April 07, 2023

I Have Finished The Work

I  Have  Finished  The  Work

I  Come  To  Thee

Uranda   April 8, 1950 pm   Sunrise Ranch

It is a joy unspeakable and full of glory to see you, according to your responses and according to the degrees of your letting go, coming under the Law of the Kingdom, that I may receive you Home in the Kingdom in the Name of my LORD. That self which has been crucified in you and which has been placed in the tomb shall surely, according to the faithfulness of your Polarity, come forth in the Resurrection and the Life, not the old self that it was, for the former things are passing away, and in the Name of my LORD and KING all things are being made new.

You are not now what you were, nor are you yet that which you shall be, for entering into the Kingdom you shall move from Glory unto Glory in the outworking of the cycles of Being which are ordained by the Creator; and you begin to know that the Creator is not far away but is at hand in the Kingdom that is at hand, and you are privileged to share in the wonder of His Creative Work whereby all things are made new.

But as you move through the Gate into the Kingdom according to your responses and to the degree of your letting go, remember that the forbidden tree is in the Garden, and let it alone, that you may abide in the Kingdom and go no more out; for thy greatest service and thy necessities in the fulfillment of the Will of God on earth are that you should abide in the Kingdom and go no more out, for thus it is that our LORD and KING shall be glorified and thus it is that you shall be the Blessing which you ought to be to the children of men.

Peace be unto you, that walking in the Way, the Truth and the Life you may know in fulfillment the joy of service rendered, and tonight according to your faithfulness in ministry, you have a share with me in that Harvest which is being made manifest whereby the good wheat is garnered into my Father's Barn. Rejoice ye therefore, for, as ye come into the Kingdom and abide there under the Law of the Kingdom, you are workers in the Harvest Field in Spirit and in Truth, and we give thanks to the LORD of the Harvest that He hath sent, and is sending, workers into the Harvest—for it is white, ready for the reaping, and though as yet the laborers are few, yet shall the Harvest be gathered into the Barns of our LORD and KING, and all things shall work together to perfection in and through and for those who love and serve my KING in Whose Name I speak to you tonight.

I look forward to meeting with you here at seven o'clock tomorrow morning. In the interval let the working of the Spirit continue in you, that as you gather, you may know the Reality of the Resurrection and the Life. This is a solemn hour. This is a solemn night in which you are privileged to experience in your own hearts that outworking, that coming of the Kingdom on earth in you to the degree that you have truly repented and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. In your gathering in the morning leave the grave clothes behind, for they will not have any place here; and if, with the coming of the morrow, you are looking in the tomb for your Lord you will look in vain, for He will not be there.

The hour has come when your Lord made manifest is to return to that Place which He left nearly four years ago [greatcosmicstory.blogspot.com/2022/09/we-are-not-in-old-world-any-more.html] to make it possible for you to become Members of the One Christ Body. He has walked with you through these months and years, and now, if you would walk with Him you must come where He will be—into the Kingdom. I can say, as my KING before me said, “I have finished the work,” in these outer realms of being and now I return to my Point in the Kingdom, and the Way is opened whereby all who will may return with me; and I shall not return empty-handed to stand before my KING.

Blessed are they who shall, by the dawn of tomorrow's light, have come to a realization of what it means to pass through the Gate and enter into that Kingdom that is near at hand, that there they may abide under the Law of the Kingdom, and, “There shall in no wise enter into it anything that defileth or maketh a lie.”

The hour has come when the shell of self which you have protected in time past with such struggles must be left in the tomb, for it is not what you are in Reality. You have no need of it when you shall have passed through the Gate. This is that hour toward which the prophets of all ages have looked since the fall of man. This is that hour which our Master Himself hoped to bring into manifestation, but those who walked with Him in that day would not let it be so. I have come in His Name and that which was refused then is now established for those who shall let go and let it be so.

The Kingdom is at hand, and all they who are ready to pass the Sword of the Angel may enter in. As it was when man first fell, so is it today. The Angel stands at the Gate with the Sword which turns every way, and you who shall receive this Gift tonight as the first-fruits of them that sleep shall be in the Kingdom as representatives of all who shall follow after, that all who will may hear the word: “Arise from thy sleep and share in the Resurrection and the Life.”

There are in the world tens of thousands who are asleep in Christ. They do not know that the Resurrection Morn is at hand, but as they abide faithful and true, sleeping in Christ and not being asleep in the adversary, they shall in season hear the Call and awake.

The Angels are working in the tomb, and shall work; and for each one who lets go the stone shall be rolled away, but before the stone can be rolled away, each must be set free in the tomb from the grave clothes that bind, and none can set himself free. The Angels of the Lord are sent to remove that which binds, and so shall it be for those who are awake in the tomb. For those who sleep it shall be as the Master said to the sleeping disciples: “Sleep on.” The Angel is commanded to set free those who are awake to the Dawn of the Resurrection Morn.

I have opened to you the Way, the Truth and the Life, and all things needful to you have been made known unto you according to the Master's Promise and according to the Commission I received at His Hand. I have finished the work and now it is for you to let the Holy Spirit work in you. [greatcosmicstory.blogspot.com/2023/04/the-one-great-intercessor.html]

In the silences of your own souls let it work. Let the cycles of the Spirit work in the silences of your soul, for much speaking about it will distort its expression in and through you, and the words of your lips cannot convey that which is in your hearts, nor at this point in your progress give proper form to the workings of the Spirit in you. It is not by words this night that you shall experience fulfillment, for even the words of prayer and devotion as you have used them in the past will not be sufficient tonight. It must be more than that.

Let the cycles of the Spirit work in the silences of your soul, that the work may be completed in the tomb. You cannot now tell God what to do. You need not try to convey anything to God by the words of your lips. He does not need it, and if you try you will spoil it. Utterance in the Spirit will come in season after you have come forth from the tomb and entered the Kingdom and learned to abide therein under the Law of the Kingdom—but the babe newborn is not able to speak.

I thank my LORD and KING that you are here, that you have come to this hour. That love wherewith you have been loved has drawn you and compelled you along the Way and now you know that you are not your own. You know that you cannot roll the stone away, and only perfect love and trust can serve you now. Wait upon the Lord. Let your minds and hearts be stayed on Him, for if the fearful thoughts of the tomb pervade your minds it will not be well with you. You are in the tomb, bound hand and foot in the grave clothes, but struggling against them will not release you from them, and beating your fists or your head against the stone at the mouth of the tomb will not remove it. You are not your own.

By the Grace of my LORD and KING the beginning of the Day of Resurrection is at hand. I am returning Home. Who among you shall join me the other side of the Gate tomorrow morning? A welcome shall await you there. Between now and then that which takes place must be in the silences of your own soul. This you shall pass alone. No one can carry you through in the ordinary sense, but the Love of God shall enfold you and you shall not be alone.

Leaving behind the old, look not back. Look to that Light which thou shalt see upon the other Shore. There is a way that is in darkness before you. Look not back but look to the Light that is established in the Kingdom for you. Waver not but abide under the Law of the Kingdom.

What more can I say than I have said? You know the love wherewith I have loved you and love you still, and now I say “Goodnight” to you over here that I may say “Good Morning” to you over there. Repent and be baptized. Abide under the Law of the Kingdom, and the Love of God shall carry you through. Tonight you are to prove the words that I have spoken to you through the years: Let go. Let go of the old; let go to the new; for the former things are passed away, and behold, I create all things new.

This one thing more I bid you remember. As you remain impersonal toward the unreal in yourself or another, you will be unmoved by that over which you should have dominion. Rejoice and let the Reality that IS be the Spirit of your lives, and in the Name of my LORD and KING I bless you in body and mind and heart and soul, that you may let God’s Will be done in fullness on earth, now and forever.

O Father, I thank Thee that Thy Spirit enfolding these Blessed Ones is in every case sufficient, that not one has any need to hearken or in any way to give heed to the whisperings of the serpent which would bring discouragement or turning aside. I thank Thee that the Way is prepared that these Blessed Ones may prove this night that they are able to abide in Love Response to Thee without listening to the lies of the serpent which spring from the forbidden tree, that, passing through the Gate, they may abide in Thy Kingdom forever. O Father, I thank Thee that it is so, and Holy Father, I come to Thee.

© emissaries of divine light

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