January 03, 2018

The  Fire  of  Fusion


Because  of  Love  for  the  King

Martin Cecil  April 24, 1983

Communication is based in communion. Communion is impossible without love; and love is impossible of experience without truth. There are various types of emotional intensity which human beings know. Some of those intensities are referred to as love; others may be anger, fear, hate; but all these are just emotional intensities, the sort of intensities which have dictated human behavior heretofore. Well I am sure none of us really want to have anything to do with that; it is betrayal indeed. But love is impossible of experience without knowing the truth. You cannot know the truth without the fact of participation in design and in control of the spirit of God. This springs out of heaven; it doesn’t come out of the earth; and the heaven is, for each one, closer than breathing and nearer than hands and feet, as somebody once said.

So the concern always comes back to this matter of knowing the truth because one continues in the expression of the Word. The King was quoted as saying on earth, “If ye continue in my word … ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” To continue in the Word of the King is not so much to cock one’s ear, so that one might be able to hear it and reproduce it, as to be aligned with the expression of the Word in each moment. It is always present and we come to know it if we express it. We won’t express it if we are preoccupied with emotional binges or intellectual voyages of exploration.

So there is the Word to find expression, the truth to be known, love consequently to be experienced, the fact of communion to put in an appearance—communion with the First Minister, as was indicated this morning, but also with each other. Then there may be communication that has some meaning, that relates to heavenly matters presently taking form in creative expression. Most human communication is about past events. There may be some speculation as to future events, but people talk amongst themselves, write to each other, about the things that have happened: in other words earthly things. To that extent, of course, heavenly things are obscured; the consciousness is preoccupied, no longer a sea of glass clear as crystal.

We are really here to minister to the King. This relates to the first great commandment, and when we actually do minister to the King we find ourselves capable of ministering to His people, the second great commandment. But the first must come first; otherwise there is no second. If we do minister to the King it is not because we are trying to please Him. Some human beings find themselves trapped in a state where they are constantly trying to please other people—they never succeed too well—but the attempt always brings them into subjection to other people. Other people control the way they behave. So we are not trying to please one another, rightly. I have had quite a number of people who try to please me. They never succeeded, because the very attempt is not pleasing to me! This is not a sound motivation: trying to please other people. There are those who utilize such tendencies in others to exercise control over them: “You please me or else I’m not going to be happy; and if I’m not happy I’m going to do this, that, and the other thing.” Go right ahead! The King cannot be bought, neither can His Ministers.

I have been speaking of the Ministers of the King. Another term with which we are familiar is an “emissary of divine light.” He is, or she is, a Minister to the King. All that is transpiring on earth is within the responsibility and jurisdiction of those who are Ministers to the King. We could say, in other terms, that this indicates the nature of the responsibility of an emissary of divine light.

What is it that has been lacking on earth? I am sure that you could all give an answer to that, pointing to the fact that there has been no true, manifest point of heavenly focus within the consciousness of mankind. There was one, of course—maybe more than one, but one we certainly know about. That was the focus that was provided because of the incarnation of our King. Clearly it was not accepted. As is the custom with human beings, they throw away their greatest blessings and then try to get them back later, imagining that they have awakened to the value of what was thrown away. But you can never get it back, because the blessing is in the moment, not in the past. You cannot extract it out of the past. This is the attempt that has been made by Christianity, for instance, and by virtually all religions. The focus that has been lacking has been available in the past—I pointed to this one occasion—but whenever it did appear, obviously it was rejected. Otherwise things wouldn’t be the way they are now.

What is essential is that there should be this focus of orientation—focus of authority, focus of power—springing out of heaven but within the consciousness of mankind. It must appear in a way that cannot again be nullified. This is our business if we have any real awareness of being Ministers to our King. It is because mankind has consistently rejected such a point of focus within the range of their consciousness that what we may speak of as the restoration has never occurred. Clearly, then, if that is to occur there must be an acceptance. There cannot be an acceptance of the point of focus if the point of focus isn’t there. So the point of focus must be there.

Those who become aware of the reality of that point of focus are those who participate in its expression, not those who do not participate in its expression—they cannot know. We may on occasion have been inclined to look around and wonder why people are so dumb as not to realize the truth, but perhaps one of the reasons they haven’t realized the truth is because it wasn’t really all that vividly made evident. And that comes back to our responsibility. However, if it is vividly made evident, is it to be anticipated that it would be received by all concerned with open arms? It never has happened in all the history of mankind.
What is emerging now is of such a nature that, if we let it continue and intensify, it cannot be nullified. The authority, the power, of unified radiation must be received by human beings everywhere, willingly or unwillingly. It is no longer left for human beings to nullify what is happening. They have had that ability heretofore. Of course they could only nullify temporarily what it was that the King brought on earth.

It is because of what He brought that there is now the emergence into form and expression of what cannot be nullified. If, as this emerges, there is resistance to it on the part of some, what is your attitude likely to be? When accusations begin to be thrown toward the Ministers of the King, will you become incensed about it, or feel badly because it is so unfair?—after all, whoever is making the accusations doesn’t understand. Well of course that person doesn’t understand, but you can’t make a person understand any more than you can make a horse led to water drink. Is the state of consciousness going to remain a sea of glass clear as crystal? It is not un-looked-for that there should be resistance. The question is, how do we handle what is present now? We are capable of handling these things just to the extent that there has been actual fusion between us, in other words that we are actually one. I don’t think you could say that that is the state of affairs right now, but you have a certain sensing of what it would be and what is necessary to let it be.

One of the things that maintains separation and conflict is the tendency to be competitive, to try to promote oneself in some fashion as somehow being more important or better or more useful than somebody else. We can see this individually where human egos are roaming around—clashes occur, people fly off the handle for one reason or another. Well certainly as Ministers of the King we are not here for that purpose. We are not here to clash with one another. We are not here to fly off the handle. We are not here to be on the defensive at all. If anyone is on the defensive, obviously he imagines that there is something he must defend. What would that be? The Reality of Being? Is somebody going to get rid of that, do you think? No. Obviously it must be some human invention, human ego for the most part. This is sometimes called a self-image. There is a good deal of concern about self-images these days. Why do we want a self-image? It would be false in any case. Why not simply express the truth? You don’t need any images. We are not supposed to be setting up images and then worshipping them, self- or otherwise.

So we are not in the competitive business. We are not trying to be better than anybody else—just simply to be what we are, and nobody can reduce that or make it any more than it is, so there is nothing to worry about. It has been kept quite clear at the core of things, but when it gets out a little way there sometimes seems to be competition arising and a failure to recognize that things only take on meaning and have value when the Ministers of the King are present. And that, in human terms I suppose, would indicate when true emissaries are present. Because here is the focus.

There must be a point of focus. All that human beings have been able to produce is a most unpleasant dragon with—so we are told—seven heads, ten horns, all this, but a multi-headed beast that raises hell. What has been lacking is the factual presence, first of all, of a real point of focus representing the King, actually the King because His is the spirit of the point of focus. Here is the spirit of the King, and if that is rejected the King is being rejected. No one can reject the King with impunity, as is being found out and will be found out increasingly in the days to come. All this can happen, however, only because there actually is the point of focus, something which is absolute.

The point of focus is One—in other words there has been fusion. And fusion comes because of love, but the experience of love comes because of truth, and the truth can only be known as there is a continuing in the Word of the King. When the factual point of focus is present on earth human beings everywhere have an opportunity to orient to it. They either will or they won’t. Ultimately there is no middle ground. Everybody orients in fact in one way or another, willingly or unwillingly. The unwillingness was spoken of at one point as yielding at the point of the sword. But what is happening is absolute. I think you and others are awakening to this; you begin to sense it at least. None of us make it absolute—it simply is! And we can either be associated with that absoluteness or not. But no one can extract him- or herself from the results of acceptance or rejection. That comes quickly. It comes on the basis of the factual presence of this fused point of orientation. How many people need to be fused, do you think? If you have a fused point of focus there is just one point. It is just One. Who shall participate in that fusion?

There is no such thing as human rights. Human beings have no rights. Of course one has to understand what that means, and most people wouldn’t. No doubt there are many, concerned with the matter of human rights, who are most sincere about their concern, and it may be a step in their awakening—so it is not a matter of judging people on this basis. But for ourselves we know there is no such thing as human rights. Human beings get what is coming to them. The Law works and anyone who tries to stand in the way gets clobbered. We do not involve ourselves in such foolishness but, certainly, we are concerned with ministering to our King.

The first aspect of that ministry is to love Him. Well there are lots of people in the world who claim to love the Lord, love God, love Allah, whatever. It doesn’t seem to have made all that much difference, because it is something that cannot be proven out, the way things have been. One can make claims: “I love God!” Well whom are you loving? Where is He? “I love Jesus!” Okay, fine. Where is He? What does it mean? People delight to fool themselves. It is only when something appears in form in expression on earth that is a true revelation of the King that things prove themselves out. And all the claims in the world mean nothing in face of a rejection of the manifest point of focus. This is the one thing that is essential on earth. Yes, I suppose there is a little human hesitancy to really accept the idea that one might be associated with that point of focus. “Perhaps so-and-so would do it well, but not me. I am too humble.” Well who is going to do it then? Those whose minds and hearts become aware of the Minister of the Lord.

One aspect of that in relationship to oneself is a recognition of the First Minister of the Lord and others associated with that One; not in some sort of blind faith, not because somebody told you that this was what was required and therefore faithfully and loyally you are going to do it. No—but because you yourself have awakened to the truth. You know it for yourself, and when you know it for yourself you won’t deny it. Clearly that fellow called Judas did not know it for himself. He discovered, finally, that he did not know it for himself. It was too late then. This is a very personal matter in that sense. Each one should know it for himself; otherwise it does not mean anything.

Perhaps tonight I seek to make even more clear than it has been heretofore what the one element that has been lacking has been, and how that relates to us. It relates to others too of course, but we can only assume responsibility for ourselves. The Ministers of the Lord take form in expression on earth to provide this fused point of focus for all people. Now this fused point of focus, as it becomes an increasing reality, is found in the consciousness of some people—not all people yet, by any manner of means, but some people. And there is what might, I suppose, be referred to as a ripple effect: according to the reactions of some people so will the influence be exerted upon the rest. Factually, as this is true that there is this point of focus, it is present in the consciousness of mankind, because the consciousness of mankind is One. People think of it in terms of little individual minds and hearts, but factually it is One.

So we are here to let this job be done because we know the truth. Knowing the truth by reason of the Word in our expression in living, we come to experience love—love for the King, love for each other. And it is that love which allows for the close communion that is the fire of fusion. You could no more betray or criticize or put down another than you could obliterate yourself. Love! The unknown quantity, because the truth has not been known. But now the truth begins to be known and love begins to be known, and there is what we have called union. And this union, to become unified radiation, requires fusion, so that there is a conscious awareness of inseparability: the fire of fusion, the fire of love, known because of the truth. Then there is easy communion, and then there is fitting communication.

There has not been very much fitting communication yet, because there has not been all that much experience of communion, because there has not been all that much experience of love, because there has not been all that much experience of the truth, because there has not been all that much experience of the expression of the Word in living. Something, obviously—and I thank God for that something, but let us not fool ourselves that it is enough. We would, I am sure, all long that it should be enough. The way it is now, there is too little communion and still too much of the idea that if we communicate we will develop communion. It doesn’t work that way—that is backwards. To live the truth, to know love, to commune one with another and to communicate. This business of running from one side of the boat to the other—that is the way to capsize the boat. Let’s stay in the middle where there is the balance and rejoice in the privilege and the opportunity we have to be Ministers to our King because we love Him. And we prove our love for Him by our love for one another. That is the way it is.

Some might feel that I speak too much—too much communication. How would it be if I didn’t say anything? That would suit me fine, mind you—but I wonder what would happen. No, there is a flow of the creative current of life which needs to move freely. I utilize words to let this happen. It needs to move freely, not only with respect to those who may be present but with respect to many more, so that all may participate in that flow and consequently, more easily, continue in the Word, in the experience of the Word in expression in their own living, for then the truth becomes known and then love increases. But don’t try to love one another by trying to please one another. Don’t try to love me by trying to please me. It won’t work. We love one another when we know the truth, and we only know the truth when it is the actual state of our own being, the quality of our own living. Then we know it, and love comes naturally.

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