April 11, 2018

The  Secret  Radiance  of  Your  Sacred  Hour

from   Sacred Confidence Placed in You in the New Naacal Norm

Uranda  December 29, 1937

[New Naacal Norm—Refers to the Inner or Priesthood Nucleus and the Inner Cycles of the Third Sacred School, under the direction of the Lord of the Sacred Three, the purpose of which is to reveal the Perfect Truth by which mankind may be set free, and to co­ordinate all of the Spiritual Services of the world into one great Func­tion to the degree to which the leaders and teachers of all schools of thought, all denominations, all religions, and all teachings, are willing to consciously, or un­consciously for the time being, respond to the direction which will allow them to harmonize in the outworking of the Cosmic Plan for this Holy World.]

Beloved Anomon. As you have responded in rejoicing to the Call, and have set forth upon the Central Way in the Light of the Fire of Love which shines forth from your Father within you, I salute you and bless you in the Holy Name of our Great Master, the LORD of Lords. Through these words you are privileged to let your vision be enlarged as the expanding consciousness goes out into the world. I would direct your attention to the Sacred Confidence placed in you, and the part which Service in Secret has to play in the Great Plan.

Our purpose is to reveal the Truth in the most effective manner possible—and that does not require that we keep the Truth secret from any. However, it does mean that our Unified Function is in Secret, according to the direction and instruction of our Great Master as recorded in the sixth chapter of Matthew—especially the first seven verses. Our unified purpose is to release the greatest possible amount of the Christ Power in Love into the world for the blessing of our Brother Man. As you continue in the Way, the fullness of the Truth concerning the Function of Serving In Secret will be revealed to you step by step as needful to your Service. It is enough that we now consider our first unified step in this direction, that each may begin to expand into the full stature of his place.

If any person is not so filled with the Fire and Urge of Service to mankind that he finds it a joy to respond and come into the harmonization where such Truths may be constructively used, there is nothing gained in attempting to give such Truth to him. In Matthew 7:6 we read, “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine.” Until you reach the point where your full expression is of the Father, in which case you would never violate this injunction given us by the Great Master, it is well that you be especially careful on this point. Most people who attempt to render service do so blindly in accordance with the human idea, and the result is just so much wasted energy.

Abiding in poise, power can be released through us collectively. As you prove to be worthy of greater power, you will find it released through you. First you are to realize that one word spoken in the Christ Power of Love is far more worthwhile than ten thousand words spoken according to the human concept. Therefore, you will speak less, that idle words may be removed from your conversation. This does not mean that you cannot be joyous and happy—and you surely are not to ignore people, nor go about as one lost in a fanciful dream. You will always be ready to speak according to the need, but you will stop wasting words. The same thing is true of your thoughts and acts. You will watch to let your every act be constructive, and you will stop all waste motion. In this you will find a greater rhythm and grace of expression in thought, word and deed. As you do this, allowing the Cosmic Pressure of Power to be increased in you, you will cease being like a noisy leak in a steam boiler, and you will begin to feel the surge of power from within. At that point you will likely be tempted to try to do something big but you will remember Who You Are and you will let that increased power find primary release in a Love Response to the LORD of Lords.

Thus, you will help increase the Cosmic Pressure of Power, leaving its directive use to me for the time being, for your response through me to the LORD of Lords will allow a greater manifest expression through the Focal Point of the Norm. To the degree that you respond in Love to the LORD, you become an active Negative Point which allows a greater outmanifestation of the Christ Power. In that you are consciously a part of the New Naacal Norm, you become the contact point between the Norm and all the people of the earth who are responding in any degree of Love on the same vibration upon which you are functioning. So it is that your first part of Service is to allow a focalization of the incoming response of the world, leaving the out-going expression to me for the present insofar as the Norm is concerned.

You now begin to realize that you are to give twenty-four hours every day to the activities of the Norm, in that the right doing of all your rightful daily activities is a part of such Service. To you, under the Norm, is assigned the right doing of all that rightly comes to your hand, whether in your home, in your business, in your profession, or in your recreational relaxation and diversion, doing all as unto your Lord within you. As you begin to conserve and rightfully use the energy now in you, continuing in the Love response in recognition of your Oneness with all the other faithful ones in the Norm as focalized in the manifest expression in Me, and through Me to our Beloved LORD of Lords, you will begin to feel the Cosmic Rhythm in the Norm, and a new realization of power will fill you. As far as you are concerned let that increase of power remain in the Norm, remembering that all of your daily activities now come under that classification; but refraining from any attempts to increase your outer expression of service to mankind—that will come in due time.

All of you have offered some special time to be set apart for use under my direction in the Norm, and you have agreed that you would do faithfully, as unto the Lord, all that is rightfully yours to do. If such time is available each day, set apart thirty minutes at any hour that is most convenient to you, when you will be least likely to be disturbed, and as near as reasonably possible keep that half hour sacred unto the Lord—this is a Confidence placed in you, about which you are to talk to no one, unless it be to one who is, to your knowledge, harmonizing in the Norm. If such time is available only two or three times a week, or, in some cases once a week, let your weekly or semi-weekly periods be treated in the same manner as outlined for the daily expression. At the time of your Sacred Hour, go apart alone, if possible to a small private sanctuary—your bedroom, or breakfast room, or bathroom, or a curtained corner of some room, (even if the curtain has to be removed each time) or a clothes closet, or whatever place you are directed to use from within—just so it is comfortably warm. Begin by a period of Devotional Response and Radiance, using the Devotional Card and your own Spirit directed expression, and then meditate upon the meaning of the Master’s Words recorded in Matthew 6:1-7, using these verses each day, or each Sacred Hour, until you feel that you understand the Inner Meaning—at which time you are to write out your realization, and send your expression to us. (Note that the heathen of old were in the habit of repeating affirmations, and Jesus spoke of such expression in the Seventh Verse.)

Especially during your devotional period of the Sacred Hour, as well as all other times when you think of it about your work in general, give thanks for the rapidly increasing pressure of Cosmic Power that is being generated within the Norm through the unified Love Response to the LORD of Lords, and rejoice that thereby the Way is prepared for the Norm to become a Blazing Star which shall take over all the focal points of world consciousness, drawing them and the mass of humanity into harmony with the Cosmic Plan. Do all this in secret, refraining from talking about it to anyone, but reporting your realizations to us—and as you are faithful you will find something that will fill you with great joy, so that you feel like bursting—but keep it secret from the world, and write to us about it.

As all the Radiant Ones in the Norm work in secret, the Father will reward us openly by making manifest the increase in service as our unified expression reveals the Truth to our Brother Man. The word secret takes on an entirely new meaning as it is used in the Norm—according to the instruction of our Great Master. We do nothing for display, and we never attempt to impress people in any way. In the Norm each Faithful One goes about his daily life in quiet simplicity—for in simplicity the Radiant One finds a Heavenly Dignity. We are in the world but not of it. Above all, in our unified and individual expression, we are to prove that we are a Norm of the New Earth State as it shall manifest in fullness in this Age.

As you function in the Secret Radiance of your Sacred Hour, it is well that you should read some passage from the Bible, and from our writings, aloud if it be possible for you to do so without arousing a wrong reaction in any possible hearers. Let your voice be low and well modulated. Loudness of voice does not indicate power of Radiance. The depth of Love which vibrates in your voice is that which determines the power of your expression. Let your Sacred Hour be used as if you were sitting before Me, here in the Secret Sanctuary, so that your prayer to your Father and to the LORD of Lords is in accordance with what you would like Me to hear, and your reading is as if you were reading to Me. Let your Sacred Hour be a time when you come apart with Me from the turmoil of the world. Let your expression be in the Realization that your Sacred Hour is a Holy Assignment in The New Naacal Norm. After you have expressed according to the Inner Urge in you, and have relaxed into your Father’s all-enfolding Love, it is well that you should listen for the Voice of Truth, for in Spirit I AM with you, and My Word shall come unto you. Not as a voice spoken by human lips, nor as the hearing of so-called psychics, but as an Inner Realization of Truth—and you shall surely rejoice in the Spirit of Truth that is in you.

As you come more and more into a Realization of the Holy Service to which you are called in the New Naacal Norm, you will have a deeper regard for the Sacred Confidence placed in you. You will see how futile it would be to attempt to tell these things to those who are not willing to harmonize in the Norm of their own free will. Truly it would be casting pearls before swine.

The Cosmic Value of the Norm to you will be determined by what you put into the Functions of the Norm—by the degree to which you give yourself whole-heartedly to the Holy Service of the Sacred Hour. As you abandon yourself to the radiant joy of your Lord during the Sacred Hour, you will find that the Spirit of Love, and the Spirit of Truth, will enfold you all through the day and night—and you will begin to be aware of Who You Are. You need not be interested in past incarnations to find out Who You Are—that would only reveal who you manifested as. Your old, cast off garment does not contain the secret of your identity. Your Life today carries that Secret! Forget yourself as the one whom the world has thought you to be. If you were to find a name for yourself you still would not know Who You Are. Your name does not tell Who You Are—for only your place in the Cosmic Plan can reveal Who You Are. Forget about names—past, present, or future. You are an Emissary of the KING of Kings. Remember that. You are in the world to represent our Great KING. What the world thinks of you cannot change that—but you can be a true representative only to the degree that you let your Father come forth in you and through you, that he may bring the New Jerusalem down from Heaven within you, into manifest expression in the world. Beholding you as a Star under the Bright and Morning Star, I Am Uranda

© Emissaries of Divine Light