July 06, 2022

The True Holograph

The  True  Holograph

Martin Cecil   June 28, 1981

Emissary of Divine Light—one who lets the light shine. The life is the light of men. Wherever we may be we are in position to let the light shine. We are present on earth to bring what is described as light into the world. Light is the basis for all things. It might be said of human beings that they are a mechanism by which the light may shine. Unfortunately the mechanism has been used, rather regularly, first of all to dim the light and then to put it out. But it is out of the shining of the light that all things are of which we are aware.

In a recent letter from Bill Bahan he mentioned a man who is a professor of theoretical physics at the University of London. The gentleman's name is David Bohm, Ph.D. “He is a former associate of Albert Einstein and is best known for conceiving the holographic model of the universe.” Now don't let the word holographic stop you. Perhaps some of you know what it would mean in this context but probably most of you don't. Very often words are used which we do not immediately understand. The human habit is to put up a block then and say in effect, “I don't understand.” Wait a minute! Let's find out whether we understand or not. Let us not jump to conclusions. I think this particular word in this particular context will become easily understood as I proceed, provided that you haven't put up a block, that you are ready to understand. When scientific words are used, lay people are inclined to take the attitude that they couldn't possibly understand what is being talked about. But what is being talked about is usually something that is easily understood if one doesn't use scientific words. It is, certainly, in this instance, because we have a basis for understanding. We already have that basis.

So this gentleman is best known for conceiving the holographic model of the universe. Bill continues: “Last year, while in London, I was given one of his books, entitled Wholeness and the Implicate Order. Using scientific terms he has come to some interesting realizations, showing much truth moving in his subconscious. I would quote one of his realizations: ‘The theory, in a nutshell: Our brains mathematically construct “concrete” reality by interpreting frequencies from another dimension, a realm of meaningful, patterned primary reality that transcends time and space. The brain is a hologram, interpreting a holographic universe.’” Maybe he needs to see that there is more to it than the brain, but what he says we should understand. We create our own worlds, what he calls “concrete reality,” the environment around us. In this way of describing the process, the human being is the sensitive mechanism which allows for the interpretation of what he speaks of here as “a realm of meaningful, patterned primary reality that transcends time and space.” He translates that, [greatcosmicstory.blogspot.com/2022/06/translation-of-vibration-into-creation.html] by something comparable to a photographic process, into a three-dimensional holograph. The three-dimensional holograph is the world as we know it. We think of it as being solid, concrete, and it includes the whole universe.

I have described this process in a little different terms. There is a vibrational state of primary reality transcending space and time. Obviously something emerges into space and time. It emerges there because of human beings. There might be a general tendency to say, “Do you mean to say that the universe doesn't exist except by reason of human beings?” Certainly it doesn't exist in the way it does to human beings except by reason of human beings. If a human being wasn't there to make the interpretation, so that the concrete holographic model is there, the universe wouldn't exist that way. It exists in essence as frequencies from another dimension, a realm of meaningful, patterned primary reality that transcends time and space. That exists; that is—that is the reality. But the holographic model of the universe may be said to be the creation of man. It puts in an appearance in the consciousness of human beings that way. You certainly couldn't say that it exists anywhere else but in your own consciousness, could you? You are accustomed to saying, “It's out there; it is so concrete, after all.” But factually it exists nowhere else but in your own consciousness. Man is this sensitive mechanism by which the frequencies from this other dimension may be interpreted to produce what we are aware of. This is the way we see it. It isn't the way it actually is in its original state—it has been interpreted into this three-dimensional hologram, including our own physical forms.

Now this is all very interesting. It certainly indicates that things are not exactly the way they seem. It certainly gives weight to the instruction, “Judge not according to the appearance,” because the appearance may be said to be self-created. We create our own worlds. You have heard that before, haven't you? We create them even to the extent of the concrete nature of those worlds, the concrete reality, as we think of it. We certainly understand that we can create them from the standpoint of the way we see things. Two people looking at a world which is all around them, two people, we will say, close together physically speaking, looking at the world all around them, may see it in totally different ways. One person's world may be filled with sunshine and the other person's world is very gloomy. It is the same world, different interpretations. We recognize that it is the interpretations which have been made by human beings that have produced a concrete reality which is not a true reflection of this realm of meaningful, patterned primary reality that transcends space and time. There is nothing wrong with that realm which transcends space and time; it's just exactly the way it should be. What is wrong is the interpretation that has been made by human beings through their own minds and hearts, so that it has come out a very messy concrete reality.

Obviously it is completely futile to fiddle around with the holograph, which is, after all, merely a reflection of something, a reflection of what is present in the human beings concerned. Now, there is an overall holograph for humanity as a whole and there are individual ones. There are certain aspects of this concrete holographic reality which everybody accepts. But, from my recent observations anyway, there are many other things about which people do not agree. There is an immense amount of conflict, because each person is creating his own particular type of holograph by reason of what is present within himself to distort his interpretation of the perfect reality which is the realm beyond space and time.

I wonder how much the expectation still is amongst emissaries, who are supposed to be the ones who let the light shine, that somehow or other one can manipulate that holograph and all the people in it so as to become—heaven knows what!—better anyway, more satisfactory, more pleasing I suppose. [greatcosmicstory.blogspot.com/2019/03/universal-substance-martin-cecil.html] But it isn't a matter of pleasing human beings or making things nice for human beings according to their view of what would be satisfactory to themselves. That is the way of utter futility. It has been the way followed out by human beings for millennia, and we find the holograph to be entirely unsatisfactory, don't we? Well the holograph is only there because of the interpretation of that primary reality that is being made by human beings.

There is sensitive material present in human beings capable, when it's there in sufficient quantity and intensity, of allowing for an exact reproduction of this holographic universe, which puts in an appearance simply and solely by reason of human beings. It isn't there in that way except on the basis of the interpretation of human beings. Most people would find that very hard to swallow. Surely in our own experience we have reached a point where we have sufficient understanding, based in proven experience, that this is the way it works. Maybe it hasn't extended as yet to include the holograph produced collectively by mankind; but we have experience individually of letting our own holographic reproductions, our own worlds, undergo change because we ourselves have undergone change.

If we haven't let the changes come in our own experience, then our worlds will remain very much the same as they were before. But there can be a new heaven and a new earth, a new world, a “new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven,” when there is a sufficient willingness and openness in human minds and hearts to place what is needful in this regard in the primary position. To do that one must withdraw one's futile attempts to make over the holograph. It is absolutely futile. The holograph is simply describable as a photographic reproduction of what one has oneself created. Human minds and hearts are the facility for this creation. This is why, in spite of all the mess that mankind has produced, mankind still exists—because here is the facility for the creation. The creation cannot occur without man. The very fact that the present holographic experience, environmental experience, is of the nature that it is indicates what human beings can do destructively. It has all been created by human beings. There are very few people who would argue about that, taking a look at the world of mankind. But of course if it gets a little beyond that into the world of nature, we will say, or into the solar system perhaps, or beyond that again, there may be the attitude taken, “Well what can human beings do about that?” Well they can make it appear to themselves the way it has been made to appear. It is entirely self-created. It might be said that there isn't any such universe except as a holograph produced through the facility of the minds and hearts of human beings. It could be said that some of the interpretation has in a sense been less distorted than others, because human beings couldn't get their hands on the situation, so to speak. If you get far enough out into the cosmos there is very little that human beings apparently can do about what is happening out there. It doesn't interfere particularly with their self-determinations in the environment here on earth, so it is left alone and remains a fairly accurate holograph of whatever the reality is. Of course human observation is quite restricted, so even the holograph is not understood.

But here we have the obvious means by which all things may be made new; not by some mysterious God somewhere out in space who is going to finger the earth sometime, and human beings—whip them into shape. If that was all that was necessary it would have been done long ago, I am sure. The point is that man is essential to the creative process, and if he refuses to participate in it but tries to make something all on his own, then the truth cannot be known; the beauty, the wonder, the glory, of the true holograph cannot be experienced.

Clearly then, once more we are faced with the necessity of providing the essential substance in which these frequencies from another dimension may emerge undistorted. [greatcosmicstory.blogspot.com/2018/12/from-essences-martin-cecil-november-4.html] They are always distorted when human beings try to get their own way, try to do things the way they think they should be done. This is the human habit: people try to do what they want to do, and then when it doesn't work out the way they expect, they look around for somebody to blame. Each individual produces his own state; never anybody else's fault—never, under any circumstances anywhere! One is always producing one's own particular holograph. If you don't like it, don't look around for somebody to blame for it. It is not ever anybody else's fault! We are all responsible people. We all have responsibility for our own lives, for the nature of what it is that characterizes our living. That is the only thing that matters, not that we are going to win popularity contests with other people. Who cares? That's not the point whatsoever. Are we going to be right or not?—that's the only question. That is the only choice. Are we going to be pleasers of ourselves? That's the primary objective with most people, to be pleasers of themselves, and in this endeavor of course it seems to be necessary to be pleasers of other people. We have got to butter other people up so that they are going to please us. What a futile waste of time!

How about allowing the substance of our own lives to be of such a nature that the vibrational factors in this other dimensional realm—it is an undimensional realm in fact—are allowed to emerge? Then the holograph changes. But fiddling around with people, trying to manipulate people, is trying to manipulate the holograph, and it achieves absolutely nothing. It's very slippery, isn't it? We see all the efforts that are going on in the world, trying to straighten out the holograph. It cannot be done, at least not that way, because the holograph is only a reflection. Let what is being reflected change and the holograph changes. “Behold, I make all things new.” It is so simple that it confounds the worldly-wise. Now, we may imagine that we agree. Do we in fact, or is it still a theory?

Incidentally, in connection with what this gentleman has proposed as a theory, this theory of the holographic model of the universe, many scientists—I would presume most—have objected fiercely to these speculations. I think this very fact should indicate that there must be some truth to it. Well, we know what the truth is in this regard already. We really don't need Professor David Bohm, Ph.D., to tell us, but we are delighted to see that it is emerging through the consciousness of this man. Wonderful! He sees it in these particular terms. We see it in a little different terms, more related to the experience of living rather than looking at models of the universe. We see how it is applicable in our own experience and that we, individually and together, are responsible for the world in which we find ourselves. We are responsible for it. We put it there. This is true of human beings the world around: they put it there. We have all put it there, and then the popular sport is to blame everybody else. To be honest is what is required: to be honest, take responsibility for oneself, allow one's own world to be a true reflection of this realm of meaningful patterned primary reality that transcends time and space, because we are not trying to make things be the way we as human beings think they ought to be. That's the way to conflict, isn't it? That's the way to death. Human beings do not know the way things ought to be. The way things ought to be has already been established. Human beings don't have to make it up; they don't have to invent it. We don't have to invent what is required in our own experience in our own worlds. If we are trying to do that, trying to manipulate things so that it works out the way we think it ought to, we are in a bad way, the same as everybody else has been for millennia past, in every generation.

But surely we have awakened to the fact that we are here to let something else happen, something that is not included in the present experience of human beings. There are some good things in the present experience of human beings, so they think, and they are going to hang on to those things desperately, even if it means taking the bad with them. Why be so stupid? Why not let all things be made new, the way they really may be reflected in the holograph all around us? It takes a supreme longing, a supreme love for the truth [greatcosmicstory.blogspot.com/2017/02/the-martin-cecil-april-12-1981-morning.html] to allow this to occur. One can easily bog down in the self-created holograph. One may feel that one is making progress in that self-created holograph: “People are coming around; it's really becoming nicer, you know; I have so many friends.” Do you? There is only one friend, and that is the One out of whom this realm of the meaningful pattern of primary reality comes. When that is acceptable, and characterizes our own experience of living because we are no longer cluttered up with all the human nonsense, we discover the fact of our already existing friends. We do not ever need to make friends; our friends are present. What is needful is that they should be released into the true holograph of our world, and there is only one person who can do that—“me” in each case.

How unwilling most people are ever to let that happen! They would have to give up complaining. What an awful thought! What would life be worth without conflict? without fear? without jealousy? without resentment? What an awful world that would be! We would have nothing to watch on TV. Maybe the TV could go on the garbage pile then, totally unnecessary. That is one two-dimensional holograph, incidentally. We look at the screen, wrapped up in what's going on there; that forms part of our world at least, part of the time. That's very little different from all the rest of the world; something humanly created. Why sustain this appalling holograph which we deem to be concrete reality? But it takes personal individual responsibility of an absolute nature if the changes in the holograph are to come. And no matter how other people look at things, no matter what their ideas are, no matter what their solutions are supposed to be to the problems of the world, pay no attention. Such things mean nothing. The solution is right here in each individual, nowhere else. If the individual doesn't take responsibility nothing happens, except disintegration, destruction. We are here to take responsibility, and it is something that is easily done. The yoke is easy and the burden light in fact. It's a natural thing. Everything that human beings do now is so unnatural. It is such a stressful situation, isn't it? You really have to work at it. We are no longer laboring and heavy laden. If we are laboring and heavy laden we are going the wrong way; we're forcing ourselves into something quite unnatural. There is ease—in the world there is dis-ease, but there is ease available to be experienced, to be known, to be expressed, to be lived, when there is a willingness to relinquish all the involvement with the disease, all the unnatural expression of experience that is known in the human world—that is, in that peculiar holograph.

“Come out of her, my people,” come out of that holograph!—and being what we really are, let that character shine forth, let that be the Light which creates the true holograph. Behold I create; not somebody else; not some omnipotent God standing off in the wings somewhere; but behold, I create. It is one's own personal, individual responsibility. Being accepted, that is the easy yoke and the burden of light. It is the natural thing. What a horrible holograph the environmental world of mankind now is, a self-created holograph which is called the world. It should be easy to relinquish; but you cannot relinquish it for nothing. Something has to take its place, and what takes its place is the beauty of true character springing out of that realm of primary reality beyond space and time.

© emissaries of divine light


Don Hynes said...

On the Ancient Road

Solitude returns
like a lonely log on the tide,
looking for home as it wanders.
The grasses ache, the sea lies flat
under gray clouds, waiting.
Will there be word this morning
from the vast invisible,
from the distant realms of space?
Will the gods return
and once more walk the land?
The relevant answer is that I’m here,
obscure and aging
yet holding the thread
to heaven and earth
reminding my coarse senses
to stay open, invite the eternal,
that the ones who would
may find in me an open door.
I write these words to you,
not aware of where you might be
but knowing on the ancient road
we are joined and travel together.

Geoff said...

No man is an island. Noone is alone. We are all part of the Holy See.
Here, now, Seeing that everything fits together to perfection.

Geoff Tisch.

Millicent Holliday said...

"Why not let all things be made new, the way they really may be reflected in the holograph all around us? It takes a supreme longing, a supreme love for that truth to allow this to occur." This supreme longing and supreme love is what enabled Martin to speak these profound words. It is what enables us\me to transcend the trappings of my own besmeared holograph and allow the light of reality, the light of righteousness, of love, to be my reality. Not something relegated to the future but something that compels me and fills me in all the moments of my living. Supreme Love, nothing less will suffice.