into the belly of that Water Age.

Now the Water Age, insofar as the 25,000-year cycle is concerned, will continue for about 23,000 years yet, but insofar as the directly involved cycle is concerned, the 2,000-year period, which is roughly 2,154 years, it would come to an end at about 1750 A.D., and immediately following that there would be an Air vibration. God was telling man that he would have roughly a 2,000-year period under the Water vibration, in which he would have the opportunity of experiencing the resurrection of body and mind and spirit into conformity with things Divine; but after the close of that cycle, or period of time, man would be spewed up out of the belly of the fish; i.e. they would be moving out of a period of comparative darkness under the Water vibration onto dry land; that is, into the Air. Man was being told that the Air Age would begin, and it did begin with the Air Age at about 1776. Present outworkings insofar as world events are concerned provide proof of that fact. 1900 marks the end of the overlapping period, because the vibrations of the Age that exists and the one that succeeds overlap each other for a period of about 300 years. That means that an outgoing Age dominates the first 150 years of the incoming Age. The incoming Age is increasingly dominant, but the first 150 years of the incoming Age are dominated by the outgoing Age. That point of division comes roughly at the year 1900. In other words at 1900—back forty-six years from the point of time where we now live [118 years ago today]—God's people were spewed out of the belly of the great fish into the Air Age, and since that time we have had the development of the airplane, radio and a thousand other things that take cognizance of that Air vibration which became dominant at that point.

Now the Master said that the sign of Jonah was given to the people of the world, and He indicated that it was sufficient and they did not need any other sign. What I have been dealing with was what the Master had in mind when He spoke of the sign of the prophet Jonah. Bible students should have been able to see much in relationship to that statement, but the world of Bible students has not seen it. Nevertheless it all worked out exactly as God said it would, and the children of God were spewed out of the belly of the fish into the open Air at what we call 1900, about forty-six years ago [118 years ago today]. They had been in the belly of the fish for a period of time beginning about 400 B.C. They were in the process of being spewed out for 300 years prior to 1900, roughly speaking. To the degree that we have grasped the fundamental significance of all of this, our minds immediately recognize the fact that Jesus Himself emphasized that He was living in a Water Age, in contrast to the Fire Age which had been. He called fishermen as His disciples. He performed many of His miracles in relationship to water, the first being the changing of water to wine, so that man might know how to change the abstract water of truth into the living wine of life. He performed the miracle of walking upon the water, and He stilled the storm, saying, “Peace, be still.”

At the beginning of His ministry there was emphasis placed upon baptism by water. You find no record whatsoever of Jesus Himself baptizing anyone with water. John the Baptist was the one who baptized with water and the later disciples carried through on that; but in sending His disciples out Jesus did not instruct them to baptize with water. He instructed that they baptize with the Holy Spirit. He Himself was working from a Cosmic vibration. John the Baptist was the harbinger of Light, through whom the emphasis was placed on baptism insofar as ceremonial function was concerned in relationship to the Water Age, and the later disciples, in their activities after Jesus ascended, used baptism with water and emphasized it; but Jesus Himself did not. Jesus recognized that that Water Age would pass, and that when it had passed, as it was revealed to man through the sign of the prophet Jonah, man would be spewed out into an Air Age, where the primary necessities would be coordination with the spirit, and a period would come when it would be very needful that man should be baptized of the Holy Ghost. We live in that time. We see that the sign of the prophet Jonah carries up to the time where we now are, but that is not all of the sign.

Let us look at the rest of it. Jonah went back to Nineveh and proclaimed the Word of the Lord. That means that a great revelation of the Word of the Lord would come after the close of the Water Age in which Jesus should manifest, in the early part of the Air Age that should follow, and that is the time in which we live. And it meant that those who responded to the call to repent, as the people of Nineveh did, would be spared destruction by Fire. Nevertheless, as it is stated here in Peter:

“But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store,

reserved unto fire against the day of judgment.”

Perhaps we should look on the word and consider it in relationship to the atomic bomb or atomic fire. “But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.” It does not say that the godly men should be burned, and it is not something to be feared by godly men. In the 10th verse it says: “But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.”

Now we represent the people of the world as they move into this new Air Age. They have the opportunity of repenting and accepting the greater revelation of the Word of God, as the prophet Jonah foretold would be made manifest early in this Age. We know that that prophecy has been fulfilled. The Word of God has been made known to the children of God; not to all the people of the world as yet, but it is expanding in that direction. Those that repent will not have to be destroyed by Fire, because they will be transformed by Fire and made whole. It is only the ungodly that are destroyed by Fire, because the Fire burns away the unreal. Those who are identified with the unreal will be destroyed. Those who are identified with God will find that the fire simply burns away the bonds, as it did with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, who were cast into the burning fiery furnace which was heated seven times hotter that it was wont to be heated. It destroyed the ungodly, but for the faithful ones it simply burned away their bonds, so that they walked with another, like unto the Son of God. This Fire, then, sets us free, so that we may walk with the Father within individually—one like unto the Son of God. Therefore we see that the sign of the prophet Jonah was completely sufficient for man and that no man was left without sufficient signs if he would but open his eyes, that he might live in an understanding of the period of the cosmic cycles in which we live and serve God and man.

We should have a deeper understanding of that which is taking place. So, as I said in the early part of this service, these things that have developed through man's misuse of the opportunities which God granted are actually what God anticipated that man would bring forth. It is not something that in any sense hinders or prevents the outworking of God's Plan, but rather, the workers of iniquity play into the hand of God and permit the ultimate outworking and fulfilment of that which is according to the promise, by reason of which the new earth and the new heaven are assured unto us. So, therefore, let us remember that these world turmoils which are now, and which shall increase, are not signs of failure on the part of God, nor are they an indication that we ourselves shall fail in that to which we are called, but rather, when we see these things we should rejoice and we should realize that God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. We should remember the words of the 92nd Psalm: “It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord, and to sing praises unto thy name, O most High.”

Our gracious and loving heavenly Father, we thank Thee that it is so established in Thy name, and that no man can alter or change it, except for himself. We know that the outworking cycles of Thy Cosmic Plan are eternal and inexorable. Nothing man can do can stop them or change them. We know that the certainty of accomplishment is absolute; therefore we rejoice in the privilege of letting Thy cosmic power manifest and work in and through us, that those who will let themselves be drawn out of the darkness may be drawn to stand in the light and be brought into the peace of Thy presence, where the burning Fire of Thy love shall make them whole and set them free from the bondage of this world; for we know that all those who identify themselves with the world and the things of evil shall be burned away by the Fire of Thy Love and they shall be no more; for in the Christ it is established, and no man can alter or change it except for himself. O LORD of Lords and KING of Kings, we thank Thee that it is so. Just and righteous are Thy judgments, and we rejoice that the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and that He shall rule for ever and ever. Aum-en.

Kathy — That prophecy, and the way it worked out with Jonah, is really wonderful.

Uranda — That is the sign that the Master said would be given to all the children of men, everyone on the face of the earth. They are without excuse.

At the present time we have in the Grand Cycle, Air; in the 25,000-year cycle, Water; and in the 2,000-year cycle, Air. However, we must also remember that the overlap period of the 25,000-year Fire Age that closed 400 B.C. is still with us. Therefore, there is a projection of the Solar Fire Age into this present Air Age. The activity of the Fire in the Air is that of cleansing. In other words, we do not have to have a Fire Cycle in order to have the fulfilment of the cleansing by the Fire of God—Love.

We should always remember what vibrations we are working under.

Anytime you do anything that is not blended with those vibrations it is not going to work. The Air vibration is the dominant one, and remember to be attuned to the spirit. From the standpoint of planning, or from the standpoint of long-range vision, or in relationship to the Plan, we have to consider how those vibrations are working through the Air-Water-Air vibration, or it will not be a clear picture. Regardless of what we feel, we go ahead and do the right thing. “Think not that I am come to bring peace, but the sword.

This point could be emphasized again: “This second epistle, beloved, I now write unto you; in both which I stir up your pure minds by way of remembrance: That ye may be mindful of the words which were spoken before by the holy prophets…” That includes Jonah, and is emphasized by the fact that the sign of the prophet Jonah was the only one that would be given to the world. “… and of the commandment of us the apostles of the Lord and Saviour: Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.”

We know that it is the sign of the coming of the Christ kingdom for all the people who survive the changes that are at hand—the ushering in of the new earth state, where heaven and earth are one, as emphasized by the sign. The sign of the prophet Jonah is given to all people of the world, but how many will be able to see that sign in the sense of accepting it and recognizing its importance? Let us not imagine for a moment that because we have dealt with it tonight that it will mean anything more to the people of the world as a whole. If you had a means to broadcast that expression, as it was given tonight, over the radio every week for six months on a national hookup, there would be precious few that would pay any attention to it.

William — In an article that I was reading it gave an account of a man who works with the teenagers. He started with a small group of about one hundred and fifty and now has several thousands. Just what effect it will have, I do not know. The question is: How long will it last?

Uranda — I am inclined to think that it is primarily a straw-fire vibration. No doubt some will be helped. It is an emotional release and it tends to delude them actually. We might as well analyze this a little bit.

I have classified it as primarily a straw-fire vibration, to use that expression. We have to remember of course that all things are caused to work together in perfection for those who love and serve the Lord. There will be some of these young people who will enjoy the spirit of it enough so that they will be willing to follow through, but these will be comparatively few in number. Someone drew this article to my attention. But mention was given of this Youth for Christ movement. Someone just recently had difficulty in relationship to one of these young fanatics, who took the literature of this School—it did not belong to him but to someone else—and in a vengeful attitude burned it and acted on that positive vibration and undertook to force the individual out of the School. That is typical. In other words these ideas tend to produce crystallizations, reactions and hard-headed concepts, and they think that they have learned all that is necessary and from there on are going to live according to those concepts and try to force everyone to do likewise. It is emotional and it tends to produce fanatical and crystallized concepts rather than an expanded vision.

It is of course true that certain of these young folks will enjoy enough of the spirit so that they will let themselves grow. It is one of these things which gets under way which helps separate the sheep from the goats, and helps them to classify themselves either on the basis of the unreal or real, and so we can possibly hope that one out of a thousand will continue to grow. Of this whole group we can possibly hope that ten percent will turn toward things of reality to any noticeable degree. Ten percent of those who do so respond to a degree will carry through to a point where they begin to live it more or less effectively, and that percentage is about the number that will carry through to a point of real harmonization with reality.

There will be a stirring up more or less in all ages, but note for instance the emotional leadership here for the youth. He cannot do anything else of course at the moment, not having anything deeper himself. We are not saying that he is not doing any good, but he tells them to go to their own churches. They will go and then find that they are fed with empty husks, and pretty soon they will turn away. Some will decide that religion is nothing and go the other way. But some will continue seeking and gradually they will open up to the expression of the principles of reality.

This again emphasizes the importance of our radiation work. Please let us remember that it is not necessary—in fact it would be undesirable—to have these people who are just beginning to sprout spiritually come immediately into the Third Sacred School consciously. Let us remember that those individuals who have the real stuff in them—and if we carry through properly here—will be drawn step by step to the point where they can contact us. If we start thinking about it in the sense of running out and telling them about the School, we will wreck it. All those individuals will have to grow and develop out of that darkness and move along the ways that will open, and as long as they respond they will be drawn by those irresistible cords of love.

And we must remember to remember that we mean what we say. It is true that we will want to open up new channels. They will run into various things that will give them an avenue of approach. That means, then, that we as a Church have a great responsibility in understanding these things, working on the vibration and letting the radiation flow out. That is what we are doing here, and that is opening the way for those individuals, I don't care whether they are in Russia or China or New York. It will touch all those who are sprouting spiritually. They have to sprout under the conditions where they live or they will not be reached. It matters not to what church they go, we cannot smooth the path before them. We have to remember that it is working according to these plans, programs and principles and do our part and let it work out. If they cannot follow through to the point where they contact the service, they wouldn't be any good anyway. So until they come through to it—we will open it up for them—it is no good. We must realize that personal sympathy will not work. They have to prove the stuff that is in them, and if they have it in them they are going to come through.

William — I have often wondered why it is that we are here today. We do not have anything, you might say, that is radically different, nor are we endowed with any special characteristics or talents that are common to the world. There are lots of people out there in the world with all kinds of special qualities, and so on, which perhaps none of us will attain. How is it that the way was opened? And if it was possible for a few, why was it not possible to have two thousand or three thousand, or even five thousand?

Uranda — It is going to be easier all the time. Now, this is a good subject and a good point that we can radiate through, but before I open up into it I would like to invite some of these young folks to express what they would consider to be something of an answer. Give what you can.

Kathy — The intensification of things, I think, has a great deal to do with it. At the time when you were twenty these qualities were in you but the service was not here to bring them out; but by the time I was twenty the service was here and flourishing.

Uranda — You see how young folks open up the vibration for other young folks. Kathy, for instance, almost from the time she could remember, knew that there was a Third Sacred School and was being impregnated with the teachings of the School. That was a peculiar circumstance that developed which permitted an opening up of something—no one would have suspected that something so important to the world was being accomplished.

As for myself, I started out from Colorado in search of something. I went to Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, back to Kansas and from there to Nashville, before I found that attunement that let it open up. In Nashville I started absolutely from nothing. I was unknown, had no resources—a young fellow who from an outer standpoint had no more opportunity to put the thing over than the man in the moon. When I first started working on vibration I was working nine hours a day, six days a week. I was living in the poorest section, in a little room down on First Street, where the white folks and the colored folks mixed. It was just about as poor and impossible as any situation that could exist. However I started holding classes. I called my brother from Florida and there was then, in the beginning of this, my brother, my wife and myself, and my little daughter was generally sleeping nearby. There were then three individuals, in that sense.

I started having these classes each week, set up vibrations and began to get a clear revelation of the principles involved. How was it that within about three or four weeks of doing that, a man by the name of Henry—I cannot think of his last name—found his way into that room? He lived over in the other part of town. A lady who lived in a very nice apartment on the other side of town and who worked for the railroad found her way into that room, and gradually others came, and that was the beginning. Now if you were to ask me just exactly how all of these things worked out—it was one of those things that you might as well classify as a miracle. And why did Henry come? Someone on the north side of town would have been a lot closer. Henry came, and then the girl, and gradually others. Out of the people who were in the School at that time, in that vibration, Marjorie and myself are the only ones who are left. Gradually we moved uptown and then Alberta Sandefur came in, and Alberta Sandefur was one of the group of the Mystic Seven. I undertook to draw out of the group a group to set up vibrations, and those vibrations are just now coming into fulfilment. Back there, fourteen years ago, I undertook, with the help of individuals who were willing, to set up vibrations. I have seen them come into partial manifestation time after time, just to see them slip off again. And there was nothing left but the vibrations and those could not be disturbed. Now certain vibrations are emerging, and since that period I have traveled in forty-five of the forty-eight states in order to draw the people. And here, from all these scattered places, we have a little group tonight working on the basic vibrations and undertaking to strengthen the basic current already in operation and let the radiation reach out to all those responding.

How do these things happen? What is the answer? There are many things to be considered. First, from the standpoint of my own expression, I have looked back on this period of the Mystic Seven a number of times. It was my first movement into the vibrational field insofar as application and function was concerned. I have wondered time after time how it was that anyone who was in that group could have turned away. The things they knew and the way it worked out should surely have helped them to stay on the Rock. They had the opportunity. There were some of course who wanted to come into that group but I would not let them. But of that group of the Mystic Seven, Bertie and I are the only ones still in the service. And then all the ups and downs of the service you already know.

It started with three individuals. It grew from that, and as I was able to set up vibrations in relationship to that focalization there were certain other individuals who were attuned that made it possible for me to set up those vibrations. It is a matter of attunement. I can take that radio, open up the lid and tune in on a certain broadcast. Those individuals who began to respond to what we were able to radiate and coordinate on that vibration finally began to come into the current. That which we radiated, which was possible under the circumstances, produced a reaction in individuals out there who happened to be attuned. Those who keep following it up are the ones who are being drawn.

I myself, without any outer help, had to wade through the ceiling of the mass consciousness. I had the Bible, but it did not mean very much to me in an outer sense, so I had to break through that ceiling and I did not have any assistance. As soon as that was broken through, it became easier for others. But having broken through, I was limited to the response that I could generate immediately in that sphere insofar as the outer manifestation was concerned.Insofar as that time was concerned, only those who responded could be drawn in, and my radiation was limited to the ranges of consciousness in those who did respond. And then others gradually came in and touched it to a degree, but did not necessarily follow through.

In the fall of 1934 I landed in California and, while I don't recall the exact number—I think it was seventy-five or eighty individuals on the mailing list—within a week after our arrival there it dropped to twenty or thirty, and there were weeks when I had absolutely no income. I had thirty dollars and I had spent about twenty dollars of it for a duplicating machine. For weeks the average income was from two to three dollars a week, but I kept the lesson material going out. I had three people to feed and I had to have a place for them to stay. The mailing list dropped to twenty or thirty but it kept building up. The greatest growth came during the latter part of 1935 and during the first few months of 1936. About the middle of 1936 it jumped from about twenty-five to right at a thousand; but most of those individuals who responded to it to a degree did not carry through, and by the middle of 1937 it was back down to about four hundred.

Now in all of this you have a key to the answer. As the world response is being speeded up we have gradually got to a point where we can intensify the strength of the radiation. Then as those out there permit an increased radiation to be effective, we find it developed here. The individuals here have let themselves be attuned to that. We are coming to a point where it must intensify. But it is reaching those individuals who are responding, and consequently we are pulling just as hard as their response will permit. If we could arbitrarily start speeding things up, that would snap the vibrations. If you were trying to pull in a fish and it started to fight, what would happen? You would break the line. These lines of vibration will stand only so much pressure. Sometimes I have to let it relax and stop the pulling pressure. There is a pulsating effect in the whole thing, and as individuals respond they are drawn. So these who are here are the ones who followed through on vibrations that were set up and were given the opportunity of service here. As individuals work on the vibration, it will work, just as surely as it has before.

O LORD of Lords and KING of Kings, we thank Thee for the privilege we have had tonight of considering the mysteries of Thy truth and the wonders of Thy way, which is open for the children of men. We thank Thee for the sacred privileges that are ours by reason of our having been gathered together from the north and south and from the east and west to render service in this place according to Thy calling and according to Thy will. And we thank Thee for the radiation that has gone forth in blessing to the children of men, that all who will may receive and respond and be drawn into the places appointed, where they may let Thy will be done. We thank Thee for the assurance that the radiation of Thy light, love and life flowing is working in high places and low, through all the children of men who respond to any degree whatsoever. We thank Thee for the realization that for all those who truly love and serve Thee according to Thy calling, all things are caused to work together in perfection; for we know that, whether it be with the individual or with the world, the power of evil is not strong enough to withstand the outworking of Thy spirit in the fulfilment of Thy Plan. We know that any individual anywhere who responds on the vibration of Thy love as it radiates into the world is drawn, perhaps slowly but nevertheless surely, to the place where he shall emerge into the light and walk in the way, the truth and the life. We thank Thee that tonight, on the vibration established and the expansion of consciousness achieved, we are privileged to send forth in Thy holy name the call to all responding ones everywhere.

O ye earnest ones of the world who seek the Lord to serve Him, I salute you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, blessing you, that according to your response you may find your empty vessels filled and the way opened before you, that you may come, step by step, ever obedient to the call which sounds now in the hearts of all who respond: “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me… For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Blessed ones, hesitate not. Come into the current of the spirit, in the realization that the Lord has prepared the way before you. Respond to the Lord and let Him lift you up, that you may be established upon the Rock and abide in the peace of His presence; for in the world there is no peace; but for those who abide under the shadow of the Almighty, though they be in the world, peace is provided. Let not reactions to the world and human injustices close the door. Turn not aside into the mysteries of the unreal. Fear not because of evildoers. Be not frightened because of those in high places who think to gain the victory over God. Remember the call of the LORD of Lords, which sounds always and which sounds in this moment: “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me… For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” The healing, soothing radiance of divine love burns away the bondage of the world and casts down the unreal.

“Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins.” All who identify themselves with the world and the things of the world shall surely be cast down and cast into outer darkness, where there shall be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth; but to all who shall return and abide in the Father's house there is a helping hand; there is the current of Divine Love which lights the way, and there is the harvest that is sure and certain. For the way shall be opened for each and every one who shall let it be so. “Come unto me,” saith the Lord God of hosts, and as you move forward, the way shall be opened before you; but if you refuse until the way is opened, it shall never be opened unto you. Only as you move forward in the way that is opened can the rest of the way be opened unto you. Rejoice, give thanks, for the blessing of the Lord, and respond to the stirring of the spirit in your hearts; for tonight, now, is the accepted time. For thus saith the Lord of hosts: “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me… For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” O ye blessed ones of the earth, rejoice that it is so, now and forevermore, in the Christ. Aum-en.

© Emissaries of Divine Light