January 27, 2018

Attunement  in  the  Chain  Pattern  of  Being

from  Expanded Differentiation of Being

Uranda   July 9, 1954  Class

The pattern of expanded differentiation in relationship to Being and the expression of Being: If we can even dimly conceive the centering of the Cosmos as the Central SUN of Suns, the basic point around which all Being revolves, and recognize the reality of the Central Reality of God, we can realize that in the sense of vibratory components, which we might more easily imagine in the sense of weight, that central point must equal the vibratory components of the whole Cosmos. We can begin to realize that whatever there is in the Cosmos—including all the universes of which we are aware, constellations, etc—is an expanded differentiation of that which is contained at the central point. And insofar as the vibrational components are concerned, the weight factor must balance in relationship to that central point of Being—which is beyond the immediate comprehension of man—and that which we know, as well as that which we do not know, with respect to the Cosmos as a whole. This means then that, beginning at the central point, we have in essence all things that are, and it is impossible for even God to create something in the body of the Cosmos, or in this solar system or in some other solar system, that is not first established in the vibrational pattern of Being at the Center of Being. And the manifestation of the solar system, or a planet in the solar system, or that which is created upon the planets, as we have ours here, must be an expanded differentiation of that which is already established in this central factor of Being, and it is brought into enlarged or magnified manifestation here.

We think of tiny things as being less than we are, and yet we have recognized in our study of the human body that if it were compressed to a point of absolute solid, you could hardly see it, with the naked eye, as a speck on the head of a pin. The physical body through which you express is mostly space. So it is easy for you to begin to realize that you as a human being are in fact an expanded differentiation of Being, and the centralized factor out of which you are made manifest in a direct sense we speak of as the Lord within, or the Father within, or the God Being. But that God Being is, as it were, a tiny speck in the Body of God, which in turn is a differentiated expanded manifestation on a higher level of that which is contained in the centering of Being at the Central SUN of Suns.

Now this that is the centering of Being is exceedingly great and exceedingly vast, exceedingly wonderful, but it is the concentration of all real heaviness, and of the seed factors of all Beings and all things. The differentiation which originates there must expand outward through the universe into the solar system, through the solar system into the planets, and so come into manifestation in relationship to the created things which appear upon the face of the planets. Once we begin to have even a vague vision of this basic pattern of Being, we begin to see that men, mankind, men and women, were originally created to make possible an expanded differentiation in manifestation at this level of God—not that man was supposed to be something apart from God, but that man should be the magnifying glass, as it were, by which God might be seen in expanded differentiated manifestation on a basis that would be meaningful to this realm of creation.

That which expands out from us, expresses through us, always originates at the point from which the expression of Being radiates, and any given expression of Being has a specific potential which establishes in the ultimate sense its periphery of manifestation. Within the scope of this periphery we have that which is the manifest form and expression through form of this particularized point of Being. This applies to you as a human being as much as it applies to God at any level wherein God is revealed or made manifest, clear back to the centering of the Cosmos.

Now your mind may suggest to you that this sounds deep and difficult, but it is not. Do not prejudice yourself against it. It is simple, for if we have a point which has within it in concentrated form that which cannot be seen readily with a particular form of vision, and we cause that given point to expand outward in all directions within the scope of a circle, and this circle is to represent the periphery of influence in relationship to the point of Being at the center, everything that is contained within the circle outside of the point is in minute form contained within the point itself. So in order to make the point meaningful at a level other than that which is natural to the point itself, we must have a differentiated expansion of Being and form extending outward, so that the point is, in effect, magnified and given a larger pattern of Being, form, and expression or right activity. This enlarged pattern is the realm of your environment, or the sphere of your influence, and you, at the point, are supposed to be the magnifying glass by which the centering of Deity in you is caused to be seen in the realm of your Being, the range of your influence. So you, as a human being, must be the expanded differentiation in the enlarged field by which God is seen, known, revealed and allowed to act on a basis of the laws and principles and will, or intelligent determinations, which originate at the point within you. For you, made in the image and likeness of God, are in fact an expanded differentiation of that which centers your Being, in the sense of your own God Being.

Your God Being is an extension of another centering, so that your God Being is in actual fact an expanded differentiation, in the sense of Being and expression, of that which is contained at the center around which your God Being revolves. That centering of Being, as far as we are concerned in this Whole Holy World, is the One who was made manifest as Jesus Christ, the LORD of Lords and KING of Kings. So we see Him as the centering of Being which must be allowed expanded differentiation within the scope of His realm if He is to have meaning in His realm. He does have this expanded differentiation, with consequent meaning, in what we call heaven, or the invisible realm. There the extension on the basis of the expanded differentiation has not been spoiled, it has not been made chaotic, it has not been distorted, and consequently is beautiful, the manifestation of true Being at a level which cannot be seen with physical perception, visually speaking.

So this, then, that is of the point of Being with respect to the whole has natural expanded differentiation through the God Being. But there is a centering of Being in you that belongs to God Being, which we speak of as your God Being, or your Father within, or your Lord within, whatever term might be most pleasing. And while this point is an expanded differentiation of the LORD of Lords and KING of Kings, and everything that is in this point which is your own God Being is contained in essence in the seed sense in the LORD of Lords and KING of Kings, you as a human being, if you are to be true to God and true to your own purpose in life, must be an expanded differentiation of your own God Being, an extension of your own God Being in magnified form and function, so magnified that it may be seen and known and perceived, understood, right here on earth.

Now that is the Chain Pattern extending from the Center of Being in the Cosmos to you and through you, and if we do not violate that Chain Pattern, we are in attunement with God. If we do violate that pattern in this sphere between the human form and the God Being, we are not, to that degree at least, in attunement with God, and that which finds differentiated expanded expression through us, through words, deeds, attitudes, through living, is not of God. But if we have not violated this Chain Principle in our relationship with God, we are in attunement with God, the spirit of God is working through us, and the expanded differentiation of the God Being is revealed in the living as it expresses through the human form or human being which you are. This should make it very easy for you to understand—very simple, very wonderful, as you begin to comprehend it. So the principle of the expanded expression of Being through man is actually a revelation of Deity in practical function on earth.

This brings us to the point where we may consider with a higher degree of understanding and vision the Principle of Reciprocity, because that which makes you what you are must come through you into manifestation not for you but as an expanded differentiation of God released on earth to others, released on earth for those whose lives you may touch. The expression of your Being cannot be added to you from some external source, it cannot be plastered onto you, it cannot be grafted onto you, it cannot be sewed onto you by any surgical method; it cannot be added to you externally by any means or effort whatsoever. It must be your own differentiated expansion of Being which is allowed to take form in manifestation through you. That means that dependence upon external sources for the Reality of Being always defeats the human being, and no matter what he may plaster on himself he only produces a false front, which will crack, crumble and pass away. It cannot do anything else. So there will be, always, others who provide the means by which that which is expressing through you may have more meaning external to you. But if the means by which that which expresses through you may be given meaning is there and you fail to express, by reason of a lack of attunement in a Chain Pattern in Being, then, although the equipment is at hand, there is no expression through you in relationship to it and you do not have meaning, and you have a sense of futility and of failure, insecurity. Then the human mind tries to reach out somewhere, somehow, and get something from somebody which will give a sense of security. People reach out and try to get it from their family, or members of the family, or friends, or someone.

Now I cannot by any means whatsoever add anything to you externally. I can provide something which makes it possible for the expression of your own differentiated aspect of Being to have meaning here and now, so that under the influence which I provide, you begin to have a sense of meaningfulness, and the sense of futility and failure begins to pass away. You begin to abide gradually in a sense of security, because you have begun to find that I am not adding something to you outside, I am not trying to plaster anything on you, or sew on an appendage in some fashion. I am setting up the vibratory field which makes it possible for you to begin to establish an awareness of personal meaning as you let the differentiated aspect of your Being find expression from within yourself. I can inspire that expression to some degree as you let me, I can encourage it, I can help you to function according to the laws that will let it be so; but I cannot do it for you, I cannot make you have it, I cannot add it to you. It must be something that finds expression through you as a differentiated expanded expression of your own centering of Being.

That centering of Being in relationship to yourself as a human being has not broken the chain. The chain of differentiated expansion through all the levels of Being from the Central SUN of Suns to the surface of this earth is carried out in absolute precision, harmony, beauty, perfection. There is no break of any kind in this chain between your own God Being and the Central SUN of Suns, but your God Being, containing the seed essence of that which is to find expression through you, is himself or herself a differentiated aspect of Being extended out from the centering of Being in the body of God. So we might say that insofar as this world is concerned you are supposed to be the skin of the body of God—the body of God inside, invisible. You are not aware of all the functions of God any more than you are aware of all the functions of your own body, the working of all the glands and all the systems in your body, all the nerve impulses. You are not aware of them and yet it does not keep you from enjoying life and having a full, rich life. Just so, you are not immediately aware of all the functions in the body of God, even though the evidences of life and life expression appear through you; for if we all function correctly, the body of God has a skin or a means of manifestation on earth. And if we break this pattern of attunement we in a sense are peeling off the skin from the body of God. We are refusing to let the body of God have a means of manifestation, so that it can be seen and known and understood right here on earth.

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