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Judge  Not  —  Trust  the  King

Alan Hammond  and  Martin Cecil   May 1, 1983  p.m.

Alan Hammond — Just over a week ago Jean and I traveled to California, where I had been invited to speak at an Integrity in Action Day at California State University, Long Beach. The main speaker at this event was Buckminster Fuller. He has been a famous architect, designer and scientist for the past fifty years; and now, in the latter years of his life, he is primarily concerned to utilize his position to indicate to people that integrity is the primary quality of character to which man should pay attention.

Buckminster Fuller is a very fine gentleman, and he had a great deal of knowledge to share with his audiences. One remark he made particularly interested me: when he commented on the fact of how during his lifetime he had noted that there had been a movement in the consciousness of mankind to a greater awareness of the invisible world of reality; he had become aware of this through his scientific work. I think this is of interest to us, and one can see that the consciousness of mankind has been moved inexorably into the levels where control of this world actually resides. For example, he gave a few illustrations. In his lifetime man’s consciousness had become aware of electricity, therefore the invention of telephone, radio, X-rays—no one ever saw an X-ray—and an awareness of the atom, and an atom itself disappears and yet is a source of tremendous power. And then he spoke about computers and sunlight.

I saw a television program while I was in Los Angeles which showed, for example, that banking is now based on computers and electricity, so that money, which is the symbol of the physical world, is now controlled by electronic blips, so that billions of dollars are transferred, controlled, through an electronic blip via satellite perhaps. We hope there is no disturbance in the electric current. But all these fields that I have just mentioned do show this inexorable involvement of the human mind in the levels of control and power relevant to this world, which man is trying to control with his mind; and the problems developing as he tries to do this are, as we know, awful in their magnitude.

We, as Emissaries, have also experienced a movement in consciousness into these levels where power and design and control reside, only our path has been a very different one, hasn’t it? Into our consciousness appeared Uranda and Martin, particularly, who in their communication with us drew our attention to where power and design and control come to focus, namely in the King. Here is the focus of control for this world. And we were led into these levels of consciousness, with attention being drawn not to concepts or beliefs particularly but to quality of character and quality of spirit, which is the nature of the King. How different this is, we have found. In the scientific approach to power and control, exercised in this world, the control was still the conscious mind, seeking to manipulate and bend the world according to the designs of the mind; whereas through communion with the spirit of the King, as exemplified by these representations within our consciousness, we have come to yield to, be integrated with, become unified with, this quality of spiritual expression—not to manipulate power or control or design with our minds but simply to be integrated, unified, in the character of true Being. Is this not a marvelous privilege which we have known and know?

We find ourselves now, to the degree that we are unified, communed, in this one spirit—we find ourselves not trying to do anything, not trying to save the world or to change it or manipulate it externally. But, as we are truly identified in this spiritual quality of Being, the radiation from this quality of Being, out of heaven, achieves that whereunto it is sent, and we know an increasing union and communion in this eternal spirit. How beautiful, then, to know these things consciously and to abide in communion with the focus of this spirit in our consciousness and let the power of love and the design and the control of truth be present because we are present.

Martin Cecil — Alan mentioned that there were many people present during the time that he and Buckminster Fuller were speaking at the university. Buckminster Fuller spoke with a certain authority based in his own experience and what he had come to know by reason of that experience. His experience arose from the field of scientific understanding. He himself would acknowledge, I’m sure, that the ideas which he originated, whether with respect to geodesic domes or anything else, came because there was a certain attunement with a realm of understanding above and beyond his own human intellect—I believe he emphasized this point. No doubt he has begun to become aware of many things of which heretofore he had not spoken.

Being known as a scientific authority, he was somewhat cautious about speaking of those things which might be associated with God; presumably he felt he might lose his credibility if he did so. However, Alan had no such inhibitions—not that he preached a sermon—but he likewise spoke with authority, an authority not based in the same area as that of Buckminster Fuller, at least in the external sense, but an authority stemming from the same place as Buckminster Fuller was reluctant to talk about. As I say, Alan had no such reluctance. What he said and the spirit of what he said opened doors in the hearts and minds of his audience, generating quite a massive response. This may have surprised Buckminster Fuller, who was later inspired to say a little more beyond the scientific realm.

I mention these things because it becomes obvious in a situation such as this where the real authority is; and when the real authority is present response is immediate. People everywhere are hungry for the truth, even though they might not be able to define what their hunger is. But when the necessary sustenance is offered they become keenly aware of their hunger and are inclined, at that point at least, to receive enthusiastically and openly. Here is increasing evidence of what it is that is moving in human minds and hearts. When a focus is provided for that movement, those concerned find themselves awakening to the fact of that movement in their own experience. I think there were between eight hundred and eleven hundred people present on this occasion in the university who found themselves associated with the current of the spirit that is moving everywhere, but brought to particular focus by reason of the presence of Alan.

Clearly, Alan was necessary in that circumstance to allow this to happen, but he knows very well that what happened was not just consequent upon him alone. In such circumstances and events there is always the necessity for someone to bring the spirit to focus. Why was that someone available in the person of Alan on this occasion? This brings to our awareness the reality of a spiritual body on earth. None of us could achieve what is necessary alone. We delight in the particular capabilities that are present in different ones, but those capabilities are available for right use only because they are included in this one spiritual body.

In one letter that I received after the service this morning mention was made of the matter of remembering. The communion service was designed to bring something to remembrance. The word remembering, however, was spelled in this letter with a hyphen between the re and the membering, which perhaps tells us something. Once again the members of this one spiritual body are drawn together to compose that body; it is thereby re-membered; it takes form once again. The word recall would not work in the same way. So it is more than recalling something; it’s doing something, letting the members of the body be fused together so that the body essential for the exercise of true authority can be present on earth. The communion service as such, at least as it has been known in the Christian world, offered an opportunity, through certain symbols, for the actual re-membering of the body. It seems to have taken some time since that service was initiated for the re-membering to begin to occur. It occurs because there is the creative power of spirit at work and there are those who are willing to be included in the experience of re-membering. Here is something, obviously, that is actually happening because we ourselves have the experience of it.

In order for this to occur certain requirements had to be fulfilled. It was necessary for the process to be initiated in the first place—and we are aware that that occurred some two thousand years ago—but some subsequent events had to occur. Mention was made of the parts that Uranda and I have played in this regard, and others have been included in what has subsequently occurred. What has occurred has not occurred by reason of any human manipulation, no mental manipulation.

There have been those back along the way who have been anxious to get me to do a little manipulating, but I trust that I did not enter too extensively into such activity, because that is not the way it works. Yet something has worked, something rather miraculous, I suppose, from the human standpoint. How could this body have formed without somebody manipulating it into shape? What shape? Who knew what the shape should be? “No man knoweth, no, not the angels in heaven, but the Father only.” If that is accepted, then the process can work as it has been working subconsciously for a long time. But it can work increasingly by reason of those who are finally on hand consciously—not fully conscious yet, but certainly there has been an increase of consciousness. No manipulation, yet something has grown, something has taken form in the way it has taken form. We are capable of observing something of this. We are perhaps in better position to observe than most because we are conscious in association with what has been happening; most people have not been directly associated with this, but we have.

So on the basis of some mysterious spirit, whether we liked it at times or not, a body has been taking form, a body within which there is authority. There is some awareness of the authority which I carry—you have some experience of that authority. It certainly doesn’t come out of any scientific training, or university libraries, or more recently the library of the House of Lords! Nevertheless what has been necessary has been present. Over the years I have gained a certain confidence in this. When I have come to speak at a service the Lord has never let me down yet! It wouldn’t be the Lord letting me down in any case if I didn’t find something to say—it would be my own failure to assume the required responsibility. And that is true of each. We are always capable of handling what is presented to us, when we assume responsibility for it in the right way.

So this body has taken form to this point. It has reached a certain level of maturity so that the authority which is inherent in the body can be more specifically proclaimed as the opportunity arises. One such opportunity occurred when Alan and Jean went to California on this jaunt, but there are many others occurring at various times. They can only be taken advantage of by the body. However, that doesn’t mean that a mass of people, such as we, should all be present. The advantage is taken through someone or ones in the more specific and direct sense by reason of what it is that is brought to us as a body to handle.

One might say that this body is not yet as mature as it will be. It is important that we ourselves should understand this, relative to our own attitudes and our own lingering tendencies to judge. Some people have such inflated egos that they think they are capable of determining how others should behave or how other groupings should behave. If we see that what has been happening has been the bringing forth of the body of the King, then clearly, I think, it should be evident that we have no business judging it. The judgment is rather like the attitude of someone who sees the behavior of a sixteen-year-old young person and condemns it because it is not the behavior of a forty-year-old adult. Obviously it couldn’t be; one has to reach that exalted age before it would be possible to behave in the way that one should at forty years old. But, even reaching that point, most people have not yet matured to the experience as it should be.

In the development of this body there is passage through various levels of maturity. Some people imagine they know what the ultimate state of maturity would be, and because what is now the fact doesn’t conform with their view as to what that ultimate state would be they feel free to judge the present state. That’s rather silly, isn’t it, because nobody knows, in any case, what the ultimate state would be. It has to be reached to be known. But there is the present state which is perfect at this level of maturity. I’m a little reluctant to say that, in a way, because it might possibly—I think you’re more intelligent than this—but it might possibly cause you to be self-satisfied: “It’s fine; it’s all right.” Well it’s all right today, but it won’t be all right tomorrow!

The process of maturing continues but it needs to be seen for what it is now, what it is in any present moment. It is not what it will be, neither is it what it was. It simply is what it is, and we may accept that and have a respect for it. Do you think that it would have been fitting—I have no doubt it happened, even though it wasn’t fitting—for someone to have judged Jesus when he was sixteen years old? That was a point of His growth and development. What was to be was not yet there. Why not let this body be what it is, trusting the creative spirit to continue the process of maturing which has been at work heretofore? Some might judge in the matter and say, “Well the maturing should have been quicker.” Should it? How do you know? It is what it is, after all; and if you say, “It should have been quicker,” then in effect you are saying that the creative spirit of God doesn’t know what it’s doing. It is what it is. No one has any business judging anyone. We know that, in theory at least, but I trust in outlining it this way you begin to see the point. You may have some ideas—many have—as to what the behavior of other people should be. There is not all that much difference between people; they are inclined to judge. But why do it? If you have ever had children and been present during the years of their growth and development you might conceivably have felt inclined at times to shake your head with some concern as to what was happening. But for the most part the children survived and came on through—of course our own behavior had something to do with that, as to whether they came through or not.

If there is a body there is a natural growth to that body, there is the development of increasing capacity to assume responsibility, to experience the reality of spiritual authority, but it comes because this is the work of the creative spirit of the living God. And who are we to take issue with it? It is whatever it is right now and it shouldn’t be what it will be next year. It can’t help but be what it is right now, so why judge it? It should be clear enough that there would not be a body at all if it were not for certain very specific elements. It seems to me we have concerned ourselves somewhat with accepting things the way they are. You can’t accept things now the way they should be next week, but you can accept things the way they are now. And you can’t accept things now the way you think they should be now, because that is not the way they are. That’s functioning in the realm of rather gross imagination. We need to be on the job where the action is. Some people are always wanting to be where the action is. Well it’s right here, always, now! There isn’t any other action.

So we see this developing body as the body of the King. Are you going to judge that? If you do you are judging Him. We let every part of that body alone, not seeking to manipulate it by our judgments; and the easiest way to stop manipulating is to stop judging, because every time you do judge it is an evidence of trying to manipulate something, assuming that whatever it is should be some other way. Is it such a difficult thing to accept the fact? What else can you do, really? When we accept the fact, whatever it is—our vision probably isn’t all that clear with respect to it either—then we have our feet on the ground, we are now here. On that basis we find ourselves aligned with essential understanding and with essential authority.

There was indeed much sense to the instruction, “Judge not.’’ It seems to have taken a long, long time to acknowledge the truth of this statement and be obedient. Nobody can know what love is without obedience; and if you want one commandment it would be, “Judge not.” Every time someone judges they display their ignorance for all to see. Do you suppose that if all judgment ceased within the body that it would also cease outside of it? There would then be nothing of that nature to reflect. I think we are responsible for most of the adverse attitudes that have been taken, because we first took them ourselves, the same attitudes. Rather silly, isn’t it? That’s the way to cut one’s own throat.

Our attitude should be one of reverence toward the body of the King. If the body of the King must pass through the various stages, movement toward maturity, let it! You can’t cause the body to jump from being what would be comparable to sixteen years old to forty in one bound. You didn’t do it for yourself. Let it come to pass, because the creative spirit is given a free hand to do it without any interference—the interference of human judgment.

So I hope you understand if I say that everything is just perfect the way it is now—but it is not going to be that way forever. There is the ongoing growth of this body occurring; the greater maturity comes. Anyone with half an eye can easily see the greater maturity that is present now in the body than what was present in the body ten years ago. Ten years ago Alan would not have been speaking with Buckminster Fuller, and Buckminster Fuller himself would not have reached the point where this became possible. It’s not just a one-sided deal. What is happening relates to everybody, in the body and beyond the body. But what happens beyond the body is creatively determined by what happens in the body. Let all this be clear in the body, and how quickly it clears beyond.

Again I would draw attention to what happened in Alan’s experience—Alan and Jean—when they were in California, with respect to those who were just ready to, well, eat them up. Let it happen. The body may at times be a little brash. A young person very often is brash, but one may learn something from brashness. It is not an unforgivable sin; it is part of the learning process, presumably. One has to be a little brash to make a mistake; and of course sometimes it is a mistake not to be brash. Judge not! Just let it be what it is. The creative spirit of God is at work; the King can be trusted. “I will come again and receive you unto myself,” He said. That’s what He is in the process of doing. Let Him do it!

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