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Pattern  of  the  One  Woman  on  Earth

Uranda  November 28, 1953

In our meditation last Thursday evening—Thanksgiving evening—we came to the point where we were ready to begin consideration of some of the factors essential to the fulfillment suggested by our questions. This point of healing, as you recall, had to do with the processes of restoration, the point that was composed by a question was, “Why has the positive expression of the Divine not been allowed to more effectively manifest in the world as a whole?”—with particular reference to us here on Sunrise Ranch. Tonight I would like to share with you a meditation on some practical applications of the principles involved. If you will remember our meditations of Thanksgiving Day, as well as those that have gone before, I feel that we can tonight properly make some practical applications in this particular field—so this will be a little different from our usual pattern of service.

As you  recall the principle, you recognize that before woman can be healed she must begin to so function that she can help make it possible for man to be healed, and then her healing will follow. And that is true here on Sunrise Ranch, and the particular application here comes first in the sphere of the women’s activities. We have been working for long while to achieve a program where the vibratory pattern in the sphere of the women' s activities should be what it ought to be. There has been, in the overall sense, some very definite progress. One of the factors involved in preparation for clearing these things we are considering tonight was established in relationship to Lillian, and her handling of the Focalization of the Ladies activities over the last considerable period of time, to some degree, or in one way and another, and more recently in an overall sense, in the vibratory field for you while I was away, in order to work out as nearly as possible the correct vibratory pattern, which would make it possible to deal with these things. You will recognize that preparation to this end was in progress long before we left for the North West, and every service we have shared since our return has had one definite aim—the general expression of that which is of the principles of Reality, yes; but, to establish a pattern that would permit us to do something here on Sunrise Ranch—so all of these Services, and particularly the last two, have been designed to prepare the way for that which we are considering this evening.

Now we recognize that there has been progress in the Kitchen. I might mention different ones as having played a part, but first recognize that in the Kitchen the problems of every individual on the Ranch comes to focus, every difficulty in the sense of health for instance, and becomes more or less a clearing center for the whole vibratory field. Practically every difficulty that is encountered on the place that has any individual characteristics begins to have some kind of influence in the Kitchen. And in the Kitchen we have two primary functions: preparing food and eating it. You might say there is a third primary function: cleaning up after you have eaten.

But let us consider the dietary factors first. There have been a good many misunderstandings and problems in this field. If we had money enough and facilities enough, and help enough, we could perhaps undertake to provide a dietary regime more or less patterned after the individual tastes of everyone here—if we tripled our food expenditure and had more help, and had larger facilities, we could be more considerate of individual tastes. There has been quite a tendency among some to be a bit on the arbitrary side with respect to dietary tastes, likes and dislikes. Now, for myself the dietary pattern as we have been having it is not what I would personally prefer, and yet even though I have the remnants of a physical condition which forced me to give a little consideration to dietary factors, generally speaking I find something in the meal to eat, even if it is just milk and toast, without being too concerned about getting something else. I think generally speaking that has been the desire, to find something in the dietary pattern as it is, that would make it possible to eat with pleasure and enjoyment. I think, in the overall sense, there has been, by and large, a real appreciation of the food. There is a great deal of care and consideration goes into its planning and preparation; and we have been spending more, from the standpoint of our income, on food, than we ought to, in one sense. I have allowed it to continue because I appreciate very much, the fact that dietary limitations tend to complicate things. I am not bringing this up because I expect to increase dietary limitations, but because more and more the pattern tends to become complicated. It is in the field of the ladies work, and yet this includes all of us who eat on Sunrise Ranch; and it appears that there has been developing an increasing tendency to complications, for instance with respect to what we have in our diet.

Now I am quite sure that if we arranged to have the dietary pattern follow my taste, some of you would not be too happy about it—but I haven't undertaken to have the dietary pattern follow my taste. We have undertaken not to follow any one individual’s taste but to come as near as we could, with the funds available, and the facilities and help we have, in providing good wholesome food for everyone—and yet these individual characteristic vibrations tend to emphasize themselves more or less. Now there may be some cases where that is justified. I could very easily emphasize the point in relationship to myself, and I think it could be argued that that would be justified. Then we would have a different dietetic programme. Very different. The point is, we have a limitation from the standpoint of the money that is available to spend for food. We have spent more than we should have from the standpoint of a balanced budget. We have limitation of facilities, and sometimes some people are not very thoughtful about, well, crowding in, in connection with our limited facilities, and we have limited help. From the standpoint of the work generally, I would like to take Edna and Millie out of the kitchen entirely. I can't, because who is there to do the work? Some have tended to object to kitchen work. It seems that there is quite a tendency to try to evade it, or get out of it in some fashion, as if it were not important work. Sometimes there is a slap-dash method in it—jam, rush, which is very bad. All the Kitchen work needs to be done on a relaxed vibration.

Now, we need to come to the realization that until the Kitchen work is right—the ladies work in connection with the food—we can never accomplish what we are here for. From the standpoint of the ladies, there is not anything on Sunrise Ranch, or on the face of the earth, more important than right function in the Kitchen. Without right function in the Kitchen our whole program will collapse. To whatever degree your function in relationship to the Kitchen has helped promote the right pattern in it, you have been rendering a real service to God and to man. To whatever degree you have resisted correct function in the Kitchen, to whatever degree you may have complicated it, you are hindering the accomplishment of that for which we are all here. I don’t know how to put it in words to convey more effectively the fact that the Kitchen work is the most important work on the place—bar none—with the possible exception, if you want to make an exception, of my own personal work. But my personal work is impossible without the Kitchen. The Kitchen work is more important than the work of the Servers, giving Attunements. There isn’t anything on Sunrise Ranch, or in relationship to our Program, that is more important than the Kitchen work—absolutely nothing! It stands equal at least with my own work. It is one of the most effective ways by which you can serve, and we work against ourselves with unnecessary difficulty and limitation as long as the Kitchen Program is not what it ought to be.

The responsibility of the Kitchen work rests primarily with the ladies. Some of the men have been helping to some degree, and that is good; whenever they can I think they should. But we can do all of the other things out here, in field, in shop or in office, including my own office, and have it all come to absolutely nothing, if the Kitchen Program, the Ladies Program in relationship to food, is not allowed to come absolutely clear. There is nothing more important than this, as far as you are concerned. It is important that Servers give Attunements, it is important that various things be done, but you ladies who have a part in the Kitchen have the priceless privilege of doing the most important thing there is to be done in our field of activity.

There has been evasion, there has been holding back, there has been all kinds of pushing and pulling and reactions in connection with the Kitchen, and every attitude of that kind is maintaining the separation between Heaven and Earth, every attitude of that kind is hindering the fulfillment of our Program. Every lady here should count it a Sacred Privilege and a High Honor to be able to do something constructive in the Kitchen. I do not care what we do in other fields, vibrationally or otherwise, our whole Program is on sinking sand comparatively speaking, it is uncertain, until we have the Kitchen core what it should be—and to whatever degree you have helped it become a solid, stable blessed thing, you have been serving God; and to whatever degree you have hindered it you have been serving the Devil. And we should face it, and recognize it—and the question that was posed: Why this separation between Heaven and Earth? Why this failure? I have wondered if it was finally going to come to the point where I personally would have to go into the Kitchen, myself, in order to clear this pattern—and if it doesn’t, I will. There is absolutely no excuse for it, and I shouldn't have to. But there is nothing in any kind of writing, in any kind of work around the place, office work, or anything that any of you can do—and I bar none—more important than the Kitchen—preparing food, serving it end washing dishes.

There has been a tendency to have a vibratory pattern in relationship to washing dishes that has been absolutely abominable. To carry that current of hell right into the heart of our Program is a terrible thing, and that is what it is. If I must, I will come up and set an example. I can cook; I have done a great deal of it. I can come up and I can serve the tables if I must. I can wash dishes if I must, but it is not supposed to be my job. I do not hesitate to do it because it is beneath me, not at all, but because I think that is your job. I can do your job. Can you do mine? There has been, apparently, a feeling that it was, well, somehow kind of low to work in the Kitchen, something to be objected to. As long as that idea of the devil and satan is maintained in any mind here, there is something contrary to the Divine Pattern at work, right at the heart of our Program. It is honorable, and there isn’t anything that is higher or better for any of you.

Why do I say that? Because until the Kitchen Pattern clears we cannot, on Sunrise Ranch, have the real manifestation of the Union of Heaven and Earth. I don't care what else we do, or how we do it, it cannot be achieved somewhere else first. The beginning of its manifestation, from the standpoint of our whole program, must be there—it cannot come anywhere else first. Individuals may perhaps, in a sense, touch it, but until that oneness of Heaven and Earth is established in the ladies field in the Kitchen, in relationship to the food we eat, it will not appear anywhere else, no matter what any of the rest of us may do. You have the opportunity of establishing it first, the core of it, the center of it, the current of the Life Line—and I would say, if any lady here is too good to work in the Kitchen she is too good to live on Sunrise Ranch, definitely; and if any lady is going to work in the Kitchen, it must be in the pattern of the application of the Laws and Principles for which we stand. It cannot be any other way.

The Laws and Principles of Reality—and a recognition, as that function becomes what it ought to be, that it can begin the healing of the gulf between the intellectual idea and the functional application. I have touched on this subject before, but I never succeeded in having my words penetrate. They have been ignored. Various ones have acted as if I had never said a word, as if what I said meant nothing, or as if I did not know what I was talking about. I have never talked to you in any service or any meditation period about any subject more vital than this—that we let the Kingdom of God come in our Kitchen, for if we refuse to do so, it will not come anywhere else in any adequate sense. The vibratory pattern of our whole Ministry centers there. You may say, “Well it centers in a higher sense, in a larger sense, in these Services we hold here in the Chapel.” All right, we have it here, in what we might call the intellectual sense, and the spiritual sense, and so on. But here it does not reach into the functional field. From here it needs to be carried out and applied. It has to reach home in the doing of the task of whatever is at hand to do. And we need to realize, whatever else may be true, that until you ladies start to make a Home for the King in the Kitchen, we will not have any real Home for Him anywhere else.

How many times have you heard it said, especially in what we might call the old fashioned home, that we live in the Kitchen. The Kitchen, the place where there is a sense of hominess, of life, the place in any home where the Home Spirit reaches its apex. I ask you, is there any place in any home where the Home Spirit can reach a higher point than in the Kitchen? No. In the dining room, you say. Oh no, no, no, no—in the Kitchen! The center of the Home is in the Kitchen, any home, including our King’s Home on Earth. And our functional pattern here cannot clear until this is taken care of.

Now we have a New Year coming up, the Lord has provided various facilities by which an expansion programme is possible, and right from the beginning in that New Year we have a heavy current of activity opening up. This next month is going to be a busy one for me, getting ready for the New Year, and that which it is to bring forth. There are a number of things yet to be brought forth in this twelfth month in the year 1953—and we need to be ready for 1954. We have just a little over a month. This is the 28th Day of November, and it is just a little over a month until 1954 will be with us. And you know, I do not feel that I am in any sense arbitrary when I say that I expect this Unit to be ready when the New Year comes—and a measure of that readiness will appear in the Kitchen. Anything else you may say, or do, or try, to give evidence of serving or accomplishing something, it will all be measured against the Kitchen and what you do there—as far as you ladies are concerned, and to quite a degree as far as you men are concerned, because you have to eat there, and that is where you find the centering of the Home vibrational pattern.

We either come there and add to that which provides the very Core of our functional application of the Law, or detract from it. Ordinarily we eat at least three times a day, and that is all right. But in connection with the physical food, there is the mental food, there is the emotional food, and if the attitude is not right in mind and heart with respect to the physical food, mind and heart starve, and the body is poisoned, because the vibration that is carried into the Kitchen, whether in the preparation of food, serving it, eating it, or washing dishes, will determine the vibrational pattern of our whole program. What I do here in these Services comes to naught, to whatever degree the Kitchen pattern does not function harmoniously to the laws of God. I have seen tendencies to throw away what we had accomplished here, because it was not carried over. You gather here and listen to me talk to you, we share these meditations, and I am here at least four times a week—and I thank God that your interest brings you here, and that you find joy in it—but it is only to the degree that we carry it over into the field of application that it has any meaning, and the center of application is in the Kitchen, for men and women, and children.

I am going to illustrate just a little bit, about another field, to show you how important this is. As the Cycles have worked out it has so developed that Fred and Elsie will carry the primary responsibility of taking care of my children while Kathy and I must be away in the Ministry. If they were not there to do that I couldn’t go and Minister, nor could Kathy. In the ordinary pattern of things we can't possibly conceive of a more important job on the place than that job to which they are assigned. It is one of high trust, and it makes possible my going into the Field. If that provision were not there in an adequate sense I just could not do it. But, consider again, as they have shown their willingness and ability to take over that responsibility in my home—if the right food isn't provided for my children, their ministry on my behalf, so that I can Minister out there, becomes nothing.

In other words, it ties right back again to the Kitchen, and I do not care how diligently Lillian, and the others who work with her work in the sense of planning the meals within the scope of our budget, how carefully they buy, or prepare, or cook, unless the right vibratory factors are established in the Kitchen and maintained there, the food is poison. The wrong vibrational pattern in an individual can poison even the best food, and the right vibrational pattern can make wholesome the most simple food. Now it might be that some of you would like to meditate on the possibility of accepting a different dietary pattern, one that I would choose instead of one that you choose yourselves, because you know you have been choosing the dietary pattern yourselves—it is not something that I chose, not something that Lillian chose—you can't blame her—it is the dietary pattern that you have chosen for the application of the funds we have. If that is to be changed it is up to you. I can't arbitrarily change it.

I have worked to establish changes in our Kitchen since we first had a kitchen here in 1945—eight years—and that has not been achieved yet. Actually, the Kitchen pattern has been a holdout resistance pattern, the place I couldn't ever trust to hold steady and be what it ought to be. It came nearer being that during Convention periods this year, and the pattern has held to some degree. Some of you have really applied yourselves to make it so, and carried the Spirit of Reality into it. But you know, within the pattern of Patience there is a point where Patience ceases to be a virtue, and that point is getting very, very close.

I recognize the things that you have done. I am not depreciating the service you have rendered, but I am pointing out that we cannot begin to have the Reality of the Pattern here on Sunrise Ranch, the manifestation of supply, the solidity of the Core that will stand against the reactionary pressures that may appear, something that can be depended on and carried through, until we have the right Kitchen Pattern. Yes, I know about the good things, but I have to face the facts as they are. It isn't enough. Why the gulf between? That Why, that we were considering on Thanksgiving Day—it comes down to this in the functional field, and what are we going to do about it? What are we going to do about it? It is here that we either succeed or fail. I have set the course, the vibratory pattern has been opened for great achievements in the year that is ahead of us, and there are many hungry and thirsty ones waiting for it. It will depend on what you do in the Kitchen as to whether it is a success or not. My success or failure in the Field depends on what you do in the Kitchen right here on Sunrise Ranch, and if you do not do your job correctly, and in the right Spirit and attitude, then how can I ask anyone, anywhere to do anything in the right pattern and attitude. You make a mockery of that which I am asking others to do—until we have it in the Kitchen, right here—because until you have it in the Kitchen you are sending out the vibratory message that we are not backing Uranda up—don't pay any attention to what he says; it is all right up here in the intellectual field, but don't try to apply it; don’t let it have any meaning in your lives—go on to hell. No!

Our services are important, but the measure of their importance shows up in the Kitchen, individually and collectively. I come here and hold a Service for you, and I go down to the Kitchen and watch your function there—whether coming in to eat, or to prepare, or wash dishes—I watch you, whether you know it or not. And there I see the measure of meaning that you have found in what I have said, not anywhere else, because what you do somewhere else cannot rise above what you do in the Kitchen—never! What I do out here cannot rise above what you do in the Kitchen, and if that is true of me it certainly is true of you. The value, the meaning of what you do anywhere else, cannot rise above what you do in the Kitchen, to make that Core of our Home Pattern meaningful. And the point where Heaven Home begins to really mean something is where? in the Kitchen! So whatever it may be, there it is.

Now there are a thousand and one individual problems that have tended to arise. I don't intend to try to solve those problems. I don't intend to give any specific instruction as to how they shall be solved, except that it shall be there, with respect to the whole. Some have been trying to shift part of the load over on to someone else, and it will not work. Individually you will have to do your part in the functional field. If the Chapel is Holy to you, so must the Kitchen be. If our Services in the Chapel are meaningful to you, so must our Service in the Kitchen be. Whatever else we may do, it comes back to that—for unless someone serves in the Kitchen, I can’t serve, nor can anyone else, anywhere. And those of you who are serving in the Kitchen have a share with everything that is done in the Lord's Service on Earth—everything I do, everything anyone else does, in the Lord's Service—in the Field or wherever you may turn. It is vital, and you set the level of your own meaning in the Kitchen.

As your function in the Kitchen is correct, I can consider you in relationship to other things where you may be qualified, if you are not needed in the Kitchen, if we can work it out so that you can be released for that Field. But those who do not function effectively in the Kitchen, when they are needed there, have absolutely no consideration with respect to anything that they may want to do. They do a job there and they can give meaning to something else; they refuse to do a job there and they can't give meaning to anything—they just become an nonentity, a problem. Your function in the Kitchen determines as to whether you are a problem or not, as far as I am concerned. And the vibratory factors that are established in relationship to our food—preparing it, serving it, or eating it—are of utmost importance, and anything that spoils the vibration in the Kitchen is a sacrilege.

As we begin to realize these things,

you can begin to understand the meaning of these verses we were considering the other evening.

“And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou has done this, thou are cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life.” The mind cannot rise out of the dust, no matter how intellectual you think you are, how brilliant you may think you are, or anything else—you can't get your belly out of the dust except as you begin to let the Kingdom of God come into the Kitchen. For the aspirations of the mind, or the spirit, the aspirations of the heart, mean utterly nothing unless they come to point in the functional field of the Kitchen—utterly nothing.

There has been a tendency to see how little time one could put in in the Kitchen, and to me it has been a shame unto us here on Sunrise Ranch. Everything else that you do ought to hinge around what you can do properly in the Kitchen. The Kitchen should not shift and turn about other activities; other activities are supposed to revolve around the Kitchen. And if you try to make your activity revolve around something else, so that you ask the Kitchen Pattern to change and shift and turn about because you want something else to be center, it will never work. It never has, never will.

We come to the point where we realize that the Kitchen is the place where Heaven and Earth can first become One. It is the center of all of our activities, including mine, because my work comes to naught unless it has meaningful manifestation in the Kitchen. That is why we have come along so slowly, because you ladies were not willing to let my work have more meaning—just to put it bluntly. You wanted to have it some other way. All right, we have had eight years of it. Isn’t that enough? The ninth year, the year of bringing forth, is before us, in the sense of our locality here. My point is, then, that the aspirations of the mind, the spirit of the heart, turn out to be a mockery, a myth, unless they are given form in the Kitchen—the Centering of Home—and wrong patterns there will maintain wrong patterns in the world. The women wonder why there are wars, and conflicts, and one thing and another. If half the ladies who function in the kitchen in the United States were to overnight change the pattern away from increasing hell to increasing Heaven, the whole world would feel the effect almost overnight. And whether you like it or not, that is the way it is. Whether you want it that way or not, that is the way it is; and we will either do it God's Way or it won't be done—and that's God's Way.

“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” It shall bruise thy head. Why? What is it? And thou shalt bruise his heel. “Unto the woman He said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.” Well now, most women have done their best to take the attitude that he shall not rule over me, and in some instances I can understand the attitude—so it takes development both with the male and the female—but the point is, until this is accepted in the Pattern of Reality, the curse cannot be removed. “Because thou hast harkened to the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow thou shalt eat of it all the days of thy life.” To eat of the ground. That which comes to it's highest fulfillment in the Kitchen starts in the ground, in man's works—whether it is in the garden, or field, or with stock, milk cows, or beef cattle, or what have you. That which starts in the ground, in the field of man's work, finally comes to the point of it's highest consummation in the Kitchen, where that which has been resurrected thus far becomes a part of the body of man. The ladies in the Kitchen are working with the final part of this process that begins with man's work in the field.

And God said unto man, “In sorrow thou shalt eat of it all the days of thy life.” Now that does not mean that woman has to increase man's sorrow in the Kitchen. Man has difficulties enough getting it out of the ground, and getting it as far as the Kitchen. But look—number the activities round about us—what man does depends on his ability to have food, in the first place. Take the food away from the men a day or two or three, and see how much we would be getting done—all of these tasks out here—you could be building a building, digging a ditch, putting in a pipe line, ploughing the field, planting, whatever. Every phase of our activities has absolutely no meaning except as it relates to the Kitchen, and every bit of it comes to point in the Kitchen—the food that is grown, everything. If we make a door and hang it here in the Chapel—if we stop having the right pattern of outworking in the Kitchen, pretty soon there are no people on Sunrise Ranch, the place begins to fall to pieces, the door swings in the wind, and there is nothing. I do not care what we do, I do not care what lectures I make, what Services I may hold, what truths I may portray, it has no meaning except as it is backed up in the Kitchen. You are the ones who determine how much my work shall mean in the world—in the Kitchen. There is not any higher calling. You have it in your hands—success or failure, what shall it be?

In the cycle of our endeavors, everything comes to point in the Kitchen, and if we partake of the food in the right spirit and attitude, food that has been prepared in the right pattern, we begin to have meaning on Earth. If you ladies can work together in the Kitchen, and do a job, and have it be what it ought to be, then I have this comfort—the Pattern of the One Woman on Earth can come to fulfillment. The One Woman, the Bride—as we have considered the One Woman in times past—all men and women formed into the Body that becomes negative to God.

But until we have the right vibrational pattern in the Kitchen with you ladies, working together in the Spirit of Harmony and understanding, the functional application of the things of Heaven on Earth, I have no more opportunity of accomplishing that for which I came on the Earth than I have expectation of hopping over the moon on one foot. The success of my Ministry depends on you—the men yes, what they do is important—but what they do comes finally to your hands for it’s acme of fulfillment in the outer form, in the ascending cycle, and what do we do with it? If we spoil it, make it to be of no effect, take the life force out of it, we have nothing actually—to say nothing of our KING. I can have no real home on Earth, in the sense of fulfillment, until we have it established here on Sunrise Ranch in the Kitchen. Once we have it in the Kitchen, the rest of our problems will just melt away. The increase in the level of Kitchen function in the past few months has made all the difference in the world to what I have been able to do, in the prospects of things yet to come, in the manifestation of provision. If that improvement had not come in the Kitchen, I couldn’t have been going east to get a new airplane. I could not have been working out the factors that we have opening up for the New Year. Yes, the improvement in the Kitchen has opened the Cycle. I cannot go further in the Field than you let me go. It is in your hands.

Now as I said before, there are a number of problems to solve, a number of individual adjustments required. I am not going to try to work it out. If it cannot be worked out easily and naturally, after this consideration tonight, following upon our consideration of Thanksgiving Day and all that has gone before, I am going to take the attitude that it cannot be worked out in relationship to you—and you will be invited to leave Sunrise Ranch. Period! I am through with the nonsense. Take it or leave it. I am through with the nonsense. I will be patient and let you have a chance—but no more it. If you don't let it clear, earnestly and sincerely and willingly, following this, I have no choice but to take the attitude that you do not intend to let it clear, that I can't hope for it to clear in and through you—then I will have to bid you farewell, one way or another. I expect the changes to be made individually and collectively, and I don't feel that I am asking anything unreasonable or impossible. If you would do your part toward establishing Heaven on Earth, there you have a real opportunity. It is up to you.

Our Gracious LORD and KING, I thank Thee for these here gathered, and for all who are with us in Spirit, that there may be a realization tonight of the Glorious opportunity Thou hast granted unto us, that we may discharge our responsibilities, under the privilege, to Thy Glory and to the blessing of the Children of Men. I thank Thee Father for the assurance that the vibration of the Heaven Home shall increase, and become more real in the days to come, that it may nevermore be as it was in the days long ago, “The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of man hath not where to lay His head.” I thank Thee Father for these who, in deep dedication and Love Response to Thee, are giving themselves, their capacities and their abilities, to the manifestation of the Heaven Home by which there may be a place prepared for the Birth of the things that Thou wouldst give into the Earth. We see that until there is a Heaven Home, there is no way for the Birth of the things that Thou wouldst give into the Earth. “Behold I make all things New.” And we see the things of God coming down out of Heaven into the Earth, but they cannot come in any real manifestation except as there is a true Heaven Home. I thank Thee Father, that Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory, here and everywhere, now and always—forever. Aum-en.

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