February 20, 2018


Vibrating  in  Expectancy

The  Pure  Point  of  Awareness

Sunrise Ranch — Summer Session

Uranda   July 22, 1948

Those of you who have been here at the Ranch will recall that some time ago [Cycles of Outpouring and Illumination April 7, 1946] I gave instruction concerning the pure point of awareness which becomes suspended in the present instant. Vibrating in expectancy, there comes a point where there is a silence that is, as it were, pregnant with something yet to take form. You do not know what that form is. There is simply an expectancy of one-pointed love response to the Lord, and what we may call a pure point of awareness that is suspended in this present instant.

From the standpoint of your consideration of the Laws and Principles which have been, and are, taught in the Third Sacred School, you will readily see the potentialities inherent in such a simple arrangement. The channels of alignment are provided for the operation of the One Law under the control of the LORD of Lords, properly polarized with respect to Eternity, the human mind not attempting to put forth the pattern on which the form shall appear, but letting the Spirit direct the control of the Current through the Truth Divinely established for the uses of God in such a moment.

There comes a point in our focalization and coordination where there is a silence—of the outer, of course. My voice may be sounding in it or not. In other words, you come to realize that I can talk in that silence without disturbing that silence. There comes a point in the crossing, in the focalization of union between Heaven and earth, where there is a silence, in which we share on a unified basis, a silence of the outer which is pregnant with something—you do not know what. You do not try to figure out what; you do not try to speculate; you are not concerned; you are content that there is what I have called a pregnant silence. Then your function is to abide in what I have called expectancy—not that you are expecting something that you might describe; that is, as far as you are concerned you do not know what you are expecting—but there is an air of expectancy, rather than being expectant of something.

On the vibration, you will come to the point where you can hold steady for longer and longer periods of silence because you are not afraid that I have forgotten what I was going to say. There is no cause for restlessness. You are resting in that focalization of love response to the Lord in a silence, whether I am speaking or not, that is expectant with respect to waiting upon the Lord, without trying to make anything manifest according to a preconceived pattern. In this expectant silence, you simply become, as a member of the One Christ Body, what I have called a focalization, or a focalized point of pure awareness. You are not, properly, asleep in that state and yet you are not thinking in the sense of trying to figure out what is going to be said, what is going to happen, what was said, or what is happening over yonder, or what William or Charlie is doing, or someone else. There is just a focalization of pure awareness in this sea of expectant silence, all in love response to the Lord.

Do you see in this the application of the Laws and Principles which you have been taught in the Third Sacred School? It is bringing the application of these Laws down to a fine point. The whole thing becomes unified. You cannot divide one from another, but you see blended in this all of these fundamental Laws and Principles in one point of application. To the degree that you abide in love response to the Lord, and let go to the Spirit of the word that I am privileged to speak as you come to that state, you provide a wide open channel for the expression of the power of God into the earth, according to His Will. We have reached a point, as members of the One Christ Body, where we have absolutely no fear of His Will. Is that not true? We are perfectly willing that His Will should be done on earth as it is in Heaven; then we have no desire to impose our will upon that Current of Creative Activity being made manifest at any given time. This is, in essence, the process of letting. Do you see that that is true? Does that help you to a better understanding of what letting is? In connection with Creative Activity, God said: Let there be so and so, did he not?

I shall undertake to describe something, in principle, of the way this process works in actual Creative Function, with a simple request first that you avoid attempting to develop conclusions as to how it is, or shall be. This is an outline, not to give you a picture in the complete sense, but to reveal the relationship of the Principles involved.

We recognize God to be the Unit of God Being, the many Members of the One Christ Body of God. As you have begun to let yourselves enter into the Unit of the One Christ Body, so that in the blending of the many Members, we have that One Christ Body, you come to a deeper realization of the Body of God, the Unit which is God, made up of the many Members of the God Beings in that Unit. Is that true? You feel that more clearly than heretofore.

In the Creative Processes, before the Negative focalizations were created in the Negative Triune World, it was obviously necessary, within the Body of God, or God Beings, to have both the Positive and the Negative points of polarity in their proper position. The One Christ Body on earth is made in the image and likeness of God. On this level, the Head of the Body is the Positive point of polarity, to which the Body as a whole is Negatively responsive. Then we have in manifest formation that which is patterned after the Body of God. The Head of the Body here is, in turn, completely Negative to the appointed focalization in the higher realms, to the LORD of Lords. You know, through your experience along the way, that that focalization and alignment has been proven over and over again to be absolute and continuous.

Going back to the Body of God with respect to Creative Activity in the beginning of things, the Word of God would be that which was expressed by the Head of the Body of God; and that would be the expression of the Body as a whole, just as we, as one Unit, form One Body, and my expression here is the expression of the Body. Nevertheless, in that expression of the Positive point of the Head, the expression was to-and-through the Negative phase of the Body of God, just as you find it here made manifest. When God, the Head of the Body, the LORD of Lords, expressed the words, “Let there be light,” His word was spoken to-and-through the Body of which He was, and is, the Head. The letting, then, had to be on the part of the Negative phase of the Body of God. The Positive Head did not let. He expressed the words, “Let there be,” then the responding Body of God provided the focalization in the Creative Currents which permitted letting to be a reality.

That means that these God Beings forming the Negative focalization of the Unit of God Being, or of God, became those pure points of awareness, suspended in that present instant in the silence that was pregnant with expectancy, each God Being on an appointed Vibration. Then the Creative Word expressed by the Head let, caused, the appropriate Negative points in the Body of God to let the Response come forth to the Head on the basis of the word spoken, with the result that the cycle was set up by that word, and by that letting, on absolute or completely controlled Vibrations, which were exact as to their nature and formation. That Current established, then, on exact Vibrations was the Spirit moving in the Truth, the Current in the formation, the Spirit in the Truth. The exactness of the Nature of the formation, the exactness of the Vibration of the Current, caused the unformed to respond, or that which was formed in the lower vibrations to respond, and as the Current touched that specific vibratory rate of being, to draw that substance into form around the Spirit of the form, which was patterned according to the Truth.

And so, in brief outline, with respect to the primary Principles to remember in the operation of the One Law, you behold the means by which the world was brought forth. And man was created in the image and likeness of God. We see that as Jesus Christ, the manifest expression of the LORD of Lords, established in embryo, as it were, that perfect form in the earth, and that perfect pattern, He opened the way whereby many members might be drawn together according to that pattern, in the Current of that Spirit, to express Life. It was not required that any one individual alone should achieve the absolute fullness of that, to the point of actual manifestation, of wielding power in relationship to the whole world. It was simply required that individuals should be drawn together, so that they would let the Reality that was in them be blended into One Christ Body in focalized Love Response, so that the Body would begin to let. Does this open up anything for you?

What I was asking, to begin with, was that you begin to practice, as members of the One Christ Body, the Art of Letting from the standpoint of the One Christ Body, the manifestation of the Divine on earth, for the purposes of releasing the power, according to Divine Will. Does that complete a cycle, so that you see?

What is that First Commandment? “And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.” You are to love the Lord with everything that you are. Put that First Commandment into this picture that we have been drawing, and the whole thing fits, does it not? You see that we have something that by its very Nature, if there is a God, must work. And there is no question in our minds as to whether there is a God, is there? Then it comes down to the point of absolute assurance; not blind faith, hope or wish: but on that basis you see the foundation of that expectancy which I mentioned. It is not that you know what you are expecting, but there is a feeling of expectancy that is faith; or we might put it another way; it is the highest manifestation of faith as it works in Reality, although we would hardly call it faith in the ordinary sense.

It is more than just being receptive; it is something that is absolutely polarized, alive and vivid. One can be completely positive, and be receptive. This is in no sense positive; of course, it is receptive, but that is a far cry from describing what I am talking about, because here it has to be alive and vibrant; in a sense, filled with that Fire of what we might call Divine Passion. It is there waiting to be used as and when the Lord shall find it correct to do so. On that basis, you begin to have a deeper understanding of this feeling realm.

Another point: You will note that in the Third Sacred School you have something that is absolutely unique in the whole world. From this standpoint, as well as from others, we insist that it be not allowed to go off on a tangent, that is, simply feeling on the one hand, or simply intellectual cognition on the other hand. It is required to be the balance of these two in the highest possible degree, and if it starts going off on a tangent in the feeling realm, you find me emphasizing the awareness realm in the intellectual sense, and vice versa. As you look back from this moment through the years, you will see that weaving, as it were, back and forth, bringing the Divine Pattern into manifestation in the tapestry of life. Now that pattern begins to appear in a balanced form. There were times when it looked to you as if it were getting too much over this way, or too much the other way, or something was getting left out. Now, as you come into the focalization where that tapestry is beginning to appear in its fullness, do you see a lack of symmetry? No. You find a balance that begins to show the artistry of the Absolute Pattern.

You have heard me make reference to the Activity of God on earth, in which you were to share. You probably imagined that you would be going out here as an individual, somewhere, doing this, that and the other thing; or else some person would be given a special commission somehow, to go out and do some great thing. Well, I am not saying that individuals will not go out, but if they do, it will be because they are integral units in the unit, regardless of where they are. Therefore, you see that the Activity of God made manifest on earth is simply the letting process, by which the image and likeness of God appears on earth and functions on earth.

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