February 16, 2018

Cycles  of  Outpouring  and  Illumination

The  Art  of  Letting

Special  Session  on  Sunrise  Ranch

Uranda  April 7, 1946

The focalization of cycles in their closing and opening aspects, as they are at the present time in manifestation, emphasizes the importance of the unified realization that the expansion of consciousness experienced by those who are letting themselves become active Members of the One Christ Body sets the cycles, and the vibrations within the cycles, for the expansion of the Service into the world body of Responding Ones. The degree of progress that has been made in each Earnest One who is consciously harmonized in this Service is of vital importance in that which has been accomplished, but individually there must come an expansion of consciousness which permits the manifestation of the basic vibrations which will operate in the expansion of the Service; for this Service stands as a focalization of Spiritual consciousness in relationship to the mental realm of the mass of Responding Ones in the world, and any anticipated expansion of the Service into the mass of Responding Ones must be preceded by a vivid expansion of consciousness in each Member of the Christ Body made manifest. A vivid climax of expansion in consciousness is spoken of as Illumination, or as an intensified outpouring of the Holy Spirit similar to that which was experienced on the Day of Pentecost. In connection with this expansion of consciousness in those who are now consciously Serving as Members of the One Christ Body on earth, I would direct attention to the Seven Basic Precepts presented in the Manuscript, A Key to Yourself.

The Faithful One should not undertake to judge himself as to his own level of consciousness, but rather should realize that each one who lets himself be drawn into closer fusion in the One Christ Body represents a segment of world consciousness, which relates to a specific sphere of function in the One Christ Body, so that one part cannot be properly compared to another part. However, there is of necessity a fusion which is accomplished in the Fire of the Christ Love which blends all parts into a oneness of being which permits a complete channel for the outflow of the Holy Spirit from the Source into the world. After the Ascension of the Master, the Faithful Ones gathered together and finally experienced this fusion in the Fire of the Christ Love which culminated in what we speak of as the Day of Pentecost. Such an outpouring of the Holy Spirit through those who are harmonized in this Service is essential, and the great expansion of Service in the world which we anticipate cannot manifest without it. However, each Earnest One can, on the basis of his own Response and co-ordination in the One Vibration, experience this outpouring of the Holy Spirit, regardless of where he may be geographically. Remember that the experience cannot be induced by human effort or by the use of the human will in any attempt at trying to accomplish; also, the human mind is not to set itself up as a judge as to the extent to which the individual is actually sharing in the experience of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit which carries on the work of fusion in the One Christ Body. All of your training in the Art of Letting comes now to the point of greater use. These things can be only as each one lets it be so. Open-mindedness in Response to the Spirit, without clinging to crystallized concepts of the Truth, is most necessary. That which has been a true vision of the Truth from the level of your past function is not adequate to the vision required on the level of expanded consciousness. Illumination signifies increased vision in relationship to all phases of Truth, and is the process by which the individual is lifted up into higher realms of vibrational function in the One Christ Body. As we individually and collectively Let Go in right polarization, the work of the Spirit will bring forth the essential result.

Recently, during a Service which was attended by a small group of Earnest Ones, there was a very powerful outpouring of the Spirit which, in relationship to the present manifestation of the One Christ Body and in relationship to that which is essential in the next step of Illumination for every Member of that Body, provides an opportunity to enter into a deeper understanding of the actuality of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in this present time on the same basis as it was experienced on what we call the Day of Pentecost. Not all have the same degree of vision in the sense of seeing, that is, all will not see the same things and some will have the experience more from the standpoint of feeling than, for instance, from the standpoint of seeing, so no one can judge his own degree of participation in this Day of Pentecost period by what he sees in comparison to what someone else may see. What someone else has seen is not a criterion as to what you should see and it is not necessary that you should see anything; for not all parts of the body have the ability to see. Some parts of the body function primarily in relationship to the ability to feel; some parts of the body function primarily in relationship to the ability to hear. One part is not to try to function in the place of another part or to imagine that all parts should perceive the same thing in the same manner.

In this little group which I have mentioned there was present an Earnest One who has, through the years, had considerable ability in seeing perception. It is important that this point be touched upon but I must again emphasize that not all will be able to see on the basis that is indicated in this instance. After the close of the primary portion of this Service, when the experience of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in that particular focalization had past its peak of intensity, this Earnest One undertook to describe what she had seen in relationship to myself. She had not undertaken to observe anyone else in the group in relationship to this matter. I had not in this Service used the text which describes the Day of Pentecost which came after the Master's Ascension. Apparently she had in mind the idea that in the ultimate manifestation of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit there would appear tongues of fire resting upon the individuals who were experiencing the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. She indicated that what she saw was not fire but had the appearance of having tongues as might be seen in fire, and when I turned to the text and read it as it is, she was surprised to see that the text itself does not say that there were tongues of fire. In the third verse of the second Chapter of Acts we read: “And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them.”

I have outlined this instance to illustrate and to emphasize the fact that preconceived ideas, if clung to, prevent the actuality of expansion in consciousness which permits true Illumination. As the individual lets go in Love Response to the Lord, and permits himself to be harmonized in the Current of the outflowing Spirit, he must be willing to let the Truth reveal itself as it is, without regard to what he may have thought the Truth to be, and if the individual stops to try to think about variations between the revelation of Truth as it is appearing in the experience and that which he had thought to be Truth, he will, by such self-activity, close his mind to the full flow of the Current of the Spirit. In other words, in the actuality of the focalized outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the mind must not undertake to function in the processes of thinking, on the basis of comparing one thing to another, even though it be in the realm of Truth. In the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the properly focalized mind does not function in the ordinary processes of thinking, but, rather, functions on the vibration of what we may speak of as pure perception, that is, simply perceiving, or having conscious awareness of, that which is manifest at the moment, without attempting to correlate it with the past or the future, with respect to anything whatsoever.

During the processes of actualized focalization in the experience of Illumination, any tendency of the mind to carry on the thinking processes will tend to close the door. Only as the mind ceases trying to think or ceases functioning as a self-active thinking organism, and functions simply on the basis of awareness in perception as of each moment, without attempting to hold to anything of the passing moment, without attempting to correlate it with anything of the past and without attempting to Judge as to what is expected of the future moments, can the experience of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit be fully realized. Here you begin to see the ideal toward which you have been moving in relationship to the right function of the mind. You have been repeatedly told that the mind is most essential to the proper function of man in relationship to the expression of the Divine on earth, but that the self-active mind prevents the manifestation of the Divine. Thus, especially during the experience of Illumination, you see that the mind functions simply as a point of awareness, that is, interest in each moment as it appears, without regard to the past and without regard to the future, and without any attempt to function in the process of thinking. Therefore, as your mind, in the focalization of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, becomes simply a focalization point of pure awareness, functioning simply on the vibration of perception in the given instant, you will find the greatest possible Illumination with respect to that particular point of focalization and outpouring. Any given degree of Illumination, or any given experience in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, should not be looked upon as having achieved the ultimate, because when the individual has permitted himself to be drawn into that point of polarity and coordinated in the One Christ Body where he may experience a vivid consciousness of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, he simply comes to a point where such experiences may come again and again with intensity of force according to the needs that are being filled or the requirements of the Service which he is perceiving. If the human mind tries to judge as to what degree of intensity of the outpouring should manifest at any given time, such function will tend to close the door. You are not required to know what degree of intensity in the outpouring is required at that specific moment, nor are you required to know exactly what needs are being filled, nor how nor why. To the degree that you function correctly as a Member of the Christ Body, letting your mind be an open window of Heaven, with consciousness focalized to a pure point of awareness, letting the Spirit do the work, you will rest in the assurance that the Head of the Body and the LORD of Lords Himself will take care of such direction and control as may be essential in that particular outpouring of the Holy Spirit. You come into a realm where all of your training with respect to: “Judge not, that ye be not judged,” is seen to be of the utmost importance, and only to the degree that you actually function according to that requirement will you be able to participate properly in the function of the One Christ Body in bringing into manifestation the Greater Works that are required for the salvation of all Reponding Ones.

As you begin to feel and to know and to realize within yourself the true significance of these words, you will experience a higher degree of Illumination with respect to all that you have been taught concerning the Art of Letting that which is of the Divine come forth into manifestation through yourself. As you realize what it means to Let the Father have His Way, so that you Let the Holy Spirit work through you, you find that human effort not only is not required but actually prevents the true experience of the outflowing activity of the Holy Spirit. In this you have absolute assurance that the Father, through His Spirit, is fully able to accomplish that which is essential, working through the agency of Responsive human beings, and you abide in that tranquility wherein you are content to Let the Father do the Works, and you find it a Joy to move in rhythmic unison in and with Divine Action.

True Illumination is experienced during the focalized outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and in that Illumination the individual comes to know what it means to cease being concerned about his human identity and becomes completely willing to LET himself, in the fulness of his consciousness, be identified with the Father in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. To the degree that this is actually experienced, the individual comes to know the Truth concerning the Adoption, because, in such a case, the focallzation of consciousness in the human being is adopted into the identity of the Father, so that the expression of the Spirit through the individual becomes in actuality the expression of that which is of the Father, in thought, in word and deed. As you truly enter into the Spirit of these words and LET yourself be drawn into the focalization of consciousness that is here indicated, you will begin to realize how noisy and unessential are the processes of human thinking in relationship to Divine Activity which springs from the Father into manifestation through the human being, and you see how it is that the noisy thinking of the human mind must be stilled, so that the mind functions as a focalization of pure awareness, without self-activity of any kind in relationship to thinking, that the expression of the Spirit through the individual may attain the full and free flow which is necessary to the accomplishment of the Greater Works. In this you begin to know more fully, according to the Illumined vision, the significance of the words: “Peace, be still. Peace, Peace be still, (O, human mind), and know that I AM God.” In this degree of awareness in Illumination, you have a new vision of the essential value of alignment, wherein the human mind, and, consequently, the function of the human body, does not lag behind nor try to move ahead of the expression of the Divine, but, rather, functions in such full accord with the Divine, that alignment is always maintained, and you see and know that as your whole feeling nature is focalized in Love Response to God in this Field of Pure Awareness, you know the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and you realize, increasingly, the Presence of the LORD and the Power of His Being.

In this experience of Illumination, your body and mind no longer have need to be told that, “The Lord He Is the God;" for in this outpouring of the Holy Spirit you know that, The Lord He is the God,” and you know that you are in His Presence, and being completely humble, fully Responsive, Letting the Father do the Works, you simply Let the Spirit flow in Radiation to, in and through all who will receive. No human effort is required; no human trying can reach this height of consciousness. It is here, in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, that you are blended into the One Christ Body and fused in the Fire of Love into the coordinated function of the Divine on earth, and you come to know that wheresoever the LORD of Lords may be with respect to His Presence as a God Being, the Spirit of His Presence is ever present in the outflowing of His Spirit, and that Spirit is incarnate in the One Christ Body made manifest, of which you have become a part. Therefore, you cease to use human effort as a means of trying to accomplish, and you begin to Let yourself be used as a coordinated Member of the One Christ Body on earth through which the incarnate manifestation of the Spirit of the LORD of Lords works to accomplish that which our Master called the Greater Works.

O LORD of Lords and KING of Kings, we thank Thee that it is so. I thank Thee, Beloved Master, for all these Faithful Ones who have let themselves be still before Thee, that in the Fire of Thy Love they may be fused into the One Christ Body on earth, through which the Christ Spirit, which is of Thee, may manifest and carry on that work which Thou didst begin as Jesus Christ on earth. I thank Thee that as this focalized Body of Faithful Ones Lets Thy Spirit work on earth, all the Responding Ones wheresoever they may be in all the earth, are drawn with the Irresistible Cords of Thy Love, that they may become Members of Thy Body on earth, and that through them Thy Service in the earth may receive that provision which Thou hast already made, that all things may work together in perfection in and through and for all who let it be so here and now. We thank Thee for this deeper vision, this clearer understanding, this higher Illumination which reveals to us, and through us to Responding Ones, what it means to Let Thy Will be done on earth as it is done in heaven, and also the Realization of the true significance of Thy Word: “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them,” and “Whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do.” It is through the One Christ Body on earth that Thou art privileged to use Thy all-inclusive Power in the earth, casting down the unreal, lifting up the Responding Ones, giving sight to those who see not, resurrecting to Life Eternal those who are asleep to Reality, and accomplishing, in Healing and Illumination, all that is necessary to fill every need of every Responding One wheresoever he or she may be on earth, and we know that it is in this oneness of the One Christ Body on earth that we, as manifest expressions of Thy Will in thought, word and deed, may function according to Thy Word, and whatsoever Thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever Thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Truly, LORD, it is good to give thanks unto Thee; for Thy Power is greater than the power of man, and the power of evil is as nothing before Thee. All the earth is Thine and the fulness thereof, and all the earth Responds to Thy Word, that the human expression which Responds not may be removed out of its place and cast into outer darkness until the earth shall be purified of all evil, and the kingdoms of this world have become, in manifest fact, the Kingdoms of our LORD and of His Christ, and He shall rule forever and ever. Au-men.

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit through the focalization of Divine Expression in the earth is necessary, first to actively intensify such Responses as there are in the world, and then the level of conscious awareness which is experienced by those who participate in that focalization necessarily establishes the vibrations of awareness which are readily available to those who are consciously Responding. If it were not for those who have been consciously drawn and focalized into the One Christ Body, who have an awareness and understanding of the Reality of the function of the Spirit, there would be no manifest expression of consciousness by which the unresponding ones might become awakened, so the degree of expansion of consciousness experienced through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit by the consciously Responding Ones sets the vibratory channels of the New Cycle of Expansion on which others may Respond. Any Responding One at any point in the world would indeed have to be remarkably focalized in Reality if he were ever to come to a point of conscious understanding without such established channels of consciousness already made manifest in the world through which he may receive the influence of the Spirit in relationship to his Response.

As Representatives of those working on your vibration, the important thing in relationship to a period of Radiation as we have experienced it this afternoon is the acknowledgment in yourself on behalf of yourself and all whom you represent of the actual fact of that which was experienced to the degree that it was individually experienced—a recognition of whether or not you individually felt the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and an acknowledgment of whatever degree of Illumination you actually experienced. That is, in focalized vibration, the essential in relationship to such Response as I invite. The expression does not have to be long but it needs to be focalized on the vibration. If it moves on to tangents, it tends to produce leaks. I am asking for a Response on the vibration of what I have released. That means, basically, acknowledgment of the Current that has been working and is working, and a recognition of increased Illumination. It is not just an acknowledgment of it to me; for I am simply a Representative. You are acknowledging it to the LORD of Lords. If you have experienced an increased Illumination, if you felt the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, acknowledge it, because only direct acknowledgment permits an expansion of that which is working through you and permits it to have focalization to those whom you represent. It is this completion of the cycle that is most important to the purpose for which we are working.

The admonition has been oft repeated: “In all things give thanks.” We have emphasized the necessity of giving thanks in order to establish and maintain attunement. When an individual has experienced an outflow of the Spirit and an increased clarity of vision which we call Illumination, the first spontaneous Response should be of thanksgiving to God for it—of giving thanks for it not only on a personal vibration but also on the vibration of all whom you represent. But it is essential individually. In other words, except you individually give expression to that Radiation on the vibration of thanksgiving and acknowledgment, you lose a tremendous part of that Current individually as well as from the standpoint of the unified vibration, so the first spontaneous feeling is, properly, of thanksgiving to God that it is so—acknowledgment of what has been experienced and of what one has felt flowing forth.

Now being careful to keep within the range of vibrations established, harmonized and coordinated with it, I should like you to give expression to your answers to certain questions, which may be changed into positive expressions, and which, when put together, serve as a summary of what your individual expressions on the Current of this Radiation should be in correct form, basically or in essence:

1. Do you have an increased vision, realization and understanding of the actual process of adoption?

2. Do you recognize more vividly, more clearly, the process of change that takes place in relationship to the point of identity?

3. Do you feel more deeply, more vividly, than ever before, the actuality of the One Christ Body?

4. Do you see more vividly, in a greater clarity of the Illumined Spirit, the manner in which the Master, though He ascended, is yet incarnate in and through the One Christ Body?

5. Do you have an increased realization, a greater Illumination, with respect to the proper function of the mind during the outpouring of the Holy Spirit?

6. On the basis of that increased Illumination on that point, do you see how a still greater Illumination becomes possible?

7. Do you have a deeper realization of what Illumination is?

8. Do you have a deeper realization, a greater clarity of vision, with respect to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit?

9. Do you see more vividly than ever before why human trying shuts the door, and why the Art of Letting is so very important?

All of you acknowledge a deeper realization and increased vision with respect to these things according to the individual degree of understanding and Illumination, and this acknowledgment, this realization of these various points, when recognized as points of deeper realization, deeper vision, greater clarity of consciousness, permits an expanding cycle of consciousness to be specific—not general, not vague, but something vivid, something real and focalized, and the acknowledgment of it permits the Cycle of Response to return to us, so that an increased Current may flow through us, allowing the increased Current to go forth according to the Response and according to the need. And so it is for each one and for all who Respond. I praise the Lord for each one of you, and for all whom you represent; for the Radiation of His Power this afternoon, and for the Illumination of His Spirit, that each one may abide in the realization that the Power of God is working in the earth and that the Lord has accomplished, in and through all who Respond, that which is necessary.

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