April 13, 2018

Every  Failure  Must  Be  Met  Victoriously  Now

from  The Sign of the Son of Man Appears in Heaven #2

Martin Exeter   April 26, 1987

In order for the restoration of man—to let things be put together the way they were created to be—there must be the connecting link between God and man, and that comes by reason of the body of the Son of God. It came by reason of the body of Jesus, according to the story. He evidently was well aware that it needed to be more than His body. He gathered around Him some other people, Twelve Disciples in particular.

It is interesting to note that there was something way before that, when there was a gathering together of what were then the Twelve Tribes of Israel. There were actually Thirteen—but then it was Thirteen with the disciples too, because there was Jesus there as well. So there is some significance to that number. It didn’t work when there were a lot of people. I suppose consideration was given to the matter: “How can we get it to work? Human beings are so intransigent. Perhaps if one person goes and provides a true Focus of Spirit in the earth in form, it will be possible to bring together twelve men out of the population of the world who would accept that and who would be willing to relinquish their separate existences in order to participate in the creation, the bringing together, of the whole.” It didn’t work, even with only twelve men. So all that could happen was that the body of one man carried through without a break.

The break occurred in the disciples. It wasn’t really those wicked people—the rulers of the Jews or the Romans—who produced a destructive condition. It was the failure of the twelve men. The question has arisen again, insofar as we are concerned: Can there be whatever the required number is now, first of all of men, who will relinquish their insistence upon doing what they want to do, following out their likes and dislikes, so that they might accept and receive the creative process into their own living, let that creative process do what it needs to do? This is something that is being proven out, as to whether there are—how many? Twelve men, do you think? I am thankful to see that there are those who are beginning to emerge in a more exact way in this regard, who are not concerned about their human careers, for instance, but are concerned alone to allow the creative process to work as it will. When that is pleasing to oneself one will do what one pleases. That bears a little thought. Everyone is trying to do what pleases them, but on a destructive basis. Okay, accept the creative process as being what is supremely pleasing to oneself and one will always do then what one pleases. Wonderful! That’s really not so strange.

So something has to be proven out every time. If you read the record of history with a spiritual perspective—and that is, from my standpoint, most beautifully portrayed through much of the story contained in the Bible—you will note in the Bible that it was all failure, all down the line: Adam and Eve to start with; Cain; you can keep going. Whenever something began to be drawn together it was invariably broken at some point. There was the scattering of the Israelites, and there are those of course who have been trying to get that together again. It’s like the resurrection of a disintegrated corpse. It’s a pretty difficult business—the substance has all gone every which way. Are you going to grab substance out of this animal and that plant in order to build your body again in the grave? No, of course that’s ridiculous. But we have the opportunity to let the body of the Son of God be put together, and it is happening, simply because there has been a Focus of the Spirit moving in the creative process to bring this to pass. Something has been held sufficiently steady and stable over a sufficient length of time to allow for this drawing power to recreate the body of the Son of God, resurrect the body of the Son of God, so that once again there is a body that is governed by the One whose body it is—the Son of God.

I am sure that we all like to be coordinated in our own individual bodies. It is very awkward if one has the palsy or something and you can’t control things. This body which is being drawn together only operates as a unified body when the parts are not trying to play their own games. That is obviously so; otherwise it disintegrates. When your own personal body, the parts of it, begin to want to go their own way, you disintegrate. This is what happens in the human experience. Let us let it come together. But it only comes together on the basis of the creative process, which doesn’t pander to human likes and dislikes, to human wants and desires, to human ambitions.

What a relief it is to come again to the experience of man, made in the image and likeness of God to accommodate the expression of God. Do you think that would be worse than what is now known? Fulfilment! Many people are hopeful in this regard that this may happen in life after death, or sometimes through successive reincarnations. There are various ideas which hope to frustrate the creative process. Let it be the way it works! And as we yield to that, behold, the body of the Son of God re-forms.

The experience which is known because of this requires that every failure that has happened down through the past should be met victoriously now. If any failure is repeated we’re finished. Mind you, there have no doubt been a lot of little failures, but thus far there has been a carrying through of the Core of this body. It has not become subject to those elements that are present in human nature which would bring a break. This is something that has been proven out in various ways a number of times. The most obvious one, I suppose, was when Uranda left this sphere of things, and at that point there was no break. Well that was a point of victory, but don’t imagine that that was the last point required to be proven out.

We could look over the historical record and we could see, all along the line, where the breaks came, and usually the breaks came immediately after a more intensified release of the currents of radiation. Remember the story of what has subsequently been called the Transfiguration. Here was something remarkable which occurred. We don’t need to look into it and try to figure it all out, but there was something remarkable which occurred, and it happened because there were three of the disciples present who at that point were willing that it should. But as soon as it occurred, one of the disciples—according to the story—one of the disciples reverted into his human-nature condition instead of letting the process continue as it was working. This was, they say, Peter: “Let’s build three tabernacles!” This is the sort of human-nature reaction that occurs. Something marvelous happens in a spiritual sense and, “Oh, let us put up a statue!” Leave it alone. Let it continue to work. Don’t push in some human-nature idea, which was certainly very vividly portrayed in this story. Immediately what was happening vanished. There was a break. There was a point of failure.

I think it is wise to be alert, in one’s own experience, that when there is a greater outpouring of radiation and something marvelous is being felt and known and expressed, to be careful that you do not find yourself being knocked off your pedestal, so to speak, very shortly thereafter. Let what was happening unfold at its own pace. Don’t try to make something of it. Good Christians have been trying to make something of the life of Jesus ever since the formation of the Church of long ago. No one needs to make anything of anything. Let the creative process work, and it will do what needs to be done. And we may all rejoice in that doing. That is fulfilment. But one has to let it happen to find out that it is fulfilment. One can wonder about it: “Well I don’t know; maybe it will be all right.” You never find out. You find out that what you are doing is all wrong eventually, but this is taken for granted nowadays.

The sign of the Son of Man is present in the heaven because the control and the design are in process. It is working. The body has come together to this extent. It needs to be more coordinated than it is as yet, but it is all coming. Let the creative process work. Don’t look at what is happening and say, “That is wrong; I think something else should happen over there; that person isn’t doing what he should be doing.” How do you know? Let the creative process work. Trust it. And, behold, the body takes form. Of course there are many, many things involved in all of this, relative to the failures all down the line; but the creative process does what it should do, exactly right, when allowed to do it.

We are here to allow it to do it, and I am thankful that we have the opportunity of sharing an hour such as this when we may awaken more fully to an awareness of the way things actually work. Then we may trust life, trust the creative process, because we become more and more familiar with the expertise of it. It does things right. Human beings never do. We have connections with many this evening, over the telephone lines. They are with us and we are with them. Here is the evidence of the Son of Man in heaven—the sign of the Son of Man. And it is through this that God and man can be reunited. It is through the working of the creative process that we can be aware of this much of how it is working, and how essential what is happening is. It is not subject to anyone’s judgment: “Oh I don’t think it should work that way.” Well it does, and what one thinks will make no difference to it. It works the way it works. Let us be satisfied, content with that, and we will find that all things needful are available, and all things needful will be done.

While we have shared directly together this evening, we continue to share just as directly even though there is no telephone line, just as directly, because we all trust the same creative process and all embody the same beautiful spirit of the living God. We remain together in our experience of living, and this is so with those who compose the resurrected body of the Son of God wherever they may be on the face of the earth.

© Emissaries of Divine Light


Jon LeBaron said...

Beloved Martin,

You said a beautiful fact that we can all take heart in, "...... thus far, there has been a carrying through of the Core of this body.....". Down through our amnesiac ages since our fall from consciousness at least 20,000 years ago, we have had the blessing of there being a consistent, constant, conscious Core of this body maintaining Life in the body, so that as more of us humans, (that's me and all my other 3rd sacred school graduates out there) awaken, we can join the Creative Process wherever we are, and let the Son of God have His Body restored on Earth once again! I can only speak for myself, but to participate in restoring the body of humanity into full consciousness and loving welcome of Our Lord God and King in returning back to His Earth in Heaven once more, would be Fulfilling and Glorious beyond my imagination and is descriptive of my Life's purpose now!

I am so deeply Thankful to You Martin, for your sincere, strong, trustworthy guidance and immaculate example in your own living that you have given us. You did not let us down when Uranda passed! You have not let us down ever! I love You Martin, Jon

Luxcille said...

I love the title of Martin's Meditation: "Every Failure Must Be Met Victoriously Now." I quote this because it expresses a very vital point in our service on earth today.. There is time no more for failure; nor time no more for straddling the fence either because of---well, whatever reason or excuse one can come up with. I realize that all the failures that have come down to this present time on earth cannot continue. Martin expressed accurately in detail what NOW must be done by us, through us, in the Spirit of Victory. I know I am here to meet every situation in victory, without exception, because I also know I didn't incarnate to fail which has to be proven out in my living moment by moment. I am deeply thankful that there has been a Focus of Spirit moving in the creative process to let the body of the Son of God be put together at this time on earth without a break through our beloved Uranda and Martin. However, it doesn't end there; I and we continue in the process of recreating, letting this body be governed by the One Whose body it is---the Son of God. Is there anything more important than this of which we have been called!---I know there isn't!

Fulfilment! Let it be exactly the way if works---I don't need to interfere with the creative process; it works absolutely perfect, and as I, one among many, continue to yield to that, " behold the body of the Son of God.re-forms." What a privilege it is to be on earth today, that the Lord God saw us worthy to continue in the One Way and to meet the failures that have occurred over time, to meet each circumstance, situation, now in victory in our own individual lives. Thankfulness and gratitude in heart and mind never ceases when knowing true purpose, for one is filled full with joy---the Joy of the Lord---and so we "remain together" and continue to do what we have been called to do.